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  • lilyvalley_ 6w

    I once read a book called 'the dollhouse' on wattpad
    And it touched my heart.

    These lines are one of the many beautiful written words of the novel

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    #fromabook #beautifullywritten #mustread #emotional.

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    Lily fair, oh lily fair
    How does your graveyard grow?
    With silver'd eyes and whispered lies
    And dripping roses all in a row

  • rambho 6w

    A dog can never quack

    There are certain work specified to certain people and if you try to do them you are going to ruin everything.
    Sometimes imitating others will ended up losing your own potential. As dog can never quack , it's true potential lies in barking.

    Never try to mould yourself like others because every time you will meet a new person and if you try to fit in their personality at the end of the day u will find nothing but just a disorderd jigsaw puzzle


  • anamika17 19w

    Remember, remember, dear,
    The tears shed on your chest
    Should not be forgotten.
    Remember, remember, fear
    To lose you in the name of destiny
    Should not be gotten.
    Remember, remember, hear
    You everyday in the morning till night
    Should not be mistaken.
    Remember, remember, near
    To find you always, beside me
    Should always be undertaken.

  • iivwrites 25w

    Hello friends, I am back!!!

    Comment below as how you think was my mood while writing this ?

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    Lost in love
    Broken yet trying
    Leaving it all on fate
    No longer out on dates...

    Lost in love
    Yet trying
    Just lost the person
    But not the ability to love...


  • harishreddysss 36w

    Our mind is fully filled up with what we are doing everyday.

    An intelligent student is always thinks about who is more intelligent than him to go with a competition to constantly improve himself.

    A farmer who grows vegetables, will always has a mind to think about other farmers field work to improve his yielding.

    A cobbler who always see people's shoes and slippers whether it is torn or not so that he can stich it and can earn money.

    A beautician is always looks at people's beauty first because they want to make people to look beautiful in return to earn a royalty

    A writer. Once a writer always a writer. They to compare when they read a best story, article or a quote of someone's. Ohh how beautiful it is, if it is my thought.

    And soo many in so many fields. Let it be in whatever field we work and automatically our mind is get to filled with that work.
    Profession? or Passion? we humans constantly improve ourselves knowingly and unknowingly with comparision and failures on the gooo...

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    [Read Full Piece In Caption]


  • avishiwrites 42w

    If I were a poem
    I did be a home,
    Where we could reside together,
    And loneliness was
    not to be seen again.

    Because each day
    we would grow better,
    And misunderstandings
    weren't to blame.
    I would be a ray of hope,
    And enlighten you like a flame,
    We would control anger and pain,
    For inner rage is possible to tame.

    Alas! It's just a poem,
    And I can't catch you If you drown,
    If you are in tears,
    I can no longer be your clown.

    For we are separated in such ways,
    That my heart feels
    grounded in a foreign place,
    And the thought of you is something,
    That I am still trying to efface.


  • shreyachug 45w

    Without the dark we'd never see the stars ✨

  • shreyachug 45w

    ✨The moon wears a shine when you bear a

  • shreyachug 45w

    Waiting for someone who left you
    Is same as watching
    A movie for the second time
    and expecting a new scene

  • avishiwrites 45w

    I am homesick,
    You are my home.


  • avishiwrites 45w

    Life is a song which
    I could never sing perfectly,
    Unless there was someone,
    To sing with me.

    It's complicated and,
    I am unaware of the chords,
    And I know I can't sing anymore.
    Because these lyrics do not define me,
    My song is yet to be known.

    I am just messing with the strings,
    And dancing on piano keys,
    Because I don't know things,
    Maybe because I suffered the least.
    Still I end up trying to fit in.

    But it's just someone's else life,
    That I pretend to sing along.
    It's complicated and,
    I am unaware of the chords.

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    #deep #mustread #caption #lifequotes

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    Life is a song and,
    I am unaware of its chords.


  • shreyachug 46w

    ✨She has a heart as golden as a sun

  • avishiwrites 46w

    Pause from Chaos

    I pretend
    to not care,
    but I can't stop,
    the feeling that
    is bothering me.

    if we could shut out
    our emotions,
    life would be
    easier in some way.

    I would skip a few
    hours and days,

    when I cried over
    my loss.
    And they said it's
    happening for a cause.

    but it's just
    too much of chaos.
    And I think
    I will be okay,
    by putting life
    on pause.


  • avishiwrites 46w

    I want you to LOVE me again,
    Though you are the one
    Who left me in paiN.♡


  • srm_writes 46w

    #कवित्त #कविता #हिन्दीकविता #love #life #lifegyan #jokes #comedy #mustread

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    कैसी होगी वो

    आखिर कैसी होगी वो,
    क्या बिंदु सरीखी सूक्ष्म है,
    या काव्य सरीखी स्थूल है,
    क्या होगी अक्षर ज्ञान सी,
    या फिर सकल विज्ञान सी,
    क्या होगी एक उपन्यास वो
    या बस किस्से जैसी होगी वो,
    आखिर कैसी होगी वो।

    आखिर कैसी होगी वो,
    क्या वसंत की मीठी फुहार सी,
    या ग्रीष्म की है फुंफकार सी,
    है बरखा के अमृत जल सी,
    या शरद के शीतल तल सी,
    क्या होगी वो हेमंत की ठिठुरन,
    या शिशिर के वर्षांत जैसी होगी वो,
    आखिर कैसी होगी वो,

    आखिर कैसी होगी वो,
    वो है किसी पुराण सी,
    या है मुंशी के गोदान सी,
    है आचार्य के साहित्य सी,
    या है कुमार के कवित्त सी,
    क्या होगी कामायनी के अनुराग सी,
    या बस तुलसी वैराग्य जैसी होगी वो,
    आखिर कैसी होगी वो,

    आखिर कैसी होगी वो,
    क्या होगी मीरा की भक्ति सी,
    या होगी जीवन की मुक्ति सी,
    क्या राधा के निष्छल प्रेम सी,
    या साधु के कुशल क्षेम सी,
    क्या होगी दुर्योधन के अभिमान सी,
    या सैरंध्री सम्मान के जैसी होगी वो,
    आखिर कैसी होगी वो,

    आखिर कैसी होगी वो,
    फेसबुक की नटखट meme है
    या इंस्टा की सुंदर वो reel है,
    क्या टिंडर में मिली कोई gf है,
    या ट्विटर की गंदी नीयत है,
    क्या होगी ज़िंदादिल comment जैसी,
    या बस टिकटॉकी कंटेंट जैसी होगी वो।
    आखिर कैसी होगी वो

    आखिर कैसी होगी वो
    वो चंचल चिन्मय चितवन की चित चोर है
    है छाई हृदय पे जैसे ये घटा चंहु ओर है
    वो मधुर मृदुल माखन का मीठा स्वाद है
    या है जैसे जलधि का वारि अपवाद है
    क्या होगी कानून के किताब की कोई कवायद जैसी
    या बस थाने में लिखी कोई शिकायत के जैसी होगी वो
    आखिर कैसी होगी वो।

  • ajaykrsingh123 47w


    टूटना जरूरी है
    पर टूटे रहने की जरूरत नहीं
    जुड़ने के लिए
    खुद का भेदन करो
    एक नया सूत्र पाओगे।

    एक संयुक्त पहचान
    समता और सम्मान
    जिक्र और फिक्र
    सब मिलेगा
    फिर भी पछताओगे।

    जो टूटता नहीं
    बहुत कटता छटता है
    निखर उठता है
    कुंदन पर नथ कर, लेकिन
    जड़ हो जाओगे।

    तारीफ़ों के पुल
    हर महफ़िल में चमक होगी
    अद्वितीय और बेशकीमती
    किंतु पत्थर ही
    तो कहलाओगे।

    सैंकड़ों समर लड़ी
    हासिल चंद मोती की लड़ी
    यह अद्भुत संसार है
    कोई कहता है हार पाओगे
    कोई कहता है हार जाओगे।

    ज़रा सोचो तो
    फूलों की हार है , माला
    हार कर पहनते हो जयमाला
    लुटो या लूटो ही सिद्धांत है
    स्वयं जान जाओगे।

  • avishiwrites 49w

    My CompanioN

    i remember my slippers,
    being your new home.
    i held you in my palm,
    and you felt so warm,
    for you were too tiny to holD.

    they said,
    dogs are maniacs,
    and they make your house dirty.
    but i learnt from you,
    that i am no less,
    even when things are
    hard to express,
    even when i am at mess,
    because that's how you have always been.
    even though a lot messy,
    you know how to love me madly.
    you are always jumping around and
    you never let the house be lonelY.

    if i were to be grounded
    for months or weeks,
    i wouldn't mind it,
    with you on my side.
    and only if you were to accompany,
    i wouldn't care being trapped
    a thousand miles away.
    because sweetheart without you ,
    I can't know how to survive a daY.

    ©��������ℎ�� ��ℎ����

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  • avishiwrites 50w

    Your smile��

    Your smile is a virus,
    Because it passes through,
    From one person to another,
    All over the world and then,
    It comes back to you.
    More the smiles you give,
    And more are the smiles,
    That you get in return.
    The person walking by,
    Will wear your smile all day,
    And to someone else,
    It's gonna be passed.
    In a world like today,
    A person you see smiling,
    Isn't enough to say he's happy,
    But It will bring on more positivity.
    You can think of the day,
    When the whole world unknowingly smiles,
    And Its your smile on their faces.
    They are wearing your smile about which,
    even you would be unaware.
    Happiness could be a disease or an addiction too,
    You can be responsible to spread it like flu.


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  • avishiwrites 50w

    Those who try,
    Be the number one.
    Because everything is impossible,
    Until it's done.


  • avishiwrites 50w


    It's you,
    Who keeps me alive.
    You are the reason,
    behind my smile.
    And now that it's been a while,
    I wanna tell you that,
    You are my love,
    You are my life.