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  • words_of_lasya 3w

    Every night, I drift off to magical land,
    Land covered of mystical experience.
    I peek at moon from tallest tower, Instead
    I saw him there, sitting at the river edge.
    Gazing the night sky, pointing at orion..

    He is an encase of surreal beauty❤
    With Hazel Brown eyes, Caramel lips,
    charming face and Well-built body.
    As moonlight yearns to touch his face,
    Even leaving divine envious of his aura.

    I sit in daze, waiting for the moment.
    Only hopeful in heart, for him to look back,
    for this distance to end, for two shadows meet...
    At this mystic glimpse, I crave for you.
    I crave for your touch!!!


  • aadil_sadiq 3w

    How much of time will it take you to come Oh Beloved?
    This emptiness is killing me deep inside!

    ~ Sufi Aadil Sadiq Qadri

  • draydee 14w

    You are the one I'm telling all my secrets when I'm alone,

    Yet, you are my prettiest secret.

  • draydee 17w

    Sin as beautiful as when Adam fell with Eve
    Clasped in oneness like we'd lose grasp of each other if we let go
    With every thrust she calls out to God with labored breath
    Almost as if she was asking him to rescue her from my clutches
    But even God knows those calls aren't those of someone praying to be rescued.


  • draydee 17w

    I know you like being sober
    But let me fill you up with love until you get drunk
    Throw judgment out the window
    Join me on this spontaneous adventure.


  • draydee 22w

    I fell in love with an Angel
    Reminiscent of days of old, I made her fall too
    But I stole her heart before she could steal mine
    Ripped it open and learnt God's secrets
    I've tasted the forbidden fruit
    Naked, I ask for my daily bread in pretext.


  • our_fallacy 28w

    As conspicuous as it seems
    The dark and sinster mist took over
    Turning the clouds stygian grey
    Allowing no light to sleep through

    But to turn blind my naked eye
    The hawks that flew from the highest point
    Came rushing down to earth
    To hide from this unbelievable murk

    Voices from across the universe
    Lygophilic as they come out
    Dark and orphicly
    Whispering in my dreams

    To put me in a fallacy delusion
    Lights came crashing down
    And shone holes through the somber clouds
    Extinguishing the dark gloomy era

    Selcouth and marvelous the sight was
    I paddled through my dreadful thoughts
    And out of the dark abyss
    I can see happiness now
    I won


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    I stopped fighting my inner demons long ago
    I run with the wolves now

  • draydee 29w

    She has me reading old chats when she's not online
    Almost as if she held me spellbound with the crystal ball emoji
    But even is proof God exists
    So cast me not away Sufi woman as I chant Dhikr to you.


  • voice_in_the_woods 33w


    Oh dear sister oh weary
    Don't leave this shelter ours dearly

    If you do choose to enter
    Take haste and don't hesitate
    Else the handles will grip yours
    Twist them and never let go

    Thou would see life
    Growing and sprowling
    In the garden of Gods
    If ye would demand entry

    The sigil of luna
    Shining atop the cobble stairs
    The rod of Aaron
    Slithering neath his feet

    And as the ivory Ibis starts to dim
    For these stones won't hold long


  • devilfish 36w

    Fear is Formless

    In religion
    God pulsates like crackling lightning
    In an empyrean ether
    An all powerful being scripted in art
    And poetry
    Scriptures alike and apart
    In it's conceptual symmetry
    Incongruity is only felt in the immensity
    A startling complexity
    I believe is seemingly
    Able to be caught
    Athough, not by curiosity?

    He's not a keen hunter
    He has the shield of discovery
    And he holds weight retrospectively
    Dating back to our infancy

    Our elusive target
    Preys on you and me
    Sinisterly biting and picking at you
    And me
    A vulture like predatory urgency
    Unsettling gluttony and it swarms like
    Silent locusts always out of focus
    It's maddening
    You can only hear as it grows from a cricket's song to a lion's crescendo growling underneath it's roar empowered with it's
    Mystique and allure
    Noise as it erupts from the Earth's crust
    And rises like smoke from the still dust
    But peace will be no more
    We are all unique by our solid divisions
    An incision of a score
    If they murder it by gaslighting us with
    Percepticide is genocide
    With no gore
    No trace
    And where they were
    Is a hole left to pore
    It's nightmarish face and it's eyes to the floor Now a shadow
    The depth of our perception
    Can only be measured by the depth of our

    When we break off from our experiences
    And how they form like armor to us
    If we groom it correctly
    How satisfactory it suits us
    And my head cannot forget me
    God Is said to throb with ability
    To hold the same trait
    Of formlessness we conjure in songs
    We don't see
    But it weighs us down on a plate
    Of humility where we didn't see our space to be strong
    We forget our strength
    That seems to be the human perception
    Of "power'
    One thing that the best
    And the worst of us weaken in pain

    To overlook the concept that fear is
    Formless and
    And to near it is to go from sane
    Nearly touching the plane of the insane
    Where light creates
    A space in between the breath it intakes
    Just like our God
    In which words can describe him
    With bravery
    Steel faith
    And conviction

    But if you ask any man
    "What is fear?"
    He's speaking but somehow wordless
    The question will be answered
    Nonprepared and this is how they're burdened
    As they attempt to cloak what can't
    Be seen
    The unaware answer
    Shows them that in order to
    Make the fear indicator
    Then green
    Is to become self aware
    You must draw into light
    And create your own force
    To recreate your light
    To recognize something else's power
    So that you can recognize your own
    Can feel your growth in leather as it's

    And take flight from your strength
    It'll strain to exist from your fight
    Turning day to night
    And night to day
    Words that are begging
    But you left them to stay
    See the real danger is shadowed like
    A cradle
    Sipping from the ladel of complacency
    Is where danger in the form
    Of Formless fear
    In the air like conspiracyl
    A remainder of what you left to fester
    So scared
    Significantly increasing in undivided urgency
    Compiled like files in a freeze
    An unsolved cold case
    I leave
    In order to invent their only
    Self awareness could unimpair the
    One who's own power they can conceive

  • nikzzz05 36w

    Wise men say a lot of things that a skeptic like me may not understand. It's alright though.

    #nikisaysright #wisemensay #mystic #life #philosophy #poem #poetry #writer #pain #world

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    Say Dear Mystic

    Say dear Mystic,
    Would you reveal the secret?
    How bad is not always bad,
    But good comes with regret.

    Did you cry too, when you had a look around?
    Agony, pleasure or understanding,
    What is it that you found?

    When the value of life is low,
    And cries of help grow.
    Speak, tell, make me understand,
    Why they are destined to fall,
    Who dare to take a stand.

    Your divine self speaks of truth,
    A truth that escapes me completely.
    Still, you swear by God,
    Saying everything is how it is meant to be.

    Dear mystic, you are unfair.
    But it is your truth,
    And so be it.


  • devilfish 37w

    One Thing I Know

    One thing I know
    Is beauty
    Is forced on it's knees
    For pain to force it's leather boot to
    On her back breaking her from being free
    Of it's existence forced itself upon her essence whipping her when leather writing
    His name as she withers and he tethered to her
    So she couldn't sever him from her
    Inside of her
    And intertwined it's self with a dark
    Venusian|Plutonic that was alive in her
    Energy does not know death
    So she knew that after her first breath
    With no memory prior that moment will haunt herself into energy's immortality
    And she will always be left
    Enduring the pain in the angst that blossom
    Through the holes in God's symmetry
    In her ribcage through her burrowed chest
    A cavity curdled holding humanity in the flesh
    Personification with words to decorate
    The doors of the living and the dead

  • ecstaticangel 41w

    #mystic night
    # dark secrets
    #spell of a witch

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    My dark magic

    I am the Queen of the
    Dark mystic night here,
    See the world that's spin around.
    From head to toe
    All upside down.
    The dark night thus summoning thy,
    From the darkness alluring sky,
    As I spell the chants of mine.
    The whole dark forest over the sea,
    Are all captured under me.
    Deadly ghosts perform beneath me,
    You say paranormal in thy speech.
    Black is my favourite,
    I call it mine,
    As it is cognate to the mystic night.
    Hounds there howl as I cast my magic,
    With  prey for a fortune amidst the wreath..
    I am the Queen
    And I summon thee,
    To see thyself,
    My dark magic...

  • devilfish 43w

    My Black Shirt Skin With Black Cologne

    I look without a scope
    I don't judge or cast judgements
    Hasty generalizations are for most
    All I know is I cast my vote
    On a patriotic note
    I love my home
    This place doesn't need a throne
    To reign in it's swirl of nightmares and dream
    A cyclone
    Of change
    Viciously bleeding hate
    False claims
    Glass plates
    That break when things change
    But it's heart will remain
    When I walk through that place
    Nostalgia and pride pulsate through my veins
    I'm coming back to my heart
    I'm emptying myself of hate
    When I walk with this gain
    As I'd made ways
    In different times
    I adapt with my change
    Although pain has been known to
    The former
    Without destroying it's unique state
    Of being
    Our thoughts are something
    Look me in the eyes when you see me walking
    Feel the energy talking to your mind
    In a way my aura plays it's rays of lunar crazed
    In the sunlight's rays
    My milky brown eyes
    Leak misty eyed beams of what I love
    The things I hate
    Even the concept itself
    But two even ends of the same thing
    I compartmentalize in trays on a shelf
    Where they make amends and I part ways
    But things haunt me to this days
    The things you can smell with enough experience
    If you don't see a thing
    And you just drink the water
    Without anyone leading you to it
    You already knew it
    Just do it
    Then walk in a fluid manner
    Congruent in your movement
    Will do it
    If you don't apply to much pressure
    Do it gradual
    With ease
    Tease the folds and crease with emotive
    Dreams and agony unfolding into
    A masterpiece of bettered tradgedies
    Even in formality
    The human race
    Is not lost in all totality
    It's tattered with falsifying fallacies
    That have seem to metamorphosis
    Of misinterpreted analogies
    Biased in philosophies
    But time is picking up it's velocity
    Let's increase generosity for the people
    I'm fed up with the formalities
    And ignorant informalities being
    Strung about by blasphemy
    And racist bags of meat
    But we must not bow to defeat
    As if we we're falling to their mercy
    On living feat with voices that can shift tides
    With it's power like the sea
    Let me go free freedom
    We have our speech
    We must not lift our noses in
    We need to be strong
    We are
    Because we had to be
    We have to be
    We are
    I could be you
    You could be me
    It's a mirror
    If you look closely
    It's clearer as you get nearer
    To the truth
    The unfamiliar interior

  • devilfish 43w

    Game of Guilt, Loss, Blame, Shame, And Derailed Trains

    The detail of our conversation
    Have been burdened with excess details
    Vain it leaves stains on my day that will not wash away not bleach
    Nevermore will the rain
    Just the same drain
    That eats my voice away
    With dark disdain angst and leaves me deranged
    I have rearranged different parts of my brain
    Not in one scenario do I remain in your clouded space
    This crowded place
    I trace my love with your hate
    I bite the plate and hold my weight
    While you tip the scales your way
    With no wait just haste cut copy and paste
    What I have before it ever reaches my tongue
    Before you even get to taste
    My heart I gave that I self made
    Formed from fiddling fingers
    And you just lay waste to my tender traits
    With a glass plate of freshly made food you have made
    I don't trust it
    The hidden blades in between upbeat charades
    And gaslit fog and deceptive haze
    A maze meant to grate through my empathy
    My dead attempts to relate but you won't initiate a full change
    3 quarters of the way
    While you watch it eat me away
    Pain that is so strange
    Yet familiar
    It lacks a name
    I will it to go away
    It cannot stay
    My hair will turn like ashes to grey
    My hesitancy and mistrust to dashes
    This ego it cuts and it slashes away
    As all we built crashes
    What happened?
    Our interactions lack weight they're strained
    By restraint
    Complaint and a vertigo that I feel faint
    My heart it clenches it's thirst is not quenched
    I put out my hands in humble humility
    But you leave nothing to be drank
    Please just let us break
    Please don't fake it
    Because the time it will take fate to drape it's cape over my eyes I can't continue to wade
    I'm made of water and yet even this consistency I can no longer wade
    I'll fall to the sea floor as all my feeling will fade
    My flaws are the one's outside of myself I forgave
    But cannot bear to treat others the same way
    Because I feel their pain
    I bleed too
    I need to explain
    My knees ache
    And my soul it needs to be alive
    To revive not relive and relay through war
    And all that ruins the day
    In a tone that crescendos then to a crescent
    It wanes waxes and pulls my being
    Into waves
    I won't participate in a dark crate
    I need your promise that you gave

  • ovais43 44w

    //The Departure of My Grandma// 18, March, 2021

    Inked by My Sister
    ©Ambivert Quki

    How it happened?
    the dark day hit by one's departure
    her breath got unstable
    and we lost her
    in the night
    the last breath, she took
    and we lost her
    in a moment

    She kept a lot to herself
    She could utter
    but she didn't,
    and talked casually
    like she will be fine
    She tried her best
    to hold her existence
    a strong person, she was
    never lost hope
    till the end

    What has happened suddenly?
    What she went through?
    She was pointing the hints
    about leaving us
    but, how can we not read her mind?

    There was something weird
    in between
    the discouraging of spirit
    to feel worth on a right place

    But, she had been dislocated
    against her wishes
    in some ways unclear
    convenient for others
    but what about spiritual norms
    that she showed her concerns
    to the depth
    to follow the right path
    with every step
    and uttered safety words
    for the bloods and souls

    The love she carried in her heart
    for everyone to whom she met
    on her journey
    I've seen that non beatable respect
    they sacrificed their energy
    to let her feel calm
    with no worries

    Her tears were only the perspective
    through what she expressed all
    still said nothing individually
    but, she made us afraid to lose her

    The moments, she collected in her mind
    about the ups and down
    when she made through it in well
    A great strength she was holding
    How could she lose it in usual time?
    within what she repeated whole
    all in all, in her mind

    She would not wait for us anymore
    She won't call us by names anymore
    She's kept in our heart and mind,
    and the feeling of warmth
    when she has shown while embracing us
    kissing our heads individually
    she meant to pray for us,
    And I could not forget her fragrance
    through her dresses,
    that are hanging in wardrobe unit,

    And I remembered my time
    I survived that trauma
    and came back into life
    and she cried a lot the whole night
    She's dearest to me
    till my last breath

    And I won't stop myself
    to visit her grave
    that reminds me
    the true destination
    Towards my Lord
    And a belief that
    this breath we are breathing
    we couldn't rely on

  • orfayus 48w

    Cicada Sings Sorrow

    Mystic smuldering 
    in miasma of time,
    primed in tomes 
    sequestered with ag'ed
    passing pages 

    Razing around ag'ed
    rhythms singeing soft 
    dy'ng wilting leaves 
    tilted now pass'ed along
    well trodden trail
    swimming in



  • beingseerat 50w

    Love is a dilusion
    To live in the illusion.


  • beingseerat 50w

    If you aim for the moon
    Never settle for a star.

  • sidharth_jeevakumar 51w


    She was just like a Sufi,
    Divine, mystic and meditative.