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  • pallavi4 3w

    7th of May, 2022

    I know this is not what was required but this is my take on the concept of an alternative/parallel universe .

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    I can hear you like an intrinsic voice inside
    My head often telling me what not to do
    You are the unseen person who internally
    Tries to make me more like you

    Some call you a spirit guide and often
    Say listening to you is the right way
    For you are the inherent righteousness that
    Knows instinctively what I need to say

    Maybe you are a wise sage that understands
    The workings of this world better than I
    And maybe you’ve already seen the consequences
    So you help keep me from going awry

    I cannot shake off the feeling that you are
    From a parallel universe I cannot see
    Tied we are to each other in many ways
    Yet our fates are an indefinity

    Incomplete I am without you
    Just like you are nothing if not my guide
    You give me strength, you give me wisdom
    You are the intuition I trust with pride

    I think you come from a world much like mine
    Natively you know where I need to go
    Navigating the troubled waters of my existence
    I think my very life to you I owe

    Does your voice belong to me or you ?
    Are we the same yet not one ?
    Did you choose to hold my hand
    Till we reach the finish line of this run ?

    I will go through this life trying to discover you
    You are my internal compass, my spiritual voice
    I hope I discover I was right in listening to you
    All my life before making a choice


  • theheandshetales 13w

    In another universe, death is constant, there may not be happiness.
    #theheandshetales #multiverse #clone #worldparalleltoours #universevsmultiverse

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    I'm a clone
    But I don't feel
    I don't see you
    The real you anyway
    But I speak
    A language foreign to me
    I feel
    The emotions never mine

    I hear the cries of the people
    None of them I know
    But I know things
    That a clone must know
    In a multiverse
    A world parallel to ours
    A world I never belonged.


  • inlovewithlife 16w


    So if there exists a multiverse.. And the parallel universes...
    So what the fuck my alternate reality is doing in that world!?

  • sahil_sankhe_1796 16w


    Are we alone out there in the vast blue!
    Or is there a Doppelganger of me and you?
    On contrary, it's a Multiverse!


  • writers_ink_ 48w

    Maybe in a parallel universe, I am meant to be with you..because this ain't happening here with all this pain and suffering

  • _you_n_me 48w

    I wish you could live as me for just one day.
    That way, you'd know how much I love you

  • _you_n_me 48w

    Always stuck between " I wanna talk to you" and "I don't feel like bothering you."

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 48w


    The quote has been wisely put forth and told,
    Everything that glitters is not precious like gold,
    Reality has no market and fakeness gets easily sold,
    Beautiful appears each lie till the truth doesn't unfold.

    We come across perfect couples on social platforms,
    Setting unrealistic couple goals and impractical norms,
    Creating an intense need to have a flawless relationship,
    Young generation follows blind - folded, without a skip.

    The tender age, too innocent to see the truth behind the curtain,
    Thus, drug abuse, rapes, suicide & like problems become certain,
    It should be hammered deep into their immature brains,
    Glamorous life of social media bears numerous invisible stains.

    What appears heavenly to the lens of a high - tech camera,
    May be cacti, dolled -up to appear like some exquisite flora,
    Let our expectations don't swell believing on such reels,
    It's nothing more than a trap, peace of your mind it steals.


    #multiverse #universe #paralleluniverse #wod #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersworld #writersnetwork

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  • _you_n_me 48w

    I laugh even when you hurt me!!! I Just can't give up on you :)) #wod #multiverse #love

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    How do you know that we are not meant for each other!? What if fate is attempting to play a game with us!?? Will you willingly fight for us?

  • unsung_seagull 48w

    Time passes
    In the clutch
    Of her arms.
    Hopes take
    A steady birth,
    In the sweetness
    Of her talk.

    Gravity is nill
    By the side
    Of her neck.
    Body is afloat
    By the aid of
    A peck.

    Vaccum in here,
    Her hand is
    On my chest.
    By the shine in
    Her eyes...
    My darkness is
    Done away with.

    Light years is
    How she measures
    Her longing.
    Supernova attack
    For her rage is

    She's a
    Multiverse of
    Feels and storms.
    Reels and norms.
    Of passion and
    Luring forms.

    She's Galactus...

    While stars play her
    Pleasing charms.
    I'm just lucky
    To sit side by..
    At the mercy of
    A woman,
    How wouldn't,
    The wine taste fine?

    #pod #wod #choose #multiverse @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Mercy of a Woman

  • ayush_kd 49w

    If not in this world, I hope I'm living my dream in another universe.
    Maybe we shared same tea when we met for the first time.
    Maybe we met again soon after and held hands instead of just chatting online.
    Maybe we met often and explored the campus together.
    Maybe we really went to Jama masjid together.
    Maybe beauty does not lie in the mind too, but heart.
    Maybe we never slept that night and went to park to sit under the night sky.
    Maybe we kissed that night.
    Maybe our stars were aligned there.
    Maybe we haven't stopped talking.
    Maybe the feelings were reciprocated.
    Maybe I wasn't called salt, but honey ._.
    Maybe we watched Masaan together.
    Maybe we listened to 'Sajni- strings' together.
    Maybe bhang hokkah holi wasn't the only holi spent together.
    Maybe I wrote more poems for you.
    Maybe you got me 'little hearts'.
    Maybe you sent more of your singing recordings.
    Maybe I could read more from you.
    Maybe I kept writing.

    Maybe we are together, in that parallel universe.

    #multiverse #paralleluniverse #mirakee

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    maybe in another universe we are together

  • _you_n_me 49w

    I can't unlove him :(( #multiverse #wod #love

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    "We are not made for each other," he said.
    My heart didn't feel like it belonged to me anymore. The universe dropped on my chest and shattered into a million pieces :((

  • smile_a_lil_harder 49w

    and the day you left this world, i couldn't survive the questions that arose in my mind.
    Who are we?
    But who decided, we are who we are?
    Maybe, we aren't this person. Maybe we are just nothing. Maybe we are so much more than we would ever be able to discover.
    What is air, this sun, moon, planet, universe, or that multiverse? Why do all this exist?
    Maybe all this doesn't even exist.
    Maybe all this is just an illusion. Maybe an illusion just to distract us from something, something more real.
    More real?
    Yes. More real.
    But what?
    Maybe something that is the end or just the beginning.
    Maybe multiverse is nothing.
    But for now it's everything. Everything where all this exists.
    But who made us? Who made us exist? Where the hell we came from? Don't name it God, almighty or something like human figure or just like a soul or something. Make me meet them. Who are they? How could they make us? This body?This brain? Heart? This thing called soul? Which kind of power made them make us. And most of all who made them?
    What is death?
    What is life?
    Maybe no one dies and it's something like teleporting us to the other bubble universe.
    Maybe none of us is living? Alive either.
    Maybe we are all already dead and it's all called the after life.
    But why do we need to die one day? Why do we need to leave this world? And if we need to do that why are we given birth?
    Yes. It's all supremely puzzling.
    Maybe this could be forever out of reach.
    Maybe this quest could be doomed to failure.
    Every night i miss you. I wonder if we will ever meet? If you are still somewhere? Heaven, hell, bubble universe, parallel universe or whatever. I just wanna meet you, hug you, tell you how much i miss you.
    I struggle these questions. And the biggest struggle is where the hell these questions came from in my mind, in else's mind? If they were not meant to be answered why did they arose?

    #multiverse #writersnetwork

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    Maybe all this doesn't even exist.
    Maybe all this is just an illusion. Maybe an illusion just to distract us from something, something more real.


  • reetism_ 49w

    We the people
    We are graph of our
    own curvature.

    Curvature of our
    own body
    Outer lining of our
    own body

    To extract myself
    I Put my shoulder
    against the sun
    in the morning
    Extracting curvature
    on different walls.

    Few times
    newly Painted
    Few times
    old ancient
    Where every other walls
    is counted and
    we ought to call it days

    Where function of
    the white walls
    is to compare ourself
    and to know each other

    Different curvature
    on same wall
    Different walls but
    Indistinguishable body borders

    Reading my poem on
    #multiverse turn you
    into mere dark ink
    on white sheet of papers
    And we all have our favourite colour
    When Painting is a only choice we get.
    #multiverse #wod

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  • _you_n_me 49w

    I can't give up on him!! #wod #multiverse #onesidelove #crush #love

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    I believe in love even it is one-sided.
    He doesn't love me as much as I wanted him to, but he let me love him as much as I wanted and that's enough for me

  • asmita_chakraborty 49w

    Was poetry only mosaics ?
    When it was made from the broken pieces of my heart.

    Was it not the alarm ringing beside my head?
    When it woke me up to start a new day.

    Was it not the relief my cold body felt?
    When I poured warm showers of happiness.

    Was it not the sound my gut made?
    When it cried out for appetite.

    Was it not how I praised my garden?
    When it bloomed with it's golden hue.

    Was it not how I mourned over my flowers?
    When it wilted one sudden sunny afternoon.

    Was it not my thoughts in solitude?
    When I was alone in a crowd of multitudes.

    Was it not the tears that caressed my cheeks?
    When I was sniveling with short breaths.

    Was it not the smile that adorned my skin?
    When it had scars and darkish tinge.

    Was is not how I gazed at the moon?
    When it peeped from under her cloudy viel.

    Was it not my emotion's out break?
    Was is not my laughter when tickled?

    Was it not my endearment kept safe?
    Was it not what I felt?

    Is it not me,when I speak?
    Am I not made up of poetries?

    If the world went topsy turvy,
    Would my answers be in affirmative?


    #multiverse #writersnetwork

    Just wanted to write, for these thoughts were impelling. Rant so #temp

    #monologue for me!

    @writersnetwork a read?❤️

    @squared I adore you ❤️

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  • immaculate_0300 49w

    The Other World

    It is a beautiful world , millions of light years far away from the solar family.
    Peace lies everywhere in abundance.
    There is no pollution nor pollutants.
    There is nothing around except love and affection .
    The people of this world has three eyes, two ears, one nose , one mouth and two antennae over their head.
    They don't sleep ... They never sleep.. they are never tired.
    They never eat... They never needed to ....
    All they did was while awaying the time.
    I too had a parallel life there (maybe) ...
    While awaying my time there too ... As I do here on this Earth.



  • bubbly_bluebells 49w

    #multiverse #wov5
    Three lines korean poem(sizo)
    Total syllables go(44 - 46)
    Each line syllables(14 -16)

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    Sizo Musings

    The blue paintings of my morns are same as pink paintings of your eves
    Entangle our days crossing each-other paths in a patched gaze
    That's why twilight events comes twice in life of the prime sky!

  • the_speccy_outsider 49w

    Vitiated by
    Indigenous laws under
    Archaic aegis

    Transcending to an
    Iota of a world where
    Ubiquity fleed

    Where petrichor seemed
    Like an artifact stored in
    Attic of the heart

    And none misused their
    Abridged power to showcase
    A panalopy

    Of orthodox perceptions
    For third gender family

    There's been a myriad of mendacious rumours that only add up to the fire rather than extenuating it. The third gender community is a part of our society since ages. Considered as a symbol of unity and strength by some. Some only think about them when a certain religious ritual is to be carried out. But spew venom about them once their purpose is fulfilled.

    It is a life choice that was concomitant. Yet they strive to struggle to make their mark in the society even after being a subject of harsh treatment by some. The society should contemplate the fact that people of the community aren't provided with a higher education or employment opportunities and are, therefore, forced to ask for money. It is not something they do willingly, rather it's a choice they have to make.

    I wish for a parallel world where the Third Gender would be revered and considered as equals. Where they'd marry the person they love. Where the young ones would no longer store their respective dreams into an attic inside their heart, closed for eternity, or put on lipstick, wear a saree and go to people's houses to give blessings. The same people who loathe them and are cunning.

    I hope people don't misuse this honour they get when the Hijras, as they are referred to in India, visit their house. I hope they respect them and help them if they are in ardent need of it. To make them a part of the society and not ostracize them.

    Not to forget the ancient belief, that their 'dua' (blessing) is always heard.


    For posts on similar theme, check out #BreakingStereotypesAndTaboos

    #attic #multiverse #wov5 #wov4 #j_mustread

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    Seldom are the musings of pristine past revalatory;
    Often transcending one to a land where misfits reside;
    Getting congenial with phantasy, away from archaic norms.

  • bubbly_bluebells 49w


    One song
    Made from light,music,dark,visuals,touch and manymore unknown speeches
    Which define it within a log circle
    All are different dimensions
    Nor up nor below but have equal importance to make this sphere
    Collection of maximum number of history
    Alters into spiritual levels
    Its an art of balancing or playing patterns conciously
    Living in harmony
    Not going against its flow i.e. damaging its counterparts
    So realms of different matters aren't multiverse?
    I am whole not less nor more
    Yes i have many lives in that version
    But all are within me
    My all choices are not visible
    Then what do say to synchronicity?
    Isn't its parallel vision?
    comes to teach or hold your hands
    Showing which part is in sync or toxic
    To change the tuning of rythm
    Come in the correct frequency
    Time don't exist overall
    Tis a stone given to shape into sculptures
    I exist in universe like fishes in water
    but source and blueprint is same to survive
    In or out decides happy or gloom;in equality
    Like a puzzle of a piece,mosaic in art

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