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    इस क्षणभंगुर संसार में जो नर निज पराक्रम की गाथा रच जन मानस के पटल पर अपनी अमिट छाप छोड़ जाता है उसी का जीवन सफल होता है। अश्वत्थामा का अद्भुत पराक्रम देखकर कृतवर्मा और कृपाचार्य भी मरने मारने का निश्चय लेकर आगे बढ़ चले।

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    दुर्योधन कब मिट पाया:भाग-32

    कुछ क्षण पहले शंकित था मन ना दृष्टित थी कोई आशा ,
    द्रोणपुत्र के पुरुषार्थ से हुआ तिरोहित खौफ निराशा ।
    या मर जाये या मारे चित्त में कर के ये दृढ निश्चय,
    शत्रु शिविर को हुए अग्रसर हार फले कि या हो जय।

    याद किये फिर अरिसिंधु में मर के जो अशेष रहा,
    वो नर हीं विशेष रहा हाँ वो नर हीं विशेष रहा ।
    कि शत्रुसलिला में जिस नर के हाथों में तलवार रहे ,
    या क्षय की हो दृढ प्रतीति परिलक्षित संहार बहे।

    वो मानव जो झुके नहीं कतिपय निश्चित एक हार में,
    डग योद्धा का डिगे नहीं अरि के भीषण प्रहार में।
    ज्ञात मनुज के चित्त में किंचित सर्वगर्भा का ओज बहे ,
    अभिज्ञान रहे निज कृत्यों का कर्तव्यों की हीं खोज रहे।

    अकम्पत्व का हीं तन पे मन पे धारण पोशाक हो ,
    रण डाकिनी के रक्त मज्जा खेल का मश्शाक हो।
    क्षण का हीं तो मन है ये क्षण को हीं टिका हुआ,
    और तन का क्या मिट्टी का मिटटी में मिटा हुआ।

    पर हार का वरण भी करके जो रहा अवशेष है,
    जिस वीर के वीरत्व का जन में स्मृति शेष है।
    सुवाड़वाग्नि सिंधु में नर मर के भी अशेष है,
    जीवन वही विशेष है मानव वही विशेष है।

    अजय अमिताभ सुमन:सर्वाधिकार सुरक्षित

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    Thank you Writersnetwork for your ❤️

    Concept -

    Quick guide to the Ramayana


    The Ramayana is an ancient Sanskrit epic which follows Prince Rama's quest to rescue his beloved wife Sita from the clutches of Ravana with the help of an army of monkeys. It is traditionally attributed to the authorship of the sage Valmiki and dated to around 500 BCE to 100 BCE.

    - Google

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    Maniac he is; Nine heads cut off, Ravan !
    Wounded you are, yet thinking you won
    Alas, silently powerful is the new calm!
    When in puzzle, just believe Jai Shree Ram

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    Love colours

    They said green is the colour of evil
    But green was the colour of your love
    In deep entrancement I saw the light
    Right in the middle of your glowing eyes
    It was ever unchanging, your miracle
    I found serenity in the colours of gloom
    Green was your love and black was your heart
    But those orbs promised eternal flames
    Devotion on a platter of sacrificial smoke
    For like Persephone I loved the Hades in you
    Spring brought life to death and despair
    Still I loved the darkness, it was the very you
    The scales frightened all but eternal spring
    My love perfected the gloomy florescence
    And eternal promises made on the river Styx
    Ne'er shall be erased by waters of lethe
    For green was your love and black your heart
    And I loved all without a glorious inch apart

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    Thank you for EC♥️@miraquill

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    Love colours

    //like Persephone I loved the Hades in you//

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    According to hindu mythology
    Yama - the god of death
    was the son of Surya - The God Sun.
    It means darkness & fear exist
    just because light & truth do exist.
    Yami - who later became the Yamuna
    was twin sister of Yama.
    Yama offered a boon to her sister,
    "He who takes a dip into river yamuna
    will never have to pass through yamloka."
    This signifies that if we atone for our sins
    and follow the path of truth & good deeds,
    then we can reach the state of enlightenment.


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    Love like Ram Ji...
    Protect like Raavan...

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    SUNSET ����

    The rough blending of the first three colours
    in rainbow: fierce red
    Embodiment of flamboyance: orange and
    The shimmering yellow,
    A prepossessing sight to behold,
    Hinting at the Night that follows
    Filled with idyllic moon and illuminant stars,
    And the Satyr that comes at night
    To perform woodland magic
    Without being seen by mortals.
    The darkness spreads;
    Carrying soft wind a whisper to my ears,
    The beauty of night like a nuzzle on my neck,
    The unending saga of sunrises and sunsets
    Always a mystery yet to be unfolded...

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    //The sun sets
    So that it can rise again;
    So that a novel day begins,
    As a second chance,
    As a day to start all over again
    Once you felt you had failed in life//


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    हम खुद में आधा हो जाऐम, तु हमार आधा
    बन जईह।
    हम तोहार कान्हा बन जाऐम, तु हमार राधा
    बन जईह॥

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    Clinic Leftovers - 2021

    I broke the mesh stressball
    It scaterred like running pearls
    Aloung the doorway to my bathroom

    I kept the litttle orbs from it on the counter for a while
    Off to the side
    They were so pretty you see
    Like little bits of the pool
    The bluest things you could ever see
    So blue that they could only be made of something horrible
    And I kept forgetting about them
    Everytime I walked though the doorway

    But they spilled over again today
    Out over the tiles and onto the carpet
    I got rid of them
    With the rest of the old blood
    Because I was right
    And Lethe smells of chlorine


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    Perfection in brutality,
    my concentration camp of self-prescribed isolation.
    Have you got the key?

    There's safety in a thought,
    the sweet danger in action.
    In the scenario of consciousness, he was slowly and painfully drowning in an empty pool. 
    The lights are off next door...
    Holiday home barely used. 

    Let the rats run free.

    Nyx walks in the darkest depths of night. 
    Helios will soon bring the light.
    Escape Tartarus!
    Calliope we beg your blessings...
    Erato and Polyhymnia, 
    anoint us.

    Dusty TV set,
    when last was it on...
    The book pages are tattered and torn.
    A dog sleeps comfortably on the couch. 
    The mind is a one-way road with unmanned checkpoints. 
    The dog whimpers quietly...
    What do dogs dream of?

    The clock has a thunderous tick and nauseating tock. 
    I should remove the battery.

    Maybe tomorrow I'll put water in the pool. 


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    Tragedy in the neon glow

    Destiny at the bottom of an amber bottle
    is hard to swallow. 
    The unforgiving bitter taste
    of weakly crafted lies.
    Did you promise earthly wet offerings?
    One night bride,
    Peitha at the bed's side.
    Artemis weeping quietly outside.
    Circe failed, Odysseus would be no swine.
    I know your secrets intimately,
    how to make you scream...
    Morpheus in your dreams,
    fashioning false scenes in scenic surroundings. 
    Have you ever truly been alive? 
    Have you lived?
    What's beyond that bitter last sip? 
    Barman calls last round...
    'Ah shit' 


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    In the masquerade I am lost,
    My fingers scratch at their
    Artificial faces, wearing my
    Solitude like an ancient curse
    In my skin, I am the one in
    This carnival of lust and passion,
    With no mask hiding my face,
    Save for the elflock that sits
    Atop my head like a vicious crown,
    Clasping in its tangles a drop of
    My blood, from the day my heart
    Was broken, I cannot see, I cannot
    Look, the debris of my fragile heart
    Clouds my eyes like a blindfold of ice,
    Of stone, in a masquerade I am blind,
    Hoping to find, the one with gentle fingers,
    To undo the tangles in my soul, yearning
    To drink from his lips the elixir to make
    My heart whole again, I know not what
    Name to call out, in a masquerade I am
    Lost, I am blind, stumbling from one
    Person to another, their fingers cruel
    On my flesh, they feast on me, as if I
    Were an exotic fruit, till I succumb

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    To my fate, I surrender, I whisper,
    My voice tasting like gravel in my mouth,
    I collapse to the ground, and wait to be
    Trampled upon, till I feel my elflock grow
    Like vine, slither down my arms like snake,
    In the masquerade I was reborn, and
    Those who feasted upon me, now tremble
    At my shadow, they don't dare to look
    Me in the eye, my name is legend,
    Whispered in hushed voices,
    I was a lost girl,
    I am a monster,
    I am Medusa.

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    Today I am going to share with you the complete story of Mama Shakuni.

    This interesting story begins with Gandhari's father Maharaj Subala. He was the king of Gandhara kingdom. It is a matter of those days when Gandhari was just a princess and she was not married, then some astrologers advised Maharaj Subala that there was a fault in the fate of Princess Gandhari.
    The drawback was that her husband was bound to die sometime after her marriage. Therefore, to remove this defect, Gandhari's first marriage has to be done with a person who does not have the grief of dying. For this reason, Gandhari got married with a goat and after marriage the goat was sacrificed.
    Maharaj Subala kept this thing a secret. Although all this happened because of her fault but Gandhari had become a widow in the social view.
    After some time Ganga's son Bhishma Pitamah proposed his son Dhritarashtra in front of Maharaj Subala. Maharaj Subala accepted the marriage of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari. Both were married with pomp.
    Then no one knew the secret of Gandhari's first marriage. Then one day Bhishma Pitamah came to know from somewhere that Gandhari was a widow before marrying Dhritarashtra and how her first husband died is also a mystery.
    When Bhishma Pitamah discussed this with Maharaj Subala, Maharaj Subala told him the whole incident. Knowing this, Bhishma Pitamah got very angry but he did not express his anger. He did not break the relationship with Maharaj Subala but increased it further.
    Bhishma Pitamah called Maharaj Subala and his entire family to himself. Pitamah decided to gradually kill Subala's entire family in return for this deception.
    Maharaj Subala had about a hundred sons. Grandfather gave the whole family a large room where food was sent daily for them. Gradually the amount of food reduced. Earlier food used to come for all the people, now it used to come only for some people. After a few days it started decreasing even more.
    In this way only one person's food was sent. Only a little rice was sent to that person's food. Maharaj Subala understood that this was a ploy to kill them, so he fed that food to his youngest son so that he could take revenge by staying alive.

    Maharaja Subala's younger son was very intelligent. His name was Shakuni. Maharaj Subala did not give food to any of his sons, due to which gradually all the sons died.

    Maharaj Subala became very ill and was on the verge of dying. Then he called his son Shakuni. When Shakuni went to him, he took out a stick from under his bed and hit Shakuni hard on one leg. Shakuni was surprised and asked, "Dad, why did you break my leg?"
    Maharaj Subala said, “Sakuni son, this leg will remind you what the aim of your life is.”
    Shakuni asked, "What is the goal father?"
    Maharaj Subala said, “Son, till today we have kept you alive by feeding you. All your brothers died because of hunger. You have to pay them all. Bhishma Pitamah destroyed our entire family, you have to take revenge for that. He is very much in love with his son Dhritarashtra. You have to destroy all the Kauravas of Dhritarashtra. After my death you will have to meet Maharaj Dhritarashtra and apologize and say that forgive my father for whatever he did and then living with him will destroy his family. I will give you a solution for this task. After I die, make two pieces of my bones and use them for gambling. I will always be with you as that person. Whenever you want the number, the same number will come out. From today the end of Kauravas will be the goal of your life. Saying this, Maharaj Subala gave up his life.

    Shakuni made two pashes from his bones as per his father's order. Bhishma saw that all his sons had died along with Maharaj Subala and saw that only Shakuni was left alive. He asked Shakuni whether he wanted to go back to his kingdom of Gandhara or stay in Hastinapur.

    Shakuni apologized to Pitamah at that time and decided to stay in Hastinapur. So the grandfather made him the king of Gandhara and then kept him with his Kauravas. Shakuni's maternal uncle met the Kauravas and started filtering in everyone's eyes. First of all, he snatched the throne of Hastinapur from the grandfather and gave it to Maharaja Dhritarashtra, due to which Dhritarashtra's eldest son could become great himself in the eyes of Duryodhana.

    Duryodhana formed a deep relationship with his Shakuni maternal uncle. Shakuni had completely controlled his nephew, so much so that Duryodhana used to follow his every move by asking his maternal uncle. And like all the times, Mama Shakuni used to give him such intimate thoughts that would make Duryodhana happy and with that trick he started fulfilling his every wish.

    Similarly, Shakuni Mama made his nephew his pawn and made him stand in front of the Pandavas. He had made a way to reach his goal with the help of Duryodhana. All the time he is just looking for the opportunity. One such occasion had come when the Kauravas and the Pandavas were in their vale stage, they were taking education in the ashrams of Guru Dronacharya and Guru Kripacharya.

    Every day there were small and big fights between Kauravas and Pandavas. Queen Kunti and Queen Gandhari would explain to them that it is not good to quarrel with each other like this. The root cause in these quarrels was the hatred of the Pandavas in the heart of Kauravas.

    to be continued...


    So basically this is the story of Mama Shakuni from ancient text on MAHABHARATA written by me.
    This is only the first verse of the story.
    As l like mythology so much.
    Took help from Google baba.
    Hope you like it Guys.
    Do read this carefully and enjoy this.
    A little interesting and exciting story from my side.

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    #story #mythology #self #happy #mahabharat #author #writer

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    There are many untold stories from Mahabharata that you may or may not know.
    So, Do you know who was Barbarik?

    Barbarik was a great warrior of Mahabharata . He was the son of Ghatotkacha and Ahilavati (nagkanya mata) . Barbarik was taught by his mother that always fight on the side of the loser.
    According to some stories, Barbarika was a Yaksha , who was reborn as a human. Barbarik was the grandson of the mace bearer Bhimsen and the son of Ghatotkacha.


    He was a very brave and great warrior since childhood. He learned the art of warfare from his mother. He pleased Mother Adishakti by doing severe penance and got three impenetrable arrows and got the famous name of 'three arrows'. Ishapurtika Valmiki pleased and gave him a bow, which was able to make him victorious in all the three worlds.


    It is about the time when the war of Mahabharata was about to start. Lord Krishna was with the Pandavas in the battle, which made it seem certain that the Kaurava army might be more powerful but the victory would be of the Pandavas.

    At such a time, Bhima's grandson and Ghatotkacha's son, Barbarik, promised his mother that the side which would be weak in the war would fight on their behalf. When Lord Krishna came to know about the plan of Barbarik, then he came in the way of Barbarik by disguising himself as a Brahmin.

    Shri Krishna made fun of Barbarik that what war would he fight with three arrows. Hearing Krishna's words, Barbarik said that he has an invincible arrow. He can destroy the entire enemy army with a single arrow. After finishing the army, his arrow will return to its place.

    On this, Shri Krishna said that if we are standing under the Peepal tree, pierce all its leaves with your arrow, then I will agree that you can change the outcome of the war with one arrow. Barbareek accepted the challenge, remembered the Lord and fired an arrow. Apart from the leaves on the tree, the fallen leaves also got holes.

    After this the arrow started moving around the feet of Lord Krishna as a leaf was kept by the Lord under his feet. Lord Shri Krishna knew that the victory in the battle would be of the Pandavas and as per the promise given to the mother, Barbareek would fight on the side of the Kauravas, which would lead to the victory of unrighteousness.

    Therefore, Shri Krishna, dressed as a Brahmin, expressed his desire to donate to Barbarik. When Barbarik promised to donate, Shri Krishna asked for his head from Barbarik. Barbarik understood that the person asking for such a donation could not be a Brahmin. Barbarik asked the Brahmin to give your real introduction. On this Shri Krishna told him that he is Krishna.

    Even after knowing the truth, Barbarik agreed to give his head but, put a condition that, he wants to see his vast form and wishes to see the Mahabharata war from beginning to end. The Lord fulfilled Barbarika's wish, beheading Barbarika with the Sudarshan Chakra, sprinkled nectar on his head and placed it on a high mound of a hill. From here the head of Barbarik saw the whole battle.

    After the end of the war, when there was a dispute among the Pandavas about whose contribution is more, then Shri Krishna said that it will be decided by Barbarik who has seen the entire war. Barbarik said that Shri Krishna has the biggest role in this war. I saw the Sudarshan Chakra moving across the battlefield. Shri Krishna was fighting and Shri Krishna was destroying the army.


    So basically this a story from ancient text on MAHABHARATA written by me. As l like mythology so much.
    Took help from Google baba.
    Hope you like it Guys.
    Do read this carefully and enjoy this.
    A little interesting and exciting story from my side.

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    #story #mythology #self #happy #mahabharat #Barbarik

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    There are many stories famous in Hindu mythology but one of the famous story is still untold, unsaid and unopened.
    But today we will reopen our mythological history which is famous not only in India but throughout the Asian continent.

    Many serpents have been mentioned in ancient text. Lord Shiva also coiled Vasuki Naga around his neck. Apart from this many famous sepernts like Sheshnaag, Takshak Kaliya are mentioned in mythology.

    So, today we will learn about the brave and and divine Serpent Nagraj Vasuki.

    In Bhagavad Gita lord Krishna says that Sarpanamasmi Vasuki. The word used to refer to Vasuki is sarpas, and to Ananta is Nagas. That means that amongst all this serpents in the world, Vasuki is the foremost. But he is also Nagraj. It is said ' Sarpa eka Shirasa, Naga bahu Shirasa. That is Sarpa is one headed serpent and Nagas is many headed Serpent. Sarpa is the cobra, Naga is a divine serpent being with many heads.

    Agni purana mentions Shesha and Vasuki have 1000 heads. Vasuki is of the Kshatriya varna. He is well known as Nagaraja. King of the Nagas in Nagaloka in the name of Bhogawati. Vasuki is most famous in the Samudra manthan story, where he acted as a rope to move the Mandar mountain, to remove the nectar of immortality from the ocean.

    In this regard a legend states that Kadru and Vinata, two daughters of Daksha Prajapati where married to sage Kashyap ask for a boon from the sage that she should get a thousand snakes in the form of sons. At the same time, Vinata only ask for two mighty sons (Aruna and Garuda).
    Later on kadru got sons in the form of snakes, in which one of them was Nagraaj Vasuki.Vasuki is the brother of Manasa devi who also had the same name as his husband. Sage Jaratkāru practiced severe austerities and had decided to abstain from marriage. Once he came across a group of men hanging from a tree upside down. These men were his ancestors, who were doomed to misery as their children had not performed their last rites. So they advised Jaratkāru to marry and have a son who could free them of those miseries by performing the ceremonies. Vasuki offered his sister Manasa’s hand to Jaratkāru. Manasa mothered a son, Astīka, who freed his ancestors. Astika also helped in saving the Nāga race from destruction when King Janamejaya decided to exterminate them by sacrificing them in his Yajna, fire offering. Manasa devi is worshipped in the east, and also known as Naageshwari.

    Vasuki Nagaraja is supposed to have lived in Kukke Subrahmanya. He is worshipped along with Kumara, or Skanda or Lord Kartikeya, who is not a Naga but the son of Uma and Shiva. He is supposed to protect Vasuki Naga against Garuda. There is still an anthill in old temple of Adi Subrahmanya, where Vasuki Naga is supposed to reside. It is a place of significant Naga worship and many people come there to rid of Naga doshas. Thousands of people perform Ashlesha bali, Sarpa sanskara and Naga murti pratishta in Kukke Subrahmanya.

    Harivamsha, Vishnu parva mentions Vasuki does pooja of Shesha. Karkotaka and Kambala Naga are ministers of Vasuki, and the rest also do seva of him. In Varaha purana, Gokarna mahatmya, Vasuki Naga’s place is Gokarn and in that kshetra dvar he is vigna pradhan. Hence he is almost like Ganapati in Gokarn. Vasuki is the ornament of Lord Shiva, who wears Vasuki as his necklace. One always sees a Naga over the Shivaling, and Nagas are very dear to Lord Shiva.

    Of all the places on earth, Kashmir is the most important place for the Nagas. Even now many springs are named after them like Konsarnag, Verinag, Anantnag, Vicharnag, Sukhnag. Nilamata purana, is the only purana named after a Naga king, named Nila. Nila Naga is almost equal to Vasuki and is fond of Vasuki naga. Though worshipped by the Kashmiri pandits, Nila Naga is not mentioned anywhere else. Naga worship is a very pronounced in Kashmir since many ages. When Vasuki and the Nagas were tormented by Garuda, sought the mercy of Lord Vishnu, who instructed Vasuki to live in Sati lake which became Kashmir later. In these waters the Nagas were safe until the puranic story further unfolds the formation of Kashmir land, the abode of Nagas.


    So basically this a story from ancient text on Nagraj Vasuki written by me. As l like mythology so much.
    Took help from Google baba.
    Hope you like it Guys.
    Do read this carefully and enjoy this.
    A little interesting and exciting story from my side.

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    #story #mythology #self #happy #Vasuki

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    night sky
    A helpless
    mournful sigh

    From the
    floating basket
    A newborn's cry

    #septolet #abandoned #baby #mythology #mahabharat

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    night sky
    A helpless
    mournful sigh

    From the
    floating basket
    A newborn's cry


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    #lilith #mythology #firstwoman #firstwifeofadam
    #adameve #love #feminism #equality

    Wanna know more about Lilith, check out my new article


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    They called her a demon 
    A child-eating monster,
    the vampire queen,
    the first wife of Adam.
    But nobody saw her, 
    as who she was,
    nobody saw the, 
    real woman behind
    the mask of a monster.
    The woman whose children,
    were killed ruthlessly,
    whose husband replaced,
    her almost instantaneously.
    And what was her fault?
    she didn't want to bow down!
    and tell me,
    why should she?
    When she was created as an equal.
    When she was deemed to be the queen.

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    The Poesy of Ninth_!!!

    Saturday mustered slytherins,
    corrupting the dema abruptly,
    might of the mayhem, quaked,
    this languid liberty of LØRDAG,

    Sunday mitigating the good sól,
    pitiable spirit beholding goliaths,
    within the tartarus sized ticker,
    her ode is still young, SØNDAG,

    Monday, a promised neverland,
    where dawn will cull this drove,
    the moon will pounce on ogres,
    at last, along throve MANDAG,

    Tuesday, abirdged urge of affray,
    turning sanity into malfeasance,
    siege, the bastards yelled frankly,
    what a dismal sight, hail TIRSDAY,

    Wednesday stenching of divinity,
    the hidebound numen of penillion,
    his beard itching for subjugation,
    fear the aged miscreant, ONSDAG,

    Thursday soaked all of abhorrence,
    the ether befalls upon his chariot,
    necromancy enchanted the eddas,
    such blessed reverence, TORSDAG,

    Friday kept her word of benevolence,
    comforting the tormented grimalkins,
    my exuberant salutations, blest gaia,
    for devoting parturition to optimism,
    long live the motherhood, her FREDAG.


  • in_fragments 36w

    It's okay to get angry. It's okay to scream. Releasing it is the healthiest thing you can do. Don't push it back.
    #pod #narrative #poem #women #mythology #trauma #mentalhealth #mentalillness #ptsd #anger #selfcare @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Pt. 3: Me, The Banshee

    Me, the banshee,
    I scream with resiliency,
    no longer eating my teeth
    and dying silently!
    I express myself
    for the children of the day,
    the little ones living below the murk,
    suffocated by all the anger,
    the sadness and hatred-
    buried pearls of light
    underneath miles and miles of mud;
    I scream for them,
    that they may find
    their way home again-
    Me, the banshee,
    longing to be happy and free
    but stuck in this dead forest,
    not allowed to wander
    anywhere else;
    to the other side of the coin-
    to the other side of your mind.

    Please be not afraid of me.
    I guard the little ones
    from secrets they cannot keep,
    the darkest knowledge
    under my control,
    but at a cost bigger than life itself;
    I have no sense of innocence,
    no childlike wonder,
    those things were never meant for me.
    Living amongst neverending
    wintry death,
    yet I myself cannot die until you do.
    Me, the banshee, I am you-
    all that you're terrorized by,
    all that you fight to forget.
    You have everything you need
    inside a scream,
    but are too scared to hear
    the messages between them.

    Don't be afraid of the banshee
    inside you, I carry my own wisdom
    like the fairies do, in their gardens
    and the monsters in my forest,
    we all exist for a reason;
    the children are you,
    the fairies and monsters
    and creatures are you,
    coming out to play in ways
    you've forgotten, having hidden
    them away for so long-
    so I scream, for if I didn't,
    how would you know
    anyone else was here?
    I've been waiting for you to find me
    the entire time.

    I'll help you build
    what the children cannot have,
    what you must gently teach them
    once you know it- the truth.
    You will remember soon,
    building up mental fortitude;
    you might not see it,
    but I sense you getting closer
    every day.
    You are stronger because you have me,
    the banshee. Screaming is power,
    screaming is sovereignty,
    screaming is your body
    knowing before the knowing-
    so let yourself begin to scream,
    and don't be afraid
    of the all voices in between.

  • pragatigarg 37w


    Yes it's the inferno
    Where darkness walks alive
    Where evil thrive
    Sins get life
    Yes the nine circles of hell are deep inside
    Where devil resides
    Since the beginning of time
    No knows what's in there
    Until one dies
    For only the dead walk past the gates of underworld

  • youcanenvisage 39w

    Close your eyes
    The darkness what you see is the reality.