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    प्यार पार्ट २

    प्यार एक नज़र मे नही हो सकता , प्यार एक दिन मे नही हो सकता। किसी के लिए वो भावना आने मे समय लगता है। आपको उस व्यक्ति के साथ कैसा लगता है, आपकी कोशीश उसके प्रति कितनी है, आप उसको समझते कितना हो, उसके व्यवहार से आपको कितना फरक परता है ये सब निर्णय करते है आपका प्यार उसके प्रति। पर क्या ये काफी है? सिर्फ आपके प्यार करने से क्या आप वो मुकाम पा लिए? इसका सीधा और साफ जवाब है नही। सिर्फ आपके प्यार करने से कुछ भी नही हो सकता। ये बात भी मायने रखती है की सामने वाला भी क्या आपको उतना चाहता है। अगर आपके लिए उसके वो भावनाएं नही है तो फिर आपका प्यार एक तरफा रह जाएगा। पर क्या अब आपके प्यार का अंत हो गया? तो फिर मै कहूँगा नही। अब सबकुछ निर्णय करता है आपके प्रयास। अब आपको उस व्यक्ति को बताना है अपनी भावनाएं। मानता हूँ मुश्किल है अपने प्यार का इज़हार करना। डर लगता होगा की कही जवाब नही ना आ जाए। पर आप ये सोचिये क्या आपके बिना बोले वो दूसरा व्यक्ति समझ जाएगा? इसका जवाब आपके पास है। तो फिर डरना क्यों है। हर दिन उसको देखना उसी को चाहना और फिर बस उसको खुश देखकर खुश होने से बेहतर सबकुछ बताना है। जवाब कुछ भी हो उस व्यक्ति का उसको सोचने से बेहतर बस अपनी बात रख देना। अंत मे या तो आपको आपका प्यार मिल जाएगा या फिर आप निराश वापस आ जाओगे। पर क्या इससे आपको किसी और के लिए फील नही करना चाहिए? तो मेरा जवाब रहेगा नही।आपका प्यार किसी इंसान तक सीमित नही है। ये जरूरी नही की आप जिसे चाहे वो आपको चाहे। पर आप ये भी विचार करिए की कोई और होगा जिसका ख्वाब आप होंगे। तो फिर किसी एक गलत इंसान के लिए सच्चा प्यार एक धोखा है जैसी सोच को विकसित ना करे। सही समय और सही व्यक्ति के साथ सब अच्छा होगा। और हाँ एक बात कभी भूलिएगा मत-

    "दिल मिलना जरूरी होता है मोहब्बत मिले या ना मिले जरूरी नही"


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    A lot of what we feel is linked to what we are thinking about at that point in time.
    If our minds are full of bitterness and negative thoughts, one can't appreciate the present moment that one is experiencing.
    But if the mind is a blank slate or "relaxed" would be the right word, one can feel the present.

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    The start to a day...

    She walked on the grass treading lightly and calmly, the grass seemingly unfazed by her feet on them.
    She felt weightless, not weighed down by heavy thoughts, just floating along with her feet.
    She felt centered, balanced, unafraid to look at the glowing sun.
    It filled her and coursed hope and love in her body and mind leaving no space for any negativity.
    Her body and mind were relaxed and she could take in the beauty of life and being alive that she hadn't felt in a long time.

  • myasir99 44w

    A Good Relationship

    You know she's beautiful and he's unstoppable everyone are perfecto in their places no competition no camperizion just pairs were messed up or nothing else but she's so kind that she gave her life's 50 years or more to that understandable man that's how a good relationship works forever

  • bharat_singh 52w

    kaunsa Chaiwale chowkidaar khooni hai?

    Wo Aaj ho rahi ek Image building aur Uttar Pradesh election ki taiyaari waali chowkidaaro ki Meeting mien gaya hai, aapko wahaan par kai aise log milenge jinhone apni profile picture mien likha hua hai main bhi chowkidaar.
    Ab samajh lo kis hudd tak ye gobar gyaan bhari hai har scientific approach aur logic se, kya time ye nahin hai kj agenda third Covid 19 wave se kaise bachien ka hona chahiye tha lekin saare chaukidaar milkar UP Vidhan sabha election jeetne k liye manthan kar rahe hain. Jabki Desh mien log mar rahe hain aur jis Pradesh ke panchayati election mien 1600 se jyada MAUT sirf teachers ki hui hai aise miem ye chawkidaar aur kitna neeche gira jaaye ke baare mien milkar soch rahe hain.

    *"Compassion/Karuna, peace/Shanti, humanity/manavta and childhood/bachpana/Youthful spirit all killed in pursuit of power by using all possible mean"* and I am sure they are planning to spread more hate, superstition and poison in the society in coming times to protect themselves and what they have built for themselves. Killing is what they know.

    Bus ye samajh lena ki chaiwala chaukidaar he chor hai aur main sirf ek number nahin hoon.

  • archanapr 60w

    You may get rejection when you seek love
    You may get pain when you seek happiness
    You may get disappointment when you seek hope
    You always get care and love in abundance when you seek me


  • archanapr 115w

    Celebration... Not for a day... But for lifetime

    I do not celebrate women's day for a day in the year...
    Instead I celebrate it  every day...

    I  celebrate women's day when I realize my father has given cent percent freedom on everything which makes me a better person

    I celebrate women's day everyday as my mother is there as my pillar of support

    I celebrate women's day when i realize i did not sacrificed my passion, career, interests or not even my name just after marriage

    I celebrate women's day everyday as my husband stands next to me in whatever the damn thing i do

    I celebrate women's day when I see the transformation  of waiting faces to smiling faces of my kids when they see me in the evening

    I celebrate women's day everyday as my friends asks randomly  how my life is going

    I celebrate women's day when my well-wisher sends a message just to check whether I reached home safely

    I celebrate women's day everyday as my loved ones make sure that  I share my cab tracking details mandatorily 

    I celebrate women's day when my colleague keeps the late evening discussion to next day as I may miss my bus

    I celebrate women's day everyday as my family still pampers me like still I am kid

    I celebrate women's day when I realize there are whole lot of people who lends me hand in my daily chorus

    I celebrate women's day everyday as I am never judged by my dear ones based on the dress I wear

    I celebrate women's day everyday as I am blessed with family and friends who love and care me for what I am today...not just because i am WOMEN


  • nishca 138w

    Look in my eyes..
    You can't?
    Maybe.. you don't deserve to reflect in my eyes and reach my heart..

  • thegirlwhothinks 146w

    Be ONE...be YOURSELF...


    We live various personalities in our whole lifetime. Sometimes we have to be kind, sometimes we are diplomatic, sometimes we are fake and etc..etc..

    It is so surprising to know that a mere human being can pretend to be so many 'other characters' for his/her own SELFISH DEEDS. Often we encounter so many people who are not 'themselves' and are wearing a FACADE or a MASK of HIDING. And in these type of situations , they forget, who they actually WERE and becomes SOMEONE who they are not.

    Even I am one of those who tries to be a different person in certain SPECIAL situations only for 'gaining attention'.
    I have seen people CLAIMING FAKE STATEMENTS about themselves, wherin in the reality, they are really not that.
    Well how ironic it is!!!.....what to say human mind can be so devillious sometimes....

    There can be so many factors responsible for this change. We want to enhance our stature in the society and thus we try to show ourselves the 'one and only' and so 'intelligent' and in realitu its just a copy paste ....
    What i think is that it is important for us to accept the way we are and hold onto our ideas and beliefs, because if people want to accept us , then they should see the REAL US and not the CHAMELION IN DISGUISE.

    BE yourself, speak up your thoughts, dont worry what the people think of you..
    It is your opinion , not theirs, beacuse if you will try to be someone who you are not, then you will loose a very SIGNIFICANT part of your life which is your IDENTITY which defines who you are as the INDIVIDUAL.
    every person is different, we are differnt in our identities and social context. Accept that, accept who you are....dont change yourself for the world...but for you to develop yourself....

    If you want to stand apart from the crowd, stand for your views and BE ONE , BE YOURSELF ...

    So....be you! Not the thousands facade you are carrying with you....:)

    A/n-forgive me for any grammatical mistakes...hope you like it and thank you for supporting...

  • demolished_pnuma 162w


    I can see myself disappearing,
    Disappearing, in the fog,
    The fog, of the other's dream,
    The dreams, of perfection,
    The perfection, which isn't perfect itself,
    But it dreams to be.
    Perfection, is just a thought,
    A thought, of a human mind,
    The mind, full of knowledge,
    The knowledge, which includes bullshits,
    The bullshits, which society feeds,
    The feeds, standards set by society,
    Society, the biggest bully of this system,
    The system made-up of us,
    If you want to change the system,
    Change the us.

  • etherious_ken 163w


    If someone says they fell in love for your personality
    Honey , They are lying

  • sonalwrites683 166w

    I'm a that kind of person
    Who is happy in every moment

  • thepencilwriter 184w

    Stop judging!!

    Just because my views are bold
    that doesn't mean I'm characterless.

  • thepencilwriter 186w

    Stop.... I know what I do....
    #stop #myviews #myopinion #shitysociety

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    Not an option

    Your views and opinions are not an option for
    me. I'll do whatever I feel like doing and I
    never listened to your words so stop feeding
    your views on me.

  • anupama_sarkar 190w


    Today Supreme Court quashed Section 497, wherein a man could be arrested for adultery and jailed for 05 years.. the news is all over the media.. I wrote a small piece on the mindset of society on marriage and extramarital affairs in the wake of this development.. Article is written in Hindi and a bit too long to upload, so I have uploaded link to my article in the caption.. You can read the article on my blog link in the caption friends and as I am new to Mirakee, please do suggest how to share long articles here..

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    It's for you guys!
    #maleism#myconcept#myviews ����

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    It's not the ears but the eyes that listen!

    Darling you got a cut from the knife
    While you tried to help your wife,
    Still the cheers in your eyes glisten
    It's not the ears but the eyes that listen.

    You scold you children, keeping them safe
    It's not sensitivity but making them brave,
    And you keep your deepest love hidden
    It's not the ears but the eyes that listen.

    You don't get into gossips or lies
    The work is everything for you that satisfies,
    Earning money for us is your mission
    It's not the ears but the eyes that listen.

  • gwenlove 197w

    When people say dont you have any shame?
    And that time i say "does it look like that i give fuck about it"


  • aditi11singh 203w

    Love is a hoax

    Wow, she's too pretty!
    C'mon just look into her eyes.
    She has such a perfect body.
    Her skin is so well toned.
    I have already fallen for her.
    Bro, I must remind you that you've not fallen for her. You are just infatuated by her looks and I must tell you this will fade away with time. You need a beautiful girl and not a good soul. You call this love and later when you'll not be able to love her unconditionally , she'll be the one who'll suffer.
    Guys, to be precise I just wanted to say that people are not falling for soul and heart , they do not love mind or heart. They just want the other person to be a part of their instagram and snapchat highlights,a complete virtual world.They all want to stay in a relationship because everyone is already in, it's in vogue.
    Love is a hoax in this virtual world.

  • mirakee_posts 210w

    No no, today I'll not wish Happy Mother's Day.
    For me every day is Mother's day.
    She pray for us daily.
    She take care of us daily.
    She never give up.
    She give so much love and support.
    What we do as children nothing just posting a picture with her and cutting cake with her.
    Pray for her every day.
    Take care of her every day.
    Give love and support to her.
    To make her feel special, celebrate every day.

  • _mudra_ 213w

    Love and pain❤
    Understand, love doesn't give you pain.��
    #love #pain #quotes #write #mywritings #question #myviews #learn #getup #mirakee #mirakeeworld #mirakeeapp

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    What about the pain from love?

    "...I do not believe love gives you pain, why would it? Love is healing. The pain comes from people, attachment, emotions, feelings, belongingness and habit. These are just the elements that strip your heart out and make you vulnerable."

  • akash_dasondhi 219w


    Writing is not easy task, as it needs the deep thinking with calm and cool mind. People used to tell that writing is the waste of time but they forget , writing is something that convey your feelings from heart to paper and finally it spreads(communicate) in society