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  • prishan 2w

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    Look before you leap. Never attempt to uncover someone's mask before you know who they are

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    A smiling face hides tears
    Teary eyes hide vengence.
    Suger coated words hide lies
    And laughter hides enemity.
    Anything in this world is not how it looks like
    There's always a monster behind every mask.
    Beware before you ever dare to uncover someone's mask.

  • journeyhale 9w

    There are secrets to you that I cannot confide,
    For they are bottled within..
    Where the monsters reside.

  • pink_floyd 11w

    Giving rape threat to a 9 month old daughter of VIRAT KOHLI.

    I mean what's wrong with that person. A person who is engineer by profession would have some knowledge regarding society and it's value but his act didn't tell us about any moral values he possess. This 23 year old person such a monster to our society, person like this are monsters.

    #No_meme #Monsters

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    याद रखना एक वक्त होगा एक दौर होगा
    जहां तेरी हैवानियत पर भी किसी का जोर होगा।।

  • _onic__ 12w

    All the monsters wear make up
    Paint their faces with bright wide smiles
    Throw torch light on treacherous roads
    Make you walk paths you don't like.

    All saints don't come with rituals
    Some come with cults
    At night, they unearth
    Ghouls from their graves,
    Who scream, yawn and fall off.

    Do you remember what you're made of?
    Don't say you don't
    Because I held a piece of your flesh
    Right between my lips and you moaned.

    Do you dress like that often?
    With pictures of fallen angels
    Do they remind where you came from?
    Had it not been for them, you wouldn't be born.

    So are you the monster
    Who sleeps on my bed?
    'Cause I felt your eyes,
    Choke me to death.

    Are you a sinner or lover
    Who takes pleasure in ruin...?
    'Cause you remember my number
    You know where I live.

    I saw your kerchief
    It had stains that weren't from my lips
    Had you been to wrong house number
    Did you slide in or did you receive an invite?



  • in_fragments 15w

    A Fata Morgana is a type of mirage, one that is normally associated with the open ocean but can also be seen at times on land. It takes its name from Arthurian legend, named for the sorceress Morgan le Fay, who was said to use these images with her witchcraft to lure unwitting sailors into her traps. 
    This type of mirage is responsible for all kinds of unusual sightings, from mountains in the middle of the ocean to ships that appear to by flying, and it may even be the source of the legend of the Flying Dutchman.
    Usually, the image is based on a real object, such as a far-off ship, just distorted to appear surreal. People report seeing floating ships, ships that appear to be flying upside down, or even landmasses that aren’t really there. Interestingly, the farther away from a Fata Morgana you are, the taller the mirage appears to be.
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    Fata Morgana Ignored

    The beach lay dormant, quiet and gray,
    on an off-season overcast morning-
    I passed other solemn souls
    in their puffy coats along cooled sand,
    I felt it bond and loosen against my feet,
    I meandered towards the pier, the wind
    nipping at my reddening toes
    nearing the edge of the water,
    when I saw it...

    The Fata Morgana
    made its memorable introduction to me.
    A thirty foot ship, mainsails billowing,
    gliding upside down amongst the fog,
    and a sixty foot wide island behind it,
    whose caps were so humongous
    they covered the skies
    and the heavens all around.
    I saw them, everyone I loved- everyone
    I had ever seen die, staring straight
    back at me with such light
    in their eyes, their arms outstretched
    past the limits of wooden railings
    like soldier's spouses beholding
    the end of the wars they did not survive.
    I watched as mirrors of ghosts
    reached for me over choppy ocean waves,
    inconsolable over the quiet exits
    of their bloodlines, and trying so hard
    to extend themselves towards the sun,
    never fated to have it, only forgetting
    how to feel it. I thought to myself,
    "Is anything worth anything?
    Are these rotting pieces of meat
    and threads of tired synapses we inhabit?
    Are we merely billions
    of men and women and children
    just waiting for our chance
    to dissolve into light tricks?"

    Then, all the people on the shore,
    aghast and stunned at what they
    were seeing, started swimming out,
    entering the water in plainclothes,
    as if entranced on that frigid
    wintry morning. I saw them diving,
    emerging and submerging
    like distorted dolphins, hypnotized
    by the faces of their loved ones,
    how close to the touch they seemed to be.
    They moved in droves out
    to that illusory ship, swimming towards
    jubilation, swimming towards love,
    swimming towards absolutely nothing.
    My own ghosts still beckoned,
    they stared and smiled and sang,
    but I turned around-
    facing all the humans
    running down the sand so happily,
    so excited, so ready to drown in a farce-
    with my head up and forward facing until
    the beach was out of sight completely.

    They were once here, and now they're not,
    and there is no other way
    to visit the dead
    without allowing them
    to take you back on their ship of ghosts.

    The only thing that's not nothing
    is this moment, right now.
    Tomorrow is a mirage, the sunrise is
    a Fata Morgana, but today
    doesn't have to be. Find something
    to hold on to, even if it's pain,
    even if it's dread and traumatic stress
    from being followed by mirages.
    It must come in waves
    to remind you that you're
    beautifully and entirely real,
    and so was everyone else you lost.
    Beautiful, and finite- gone,
    and the glittering mirage on the horizon
    is just that.
    You are not a mirage quite yet,
    still with so much more to do
    if the universe chooses to let you.
    Don't ever stop living
    because you feel Death spying,
    like a flying ship, following,
    waiting to take you in.
    The point of living is not to escape
    from timeworn truths into the traps
    of dangerous illusions-
    the point of it all
    is to live so well, and in the names
    of everyone you've ever loved,
    to find so much happiness
    that you won't be afraid to die
    when your ship finally arrives.
    Life is not to be spent looking for
    and expecting Death at any moment;
    life is to be spent in spite
    of all It's alluring illusions,
    glaring at them every day
    before you sleep
    and staying alive even as
    they rip you into pieces by sunset.

  • thatrandagirl 15w

    Artifical Monsters

    A gloomy, dark, and brisk fall night
    Makes monsters start to come to life
    They aren't much like the stories claim
    They are you and I, and what's his name
    The cooler that the weather gets
    Makes monsters need to scratch their itch

  • _untoldpoetry_ 16w


    A whole lot of voices screaming in my head,
    I've been living in the dark, unknown of what lies ahead.
    No day passes by without sorrows and regrets,
    The harder the darkness strikes, the tougher it all gets.

    I had a lot to say but nobody bothered to hear me,
    I got consumed by the darkness while nobody was near me.
    I stopped looking for monsters, monsters under my bed,
    When I realised they were nowhere else but right in my head.


  • bhartiiii 17w


    जिस बेटी के होने पर मातम पसरा रहता था
    फिर क्यूं बेटों के धक्के खाकर उस बेटी को दिल पुकारता है
    वंश चलाने के लिए इतनी बेटी को मारा है
    तो फ़िर वही क्यूं आज एकमात्र सहारा है
    बोल पराया धन उसे किया हमेशा पराया है
    आज क्यूं याद आई उसकी, क्या फिर बेटों ने सुनाया है?
    खुशी के ढ़ोल पीटे तुमने जिन बेटों के आने पर
    आज उन्ही लाडलों ने तुमको बाहर का रास्ता दिखलाया है
    वो जो घर की लक्ष्मी, राजदुलारी थी
    बाबा की राजकुमारी थी कर पराया उसे तुमने
    इन दानव बेटों को चुना है
    अब करो बंटवारा जायदाद का
    क्यो देखो घर? क्या सूना है?
    जिन बेटों के लिए उसका हर एक तुमने छीना है
    अब कर्ज़ चुकाओ इनका जिनको बड़ी खुशी से तुमने जना है!

  • liepa_malijauskaite 23w


    Run while you can,
    They right behind you,
    Run far away,
    Were they won't find you.

    Don't let them catch,
    A glimpse of misery,
    Don't leave no trace,
    Of anger in your heart.

    They feed on tears,
    They drink the pain,
    Dark shadow in your mind,
    The monsters of the night.


  • deepikasarma 24w

    They dont spit fire, but salt. #tears#monsters#flow#grief#writersnetwork

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    All those monsters in you,
    I think are tears that
    never got to flow.

  • hindoldas 27w

    Ever saw the moon covered sky and thought if there would be vampire apocalypse how would it be


  • darkmoon696 28w

    I wonder if we'll know in the aftermath that death took over and left us dead.

    @writersnetwork @miraquill @mirakeeworld @mirakee_post

    #monsters #creatures #scary #horror #blood #fear #ghost #dark #accident #sad #death #debris

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    The Rail Accident

    Making my way through the debris, I walk slowly to the corner of the warehouse.

    'How have I ended up here', I ask myself.
    'Where is my wife?', I exclaim as I stand still, gazing at the debris.

    'She'll soon be here, my child', a semi-transparent figure what appears to be an old lady affirms.
    'Be here? What is even this place? And why can I look through you?', I ask her.

    'You don't remember, do you?', she replies.
    'The last thing I remember is having a drink with my wife on the train as we entered a tunnel', I say as I have a look at the debris again.

    'This is what is left of that train, my child. And now you are one of us', she says and vanishes.


  • darkmoon696 28w

    Day 245 since humanity has been challenged to it's extreme capabilities as the creatures have taken over.

    Survivors stay where you are. The city's full of them.

    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @miraquill @mirakee_post

    #monsters #creatures #scary #horror #blood #fear #ghost #dark

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    I sit here in absolute fear as I hear them crawling all over the place.

    'Shhh', I whisper to my friend who has already lost a leg to those creatures.
    I see him in the adjacent aisle, crying in pain.
    'I can't take it anymore', He says as he tries his best to not make a sound.

    'Aahhh', he screams, at last. There isn't much we can do as all of our supplies are laying at the entrance of the supermarket. I hear footsteps coming in our direction as I slowly retreat to my corner in the aisle.

    Blood squirts out his neck as it takes in his head. These things are so fast and humans are not at all a fit for them.

    'Saint Avenue 43rd St, don't even dare to enter the zone. It's full of them.', I shout into the radio.
    I didn't realise then, that those would be my last words.


  • bliss__ 29w


    *I remember as a child I was always terrified by monsters. At night, I would imagine them under my bed crawling and making noises. Even the slightest bit of sound used to unsettle me. This fear* made me the person I am today, for it thought me that these monsters are whome I made them to be. Without my imagination they would never exist. Just like our problems in today's world, half of the problems are just in our imagine and most of the problems are not in our control. So relax don't let your imaginations get the best of you.

  • love_dara 32w


    The monsters were never
    under the bed
    They lived inside her
    and dwelled there they
    lived there
    ate there
    slept there

    there lovely hair was of poison
    and there smile full of woe

    You see monsters couldnt haunt her
    for she was one herself

    But then one night
    a cold, cold night
    where the air around her was deadly

    In walked a man who had holes in
    his palms that could had power
    to amend her

    She resisted but learned to let him
    in 'cause

    He changed her rags into riches
    her cobwebs to chandeliers
    her lamenting to laughing
    He helped her soul escape from the
    fowler so she can breath in fresh liberty

    The monsters were never
    under the bed
    They lived inside her

  • thebhavnasaxena 33w

    I dip my fingers in
    Crimson, and cut my
    Hand on the shards of
    My broken heart that
    Held gossamer dreams
    Spun of sunshine and
    The warmest mauves
    And softest pinks of
    Emotions that came
    Close to what I knew as
    Love, once upon a time.
    Today they lie decaying,
    Deepest of mahogany,
    Shapest of blues, yet in this
    Indigo ferment, I see passion
    Simmering red and burgundy,
    Like the wine that stained my
    Lips that moment your deceitful
    Lips had moved over mine.

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    I dip my fingers in this riot
    Of hues, my broken heart a
    Chalice of inks, each one thick
    With stories I never got to tell,
    Of wishes stabbed to death,
    I write of ghosts that were
    The girls who fell in love
    With monsters, hoping against hope,
    That theirs would be a fairytale,
    But some beasts are just that,
    Sometimes love is not strong enough,
    Sometimes, beauty doesn't waltz
    Under grand chandeliers, no,
    There lives a beauty that slays her
    Monsters, and on their carcasses,
    She dances under the pale moonlight,
    A ferocious work of art, come to life.

  • bhavana_29 35w

    Keep the fairytales to the minimum; I’m just trying to get back to reality
    I’m no sleeping beauty but I could be a wandering alice just trying to get out of wonderland. I’m no snow white but possibly a hopeless Cinderella. I do believe in true love. There were so many winding roads leading to the love I desired, I believe I’ve lost the way out of these stories I have been told. You see I know Prince Charming isn’t waiting around the corner to save me from the monsters I have created. He’s just trying to fight his own monsters and make it out alive. All I’m asking is if I make it through the woods without being eaten by any Big bad wolf can we keep the fairy tales to a minimum?

  • _clara_ 35w

    Evil Monsters

    They are trapped inside a tower,
    Locked and lost the key;
    This tower isn't very grand,
    It's really not that tall;
    But they still can not escape it,
    They can not break free at all;
    Cause that tower has been built inside my head, and there's nowhere else to go;
    They play peacefully during the day,
    But they scream so loud when the sun hides away;
    They tell me stories late at night,
    And bring back memories I had carefully stored away, in a box that I thought I'd never find again;
    They make me doubt myself,
    And the mistakes I made years back;
    Sometimes they let me play with them,
    And often they scare me off;
    But I guess those 'evil monsters' aren't so evil after all,
    Since they keep me company when I'm alone,
    Instead of playing hide and seek in the dark space of my wardrobe...

  • pgejon 38w

    When i was young my mom would scare me to sleep with those monsters under my bed, like if i won't sleep they'll surely take me.

    My mom was right, they'll take me.

    But now i'm wide awake - the monsters aren't under my bed anymore, they keep me company.

    #mirakeeworld #3AMthoughts #anxiety #life #thoughts #monsters #dark

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    Monsters aren't under my bed anymore,
    They keep me company.

    2.36 - 050521

  • zikra_ 40w

    . S T O R Y T I M E : 3

    So, dont expect that this one too is going to be something related to my school. So, to make things clear let me tell you that I live in a colony where every house is of my relative (from far ones to close ones). There is a wide ground at the centre where all the kids play, young folks talk on phone roaming around and old ones feel the breeze while walking.

    My drawing room is not attached to my house whose door is half of metal and thoda upar net type h jisse andar kya hai dikh sake. We visit there rarely or you can say never. It's safai is done annually. Only sofa and a charpai full of dust, resides there. There is no light as the connection has been cut off cuz there's no use of it. It's kinda guest room which is down stairs in front of the ground. Are things clear now? Yeah... One thing more to tell, this drawing room was made 56 years ago when my grandparents were alive. I guess this much info is enough!? Now moving forward.

    We had a portrait of Rani Laxmi Bai gifted by some of our relative and it was hung on the wall of out drawing room. The old ones of our entire colony including my parents say that the eyes of Rani Laxmi bai used to move left and right every night. Once whole posture of her was changed. This news went trending in the colony and everyone started gossiping about it. My parents decided to remove that portrait so it was removed from the WALL not from the ROOM. It was kept somewhere behind the sofa. This was all about the first strange incident that happened in there.

    9-10 years later, my grandma died, I was probably 5-6 y/o. I still remember that her dead body was kept on a charpai in that room and every one was sitting on the ground making lot of hue and cry. After few months, my bade papa who lives in lucknow visited here and his driver was given our drawing room to spend his night. Next morning, when my brother went to him to ask for chai he saw that driver was lying outside the room. When he knocked on his shoulder to wake him up, he instantly opened his eyes keeping one hand on his cheeks, he said I'll not stay here, she slaps so hard. My brother was really confused and was wheezing a bit because of his statement. He brought him a cup of water. After few hours, when he was able to recognize things around him, Bade papa along with all the kids of the colony encircled him. Bade papa asked what happened last night, he just said she came last night and slapped me with full strength and I fell down from the charpai. We didn't know if he was saying the truth. But everytime he comes here he refuses to sleep there and stays outside.

    Third strange incident that happened 3 years ago, it was evening and around 7:30 was on the clock. There was half moon hanging in the dull sky. We were in the ground playing oonch neech. Suddenly, something pushed the gate of our drawing room with full strength from inside. The sound was so loud that the blabbering of the kids stopped. There was pin drop silence in the ground having 12-15 kids. Didi(relative) came out vibing in her own, her face turned around to see what we're gazing at being this much silent and she shouted. Our gaze shifted at her. Pointing at our drawing room she said there's someone standing in white dress. We were like accha mazaak hai but deep down we too were scared bhaii! After few hours, again someone slammed the door. All the young boys of our society grabbed courage to see what's in there. And they saw 3 little kittens, one white and two black and white scratching the door. They were like inse dar rahe the huh?

    Haan bhai! Ho gyi galti or un overacting wali didi ko dikhao koi ye khamakhaan game kharab krdiya. Hunh! But still those lil kittens can never slam the door that hard.So these were the tales about our drawing room.

    NOTE: Isko padhne ke baad bed ke niche mat dekhna. Or bina kisi sharam ke kisi ko utha dena jab bhi washroom jana ho. Raat kharab karne ka thank you baad me bolna. Bye

    @sans_bornes @udit94
    #monsters ?

    Leaving mirakee for few days. Take care.

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