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    There is someone who love you
    But don't want to have you
    May be because they think they don't deserve you
    Or maybe you have already chosen someone else!
    They don't expect anything from you!
    Just you being around them makes them happy.
    Seeing you smile makes them smile.
    And sometimes your wounds make them silently yell in pain
    Still they keep loving you without any complain.
    Even being alone,they aren't lonely
    Your memories make them smile again and again.
    But still they don't want to have you!
    They are just happy of the fact that somewhere in any corner of the world
    You exist!!!❤️


  • kurvind 25w

    The very thought of you

    Those glittering Eyes of yours that
    dreams for the greatness;
    The Hair as smooth as a glider that
    runs through the wind;
    The Ears that secretly listens to the
    melodramas of life and afterlife;
    The Nose,very straight and delicately made from the heaven;
    The Lip that smiles amidst the pain;
    The Teeth as white as a Dove;
    The shyness of your Cheeks as red
    as the ambulance beacon lights;
    And the artistic Hands of yours that
    writes the book of a writer;
    Made the very thought of you..

  • shreyakheal 43w

    An Ode I Seek

    Your eyes are my ocean where I dive everyday and I drown everytime but I don't know how I make it out alive as it looks so unreal but I hope I drown like this more and more and I hope someday you'll come and save me out.

    Till then
    I'll keep diving in your eyes and I'll drown everytime.


  • shreyakheal 44w

    Only yours (part 2)

    The day I'll die
    One last time
    Is the day
    I'll wait in line,
    The day when
    You'll die
    One last time
    Is the day
    I'll make you mine.


  • shreyakheal 44w

    Only yours

    I am not gonna
    Go far beyond
    I'll ask you
    Once and for all
    If you say yes
    I'll be there till the end
    If you say no
    I'll meet you in the end.


  • shreyakheal 44w

    I'll follow you
    Wherever you'll go
    Not to hurt you
    But to keep a track
    That you are
    Safe and sound.

    I am not obsessed
    With you
    I just love you.


  • ansh2031 57w

    U and me❤

    I'm your's ,
    You're mine ,
    No need to think anymore ,
    I'm here for you to make everything fine


  • poem_is_an_emotion 64w

    Its not the goodbyes that hurt,
    It’s the flashback.


  • anushkarathi 68w

    I asked you to leave, but deep down I still think of you when "aaoge jab tum" plays.
    Aaoge jab tum is relatable for every mad-in-love person who got dumped for no reason but just because the other person has changed. For every person who loves rains more than their lives but aren't living the life because of the unexpected move. They just keep waiting in love'.
    There are moments, hugs, kisses and love and then suddenly another person changes. It's hard to wait but still the hope in you keeps you going

    "Aaoge jab tum ho sajna,
    Angana, phool khilenge.
    Barsega Sawan, Barsega Sawan,
    Jhoom Jhoom ke."

    When left without a reason, the other person's rainbows disappear. He/she doesn't feel like watering to his/her garden.
    Love is just like a rain to them which will set everything alright and bring them flowers.
    "Naina tere kajrare hai,
    Naino pe hum dil haare hai,
    Anjaane hi tere naino ne,
    Waade kiye kahi saare hai!"

    These lines play and remind of the beautiful eyes of their lover and all the promises they made in love' but couldn't just keep. Their heart wrenches.
    "Chanda ko taaku raato me,
    Hai zindagi tere hathon me,
    Palko pe jhilmil tare hai,
    Aana bhari barsaaton me."

    People who are in love often talk to the moon about their beloved and name whole of their life in their name. They carry tears in their eyes and a smile on their face, still waiting.
    These lines remind of all the moments where they got drenched in the rain of love together.
    So, no matter what, this song always makes them remind of the person they're in love' with.
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    I asked you to fuck off,
    But deep down,
    I still think of you when
    "Aaoge jab tum" plays. ❤️

  • yashsaini 72w

    कैसे बयां करूं?

    कैसे बयां करूं मेरे लिए क्या हो तुम ?
    मैं रेत हू तो दरिया हो तुम,
    मैं धूप हू तो छांव हो तुम ,
    मैं कागज हूं तो उसमें रंग भरने वाली स्याही हो तुम,
    मैं अंधेरा हूं तो उसे अपने प्रकाश से उज्जवल करने वाली किरण हो तुम ,
    मैं हृदय हूं तो उसे जीवंत करने वाली धडकन हो तुम,
    मैं चोट हूं तो उसे ठीक करने वाली मरहम हो तुम,
    मेरी जीने की वजह और मेरे मरने का बहाना हो तुम और मेरे प्यार का आशियाना हो तुम,
    मैं समुद्र तो उसका किनारा हो तुम और मेरी जिंदगी का सहारा हो तुम,
    दिल का राज और उसका जवाब हो तुम ,
    अगर मैं जिंदगी तो उसका ख्वाब हो तुम॥

  • ba___la 73w

    Counting my..Love for You
    Is like
    Counting the Stars.


  • anushkarathi 76w


    With you,
    I lost myself, slowly in your eyes.
    Without you,
    I lost myself, all at once.

  • heartfelt_renditions 80w

    Nadia writes that poem I posted with the same name as the story a while ago, on that piece of paper.
    Cleared just in case anybody was wondering.

    Yep, I'm a bad writer. Yep, I took ages to finish a short story. Yep again, I'm a hopeless case! ��
    Sorry! ��

    Do leave some feedback, guys! Lütfen! ��

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    My Love for You - Final

    In the next ten minutes, the man has gone and the people have stopped whispering since I've come back to my rightful place. But Mustafa is not in the mood for sitting together, anymore. Lines are marring his forehead and he looks displeased. 

    "You could've told me you didn't want your pictures taken, Nadia," he says in a low voice, putting slight pressure on my hand he's taken into his own once again. "Walking off like that wasn't a good move."

    Guilt fills me at his soft yet stern tone and I'm not able to look up at him. "See, you gave them a reason to talk behind your back," he indicates the gathered crowd with his head. "And I didn't want just that!" 

    "I'm sorry," I manage to say in a tearful voice. "But, what else could I do? I couldn't stand that man and you weren't taking any notice of my discomfort." I quietly pull my hand from his grip once again. This time, he knows I'm unhappy with him without me stalking off in a show of rebellion. He says nothing, however.

    Soon, Mustafa tells his parents we're tired and want to take leave of my family now. I'm drained of emotions for the night so I simply hug my parents and my two sisters and we're off to my in-laws place.


    That night, when I'm free of all my fineries, I lie on the bed thinking of the day's events and I can't help thinking how contrasting our lifestyles are. I'm skeptic of our relationship working smoothly but I want to give it all I've got, give him a chance. Mustafa isn't half bad, I can feel it. He understands but he makes too much of people's opinions. And he reacts late.

    I want to make him understand my feelings. I want to let him know what I think but my courage is failing me to talk to him after that stunt I pulled at the end. Mustafa is still in the bathroom. And so, taking the opportunity, I find a pen and a piece of paper and think of writing him a little something he can easily find before he goes to sleep. When I'm done, I quietly place it underneath his phone on the bedside table and slip back into the covers.

    Tiredness makes me fall into a light sleep by the time he's come back and I begin to wake up by the rustle of the paper. So he's read it. Good. I smile slightly and let out a long breath I didn't know I was holding till now.

    A while later, I jerk awake only to distantly feel a hand hovering above my arm touching the fabric of my sleeve, but it's removed before it can actually touch me. I'm sorry for making him feel guilty but he needs to learn... to know that our love for each other can't bloom in a day. He needs to know that what's on show isn't necessarily real, and that which is real doesn't necessarily have to be on show.


  • heartfelt_renditions 81w

    My Love for You - VI

    The man wants us to gaze at each other for the next photo with my hand on Mustafa's chest. Very reluctantly, I do as I'm told and the lights begin to flash incessantly. I can feel some other cameras focusing too but I can't prevent any one of them.

    For another picture, he tells us to hold each other, Mustafa by the shoulder and me by the waist and touch our foreheads as we look into each other's eyes... and that's when I've had enough! I shall not be making a fool of myself any further becoming a source of entertainment for these people who've nothing to do with my life. I see some of them snickering and my blood boils.

    Mustafa hesitates at such an openly intimate display of affection in front of our elders. Taking that as an opportunity, I pull my hand away from his hold, nearly running towards the stairs and down the stage without even once looking back to see everyone's reaction. Tears are blurring my vision and afraid of tripping on my gharara, I drop down on to the nearest chair, quite uncaring of my surroundings. 

    I cover my face with both my hands, now openly crying for everyone to see. This feeling of humiliation is so profound that I'm not able to go into the consequences of my actions; of open diregard of Mustafa's feelings and his social standing, of my in-laws' anger, of my parents' delicate position and the crowd's whispered gossiping.

    "Nadia, what's the matter with you!? Everyone's watching and making up all sorts of things. Get up!" I hear my mum say into my ear in a fierce whisper. Someone else comes to see what the matter is, too.

    "It's nothing, bhabhi. She's just overwhelmed," mum tells my MIL in an appeasing tone. I'm getting hysterical by the minute and all my mum thinks I am is overwhelmed...? Yeah, belittle my feelings all you want, mama. But I won't get up from here until that dastardly photographer gets out of here with his bloody paraphernalia! And I say so in so many words- without the cursing, of course.

    More to come soon...

  • heartfelt_renditions 81w

    My Love for You - V

    People around us are milling about. A large enough crowd of family and friends have gathered near our seat and I can see what is coming next.

    The photographer I sent away comes sauntering back, looking much too pleased with himself. He has a faint smirk of victory upon his face and for a brief second, he looks to me like shaytaan, that spawn of the devil!

    A sense of inevitable helplessness courses through me and I quietly bear the photography session with the family. Mustafa probably senses my discomfort and rubs the back of my hand that's still in his hold. I feel thankful for his concern but I feel as if it's inadequate.

    I'm probably being too critical of him, and unjustly so. But I can't help blaming him for every darn thing. If he understood me completely, he'd have sent the man on his way but he didn't.

    And what comes next, positively horrifies me. The photographer has signaled the family to move away. And it's time for a couple-only photo session, I'm guessing. For a minute, we remain in our seats, holding hands and me gazing down mostly. But then the man tells us to get up and look directly at the camera. Mustafa has still not let go of my hand, which elicits a range of raised eyebrows. I just wish he would let go, my hand's gotten clammy, anyway.

    I'm nervous of all the attention on us, all the ladies gossiping about us and judging the bride by their razor sharp looks, all the men (related or not), young or old and even those with wives, gazing at me under the guise of admiration for the 'couple'.

    The photographer has been spewing instructions since the last one minute but I cannot seem to hear him. I feel wooden and on the verge of tears. This was not how I dreamt it to be. Will my life be like this too? 

    More to come soon...

  • heartfelt_renditions 81w

    Imam - a Muslim priest
    Khutbah - sermon

    Sorry everyone! Long time, no see ����

    #pod #myloveforyou #shortstory #muslimstory #nikah #marriage #arranged #pretences #showcasingthelove #ceesreposts #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork
    @haalaaslam - you were interested, so I tagged you. Hope I wasn't too forward ��

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    My Love for You - IV

    After fifteen minutes or so, our local Imam begins the Khutbah and I listen, my mind far, far away. It's only when I see my dad coming over to me, alongside the Imam and a few of my relatives as my mother wraps a large dupatta around me, that I break out of my reverie.

    I say that I 'accept' thrice upon being asked as many times, signing the papers along with dad and others as witnesses, and the Nikah is done. The same must have gone on over at Mustafa's side. 

    After the party has left, I release a spurt of tears at short notice, and my parents huddle around me, pulling me close, shushing me, trying to prevent their own tears from spilling out. This was building up inside me for a while now.

    The mother and sister of the groom arrive on the scene shortly, their faces a mixture of slight aversion, some surprise at me not turning out to be a Bridezilla, and most importantly, plastered smiles that look more like grimaces. The sister seems less scary than the mother, however. If given the chance, the latter won't pass up the opportunity of judging the shape of my toes even, it appears.

    "May Allah bless you, my daughter. You look like the Moon itself," she utters a bit monotonously, gently caressing my cheek. Not bad for first words, I think. The acting's pretty good too. Or maybe she genuinely cares, I shouldn't be assuming things here. The sister then comes forward to shake my hand, dropping a quick kiss on it before letting go. "Mama is right, Nadia di," she reiterates, smiling.

    After all the formalities are performed by Mustafa's mother, he himself is seen making his way towards the stage, flanked by both our fathers at his sides. He raises his head to look at me. And right there and then, my heart stops.

    He's wearing a cream sherwani with a brown saafa (or turban) and looking directly at me, his gaze searing; I quite visibly gulp. A heavy stubble graces the lower part of his face.

    The look in his eyes has made my temperature rise and I'm hyperventilating a bit. Okay, not just a bit. But I hope I can be normal by the time he comes to sit beside me.

    Turns out, my heart beat only escalates the moment I feel the warmth radiating off his body. My hands shake. He looks at my them and gently takes one into his own. 

    More to come soon...

  • tathagatkaushik 83w

    Pyaar ����
    ..I promise to love you

    Till the end of my life....��
    #love #lovequotes #mylove #myloveforyou #mylovestory #mylifebook @writersnetwork

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    I promise to love you

    Till the end of my life....


  • jigglypuff14 83w

    लौट चले हम

    लौट चले हम,
    फिर से उन्हीं राहों में,
    जहाँ कभी,
    गुम हुआ करते थे उनकी बाहों में,
    बहुत सी ठोकरें सह ली,
    अब फिर से,
    उन्हीं की ज़ुल्फों में रहना है,
    वो न चाहें फिर भी,
    उन्हीं के प्यार में बहना है,
    इसीलिए लौट चलें हैं हम,
    फिर से उन्हीं राहों में,
    जहाँ कभी,
    गुम हुआ करते थे उनकी बाहों में..।


  • anushkarathi 84w

    I've been painting memories with colours
    Weaving moments with words
    Since the day
    You left.

  • __swagatika___ 84w

    When ur stay by my sideeee..... Nthng I need really.. ��.
    And I need you every tym... Every day... And forever❤


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    _If I wear the mooonn...
    I would want you to be my night .

    _____forever in your arm__.