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  • jpdiya 16w

    Just A Note To Self.

    Dear myself,
    Stop watering the dead plant
    Look at the sky full of stars instead.
    Some stars are also dead, but they still shine
    As they have travelled lightyears just to reach you.

    Isn't it wonderful?
    To live in a world,
    Where fairytales are just fictions
    But still a hope to many little souls.
    Where the wave bows to the land,
    And also breaks one's sandcastle.
    Isn't it amazing?
    How the human brain got no pain receptor,
    But it still can stimulate heartbreaks.
    And how the heart breaks everytime,
    But still beats in search of light.

    You love how the strokes of a paint brush
    Can bleed it's agony, yet beautiful.
    You love how the poems with blemish
    even not perfect, yet thoughtful.
    You are afraid of changes,
    But you can't resist being changed.
    You cut thread of the kites, and cry over them.
    You lie with smiley emoji while being sad.
    You try to expect less, still hope for best.
    You appreciate one's effort, even if you hate.

    Maybe you can't be the best,
    So what?
    You aren't the worst too.
    You try hard,
    You feel exhausted,
    You blame yourself more,
    But It's okay to take rest.
    It's okay not to be perfect.

    Yeah you failed to complete homeworks
    Whatever, atleast you made it to the half, lol.


  • jpdiya 22w

    Tangled thoughts.


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    | Jigsaw puzzle

    We people are like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
    Having same heads and holes but with different
    pictures on it. And when we try to solve, some get
    along easily and some don't, where some can't ensue
    the exact outcome even though they fit in shape.
    Thus we move around the pieces, hither and thither.
    We keep looking for another until we feel complete.
    It takes time. It's okay. Though one fix quickly, one
    has to hold it till end. While some tricks us, some are
    also tricked by us. Some feel guilt and some doesn't
    even care. We hate some and some are loved. It's
    okay again. 'Cause afterall none are same. Each
    piece got their own colour. All are painted unique. We
    can't blame anyone's existence. They are just needed
    to be put in the right place to see a bigger consequence.
    ~ it takes effort and courage.
    (Sometimes sacrifice too.)


  • jpdiya 33w


    she's ...

    ~Running through
    the night, still a child,
    Chasing the stars
    Like a fool; Raises
    hand to touch
    The sky.
    Saving secrets
    In a porcelain jar.
    Clenches eyes to
    Overlook scars.
    Dances in between
    The days of quite~

    ...she's just a metaphor.


    ( 'She' is referred to the 'silence' here)

  • jpdiya 37w


    ((Blank page syndrome is another word for writer's block, which describes the creative blocks and avoidant thought patterns))

    "Writing about writer's block is better
    than not writing at all"
    ~ Charles Bukowski

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    •|| BPS : Blank Page Syndrome ||•

    All I have is left blank pages,
    All I have is crying of poems,
    All I do is excruciating,

    All I did was breaking hearts
    with a soft touch of Expectations...

    {Quenched stars, Burnt snowflakes,
    A Bottle of melancholy moonlight}

    A gloomy fight//

    Ocean of scattered pages.
    Ocean of lost hopes.
    Ocean of grey crocodile tears.
    Ocean of unfinished lines
    A boat sailing "writers block"


  • jpdiya 35w

    #myblankpages #smallOtalks

    Sorry for being inactive these days.
    Will be back soon ��
    Take care y'all, eat healthy and sleep well.

    Off topic : Any MOA here?

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    "Everything's fine"
    ~ Is it really?
    I know you are afraid
    but trust me
    We can cross the sky
    If we believe.


  • jpdiya 41w


    //We're not who we used to be
    We're just two ghosts
    Standing in the place of you and me
    Trying to remember how it feels
    To have a heartbeat//
    ~Harry Styles

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    Wasn't our love a mess
    Alike this piece of poetry?

    Dewdrops upon the splintered grass
    Remind me about how we were once,

    ~Dried out just by a splash of heat.

    Changes were
    something we
    couldn't resist.

    It was relative, the D I S T A N C E , between
    Me and Her
    And Delicate,
    Thread connecting two of us.

    Our chocolate love,
    Was too B I T T E R to eat.

    Love was like a bird in a cage
    And I let it free.

  • jpdiya 43w


    Aren't we all addicted to that soft touch of pain?

    //It's funny how I've never gone through a
    severe heartbreak but it always feels like I've
    gone or maybe I've already experienced it

    Sometime it is really painful
    to accept some truths
    to think what is actually wrong
    to sort out some irrelevant issues
    to manage some worst situations.
    to sleep with some messy thoughts
    and to hold back tears...

    two blurry eyes
    a throat with pain
    a mind with unnecessary guilt
    a hope of being okay.


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    b e a u t y

  • jpdiya 48w

    Found in draft,


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    All of a sudden everything changed,
    And we are strangers again.
    You didn't leave
    Neither did I,
    You just stopped coming to me,
    And I was too hard to try.


  • jpdiya 54w


    �������� �������� to me.

    Don't change yourself for the society.
    Don't change for his or her.
    Change for YOURSELF.

    Body colour isn't your power.
    Men doesn't need muscles to be beautiful.
    Womens' size doesn't define her beauty.
    "Beauty is about being comfortable
    in your own skin" ~ Ellen DeGeneres

    Boys can be Feminine.
    Girls can wear shirts and boots.
    Clothes doesn't define gender.
    Be yourself.

    Sports and Makeups have no gender.
    Do whatever makes you comfortable.
    Colours are genderless.
    It's okay for a boy to wear pink.

    You don't have to think like a MAN.
    Think like a HUMAN.
    Feminism isn't about hating men,
    It's about equality.

    Oh yes!
    Non binary and intersex people exists.

    Fall in love with the PEOPLE,
    Love for who they really are.
    Love has a big spectrum,
    Each and every colour is beautiful.

    And it's okay to being not sure
    about your sexuality.
    Just 'Straight or Bi or Gay'?
    Sorry, but there are more!
    Being Queer isn't a trend or phase.
    Being an ally doesn't mean they are queer.
    Asexual is real and natural.
    Bi people aren't confused.
    Pan sexuality exists.
    Trans life matters.
    Any question?

    Climate change is real.
    So why aren't we changing?

    It's funny that
    We INhumans are destroying
    Our own homes.
    Is this really how we are?

    You do have a pretty cute soul.
    And try to find good in others rather hating them.
    Lastly, LOVE can change the world.


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    Hey you!

    Girl, Boy, trans
    Black, White, Green, Blue,
    Straight, Bi, Queer,
    Happy, Sad,
    Or whatever you are,

    Trust me,
    You have values.
    You matter.

  • jpdiya 55w

    9th march. (A day after her bday)
    5:00 pm
    The sky was yellow.
    The sun was red
    Her phone was silent.
    And She was blank.
    Went to the washroom,
    Stood in a corner.
    No tears. No cry,
    No overthinking,
    No soundless shouts.
    For the first time
    She didn't open the tap.
    She felt the silence
    The silence of her head.
    She opened the door,
    Oh, it was loud.
    Something was bothering her,
    She tried to sort out things
    But she got none.
    She realised
    she was not alone,
    The silence was with her.
    She thanked it to give her the
    Company whenever
    She used to be lonely.
    She was in love again.
    Love with loneliness,

    Love with hope.

    Love with serendipity.

    And lately solitude gave
    Her the best bday gift ever.
    ~JPDiya (Not just some sentences only)

    I wrote it on the day after my birthday, I was 15. Maybe this is the first poem I have written.


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    Found my euphoria
    In her solitude.