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    To whom it may concern:

    Lovers of excellence rather than favoritism. Terrific poets
    @lazybongness @soulfulstirrings @kin_jo @heartsease @siddharthajana @love_whispererr @unspokenpen1927

    @heartsease an strikingly amazing writer. A gem, I'd say
    @murryben who showers her love for a struggling poet. I miss you

    More often than not miraquill is blind to some work, writersnetwork deaf to your calls. It matters not to me as long as you poets have a word on mine.

    I am grateful that out of four or five poems which miraquill has read so far, I won two #pod. And that's really great.
    Yeah as a young child learning to write, I feel down when my teacher pays no heed.

    And it acts as a balm when you stop by to read my little poems.
    Hoping you would love this myth.
    Sending my love to you.
    Let's me conclude with this song.

    There's talk on the street it's there to remind you
    Doesn't really matter which side you're on
    You're walking away and they're talking behind you
    They will never forget you 'til somebody new comes along


    Dumsari - The realm of the Seven Mountains
    Leichinian - Inhabitants of the Dumsari Hills
    Longvar - the protagonist, a man
    Dilia - a nymph, and the love of Longvar


    ‘How can I doff off your peerless beauty,
    Your careless laughter of a nightingale,
    Your step in the fashion of spring-time,
    And your curls of midnight black?’
    Alas! Longvar’s betrothed was gone,
    Banished from the land of Dumsari
    For the Leichinian deemed the nymph
    Not a creation of the same hand.

    ‘My dear, Dilia,’ wailed young Longvar,
    ‘What’s become of the vow we made?
    Oh, would that my heart were a stone!
    I been waiting for the love I have for you
    To fall off and desert my grieving heart,
    And sure like every season autumn comes
    With all its fall, but fails to shake off
    For once your image crafted in my heart.’

    Wildings bowed in commiseration,
    Wild bees arranged their lullabies,
    And curled up in her boudoir she lay
    Drowning in the sea of her sorrows;
    No, nothing could offer consolation
    For separation of two souls in love
    Is too great a scene to paint in words –
    What’s a river divorced from its water.

    ‘My love,’ cried Dilia, ‘I send my bluebird,
    It will convey you my state of despair.
    My bones are cold like a chilly winter
    My heart hollow like a dead flute
    Though upon bed of scented flowers I lie,
    Though wrap in a blanket made of fireflies.
    You alone are the flame to warm my soul
    The melody to fill my hollow space.

    Though a Leichinian I am not, the love
    For you I have is true to last a lifetime;
    Though sevenfold death may part us
    To you only shall I bind my soul.
    Sure as the rain reaches the sand
    And rivers reach the sea, I will look
    For a dwelling made of your bones,
    And therein lay my panting heart to rest.

    Longvar upon knowing wept like a child
    ‘How can my love, my life be banished?
    How can I call such place a heaven
    Which has no room for my dearest one?
    No joy and bliss do I foresee in heaven
    If living in heaven is without you.”
    And so my folks sing Longvar denied
    Respite until he brought his lover home.

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    We are in the ocean of love,
    Why have I to dread of drowning
    When one who is as gentle as a dove
    Through many storms keeps holding
    On to you when halcyon days
    Are far away e'en from wistful bays.

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    Once upon a time
    In a far away land
    Lived a little fairy
    The fairy of garlands!

    She wore flowers
    In her hair and arms
    In her neck and ears
    All of them grown on a farm!

    Her farm was special
    As special as can be
    She sowed her tears
    That turned into seeds

    She cried a lot
    So she had many seeds
    She was sad so often
    Oh, why? You ask me!

    She looked down
    Upon the blue blue earth
    It was scorching hot
    Like a lighted hearth!

    She cringed at the heat
    It made her shed tears
    'Cos they were burning
    All those who were dear!

    Then one day, forlorn
    She sat on a rock
    Beside a green Lake
    She sat deep in a shock!

    A lot of tears fell there
    Right besides the lake
    And turned into tiny seeds
    Soon, a garden they would make!

    The fairy, all sullen
    Just got up and left
    Forgetting her tears
    She was so bereft!

    But the seeds grew quick
    And plenty they were
    Soon by the lake
    There was a floral cover!

    The flowers were magical
    They did come from a fairy
    As soon as they touched water,
    They froze into crystals many!

    The frozen crystals
    Fell on the planet blue
    And cooled the burning fires
    To the earthlings, they were something new!

    The fairy was looking
    From the soft cloud above
    She looked at the miracle
    And titled it snow!

    From then on
    Whenever its too hot
    The fairy goes to the lake
    And cries a lot!

    And this is how
    We got snow!
    I have told you all
    So now you know!!


    #wod #myth #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    And then it snowed

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    I have heard about a Phoenix
    Quite different from the one in flames
    I heard it travels the world
    In search of something insane

    I was told from the lakes it rose
    Its only mission to find true beauty
    On this quest from one corner to another
    He heard full bloom spring flowers were the thing to see

    On this surreal place's search
    He goes around wandering
    A bed of sombre yellow crumpled leaves
    Is the only thing it has seen

    Yet dauntless it keeps on
    Flapping its vast wings above the mountains
    Its white glistening ruffled feathers
    Adding a white crown to its tall peaks

    On this search it forever wanders
    True beauty it'll find, no one knows
    I just wish one day along its flight
    It gets to look back and appreciate the land covered in its white scintillating feathers
    This thing we call snow...


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    After a long break and losing spark , I tried my best to keep my pen moving again.
    Goodnight! ;)

    #movingonc #myth #wod
    #thunderc @writersbay @miraquill
    Ps; Not yet edited,

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    "If this is the last breath I can take”

    ~Snow is myth for her as she's trapped in dark of fall~

    Dear person I needed to forgive

    In time I walking in jungle of yours
    I tumble with the poisonous lure
    I'm really on the ropes until this time
    Yet forgiveness is what I've been trying to chime

    I am too busy choking
    Forcing to push things in ending
    I don't wanted to be numb in pain circulating
    So I decided to cut what's holding

    It might leave a scars that will mark
    But maybe it can still be a flower pot and depart
    All the roots of these mad muddy bark
    Lingers likes a dagger in my heart

    Dear person I could never forget
    and place that changed me

    I wrote this letter for you
    Including those things you do
    For you to knew that around you I live and grew
    Although I'm shaded with tinted black — I glow

    In this chaotic world I didn't think I'd find peace
    A home who helps me catched my breath and pieces
    It is too hard to say it out loud but now I wanted to express
    Because of you I'm thankful that my heart beats in my chest

    Through skin and bones you're beautiful
    You're the butterfly I can't stop admiring to the full
    I'm sorry If I failed you till then or soon enough
    I hope we meet in star again I love you may this luff

    Dear place I had to leave.

    I lost my sight to find bright
    I'm trying to be better
    But it felt like I'm under thunder
    So If I leave this place decided to flight

    It might not be to find light,
    Erase all of my fright and be alright
    Atleast I can show that I desire to be alive
    It's not your fault I wanted me to archive

    And when I'm slowly disappear
    Please don't hold a memory
    Just take me as ghost in atmosphere
    You deserve better than me


  • martindangelus 2w


    I must slay thy six-headed fiend
    on thy sixth hour of thy sixth day. 
    Thus each head symbolizes my purgatory 
    on this infernal land.
    Epiphany of trials; epitome of my ordeals.

    I musn't yield to such malevolent creature
    thus in times of adversity
    one must seek for divine fortitude and resiliency
    to conquer one's demons. 

    November 14th, 2021

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    Heaven's Tribute
    the lovers,artists,
    fell in their
    A Welcome to
    the New ones
    who are
    going to be
    Born in spring...

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    #season Winter is my favorite !

    Monorhyme /

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    Frore Feelstora
    - snowflakes stringed symphony -

    Fallen tears of feuillemort leaflets
    Epistolized agony in azurite inklets
    Cerulean welkin drew in zealots
    Coddiwompling clouds curled ringlets
    Weaving comfort cubes crystallets
    Dripping drops of frore flakelets

    • Winter wonderland wore white anklets •

    | Snowflakes waltz till hearth thaws it into droplets
    Season's symphony orchestrates reply in bouquets |


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    Arise! Town crier has picked up his gong
    The drummer plays and the birds chirp the song
    Arise! The cock crows it's a new dawn
    Arise lads and lasses to nature's call

    Arise! the sun is already awake
    Heed my words it's no fairytale
    Arise before you get bad luck
    From sleeping under the scorching sun

    Arise! Time waits for no one
    Your destiny's been knocking at the door
    Arise now and open up
    Arise! your future calls


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    In the midst of the clouds somewhere
    Hanging on to every pluck of each string
    A little fairy sat listening
    To a magical harp in the middle of spring

    It wasn’t a mystery why
    With the fair weather around
    She sat so mesmerised listening
    To the melodious mellow sound

    The magical harp kept playing all through
    Spring, summer and the rains
    Even in the chilly autumn it didn’t stop
    For it to start playing once again

    So taken by the mellifluous notes was
    The little fairy that she didn’t move at all
    While the summer flowers wilted away
    And an end came to the fall

    Come winter in the middle of the miserable cold
    The harp suddenly stopped playing one day
    The little fairy was astounded, then angry,
    Then saddened with nothing left to say

    She cried tears of pain and misery
    That became snowflakes as they fell
    No one had seen snow on earth so
    What it was they couldn’t tell

    The little fairy kept weeping tears relentlessly
    With the stoppage of the heartbreaking sound
    So the little white flakes like crystals laced
    Their way slowly but surely to the ground

    Folk wondered how this had come to be
    For all they could really know
    Every year when the spring harp stops playing
    The little fairy cries and there is snow


    14th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    #wod #myth #snow #stories_in_poems #fairytale #fairy #fiction #magical @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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    Yes! I Wish a Happy Children's Day
    To our inner naughty, cute, cry baby child within
    I and you
    Wow! It's your and mine children's Day
    Happy Children's Day

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    I grew up with snow

    Playing with tiny balls
    drawing flying kites in books
    drinking cups of milk
    loving cutie cats
    I was a child

    OH! now I grew up child

    making a note in books
    eating an apple a day
    fighting to cry
    hating to shy
    I didn't trust that I'm a grown up now

    But a thing remains same and that's doors are open to me whenever and whoever is me
    Might be I'm old, new and upcoming me
    I'm grew up child
    With door's

    Since I opened and closed those doors
    The snow
    is always new and glow
    Face smile
    is same
    As old and new me
    is grow and glow
    Just as happy I and you

    《 14-11-2021 》

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    Why Does it Snow?

    Before the Sapiens roamed, the yetis played on a big snowball called Earth. White were not just the mountains, but the trees, lakes, oceans and everything in between. And the sky was blue and black speckled with distant stars and a spotted moon. Mama Earth was happy for a while but soon she wondered what other colours exist beyond white, black and blue? She asked the moon, "Do you know of a colour that is not white black or blue?"
    The moon replied, "Oh Yes! A bright and shiny yellow friend I have, I shine cuz of his bright light".
    Wow, wondered Mama Nature, what a beautiful colour it must be to make everything so bright.
    "I want to meet this friend of yours, Moon. What's his name?"
    "Sun," she said.
    Snow, who was quietly listening till now, jumped right out of her snowy blanket and said, "No, not the Sun. She melts me away."
    Mama Nature was ready to hear, she wanted to meet the Sun soon. And so they met.
    Sun came over and together, the Sun, Moon & Mama Earth played for months, leading to years. Snow, sad and lonely took shelter in the clouds. Mama Earth was happy seeing the colours around her. Red, yellow, green, pink, turquoise and teal ~ and other colours thrived on her. It was so beautiful. Decades passed and all seemed great but one day Mama Nature noticed there was less of pink and green and more of red-orange and burnt brown true. Yellows turned orange and brown and all turned to brown-grey around her. She remembered what Snow had said. Suddenly she missed Snow. She looked everywhere. But he was nowhere to be found. High and low she set her friends out to search for him and that's when the clouds said - "Snow is with us, he will meet when the Sun is far".
    Mama Earth did not want to lose either of her friends, so she asked the moon for advice.
    The wise moon gave the best reply:
    " Like the Sun & I share the sky and you have day and night; let the Sun & Snow share a year and you will have Summer and Winter and all the colours will be with you through all times."
    All agreed and we got Snow!
    #myth #snow #tale @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    The wise moon gave the best reply:
    " Like the Sun & I share the sky and you have day and night; let the Sun & Snow share a year and you will have Summer and Winter and all the colours will be with you through all times."

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    #myth #pod
    Tired :') The rainbows escaped (just like me) to find another reality where it can have a different attire, atleast once a year.

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    Rainbows escaped

    When the hidden rainbows escape the breach in clouds, the Vibgyor blends into a blanche cloak of snow.


  • sheez_happiee 2w

    #myth #wod
    Snow is just the VIBGYOR in disguise, falling on land to spy on the souls of Earth

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    Rainbows in disguise

    As the world spins, the rainbows leak through the clouds, their colours blending and condensed into white flakes.


  • veronica_06 2w

    Ode to snow

    When the clouds and sky interlock fingers,
    They sprinkle slushy pearls that eternally lingers!
    She adorns the conical boughs,
    She carpets the avenues with Love!
    She grooves with the zephyr of spring,
    She puffs crunchy chillness that clings!
    She oozes heavy tranquility,
    She is the owner of immpeccable purity!
    She might turn everyone lazy,
    She might diminish the hope that life is rosy!
    But her erred flaky charm is beyond any season

    She plunges to evoke that life gives cold snaps,
    Her snug brings out human's chaste,
    She flaunts to make us break her bounds,
    She scratches to mean apricity,
    She sprays to hint that the spring is not far!

  • aana432 2w


    In These Human Mind's
    It's Easy to Find
    You Just Believe What They are

    Myth Evil Live in This World's
    And From as Far as People's War

    Suddenly Trapped Vicious Evil
    Wrapped up at Arm's of Devil...

  • inkandfable670 2w

    I'm not good at myths but still tried with some scientific myths.....hope you would like..


    Moon comes early,sun appears late
    Perhaps,these are January days
    Pines are overloaded with snowflakes
    Snow on hills,snow on the ground
    Snow and snow everywhere I found,

    A white enormous sheet covered the whole town
    Freezing people's heart pumping blood in veins,
    Freezing field full of lushy grains;
    To protect myself from temprature outside
    I erected an igloo to survive

    Even after builting it with chilling ice bricks
    Igloo,keeps me warm, dodging death
    Same as we afraid to see adversity until
    We give it tight hug;
    People allege snowstorms for killing
    Immature seeds,samplings and even aged trees

    For bringing the season of anguish and disparities
    All these sayings are nothing but myths,hackneyed,
    Same as originally snowflakes are colourless ice
    Banishing the entry of every single light
    Under its(light) reflection looks like white.

    People say, to melt the frozen snow earth
    have to be warmer than warm,
    To melt the snow of hatred you have to lit
    fire of anger, strong,
    To melt the arduous adversities,in struggle
    you must have to burn;
    As the snow doesn't melts when
    days get warmer and clear
    However it sublimates itself on
    Almighty's orders,

    All you have to know,
    Everything thing has a aloted time
    It may be a year,a month, a week or a night
    And after finishing its roll,given,
    It will squander in air by itself will be only in
    memory like bygones.



    @writersnetwork thank you for ����

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    All you have to know
    Everything thing has a aloted time
    It may be a year,a month, a week or a night
    And after finishing its roll,given,
    It will squander in air by itself will be only in
    memory like bygones


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    #myth #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Challenge accepted ♡♡

    To hide lied loves, snow falls

    How's it?��

    Thank you WN for the ❤ (42)

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    And darling,
    Snow falls to hide mysterious loves that sparkle in the depths of lies!


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    #myth #wod
    Thank you for the ❤️ WN (29)

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    The fate of the snowflakes
    Was to laden the eyelashes
    That belonged to the season of love

    Atleast every once in a year,
    It would be caressed by love, decorating it's edges in red, and adorning it with warmth.

    //Snowflakes would write poetry in love//

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    #myth #folkmyth

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    A tale of a flying lizard

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    The ballads of Uleng

    Uleng! Uleng! Do you know my state?
    My parents eat on silver plates;
    Uleng! Uleng! Underneath the eaves
    My hungry hands above plantain leaves.

    He left home when he was still young,
    Weeping he entered the Mystic Jungle;
    None heard the tears and griefs he'd sung,
    Not even Leng--until he was old and rumpled.

    There wailed a plaintive song all the way
    From where, at night, tree tops spangled;
    Then Old Leng put off his work one day
    Recalled his friend lost in the Mystic Jungle.

    Uleng! Uleng! Do you know my state?
    My parents eat on silver plates;
    Uleng! Uleng! Underneath the eaves
    While I eat my meals on plantain leaves.

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    White Crystals

    When God of clouds crys,
    In mid of winter; falls
    As, tiny white crystals.