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    Cool if a profile hosts two writers content, besides just writing in the post itself
    how cool if it has
    author: code

    And park$?
    & rec?
    Tic tok
    The time is winding at its own wind
    Let it be let it be
    Be it
    Let it be you
    Who looks up to others
    And support each other
    friendly communities are real
    Fear needn't win
    A war that love already won
    You've seen it cold
    War & all
    The battle drum
    Its just another song
    In the artists catalog
    Invoking an experience
    So intense for such nonsense
    Like the color of your hair
    Or the way you just don't
    Whore has no gender
    Equal contender
    With greed and desire
    Inspire to grow above our mistakenly top of the pyramid success
    Succeed in actualizing
    Real is as real as you want it to be

    #bekind #firsttime