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  • christinaoconnor_ 3d

    #to My daughter #my first born

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    I veraciously love you my darling daughter
    I pray you will be sure footed and won't falter
    Vitality, strength, passion, courageousness
    Allegiance, loyalty, endurance, and loveliness
    Are all things you possess inside and out
    Fabricating colors and creating a world I know nothing about
    Inspiration sprouts through your every pore
    Distant horizons you have yet to explore
    I feel closer to you with a renewed ambience
    Thank you for taking a chance
    To unburden yourself to me
    I don't take it lightly
    Brilliance shines in your eyes and through
    I would of absorbed it all for you
    The anguish, the misery, the deep wound
    From the ashes you have bloomed
    You have grown exponentially
    You don’t need me anymore essentially
    Though if you ever long for my arms they are waiting for you
    Extended out, always open, to cradle you too
    A bulwark in the raging storms that may come
    A shroud, no one can breach this asylum
    My miracle, my daughter, my inspiration
    My friend, my confidant, my salvation
    Please stay awhile so I can bask in this revelry
    I know the world calls to you, but I’m not ready
    I know you ache for an unfulfilled desire
    You don't give up it's one of the things I admire
    You were told you couldn't and you overcame
    In this you can do the same
    You have fortitude and a tenacity
    It doesn't matter either way to me
     You are a undiminished  masterpiece
    May your happiness increase
    You are more paramount to me
    Before all else came to be
    It was opaque and I without direction
    The torment was like an infection
    Hope came in form of a mother's prayer
    A benediction on my lips and then you were there
    God blessed me, and your father so abundantly
    You are admired and a vital part of the family
    Your beauty is vivacious
    Your manner is gracious
    Melodies form and flow like a river on through
    A voice that begs to be heard. I hear you.
    You are never infinitesimal to me
    I behold what others can't see
    Oh child, don't carry the burden alone
    You don't have to do it all on your own
    You captured my heart in your tiny hand
    I will be a soft place for you to land
    Love, your Momma

  • iamsatyajitrout 3d

    I see more than myself...
    Did not learn anything...
    To cover my pain...
    I did not make scars...
    Like hell...
    I bloomed in the hell...
    I see more than myself...
    Did not see my pain...

  • decurate_1 1w

    #my first #my super human

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    I wish

    I wish you stayed a little longer, Baba. I wish you hugged me a little tighter. I wish we fought a little louder.
    A mere "I miss you" isn't enough to let you know how I feel not having you around me. I am afraid of falling apart but I know you won't let that happen any time soon.
    All those pampering , all those gifts, all those books, all those life lessons I wish to have more of it.
    Nobody cares the way you cared Baba, nobody gets happy the way you got happy when I acheived something, nobody celebrates me the way you did Baba.

  • christinaoconnor_ 1w

    #she's almost here!!! #my granddaughter is here!!!

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    To My Granddaughter

    Aspire, awaken, and open your eyes
    Unafraid, unabashedly with a roar not a cry
    Divinely chosen to be here today, in this land
    Radiating purpose in your tiny hands
    Each mountain you climb, each valley
    You will hear your family rally
    New to this world, serenity of the skies
    Ever to be strong and wise
    Love without hindrance, be noble, and kind
    Allow yourself the freedom of mind
    Navigating on through
    In all things know, we love you
    Barriers broken and gone, a new horizon
    Ready to see the new day dawn
    In your vision, things are becoming clear
    Never forget you can be the change here
    Keep climbing to a new frontier
    Love, Your Elisi 1/7/22

  • iamsatyajitrout 1w

    Our hands tied...
    With orgasm of our hearts...
    We both saw each other...
    Our love reflected...
    Our space became closer...
    With single step...
    From each other's...

  • monika_vaishnav 1w

    रूहानी मोहब्बत की हमेशा तलबगार रही है
    रूह मेरी, हर दफ़ा जिस्म के ख़िलाफ़ रही है !!

  • missarora 2w

    #my 2 nd poetry��#

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    हम मुसाफिर नई गलियों के,
    कहीं भटक ही ना जाए?
    काश Google Map बन कर ..
    कोई रास्ता बता जाए..

  • hayako_aila 2w

    #My goal is to please Allah ( S.W.T) .

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    Promise yourself and your Lord that you will avoid negativity .
    Promise yourself and your Lord that you will always believe in His might and in your ability.
    Promise yourself and your Lord that you will never overthink.
    Promise yourself and your Lord that you will never brutalize yourself .
    Promise yourself and your Lord that you will always be happy from the bottom of your heart.
    Promise yourself and your Lord that you will focus on your goal.


  • writing_hub_123 3w


    I left me
    See what she was and now what is she
    She caged instead of being free
    Her reason is always right but no one is for her to agree
    She just want to open the lock with happiness key
    Dear society please leave us don't spoil our life because they only my special three
    I hope you understand so do you want a tea?

  • iamsatyajitrout 3w

    I dragged you in to my hell...
    Where I trapped...
    I have lost everything...
    Wanted you to ring the bell...
    My pain muted me...
    What should I tell...
    To see your happy face...
    I admitted I am very well...

    I dragged you in to my hell...

  • aesthetic_lad 3w

    I wasn't myself for months and no one noticed


  • nandhinikannan 3w

    Someone can be single and be
    very well happy
    At the same time
    Someone who isn't
    can still feel messed up
    It all depends on the way
    you let things control you
    and your happiness


  • bookofendlesslove 4w

    #my cutipie ��

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    Book of Endless love

    Mey jinaa chahu Vo har ek lamhaa jo teri yaad dilata ho, mey chahu har ek vo chizz jo tera ahhsaas dilata ho
    Mey chalna chahu har ek us raaste me jo tujhe paane ki raah jata ho

  • ishi0116 4w

    #my daily quotes
    #fix to be beautiful

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    Fixing relationship..❣️

    Sometimes in relationship there are complications and suffering but at the end all it need is someone who can say to fix it and making new memories ...❤️

  • o_j_stark 4w

    Chapter KAL

    Not knowing what to write. I end my day in your memories delight. ❤️

  • kunjiparu 4w


    ചില മാറ്റങ്ങൾ ആവശ്യമാണ്.ചിലത് മറന്നു കളയാനും ചിലത് കണ്ടെത്താനും.... ഇനിയും മനസിന്റെ കോണിൽ മാറാല പിടിക്കാത്ത ചില ഓർമകൾക്ക് മുകളിലേക്കു ഒരു മറ തീർക്കാനായിട്ട് എങ്കിലും.


  • letsutilak 4w

    After I met you, I believe you are my destination.
    Like so I am ready to battle in this field just so I could reach my destination. I am ready to fight along the way for I firmly believe my destination is YOU.
    Therefore resting everything with Believe in Thee alone, I choose to journey this fate and destiny of Us.

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    Phenomenal Love

    Hard it is to accept this Love.
    Unable to restraint myself
    Yet no authority over other person.
    No matter how hard one try,
    It is just too hard to accept this Love.
    I feel love yet I feel less of you.
    I am yours but I feel less of us
    I am loved but do not understand this Love.
    I see through it but I cannot restraint.
    I just can't help myself.
    To be in someone's shadow, it ain't easy.
    No matter how hard you try
    It disappears with the light.
    Even my own shadow doesn't support me.
    So to be in someone's shadow it ain't easy.
    I was told it is ok not to be okay
    Thus I cry in silence Weeping over silently.
    I comfort them with all that I am
    But I am left with no comforts.
    I got none to understand but lots to judge.
    Hard it is to accept this Love
    But I cannot restraint myself
    For this is the fate I choose
    And I choose to fight along the way
    Till I reach my destination.
    I believe my destination is you

  • mehakkehkashan 5w

    #My words, #dil ki awaz

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    Tere dil se nikli ek awaz,
    mere lafzoo ki tamanah bn gayi hai.
    jane kon se baat ha tum me,
    Ya mere kisi dua ka aser ha...


  • iamsatyajitrout 5w

    Agony is this is my life...
    Miserable one...
    Can't drag anyone in to this hell...

  • kitpit 6w


    She had in her eyes..unexpected tears
    We had aruments..yet we're together