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  • miss_wannabe_writer 10w

    Aditya Kashyap.

    One of the first fictional characters I fell in love with.
    Why do i like this character? Because he is good looking and rich?
    It's because this character is a masterpiece.
    His love for Geet was so selfless that it put every other bollywood love story to shame.
    He let her go not once but thrice.
    First when he realised about his feelings for her and her feelings for someone else. He let her go happily without any expectation of ever seeing her again. He did not wait around for her. Why would he when her presence was always with him? He had spent less than a fort night with her probably and still she became a part of him. Her memories where all he had. He didn't demean them. He grew better because of them.
    Second time he let her go even when she didn't really want to. He could have been selfish for once and asked her otherwise. She would definitely have stayed. This time she knew that Aditya loves her. He still made her choose otherwise because her being with the one she loves was more important to him than her being with him.
    The third time, he let her go even when it felt liked the universe was conspiring for them. Had he chosen to not leave that day, he still would've been with her. Who could've stopped him? But again, this is where Aditya Kashyap becomes a legend.
    He let's her go again. In fact he pushed her away.
    The funny part?
    Inspite of everything, in spite of Geet choosing someone else over him, when she finally realises what she really wants and runs back to him, leaving everything behind, he doesn't turn her away.
    In that one moment he gets her. Whole.
    There are no questions asked. No grudges held.
    They both suffered in their own ways but no comparisons were made.
    He let her go thrice but when she comes back to him, he embraces her wholeheartedly.
    But that's why it's a movie and the character is fictional. Happy endings are a myth.
    What if when Geet ran back to him, he would've refused to accept her? What if he never went looking for her?
    What if he would have said that since she didn't choose him first, he doesn't want her anymore?
    Geet would've been shattered with regret and the movie would've been a flop.
    In reality, even though you may think that you have found your Aditya, you may be wrong.
    Your Aditya will not come looking for you. He will not stay in love with you without seeing you. He will even fall out of love with you and shun your memories. Aditya's love for Geet is supreme in a way that no one can reach upto.
    That is why Aditya Kashyap is The Aditya Kashyap.
    An imaginary person I am in love with.

  • miss_cancer 12w


    Bolnu timi bata sikey
    Sansar timro ankha le dekhey
    Timle sahi vanxau vaney tyo sahi thyo
    Galat manxau vaney mero lagi ni galat
    Mero pahilo ramro timi le xutayou
    Mero pahilo hidai timi le sikayou
    Sayad maile sikna galti garey hola
    Timi le sikauna purai sikayou
    Mero nazar ma sadhai timi mero pahilo
    Timro nazar ma aru nai raixa
    Sayad kaile ni metaunaa sakinna yo duri
    Sayad kaile metinna yo hisab
    Sayad ma kaile ni hunna hola aru jati khass
    Timi sadhai nai rahanxau mero lagi sara sansaar
    Timi nai mero jindagi ko pahilo aavas
    Timi nai mero maya mero prerana
    Mero jiwan ko saar….

  • abi009 34w


    Tiny steps to a stranger's world;
    Dumb-fonded by the incident and cried out louder.
    You fetched me under your arms and gave a kiss,
    And the minute droplets were freeze within a min.

    When time arrived to see the world;
    I was scared to be rejected and fell all alone.
    But you recollected me,arranged me to be in a order;
    Gathered the power in me to represent myself upon the stage of my own character.

    Betrayed by the generation,
    Use and thrown by the mates.
    But you stood as you were,
    Protesting every misdeed and fault to not hamper my way.

  • abhipriyashrivastaw 37w

    इतनी जल्दी क्यों चले गये आप! अभी तो हर चीज़ बाकी थी...
    सब अधूरा छोड़ क्यों चले गये आप??....
    #papa #loveupapa #missupapa #bestpapa #myworld #mylife #myfirstlove #rip #omshanti

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    अब कौन???...पापा!!

    अब कौन प्यार करेगा मुझे, जैसे अाप करते थे!
    अब कौन दुलार करेगा मुझे, जैसे अाप करते थे!
    अब कौन पुचकारेगा मुझे, जैसे अाप करते थे!
    अब कौन मेरी हर ख़्वाहिश पूरी करेगा, जैसे आप करते थे!
    अब कौन मेरे हर फैसले का समर्थन करेगा, जैसे आप करते थे!
    अब कौन मम्मी की देखभाल करेगा, जैसे आप करते थे!
    अब कौन भैया की फ़िक्र करेगा, जैसे आप करते थे!
    अब कौन बच्चों के साथ बच्चा बन जायेगा?
    अब कौन होली मनायेगा?
    अब कौन दिवाली के दिये जलायेगा?
    अब कौन दुर्गा पूजा में आरती गायेगा?
    अब कौन छठ में प्रसाद सजायेगा?
    अब कौन घर में रौनक लायेगा?
    अब कौन???...पापा!!


  • maanvi_bhagat 42w

    I was a cute, little kid
    Lost in her dream world
    Who was so pampered
    Always so loved
    Then suddenly one day
    I just felt all alone
    And I wanted someone
    To play with me at home
    And that's when I prayed
    To get a young baby
    A cute little brother whom
    I'd love to see
    And then suddenly he came
    Looking like an angel
    I still love him a lot and
    Feel like he's a miracle

  • being_sargam 52w


    I don't know what to write and how to start,
    And thid is becouse of you...

  • writers_inspiration_bureau 54w

    You can understand this if you are too a Physics guy..
    I hope all physics lovers like it!
    #optics #refraction #light #physicslover #hcv #imagination #jee #myfirstlove

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    Refraction & Love

    When a medium like water can reduce the distance between a person and a fish,
    Then why not our true love can reduce the distance between us❣️

  • dimpidakshita 56w

    My feelings for you..

    Meri feelings kya h tumhare liye jaanna chahte ho kya...
    Meri har ek shayri ke alfazon mein base ho tum..
    Meri har ek kavita ke nayak ho tum..
    Itna jaanna kafi hoga kya.. nahi to suno..

    Meri dairy ke har safed panne mein range khoobsurat rangin shabd ho tum..
    Meri uljhi hue har paheli ka arth ho tum..

    Mera Dil jiske liye pehli baar dhadka..
    sine mein machlti hui wo pehli dhadhkan ho tum..
    Jiske liye bekarar huye pehli bar hum..
    mera wo chaino Karar ho tum..

    Meri suni palkon mein saze khoobsurat ek khawaab se ho tum..
    Meri tanha raton ke jaagi aankho ka wo pehla intezar ho tum..

    Pehli mohabbat ka khoobsurat sa wo pehla ehsaas ho tum..
    Kabhi aansu to kbhi hontho pe sazi meri muskurahat ka raaz ho tum..

    Mera Pehla pyaar, Mera ishq, mera imaan
    ho tum..
    Kya itna jaanna kafi nahi hoga..
    Ki mere "Ruuu" meri "Jaan"❤" ho tum..

  • darshankumar_ 56w

    You are the SUN who SETS my mood


  • tingesofhysteria 72w

    You were a painter ;
    You could paint me red , blue , turquoise
    But you chose to paint me blue and I chose to stay blue

  • rs_lipsa 89w

    I want to give all happiness by which you just forget all your bad days, bad memories... I want to give best memories to you...#myfirstlove #mybff #mylife #iloveyoumaa
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Khud ki swapno ko chod duniya dikhai thi mujhe
    Khud ko maut mein chod saanse di thi mujhe

    Ab Meri bari he maa
    Teri har ek muskan ki wajha banna he mujhe
    Teri khusi ke khatir har mushkil se ladhna he mujhe..

    Maa...tu Meri maa


  • surajsam_078 90w


    एक जहां यहां से कहीं दूर मुमकिन है
    दफ़्न केवल दरों दीवार हुई हैं,
    दिल में कहीं घर करने को धड़कन मुमकिन है
    तू खास है मेरे पास है और यही वजह मुमकिन है...


  • moonragha 91w

    People often say I look like you and that is the best compliment I can ever get.
    Happy Birthday Dad!!

  • justaliteraturestudent 92w

    Lies I tell myself


    Towards the end of everything, she convinced herself that what she felt was anger. So, she got angry at him, at her then herself. She was so convinced that anger was easier to handle than hurt and took all of it in. She took it in so well that instead of being built up, she fell apart. And it wasn't over a period of time but in an instant. She was a mess. And she knew.


  • voice_of_pain 97w

    14th March 2019

    This date is very special to me..
    Last year..on this day..
    I built a home into Someone..
    I adorned it with all my pure love and care..
    I adorned every corner of that house..

    A home..where I could scream that I love him soo much .. without caring about the world..
    A home..where I could go whenever I feel sad..
    A home..where I could sit with peace..
    A home..that could give strength to stand and walk again..
    A home..that could hold me when I fall..
    A home.. that could motivate me on times..
    A home..that could take care of me..
    A home..that could hug me when I lose hope..
    A home..that could be the reason behind the smile during hard times
    A home..that could protect me from the darkness..
    A home..that I wanted to be mine forever..

    But.. Now all I m left with is a..ruin..

  • jagrati___yadav 99w

    love you Papa

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    My happiness and my name,
    The path to my aim.
    He is no one but just a Father,
    Who always wants smile in the face of his daughter.
    Someone who always did things for our goodness sake,
    And find our mistakes to make ourselves awake.

  • arpita_sri 105w


    Mujhe chhaaon mein rakha
    Khud jalta raha dhup mein ,

    Maine dekha ek farishta
    Apne pita k roop mein ❤

  • anshika_rawat 116w

    They said: The best time of your with him.
    She said:. The bike ride.
    When I put hand in his shoulder.
    They said: Do you love him??
    She said : Yes I love him.
    They said: Who he is?? he is boyfriend.
    She said : No, HE is my superman
    MY DADDA❤️

  • sayanbhattacharjee 116w

    By unknown writer

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    And then she puts that smile on her face
    Which makes your heart melt
    You lose your senses,
    Become engaged in your thoughts
    But then,you realize she's about to leave
    And ask her not to cleave
    But away she goes
    Though her smile remains

  • ytebird 120w

    My First Love

    My first love was a woman
    It was her eyes, how large and beautiful
    And her lips that was always pushed out
    Especially when angry or in thoughts
    I was drawn to her by a force no match with magnet
    We connected with mostly silent gazes
    Not much words were said but the eyes told it all
    The way she adored me, it was in those eyes too.
    I grew to be like her
    Owning every single feature on her face
    Pushing out my lips too
    People now see me and know I'm from her
    My first love was a woman
    She is my mother.