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    The Windchimes

    Listen to the tinkle of the windchime
    It's like a poetry which does rhyme
    Like a cuckoo bird which tells us the time.

    It's a sound of music that touches the soul
    Each of its limbs, always engaged in a role
    As if the windchimes are aiming for a goal.

    It is said, wind chimes bring us blessings and wishes
    Is it a baby girl blowing her kisses ?
    Or is it, the luck brought by turtles and fishes ?

    It has the bells which rings out with pride
    Hanging by the door, swinging with the tide
    Sweet smiles of a lovely, shy bride..

    The gentle zephyr makes it go around
    Making the merry tinkling sound
    Cherishing, the new life, that it has found.

    Reminds us of the luxurious, windy breeze
    Blowing in and out of the door, to please
    The windchimes, whose motion does never cease.

    It hums like a child who has found a treasure
    In a calm moonlit night, which adds to pleasure
    In the vastness of the beach, having no measure.

    Good fortune, the windchime forever sings
    Like a peace loving dove which flaps its wings
    And tidings of good luck it always brings

    @ Dr. Sujata Chatterjee

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    Gib sails and Luff

    coursed and coursed to taught and ships line ... wratchet wretched worry wart and worthless vine ... starry nights and ancestors debt ... graves and grace spires of fires higher than mine ... and me at I'm only less the twelve feet taller the gravity them they ... the six feet true toe attain hold and I shame as my owned owns and ans ...

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    // I hate you I hate you I hate you, but I was just kidding myself// ~ Lewis Capaldi

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    Moonlit Night

    In the moonlit night, when ,
    People were busy devouring its beauty,
    Here, a poet, was busy crying out words
    Which flowed eloquently on the tarnished piece of paper.
    Looking at the moon,
    All she could wish for was to been seen shining just like the night today.
    To be heard and to be understood
    Just like the silence of the night today.

  • hollieparker 77w

    Love is

    Love is lost in the vast darkness
    Love is found among the moonlit night
    Love is here hidden in the world for all to see

  • moon_child01 78w

    The Sigma Wolf

    Living in the forest, all alone
    My dreams are inspired by you.
    The lonely, soothing Moon;
    Your magical aura feels me grew.

    I'm sick from mentally and physically.
    For years I've not slept in comfort.
    My tired eyes seek for your glow.
    Your silver energy— I feel it to flow.

    I'm that mysterious, sigma power,
    My spirit holds my secrets.
    Deeper inside I don't need the light,
    I'm trying to control my inner devil to fight.

    Ill-treated, misunderstood, wounded;
    I grasped those nasty memories.
    I failed, I tried and again I failed;
    Only you know, Moon, I fought well.

    I gave my best and still I find myself alone,
    Like you there is no friend of mine.
    But my determination, my power, my scepter;
    Make me believe that I endeavor for me.

    In high above my spirit feels
    The strength I got only for you.
    Staring at you stunning beauty
    I avoid all their grudges from me.

    You are my power, passion, pride,
    Be my own Moon, give me your whole power.
    I feel my spirit lying on your beauty,
    Spiritual, silent, soulful nights know
    Your graces will be my vanity,
    And your soft soul will be my destiny.

    #moon #moonchild #moonlit #fullmoon [ #titlec (edited)]

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    The Sigma Wolf


  • moon_child01 80w

    Moon�� Child

    Surprisingly, she was a child of The Moon,
    Her soothing mother gave her the power
    To spread the light in the darkness
    With her enchanting, elegant embodiment
    The graceful radiating Aura
    With those expressive, aimless eyes
    The flourishing fantasy world
    Makes my poetries divine.

    ||There is a moon child in everyone's soul.
    The powerful enigma with it's own sweet symphony,
    Glows, flows, whispers everytime when you overlook
    The upcoming opportunities to show you the right path
    In a dark night. ||

    #moon #moonchild #moonlit #motivation

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    Moon Child

    Show your
    Moon child
    To see
    The light
    In the


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    Writing contest. Compose a short story or poem about a moonlit night.
    #writingcontest #moonlit night #enchanted #shortstory #mirakee

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    The Moonlit Night

    “Can I help?” Diana asked eagerly.
    She had been watching her parents clear the leaves around their campsite.
    Her parents froze and looked up.
    It was not often their six-year-old daughter offered to help. That too, for cleaning up.
    “Wow, next time we need Diana to clear up her room, we just need to put leaves and mud inside her room,” Pappa joked.
    “Have fun!” Ma gave her the broom. “I’ll set things for dinner.”
    She had never been seen so many leaves on the ground. But then, there were never so many trees back home in the city.
    “Let’s see whose pile of leaves are bigger,” challenged her dad, who was prone to making a contest out of everything.
    It worked. Diana gathered the leaves briskly.
    The ground beneath was damp and smelt delicious.
    “You know what? Tomorrow we should try swimming,” panted Pappa, pointing towards the lake and furiously clearing the leaves.
    Diana showed her excitement with a hop and a skip. Which was a mistake because her pile of leaves came crashing down and scattered all over the ground again.
    “Ha! I win,” came the smug voice of Pappa.
    She stuck her tongue out.
    She went near the lake. She was enjoying every minute of her vacation. Calm, soothing waters. And the glorious green of the woods.
    Ma came out from the tent saying “Let’s build a campfire -"
    “-and have dinner sitting around it,” finished Pappa
    They liked to complete each other's sentences.
    Soon, they were having dinner by a cackling fire by the moonlit lake.
    “The fire is hungry too,” said Pappa, tossing his pile of leaves into it to keep the fire burning.
    “Wow. It’s like we have a different person with us. Diana is eating her veggies without any protest,” commented Ma watching her.
    Diana had been too engrossed watching a single, large moonbeam meet the lake, she had even eaten beetroot.
    “It looks so magical,” she thought.
    “We will just build a house here and live here,” grinned Pappa.
    Diana tried to sleep. She tossed and turned.
    “Just one more look at the lake and the moonbeam” she thought, lifting the flap of the tent and looking outside.
    She heard voices. It came from the brink of the lake.
    “Where are the leaves?” asked a husky voice. And a series of clicks. It was a spider, clicking it’s eight legs in impatience. And looking suspiciously at a chubby caterpillar.
    “I did not eat them all! (munch, munch) You can stop looking at me like I am the culprit!” protested the caterpillar, and still munching.
    “You are always munching,” clicked the spider accusingly.
    “I can’t help feeling hungry all the time,” defended the caterpillar, still chewing.
    “Shh, shh. Let’s not fight,” said a soft voice. It was a snail.
    “You two are always bickering,” stated a dragonfly, fluttering its silvery wings.
    “Let’s just find a way to get to the moonbeam!” said a silkworm.
    “And the sooner the better,” said a firefly glowing feebly. “Am almost out of light.”
    “Yesssss, yesssss, asss sssoon asss we can,” hissed a small snake, who was busy shedding silvery scales as he spoke.
    Now, Diana was terrified of snakes. She had managed to contain her surprise when these creatures started talking. But when she saw the snake, she couldn’t help herself. She yelped in fear.
    At once, there was chaos among the creatures.
    “Are we being attacked?” asked the spider who looked ready to attack, legs clicking rapidly.
    “Ouch!” yelled the caterpillar. In the confusion, the firefly had accidentally sat on him.
    “You burnt me,” he told the firefly sadly, munching on some grass.
    “Let'ssss attack!” said the snake.
    “Wait! It’s only a small girl. A human. She could be harmless!” said the snail, who remained calm.
    “Pshaw. Underneath that hard exterior, you really are a softie,” scoffed the dragonfly.
    They all looked at Diana.
    Diana cleared her throat.
    “Er.. sorry,” she said timidly, “I didn’t mean to frighten you.”
    All the insects huddled together.
    “She seems nice. Maybe we can get her to help us,” said the dragonfly.
    “Am not sure we should trust her. She is a human after all,” warned the spider, clicking warily.
    The snail turned to Diana, “Can you get us some leaves?” he asked.
    “Somebody has burnt all the leaves here,” said the caterpillar looking pointedly at the firefly.
    “It was us,” said Diana hurriedly before the firefly could retort.
    “Told you these humans destroy,” muttered the spider.
    Diana was ashamed. There was no need for them to have cleared the entire area and burned the leaves as well.
    “We need the leaves to get to the moonbeam. We use it to float across,” said the silkworm.
    “Why do you need to go to the moonbeam?” Diana asked curiously.
    “I need silvery silk to make my cocoon,” said the silkworm, as though it was obvious.
    Diana stammered, “So, you get it from the moonlight?”
    Everyone nodded.
    “When the moonbeam from the full moon meets the water, it’s silvery light become silvery threads,” explained the snail kindly.
    “We can’t afford to wait till the next full moon. We are all out of the silver threads,” said the silkworm sadly.
    “See, I told you she seems stupid,” muttered the spider clicking loudly. “I bet she doesn’t know what the rest of us use it for.”
    That got Diana in a fit. She had come first in her class. She thought quickly!
    “I do know,” she said indignantly, thinking fast, “The caterpillar uses it to make his cocoon.”
    The caterpillar nodded. He was busy chewing mud now.
    “Of course, you use the silver threads to spin your web,” she told the spider.
    “I think the dragonfly uses the silvery threads to knit her wings,” she said, noticing that the dragonfly’s wings were silvery and had holes.
    She noticed the snake’s silvery scales on the ground.
    “You use it to make your scales,” she told the snake confidently.
    “Yesssss,” the snake hissed.
    She had no idea what the snail and the firefly used it for.
    “I always leave a silvery trail behind me,” said the kind snail, sensing that Diana didn’t know, “And the firefly gets his light from the moonbeam.”
    Diana wanted to help them. It was their fault that these creatures did not have leaves to row to the moonbeam.
    The leaves on the trees were too high for any of them to reach.
    “Wait. Pappa had burnt the leaves from his pile. My pile of leaves must still be scattered about,” she thought excitedly.
    “We didn’t burn all the leaves. I’ll be right back,” she said and ran off in search of her fallen pile.
    She came back beaming, carrying leaves.
    All the creatures cheered and thanked her.
    “Don’t burn your leaf,” said the caterpillar, giving the firefly a sly look.
    “Don’t eat yours,” pat came the reply from the firefly.
    “I knew there was something magical about that large moonbeam,” she thought, as she watched the creatures row away.
    “I must tell Papa not to burn the leaves, it’s better to let them mix in the soil anyways," she told herself as she curled up and slept in her tent.


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    The Sights and Sounds of the Night.

    As the sun’s auburn rays start to go down, tensions which had filled the city diffuses slowly. You start to see smiles on those thousands of scowled faces which had passed by and will continue to. The artificial lights start to play, taking dominance from the Sun. Only those who bother can see the moon and the stars are out. Most people can only see what fun is ahead after a hectic day at work. Horns and music fills the air, what would have freaked out people in the day was now a kind of solace.

    There is no rush, just calm anticipation, so many options available and not all are decided by your wallet. Just at the corner side a street show is going on drawing people from their leisure walk home, the joints are filled to the brim,whirling waitresses and waiters hurry to fill orders made,voices so high the lowest is the pitch a child makes trying to draw his mother’s attention.

    A child points at the Akara seller at the road side, the aroma had gotten to him just as those teeming around the woman. It's obvious what he wants, his hopes high; his mother shook her head and tries to drag him away. He starts to wail believing if he does enough she will buy. Poor woman, she can only hide her reluctance by chanting his ‘Oriki’ but even that did not work. Lifting him up so that they could move, someone taps her shoulder and offer her son a wrap of Akara. She protests but he collects and thank them. How nice the night make some people and how bad some turn.

    In a dark alley three blocks away from a night club alive with people swaying to the latest beats,one lone person is been cornered and coerced into doing away with their belongings even to the shoes on his feet.

    Young couples holding hands walking down another street leaves much to the imagination just as sellers hawk everything from drinks to appliances. And how sweet their words sound as they convince you the merits of one product to another. And if one isn’t careful, one might go home with hands full of goods and little cash.

    It is a good thing the sky is not clouded with rain which would have soak to the skin those who had decided to make the sky their roof. The queue waiting for the next serving of Akara and even the sellers who roam the streets still the Sun comes back to claim it’s spot. Nothing, not even the rain, stops the city at night.​

    Even with the rain, a band of merry makers drunk, just a like ,will evade arrest by the smartly dressed police officer who just want to stay dry and 30 minutes later an ambulance goes running by to pick them all up. Racing back to the hospital just in time to save them.

    The doctor sigh and hung his coat, another shift done, another to take his place. He puts a call home to inform them of his coming. The children jump up in delight and try to stay awake but lose the battle to sleep. How they do it with the next door neighbour’s dog barking only goodness know. Its only a warning to the school boy who had jumped in from the school fence who was sneaking out after lights out to savour the night life.
    Everything fascinates and amaze, all senses are put to use. Common sense might fly away all in the haste to get one’s fill.

    Grab common sense and you would have grabbed your wallet and if lucky, you might not spend the rest of the night in a police cell for being somewhere at the wrong time. Even when they; the people of the night, end up sleeping, they dream of a moon lit night and in an effort to shift back if possible the worries that the Sun rises with.

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    As the stars reckoned our love,
    Your hand always fitted in mine,
    Like it's made perfect for me.
    Our steps synchronizing,
    Like dancing to an unknown beat,
    The four bare footsteps left behind,
    Shining silvery with ditty.
    The moon silently staring at you and me,
    Jealous of our love?
    Maybe rejoicing this exquisite feeling?
    As you stare my hand in yours,
    The half crescent tattoo,
    You wonder if I am a selenophile.
    I point to the moon and his flaws,
    Whisper a song in your ears,
    And you become obsessed like me,
    The entire cosmos seems home,
    With the night washed in monochrome.


    #moonlit #lame

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    Did you get this?

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  • swega_nalawade 86w

    When the sky sets aside the veil of the clouds
    My soul howls as I drown in the glow of the moon tonight

  • tenacious_she 99w

    'तेरी-मेरी याद'

    आज चाँद की रौशनी अँधेरे कमरे में आई
    साथ अपने ना जाने कैसे संकेत थी लाई
    जब देखा आसमान की ओर
    तब ये आँखें सितारों से जा टकराई
    फिर क्या था, दिल को तेरी-मेरी याद आई!

  • ___dj__ 103w

    तेरे हर ज़ख्म मुज़म्मिल थे सीने से मेरे,
    अब चाँद का चमकना भी सूरज की खता हो गया।।

  • penophile 110w

    But darling,you gonna miss me!
    To the hilt
    Like sky,
    When Stars are not around
    Or stars, longing for darling night
    You gonna miss every word
    i scribble for you,
    blurting out from bleeding heart
    for i am your moon,
    You, my sunshine!.


  • penophile 111w

    Venting my heart out,
    i let sky fortify me
    Like sun ,
    When bleeding ,
    ere moonlight.


  • ensymi_1329 114w

    Sitting beside you under the night sky,
    your eyes gazing at the stars under the faded moonlit
    where I am just lost in you, listening to you
    you continue the things
    and now
    I am falling asleep
    in your lap
    where your hands caressing my messy hair
    and then you look at me
    make a sweet gesture and kiss my lips

  • bklyn464 135w

    As he walked toward her with those moonlit eyes
    He knew there was a deep and unrelenting ocean behind them.

  • deepjyoti450 142w

    Pata nhi in ujalon ko humse kya dusmani hai
    Jab kabhi andhere se niklu, toh yeh subne lagti hain..