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  • his_aesthetic_ink 2w

    It doesn't matter if someone lived to
    10 or 100, life will feel like a single day
    when we look back at it on judgment

    One single day.

    A day on which Allah says
    we can speak no wrong we
    will be convinced with certainty
    that life was one sunrise and one

    When I try to put that into perspective,
    these days, months and years I'm living
    through amount to nothing more than

    Whether each one of those moments
    is filled with joy or pain, it is nothing
    more than a moment. It will pass and
    when it does, the feelings I experienced
    in that moment won't be crystallized into
    eternity but rather what I did
    with those feelings will.

    Did I process my rage, understand it
    and not allow it to make me an aggressor?

    Did I process my joy and turn it into
    gratitude as opposed to heedlessness?

    Did I take despair and run
    with it to Allah or find comfort
    from it in what I thought was
    refuge but was nothing more than
    a mirage?

    You and l are here for a day.

    If we can just manage to
    spend it inside His boundaries
    and not cause each other hurt,
    we will have succeeded.

    And if you and i haven't
    fared too well so far, just
    know that it's beginning or
    middle won't determine it's
    final score, it's the end.

    I hope you have a beautiful day.

    Nouman Ali Khan

  • shk_huzaifa 2w

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  • aliyaquraishi 3w


    Aye Chand aaj zara sambhal kar nikalna Kahin Kisi Maa Ko Apna Chand yaad Na aa jaye

  • the_world_insid_my_head 5w

    Hijab is my jewellery!!

    They asked me, what the most valuable jewellery was.
    And i told em, "Hijab"

  • nishrar 5w

    Allah hum sab baccho ku apne Maa Baap ko saath le kar "Umrah" ya "Hajj" Karwana naseeb farmaye ❤️


  • asmawani 7w

    Dear Ramadhan
    This yr more than any other,i approach u with humility.I um in need of Allah's mercy in this month
    I um in need of Allah's forgiveness in this month
    Without it.i um lost .lost nd lost alone
    I pray that this Ramadhan heals the hearts of those that have been broken for too long
    As we enter this blessed month of mercy I vl give this advice to myself first nd to u all.Dont let this Ramadhan be just a holiday of rituals.
    Don't finish reading the Qur'an, without it transforming u
    Take a sincere step towards chng
    Find Allah this month . He's been there all along. Closer than ur jugler vein.
    Pray for whole ummah
    May Allah answer every single one of our du'as this Ramadhan.. Ameen
    May this Ramadhan bring peace to our hearts
    Remember me in ur du'as..

  • alonestar1 8w

    #नफरत का बीज

    हर बार काटा जाता है वो पेड़,,,
    ना जाने फिर क्यों उग जाता है ।।
    नफरतों का बीज हर इंसा में,,,
    आपसी संबंधों को नष्ट किया जाता है ।।

    कौन करते है ??
    क्यों करते है ??
    सोचता नहीं है कोई,,,
    धर्म जात है,,,
    मुद्दा भयानक ।।
    इंसानियत नहीं रखता कोई ।।

    और सबसे गंभीर बात तो ये देखी मैंने,,,
    हर एक युद्ध लड़ाई में ।।
    औरतें वस्त्रहीन है होती,,,
    बच्चों की जान गवाई वें ।।
    जाने क्या फिर हासिल होता,,,
    राम अल्लाह क्या खुश है होता ??
    औरतों बच्चों पर ढाहते जुल्म,,,
    बेकसूर को मार डालते ।।
    जन्नत स्वर्ग क्या फिर मिल जाता,,,
    जब धरती मां को लाल है करते ।।
    जब धरती मां को लाल है करते ।। 2


  • fatimah_yi 10w


    What do you do when you're stressed? Who do you turn to solve your problems? How much are they capable of helping you?

    I know that Allah is the only one truly capable of helping me. And I know He's always ready to listen to me even when He knows what I'm about to say. So I turn to Him to once again solve my problems for me.⚘⚘
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    My grief...

    He said: "I only complain of my grief and sorrow to Allah, and I know from Allah that which you know not"

  • fatimah_yi 11w

    For whatever good you do,
    Your reward is with Allah.
    And for whatever bad you do,
    Your punishment is with Allah.


  • fatimah_yi 11w


    He (Allah) said: "Fear not, verily! I am with you both, hearing and seeing.


  • sadawrites 11w

    muslim e hind!ghazi kahan kehla paoge tum
    Agar wafa karte ho Islam k dushmano se tum
    Shaheed ka darja kahan miljaeyga tujhe
    Agar bayoun he se larrne lag jaoge tum
    Kahe khoon se rang na jaye tumhare haath
    Jaane Anjane meh qatil ban jawge tum
    Hum samaj baithe the dushman tujhe
    Dushman ke warde joh pehnay hwe ho tum
    Agar mitt jae haatho se Islam k phool
    Afsos karenge ek saath hum aur tum
    The na qatil ko maqtool se koi dushmani
    Haq o bAtil k beech pas gae the hum aur tum

    Indian Muslim Army if you're standing against Muslims just keep one thing in mind you are actually going against the orders of Allah,How will you ans on the day of resurection to Allah.
    #indianmuslim #muslim #islam #allah #muhammad #mira_key #miraquill

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    مسلم ہند

    اے مسلم ہند،غازی کہاں کہہ لا پاؤ گے تم
    اگر وفا کرتے ہو اسلام کے دشمنوں سےتم
    شہید کا درجہ کہاں مل جائے گا تجھے
    اگر بھائیوں ہی سے لڑنےلگ جاؤگے تم
    کہیں خوں سے رنگ نہ جائے تمہارےہاتھ
    جانے انجانے میں قاتل بن جاؤ گے تم
    ہم سمجھ بیٹھے تھے دشمن تجھے
    دشمن کی وردی جو پہنے ہوئے ہو تم
    اگر مٹ جائے ہاتھوں سے اسلام کے پھول
    افسوس کریں گے ایک ساتھ ہم اور تم
    تھی نہ قاتل کو مقتول سے کوئی دشمنی
    حق و باطل کے بیچ پھس گئےتھےہم اور تم

  • samreenwani_ 12w

    Fixing your deen isn't only just praying
    Regularly and reading the Qur'an more

    It is also fixing your character,
    the way you behave When you interact with people,
    the vocabulary you use,
    the people you surround yourself with.
    It's about correcting your akhlaaq.

  • sara_j 14w

    Why Do I Wear a Hijab?

    To make my beauty last long,
    To build my self esteem,
    To make my travel safe and sound,
    To unable abusive access of harassment,
    To be safe from infections and diseases, 
    To be a mark of Islam,
    To create a symbol of purity,
    To enable simple living and eliminating competition.


  • aadil_sadiq 14w

    Hijab is honor and pride of daughters of ummah, we won't ever compromise with it!
    Random thought about #Hijab #Muslim #Muslimidentity #hijabourhprideandhonor #isupporthijab #sufi #sufism #insight #Islam #Muslim #proudmuslim @writersnetwork @thepoetrycommunity @miraquill @mirakeeworld #pod

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    The Nature has always veiled the gems deep within,
    When the stones are scattered all around unveiled!

    © Sufi Aadil Sadiq Qadri

  • aliyaquraishi 17w

    The believer remains free from the extremes of happiness that causes one to forget ALLAH..AND..The extremes of sadness that cause the ignorant to lose hope and blames ALLAH..
    And be not like those wo forgot ALLAH,So HE made them forget themselves....

  • muslimah__tahoor 20w

    “I Know It’s Haram But … I Love Him”

    This is the answer that some sisters give when they tell them that having bf is Haram in Islam. So this is a message for everyone of them:
    “Dear Sister, generally, a Muslimah should only love the man she will accept to marry because of his commitment to his deen! The more he will be closed to Allah, the more she should love him.
    What about you? Why do you love him? Is it because of his sweet love words? Be certain that they are nothing but shaytan whispers!! Is it because of his promises of marriage? If he really wants you, he would be a real man and come to your house to ask for your hand in marriage… If he is a real man, he would approach your wali not you!!
    Have you ever asked yourself if he truly loves you? Because if he truly does, then he wouldn’t let you face hell !! True love is when you pray to be gathered in Jannah with the one you love! That’s true love, and it only comes with Halal, after marriage!
    Have you ever asked yourself if he would let his sister have boyfriend? A real Muslim man would have jealousy on his Maharim (his mother, sister, wife…) and if he has no Jealousy, so he is “dayouth” as Prophet Mohammad (sallaAllahu alaihi wa sallam) described this type of man! If he would let his sister to have bf, then you will know his true value, but if he would refuse to let her have bf then you will know your true value in his sight!!
    Dear Sister, know that no matter how much he “loves” you in this Dunya , he will hate you 1000X more than that in the Akhirah.
    YES!!He will HATE you, he will blame you for your relationship when he will be between the Hands of Allah, and he will beg for you to be thrown into the fire instead of him!
    Allah says in Qur’an :”Al Akhillaa (Friends/the lovers who had forbidden relationships) on that Day will be foes one to another(they will be like enemies) except Al-Muttaqun (the ones who feared Allah)“ (43:67)
    Is that the kind of love you want? A temporary feeling you get in Dunya, a feeling inspired by Shaytan which turn to hate in Akhirah?!!
    Dear, please wake up before it’s too late, you still have time to make things right, leave this Haram relationship right now! Leave it for Allah .. Wallahi the price HE will grant you will be greater than you have ever thought… Just make that step today before tomorrow!
    (Marriage is Sunnah)

  • sadawrites 20w


    I am in chaos of this world
    My mind is around my words
    Trying to listen the universe
    The depth of every fact

    Trying to go through its insight
    Questioning myself,"Why this and that?"
    But still never get success to reach out
    The lines are going to end

    My pen has got tired
    The black ink is finished
    Crave of knowledge is still there
    But my mind isn't able to accept

    Philosophy of this world is too wide
    There's infinity in every erudite
    But still let me seek for it
    So I could have access to Divine light

  • poetrynowar 29w

    I'm Muslim And If I Do Wrong
    Blame Me Not My Religion

  • laughter_to_spread07 30w


    Whoever has no shyness has nothing of humanity left with them
    except for flesh and blood...