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  • the_boy_who_overthinks 50w

    Subtle Variance

    You know the disparity between a similar words
    switched from Caffeine and Cafuné,
    The first is simply a stimulant found
    in the leaves of plants like tea and coffee;
    The latter however hover every love
    as the action of running our fingers
    through the hair of our beloved.
    Where I yeaned for eternity you played on instances
    I thought of you through each stroke
    You gulp the essence in shots.

    The Boy Who Overthinks

  • the_boy_who_overthinks 51w


    In my book of queries and complaints
    in the sheets where your name is articulated
    I have often wondered and pondered
    Why do our hearts amalgamate trivially ?
    When even our destinations are
    seperate from the point it began !

    -The Boy Who Overthinks

  • the_boy_who_overthinks 54w

    Death of a Lover

    Its a feeling that I wish upon no one
    because its wrenching to the core
    you adjusted them moving away
    but never the loss of a loved one.

    yes they might be your first crush,
    your first love, the person you
    planned your future with but
    whatever whosever fault it ended.

    might have cried and been depressed but
    then you built yourself up again because
    if you truly love someoneyou want them
    to be happy whether its with you or not.

    be happy and be genuinely happy for them
    then atleast you know the love wasn't faux
    because once you cared for them , the care
    stays as long as you forget them.

    the death of that somebody with tear apart
    the frail inside of the heart and send the mind
    on a sojourn of the past together,
    it triggers the emotions buried deep.

    So hope not all has to go through this wretched pain
    for the sights aren't pretty a lot had yet to be said.
    Because not everyone is blessed to seperate in
    a good terms and this forever goodbyes hit harder.

    -The Boy Who Overthinks

  • inked_pheionix__ 199w


    Tea is her second addiction
    His sexy smile still remain at first.


  • inked_pheionix__ 200w


    She has a really good self control Until his intense feelings make her most impatient person of the world..

  • mis_misfit 233w

    Love is a mere disease. It's cure is one. It's cause is the same.

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    Another unrequited one!

    You say move on.
    You think that's easy?
    You know what was easy!
    Letting me fall for you even though you never intended to catch me.
    Leaving me amongst the darkest people in those darkest of days when I needed you the most.
    You say let go.
    But how do you let go of people that felt like home.
    You say let's be friends.
    But don't you think that's what we were before you proposed me?
    You say you love the other girl.
    I wonder if you told her, that you freakin love me too!
    You told me that I was the best thing that has ever happened to you.
    Was she one, too?
    You say you can't leave her.
    Didn't you know that when you held me for the first time?
    You tell me you still care about me.
    Please don't!
    You promised you'll love me till infinity.
    Never knew this infinity would last for such a small time.
    You say i'll find better.
    How do I explain you that you were my only best.
    You said goodbye.
    For the first time in life I had nothing to say back to you.