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  • yours_fortune 56w

    If someone says you anything just say them
    It's all my zodiac fault...����
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    Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn


    Aries, Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius


    Taurus, Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer

  • epiphaney 206w

    Saving Grace

    Those moments when time is still
    And the thoughts that were once dead, come back to life again
    To torture
    To pull at your heart strings
    Those thoughts that make you cry out and scream
    The zombies
    Mostly come at night
    But when the time is right
    They help cloud your sight
    A rerund
    Needing a refund
    Take them back
    My peace is where it's at
    But how
    And why
    Am I steady battling these same zombies
    Over and over
    I kill them dead
    But like a zombie, they return
    It's like nothing's been said
    Needing some magical powers
    It's getting close to that hour
    Where I'm in my bed
    Trying to stay out of my head
    Closing my eyes
    Let's breathe
    Zombie 1
    Zombie 2
    I thought I had a love that was true
    Oh my, oh why
    Not suicidal
    Just be wanting to die
    Zombies starting to be everywhere
    In my mind
    When would be the time
    I breathe again
    They're just standing
    Waiting around
    No more yelling
    No more sounds
    Just standing
    What to do now?
    Call on my Saving Grace
    Get on my knees and I begin to pray
    Angels please
    Help me to make a way
    Out of my thoughts
    My biggest test I have sought
    I am happy with me
    I am Epiphaney
    The first step
    Like what's next
    Zombie 1 dead
    I'm sleeping comfortably in my bed
    Zombie 2
    Remains true
    We keep going at it
    Zombie 2 realizing he doesn't matter
    Oh wow
    The time has arrived
    Zombieless for now
    Remembering the battles won
    This war has just begun
    But my peace
    My peace means everything
    While remaining grateful and helpful to others
    I keep my peace
    My weapon against negative energies
    Those zombies
    I am finally free
    Thanks to saving my grace. ♾

  • epiphaney 207w

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    Today I made progress
    Laying all fears to rest
    Speaking my truth
    Saying it with my chest
    Feeling refreshed
    Feeling as if I'm at my best
    Having all reason to have faith
    Grateful for my Angels today
    Assisting me
    With bringing harmony
    Speaking through sychronicities
    Reminding me
    Of this beautiful essence I posses
    Allowing others to benefit from my gifts
    Finding ways to release stress
    What's next?
    World Peace
    I pray for all humanity
    To be surrounded with love and peace

  • epiphaney 207w

    It's time to heal and you know it
    The pain is deep and you show it
    You walk around trying to smile
    Speaking your hellos
    Waving your goodbyes
    She's happy, you'll think
    That's what all people say
    You tried to put that mask on
    It just want fit today
    Forcing you to show the truth
    Allowing others to see
    The real person behind the mask
    That beautiful being
    You're shining bright
    Not even realizing your might
    So many illusions surround
    Fear, pain, and hurt pulls you down
    But you're fighting
    All while crying
    Not even realizing that you're releasing
    You just know
    After you cry, it's pleasing
    To the soul
    Washing away your hurt
    Allowing yourself to open up
    And feel
    To know what it means to feel
    Check and make sure those emotions are real
    Answers start to come
    And now you have become
    No more masks
    Continuing to complete tasks
    With originality
    Saving humanity
    Spreading world peace to all!

  • epiphaney 207w


    It's time for healing
    Hurt and pain deep inside of me
    Not wanting to carry on
    But not wanting to groan and moan
    The task not so simple
    Not so easy
    Not too hard
    Its in between
    My heart is in shards
    Watch out
    Do not attempt to walk in
    All of these shards will have you wondering
    Why am I hurting you
    Is it me
    Or is it you
    My words to sharp
    My touch is too cold
    These shards surround my soul
    Slowly piecing together the remaining
    The heart will never be the same and then
    I realize
    Allowing my soul to fly
    That the heart will be new
    The love for me
    The love for you
    All pieced together
    The past lessons
    Allowing myself not to stress
    All of these things
    Peace, love, and harmony
    All pieced together
    This is my heart
    My new
    My beginning

  • epiphaney 208w


    Here I am
    This beautiful infinite being
    Soul singing sweetly
    While trying to be a beacon of light
    Understanding the balance of wrong and right
    So many obstacles in my sight
    But I push through
    Remaining true
    Always seeing 222
    The signs and sychronicities
    Reminding me that I am Epiphaney
    Strong and powerful
    Wise and patient
    Knowing I will make it
    Spreading world peace
    Helping all nations to see
    Forver and ever

  • epiphaney 209w

    Striving for excellence
    Knowing my next step and then
    Applying learned lessons
    Being a blessing
    Being blessed
    No need to stress
    All fears
    Laid to rest
    Who said it would be easy?
    Who said it would be hard?
    I am a star
    I am me
    Spreading love and peace
    I overcome
    Happily singing my song
    World Peace, world peace, world peace
    Awaken I am
    Because, I am!

  • epiphaney 209w

    One day
    I just know that someday
    It will all go away
    Hurt and pain
    It want be the same
    Everyone will come together and say
    Peace and love
    While shouting praise
    Singing songs of freedom
    We will experience Eden
    Here on earth
    Everyone will know they worth
    You can tell how they walk
    How they talk
    Even what they eat or drink
    Just sit and think
    What it really means
    To be truly free
    Where would we be
    Could we truly see
    The essence of the Divine
    Realizing that all we have is time
    In control of our own minds
    Gaining more knowledge
    Understanding all options
    Having a choice
    Using your voice
    No more hiding
    No more violence
    The time is here
    The awaken ones cheer
    The time has come
    To help raise the vibration
    To help save nations
    & I'm grateful for this blessing

  • epiphaney 209w

    ... my heart

    I speak from my heart
    I give from my heart
    I listen with my heart
    I love from my heart
    I create magic
    I create miracles
    I remain grateful
    I am a blessing
    I help bless
    I help heal
    My heart is open
    & I receive love and peace

  • epiphaney 209w

    Dear grandma..

    I forgive you
    Though I'm mad and hurt
    It's not your fault
    I see the truth now
    Wish I could help
    But that was my fault
    Didn't realize
    I did help
    I helped you to see
    It was truly you
    Not pop, not my mom, or me
    I say all of these things
    Because love is in my heart
    Regardless of how dark
    This time and moment is
    Still trying my best to forgive
    I will remember
    & always will
    This all feels so unreal
    Sending you light and love
    Now I can decipher the messages I been getting from above
    It's all so clear
    Before I couldn't see
    Or even feel
    Blinded by your smile
    & Numbed by your words
    All I knew
    Was my peace couldn't be disturbed
    My angels forever warning me
    Sending me signs
    Trying their best to help me see
    Trying to save the world
    It started with me
    That was the first step
    The next was to save my family
    That I couldn't see
    Thought it would end with just me
    Family wouldn't understand
    That was the dang plan
    My biggest test
    But their was no need to stress
    Changes are here
    Much needed ones
    Too comfortable you have become
    Now the path is clear
    I can clearly hear
    God speaking through me
    With the help of my Angels
    I can finally see
    My soul is beautiful
    Blessed I am
    Because I am
    So forgive you I do
    I will always have love for you
    My biggest test
    You have helped
    Though I know
    You still need help
    I pray for strength and patience
    Knowing I will make it
    Make it clear
    For the world to cheer
    World Peace
    Preached by Epiphaney
    So this morning I forgive
    I forgive you for it all
    I forgive myself for not making the call
    Not making the call sooner
    To speak my peace
    Then to let it be
    Allow my love to flow freely
    I forgive not just you
    But you and me

  • epiphaney 209w


    Today I strive to change someone's life
    Today I ask to be forgiven
    Today I ask to forgive
    Today I help heal
    I help bring peace
    I bring the love out
    The love that's in me
    Today I love

  • shedifferentgirl 226w

    They call it workout