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  • _mathematics 25w

    The lover from the other street who has one day took off the road, unaware that the exit is exactly your address I searched a lot over my google map from the past days where I missed you but didn't show up or cried.
    I felt it and this subtly emanated through the words written over my English vocabulary notebook or my mixed playlist of songs might seem too dark However they are the light to my blank space.

    Your rubber band is in my wallet. One day mother asked who this belongs to I said to you but lied that I would return.
    I won't you know that somewhere in your heart.
    Do you too have a dream personified as me in your heart as I have you wholly in my heart?

    Not necessarily as love but as a feeling you would love to partake once ( Just the love part cause I have dealt with the grief). I am saying you unless I am myself, I am nothing. So meet me only when it's possible otherwise
    the possibility of yearning turning to an urge won't take too much time to wreck the world I have built with your memories collected every hour passing within the clock
    hanging over the wall.

    I am stuck in between the paths one taking me to the street with starlight scenic while the other to the outskirts of the city where dark space seems more serene to the operated heart ( no stitches or wound just ironically, trying to cut down the veins and portraying myself with the madness for love).

    Is it me or have you too gone through this?
    So many questions to answer but none to discern the real query of ours?

    tuje huya kya he
    Akhir is dard kii Dawa kya he
    jaan tum par nisaar karthaan hoon
    - Ayushmaan Khurana

    Title format credit to the rightful owner

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    my no-well heart

    खुद से वफ़ा
    कर बैठी है रुह
    जबसे तुझ संग
    प्रित लगी।

  • writers_ink_ 26w

    My heart filled with scars and flowers grown beneath my heart's desires
    Reciprocating inner storm of unsettled darkness beneath my subconscious soul

  • sweedle 27w

    Bear with my rusty writings my people, I'm coming back to this place after a long while.

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    To call my heart a blood pumping
    organ would be callous.
    He is a tiny grumpy man who
    fills the hollow space inside my chest, reminding me each day why I'm still alive.
    I can't get too close to him
    or else he shatters and I can't
    pick him or else he won't fix himself
    back into one piece.
    He questions my every action
    and leaves me dumbfounded
    with his untiring efforts to make room
    for others to fit in too.
    This is the man I am still struggling to love without inhibitions, to call him my heart would still be callous.

    © Sweedle

  • paradoxicalpenman 27w


    My heart, I pity you,
    Victim of my mind,

    In the quest of conquering me,
    You have to bear the brunt of my grind,

    Punished by my conscience,
    You have to carry its most weight,

    I can not see the scars on you,
    Good me can only endeavour to be best,

    To ease your burden,
    I have asked my mind to come forth,

    Evolving my outlook,
    So that you suffer no more,

    Criticise me,
    Enable my growth,

    Ostracize me,
    I'll have no foe,

    Humiliate me,
    Shatter my ego,

    Defeat me,
    Pride l will have to forgo,

    Love me,
    You'll get my devotion,

    Hate me,
    You'll get my exoneration,

    Ignore me,
    You'll get my attention,

    Pointing a finger at you,
    I first see the three before my face,

    What flaw would you find me,
    Which I have not already ventured to eliminate??


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    My silence screams the echoes of my heart,
    Introspecting to be better every day,
    I fear how long would this battle last??

  • bellemoon99 27w

    #myheartc I forgot to upload this yesterday!

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    My heart

    Pain broke my heart open.
    Love planted the seeds inside.
    The water came from my pen,
    the flowers from me didn't hide.

    They grew using the cracks for light.
    Sometimes it hurt, but I think it's fair.
    Growing by day, blossoming by night.
    With lots of experience and little air.

    I'm ready from their petals learn.
    I know they are the lessons I've earned.


  • _gk_07 27w

    When consciousness emerged,
    I came to know the secret of this lub-dubb that keeps me alive,
    By beating all the day and night.

    But there was a mystery remained unmasked,
    The series of events my heart would surpass.

    Some say I'm adorable,
    To some I'm abhorrent.

    Some say I added value to their life,
    To some I'm the one who took away all that what they have.

    Some say I'm sensible,
    To some I'm a girl with impractical thoughts.

    Some say I'm generous,
    To some I'm tactless being, the one to whom concerns for others doesn't mean.

    Some say I'm one who ameliorate the things,
    To some I'm the one who worsens everything.

    Some say I'm bliss in their life,
    To some I'm the worse misery they ever felt.

    My heart subsumed every streak they tried to inscribe on my profile,
    But now, it's overwhelmed holding the dry cries that I cried,
    It's hard for my heart to resist the bleed of my open wounds,
    If I was curse to world's plight,
    Or my life was cursed by malediction
    that I can't ever deny.

    #wod #words #myheartc

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    Girl's Malison

  • jumbledthoughts 27w

    My heart

    After getting run over and bruised a thousand times
    I had to teach my heart to close shop
    Told it that to pump blood was it’s only job
    To not get excited…just be blasé no matter how often the bell chimes
    It complied for a long time, kept beating without any reason or rhyme
    Then came along a gust of wind, tactical enough to find the cracks to seep in
    It brought along the spring, flowers started blooming left and right
    My poor heart was so confused, it couldn’t take the beautiful sight
    As it was conditioned to darkness and was untrusting and deprived
    In a panic, it filled the cracks with the bitterness of past experiences
    Then…it simply shriveled and died in no time.

  • msushil 27w

    My Heart:
    A bifurcated tree is a heart.
    Scars in plethora
    swing in one branch
    in the gale of life.
    I feel acute pain
    And demand euthanasia,
    But life with all smugness
    dismisses my plea.
    Time vows to bring change
    And emptiness awaits flowers
    on other branch
    And with silent lips,
    I allow oxygen to breathe
    for its existence.

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    My Heart:
    A bifurcated tree is a heart.
    Scars in plethora
    swing in one branch
    in the gale of life.
    I feel acute pain
    And demand euthanasia,
    But life with all smugness
    dismisses my plea.
    Time vows to bring change
    And emptiness awaits flowers
    on other branch
    And with silent lips,
    I allow oxygen to breathe
    for its existence.

  • miss_silentlyweird 27w

    Set A— I felt a funeral,in my brain
    Wild nights—Wild nights
    Set B— Life & Blaze

    #combination #paradox
    #meeting #wod #miracle
    #sufferc #lineinspc #myheartc
    @miraquill @writersbay

    ( Just catching up to all the challenges I missed hehe..)
    Cheers for another additional age. HBD self��
    ~Goodnight/ Goodmorning~

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    My heart

    I remember how uncanny my first encounter with pain
    It gives life to numbness and kills my ability to be sane
    I felt a funeral, in my brain while my heart slowly suffer
    Thoughts dress in black courting me like an admirer

    The garden within my soul begins to wither
    Happiness poke by thorns of roses that becomes bigger
    The fantasy I once see gradually becomes a thriller
    I wanted to flee yet I'm a fish already hook by spinner

    Memories run in wild night— wild nights!
    Torturing me with a blaze to block my sight
    I can't go back for who I am for the unfamiliar me deprive
    And how odd it is to be haunted by someone who's still alive


  • anamika17 27w

    My Heart

    How much space
    you've taken in my heart!
    When you left me,
    I got my first attack in heart.

  • bonitasarahbabu 27w


    Please bear with my rhymes.

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    My heart, it has been through the wringer,
    It sings sorrowful songs like an acclaimed singer.
    It has tears and bruises
    But love it still diffuses.
    In my heart there grows roses,
    The thorns and pain it encloses.
    My poor heart, it is a fighter,
    Despite the pain, it wants to make the lives of others brighter.
    I love my beating, hurt heart,
    Life had made it a bit tart.
    It will survive through it all,
    And it will make the world stand tall.

  • bohemian_ballerina 27w

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    #cees_spwp @luvnotes_challenge_host


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    It has got blanch bruises of its own
    But it is so blithe of any losses.
    It has endured wailing pains
    But immediately blooms like a crocus.
    It has got its own tiffs with Him
    But never losses its mystical bonding.
    It sometimes leaps on seeing its crush
    But soon sophisticates itself.
    It sometimes hopes of pleasant attacks
    But never forgets it's a heart with veins.


  • stelly 27w

    My heart

    I am the main switch
    That control your body,
    Through ever tunnel, potion of life Continuously flows in red crimson.

    It is I the storage
    That generates emotion spontaneously,
    One beats it counts ones breath
    To keep you alive I squeeze and contracts myself.

    It is I the transformer of your body
    I can step up
    Or step down your mood
    Depending on any situation.

    Sorrows and bliss
    Visit me very often
    And cruelty
    Tortured my innocence.

    It is I who carry your burden
    It is I who concealed your secret
    It is I who always keep you safe
    But then you called me a prison.

  • thelogist 27w

    My heart is
    more closer to me
    than my mind.
    On those evenings,
    We were lonely
    But together.
    We breathed
    Through that tragedy;
    I cried at nights,
    And it sang to me
    In the evening.
    I trusted too much
    And made it suffer;
    Yet it kept evolving,
    Into something
    Beautiful and merrier.
    No matter how many
    People came
    and left,
    You always loved me
    With truth.
    Always heard the pain
    I refused to speak
    You are the only place
    Where all my lies
    Insecurities and dreams
    Find peace.
    Sometimes we fought,
    Other times we cried;
    I kept breathing,
    And you kept me alive.

    #myheartc #writersbay

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    My heart


  • consequences 27w

    "I wanna be defined by the things that I love,
    not the things I hate"
    -- Taylor Swift, Daylight

    @writersbay #myheartc #cees_spwp

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    My heart

    I live in a mystical world surrounded by
    an ethereal haze and a rainbow glaze,
    where smiles crescent through phases,
    empyreans blush their way to dusk,
    corollas paint themselves with love,
    and prothalmium walks through the ears;
    and believe me when I tell you that
    it's my heart which has done the healing.

    It is nice not to be defined by distorted glasses;
    nice not to be defined with your inclusions.

    ©consequences -- 11/07/21

  • re_ms36 27w


    A tender world of scars and blood
    A garden of flowers, a mystery of brains,
    Being a labyrinth though,it baffles minds.
    Coming from the clouds of an outer world
    the rains of salt are sprinkled but it blooms.
    It purifies the landscape of fragile emotions
    And makes kindness flow even at the worst.
    The veins of it are melting with pain;
    And i am taking the honour of gifted rain
    Which makes it bloom as a Mystical throne!

  • shruti_25904 27w

    #myheartc @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersnetwark @writersbay #ceesreposts

    My Heart

    Come along with me
    To live some pleasant time
    To nourish my heart a bit
    Coz some complications arising

    Though I am being so mean
    At present, u know
    Heart is not a heart
    Heart is a hospital

    Overloaded with scars and wounds
    It is unable to bear now
    Someone please come
    To bloom it with some scenting flowers

    I have nothing to offer you
    But u will be happy
    To bloom a heart
    Overloaded with negativity

    Heart was once a heaven
    Where flowers existed
    No space for thorns
    And no chance to fall apart

    Today thorns have pricked them
    I feel isolated
    Coz flowers are the beat
    Which my heart can't listen

    One present I can offer
    If u heal my heart
    U will love to love
    The loving organ

    I take all efforts
    To keep my heart fit
    But for inner fitness
    I need u

    Even heart needs a partner
    To comfort with
    Poets are the best partner I guess
    Coz they love penning hearts which cures all scars.

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    Even heart needs a partner to discuss its petty issues, coz the court judge brain sees my heart with devil eyes.
    My heart and brain has deep conflict sessions and they can't tolerate each other.

  • pallavi4 27w

    My heart

    Blemished from bruises
    Maimed and scarred
    Irrevocably injured lies
    My barely mended heart
    Deliberately neglected and
    Kept impossibly marred
    A garden that produces
    Only wild grass and flowers
    Feral seeds find sustenance and
    Grow to become staunch guards
    Covering every squalid inch
    Of the dense forest like yard
    The flowers that flourish are a ruse
    To fill the gaps between pointed shards
    Of a never again to be whole
    Mangled and mutilated heart


    11th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you so much for the repost @writersnetwork !

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  • bubbly_bluebells 27w

    My heart be lunatic proudly

    You have to play out of head
    You have to play different;
    Out of your surroundings
    To survive against the storm
    Beyond facts and sight is vision
    Higher intelligence of heart
    Live in yondering mystical,musical heart!
    You have to build an existence
    That can't fit in the circumstances
    Only way they(entangled cobwebs)
    can't overwhelm to control your life products
    Instead of worry get busy
    In creating unrealistic reveries
    The same force would be used
    To give gleaming returns(paths & solutions)
    Than which wastes turning into dark ashes

  • sproutedseeds 27w


    Scars dried and withered
    Slowly my strength gathered
    to exhale them without any sound heard.

    My heart is healing
    with MYSTICAL power conquering
    my past life, giving a renewed feeling.

    Sowing seeds of fragrance
    to bloom wide in abundance
    confidence without any disturbance
    bringing happiness and good ambience.