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  • dianisco 25w

    Dear Miafa...

    Thank you for that time
    You felt like quitting but didn't
    Because you were thinking of me
    And what my future would be

    Thank you for that time
    You kept going though you were failing
    Just so you could prove to me
    That we can do anything

    Thank you for that time
    You decided to work on our personality
    To shape that lady we wanted to be
    To bring out the best you and me

    Thank you for the fighter I now am
    know I'm doing the best with what I can
    Know that I'd make you proud
    I'd make you proud, my miafaone

  • artheartpoetry 25w

    To My Younger Self

    I wish you could have known better.
    I wish I could have told you sooner than this.
    I wish I could have protected you back then.
    I wish I could have warned you that your future would end up like this.

    I know you were meant for the brighter side,
    I know you were meant for greater things.
    I know you didn't deserve the hand you've been dealt for you were meant to be held in a higher esteem.

    I wish I could have grown up to be the person
    who you were meant and deserved to be.
    If there's anything that I could have said to you
    It's that we truly control our own destiny.

    The fate was always in my hands and I have always been the one in control.
    A thousand sad apologies to you, my younger self, for letting the world break your innocent soul.


  • natanalatress 51w

    If I could see that little girl I was years ago that loved Reese’s butter cups, catching creepy bugs & adored her baby sisters & wanted to protect them from all the evil in the world, I would tell her that life is absolutely too short to live in fear. Don’t worry about what’s going on around you. God is with you. The hardships you’re going through right now is just a part of your story, it will not determine the outcome of your life. Those moments you feel at peace is that higher being healing your soul. Moments when you’re losing your self in your writing, those words are preserving your inner being & that time when you are sitting under that big oak tree at your childhood home taking in the breeze, and you are reading Journey to Jo’burg, and you feel like you are there that is that higher being comforting you and taking you away from all that violence, allowing you to go places where you don’t feel defeated, but you feel love, and you are loved baby girl, you’re a valuable piece in this world & you’re enough!

  • musingsofanemmy 162w

    Maybe all we ever were and all we're ever meant to be were fragments of moments in each other's lives. Learning and growing from the lessons we taught each other. We were running against time but time kept running after us. And it looks as though our time has expired and now I have to let you go. I wish you well and I wish you enough for wherever life takes you and whom the universe decides to bring to your path I wish they treat and appreciate you better than I was ever able to.


  • arpitatiwari 204w


    To my younger self,
    Let me provide you with some help.
    You are free ,I want to go back in thee.
    You will be facing stacks of judgements,
    Your life will be bounded in adjustments.
    Now you are like a flying bird,
    Not taking on hearts their heavy words.
    On your way to reach we,
    You will see all the phases of blee.
    Enjoy your early years,
    Lately you will get stucked in fears.
    Keep your emotions in first gear,
    Remember the reason behind your tears.
    Many worst things you will have to bear.
    Dear little girl ,
    You on this earth are a beautiful pearl.
    Keep your pride ,keep your smile.
    Learning from mistakes will take you high.
    At the end I just want to stop you for while,
    Enjoy every moment, with me you have to walk miles.

    -Arpita Tiwari ©smileytales