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  • bhawanaa 2w


    On my way no barrier are seen
    But the truth is that how I am keen
    No pain no gain these words are like passage unseen.
    Where is the mountains?Do you know what I mean?.
    The tree filled with fruits not stand their branches up,
    They naturally lean.
    But the tree who always stand straight up,
    They always cut by mean.
    Filled with snow, filled with rocks mountains are look green,
    I am not a looser, like a climber,I want to climb
    On the top of my mountain (life mountain) to be a"Queen".

  • aj_aesthetic677 5w

    The mountain , of which you climb..

    Your determination , is like a jaggered edge of a mountain , and no matter , how steep the cliff might be .
    Never be to affraid to climb higher each time , to reach your destination, fill your aspirations .
    Because this might be a one-off thing , something you might not experience ever again.


  • jules9 12w

    Manjhi : The Mountain Man

    His spirit was like a mountain
    Only he could break it.

  • madinah_writes 17w

    ☁️The Horizon☁️

    An Illusion of the sky meeting the sea looks so real.
    Why wouldn't the shore be jealous?
    It isn't human but it could still feel.
    The wave of it's anger brushing through us.

    The moon kisses the zenith.
    Wishes to reach the ocean at it's horizon.
    Tears flows from the moon's eyes, beneath.
    Leaving us all frozen.

    And at the end, the mountain licks the sky.
    Like cotton candies and chocolate ice cream.
    Leavings us to wonder, what happens beyond the horizon high.
    With our confused eyes, still left to swim in the sky.


  • usmanshaikh47 18w


    She smiled for no reason
    Which was profoundly true ,
    When enquired why
    She said " Morning dew " ,
    Hundreds of expressions
    With no explicit clue ,
    Few words uttered by her
    Were like burning wood what once grew ,
    When asked about her well-being
    She replied saying" I'm fine , thank you " ,
    Her mind speaks its own language
    And play riddles of which she has solved few ,
    Dreams which hold profound meaning
    She has seen it all perhaps even a bird which flew ,
    She talks to the shadows of the past
    The darkness upon her only grew ,
    Candy's replaced by the Valiums
    She loves the sound of music too ,
    Pitiful eyes staring at her on a roadway
    She walks in one of the triumph's shoe ,
    In fact a mountain turned into ashes
    She says madness is not what I'm going through .
    This is all I could say in my humble view .

  • cleopatra_verse 22w

    Stand Tall

    The mountains,
    stand tall in reverence;
    They say, "You are one of us,
    Stand tall."

  • kshana 22w

    Heart of a mountain
    Is the warmest of all.


  • soulo_scribbles 27w

    Who moved my #mountain ? ⛰

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    My mountain

    But when the rivers run wild
    Or even the droughts get by
    I see you constant throughout
    Sun kisses and sky cries.


  • saurav_shakti 27w

    The first write-up.

    #flowers #mountain #life

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    We've all got some uncommon things in our common lives
    We share, We care
    Sometimes we dare and try for things to repair
    Climbing a mountain is tough but surviving an avalanche is tougher.
    No one has gone through the life without an experience of faulter.
    Live a life like a hurricane
    And learn ways to survive the flood.
    Because there's no harm in getting withered as a flower and then rising as a bud.


  • saiyahi_rashmi 29w

    Ranges Imbibes Within

    We are in mountains and
    they are in us,
    Kindles enthusiasm,
    Quivers every nerve,
    And fills every cell pouring.

  • faerie_fox_poetry 31w


    Take me to kneel
    At mountain monuments
    Towers to the heavens
    Casting their shadows
    On the sinners below

    Take me to rest
    In forests pristine
    Reliquaries for souls
    Who wander dreaming
    Through many bountiful arms

    Take me to purify
    In oceans tumultuous
    Let me cleanse myself
    In the deepest wells
    Primeval founts of life


  • sonu99 32w

    Climb mountains so that you can see the beautiful vistas and harbor the exhilarating moment for the entire life.

  • unnibabu 37w

    The river broke up with the mountain
    And moved away towards the dark
    She is broken, she is shattered
    For she weeps along her path!

    The river looks at the horizon
    And sees her better half.
    She flows towards the ocean
    To be forever in his arms


    #poem #poetry #river #mountain #ocean #love #breakup #sad #pessimism #hope

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    Lonely river

    The river broke up with the mountain
    And moved away towards the dark
    She is broken, she is shattered
    For she weeps along her path!

    The river looks at the horizon
    And sees her better half.
    She flows towards the ocean
    To be forever in his arms


  • shubham_20 39w


  • ssunayana 39w

    You Belong Here.

    Once I met a mountain as high as the stars. 
    "How did you grow  so much?" I asked.
    "One day the Earth had it enough. And she let the volcanoes erupt. That made me high."

    Once I met an ocean as deep as darkness goes.
    "What makes you so deep?" I asked.
    "I wanted to keep my storms hidden for as long as I can. That made me deep."

    So you see, both the mountain and the ocean have their own place in the universe. 
    And so do you !

    You have your place in this world when you choose to remain peaceful. And even on the days when you choose to scream at your loudest.

    On your best day and on your worst one too,
    You Belong Here.

  • prasanth 40w

    "Don't be stupid enough to love a rugged Mountain", he yelled.

    Who knows, "a nebulous Fog can make it lively and charming", she replied calmly.


  • lovely_rachana 42w

    Life is that mountain

    Life is that mountain
    From which snow of time is melting
    Which forms the river of emotions
    The river flows through heart of humans
    It nourishes the valley of relations
    Some relationships are clean and green
    Some are filled with rotten weed
    But the river flows indifferently
    Through all the lands it comes to see
    Life is that mountain
    The views of attracts many
    But climbing through crests and troughs
    Only few survivors live
    These survivors fall million times
    Sometimes due to the obstacles
    Sometimes due to self
    But despite these they standup again
    They are the ones who truly live
    Life is that mountain
    Which gives you peace at the end
    Despite the pain inflicted
    Living in it is the best way

  • sai_krishna_9 42w

    20 days after I ended 'being 20' & progressed another level, I still can't stop being 20! Feels good to be back, though I've been having this particular one in my mind since last year. Relieved to finally pitch it here.

    #The20Poem #20 #Twenty #TwentyPlenty #20Plenty #Poem #2020 #March11 #2000 #Path #Mind #Body #Soul #Road #Mountain #Water #Home #CalvinKris #Comeback #SK9

    Writer's Note: If you find it hard to keep up with the pace of the piece, read it as if you're on a driving trip & you're looking out of your window. It helps, trust me ;)

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    The 20 Poem - Twenty...Plenty!

    Just like that, another journey began
    And lies ahead of me a clear road
    There comes a rush of blood again
    Faster, slower, have I decided on the right 'road'?

    I'm Twenty and I have to see a lot...Plenty!

    I keep looking ahead with the curiosity of the youth
    To spot a huge hill, cliff, valley or a mountain
    Then strikes a inner moment of truth
    Is my thinking itself a manifested thoughts' 'mountain'?

    I'm Twenty and I have to see a lot...Plenty!

    I wait and wait patiently until I reach the very shore
    For a dive into a lake, river, ocean or sea water
    Where to explode, explore & exploit this wild roar
    Would it work if I did it under my own vessel of 'water'?

    I'm Twenty and I have to see a lot...Plenty!

    Every journey has to come to an end
    Every traveller has to go home
    When I'll need to stop someday and apprehend
    Lying in the laps of what I call my 'home'?

    I'm Twenty and I have to see a lot...Plenty!

    - Calvin Kris

  • sarahrachelea 49w

    And finally the ice mountain melted
    It's all because of you, sunshine


  • itsmedash007 49w

    "The Town of the Living Dead"-A Musing

    The late winter's night as I sat across the room eyes transfixed gazing into the blemishes of sky
    filled with a blanket of dazzling diamond like minute entities conspiring to let bystanders lose
    time in awe of their glory and beauty. I too one of these looked into their games of forming
    random shapes or constellations as you may have rightly guessed imprinted in the dark pitch
    black canvas like one of Van Gogh's paintings. The night to me appears like his last painting for
    sure before he suffered traumatically to his grave but I'm in awestruck of this night and not in
    shambles mourning an unfateful death. Amongst all these stars there was the everlasting star of
    the late night show hidden behind the childish nonchalant clouds preying upon the old hound
    unaware of its mighty old existence. The never stopping clouds young, ruthless and filled with
    lust for life moving frantically around the aged but surprisingly undull moon. The actual king of
    the night who has stood his ground, thumping upon the twinkling stars. It's serene light guiding
    the wandering souls through lost nights. Oh! How I'd relish the opportunity to sail my night
    through the luscious sea of stars to my moonland. Far far away from the commotion, the
    madness that runs intricately in our lives that we've become complacent captives of our motives that we can't differ the living from the dead. What are we then 'The Living Dead?' running behind money, power and holdings. Have we thought of the adrenaline rush of the exhuming flare of our youthful days in admiration of some bitter love story which we relinquished with utmost difficulty leaving us broken or remembering those chirpy minutes with friends for old time's sake spending time with people who mattered. We've forgotten to live. To enjoy is to live. To fulfil dreams is to live. To admire the beautiful is to live. I'm living when I'm musing in awe of the moon and its pals the dazzling stars. The boats empty, no commuters wandering are these clouds in search of souls waiting to drop them in moonland. All interspersed in letting us live few moments to lie back in some distant land, on the mountain top bareback and barefoot on soft grass breathing fresh gust of sea wind gazing into the moonlit sky. The damp soil touching my
    soul not skin. My putrified heart and soul blended into one for few moments when I let my
    aspersions not take control of me, I exhumed with all due exuberance the thoughts that latched
    onto me and returned my days of chirpy childishness infront of my dazy eyes like a dream I know in the subconscious if I wanted to I could wake up but no I lived it all again in mere few
    seconds. Those days of living shall remain etched in my memory and I headed back for the
    dead and deserted town of the living dead. The living dead my present my future into continuum
    until then the cloud my wayfarer, the stars my bridge and the moon my destination.