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    "Ek ek TULSI PATRA ki keemat tum kya jano , NON DEVOTEES INSANO"

    Ap na hoti toh kya ho hamara ,
    Thakurji toh seva hi na le hamari .

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    कोई बस पे तो कोई ट्रेन पे
    अपना सीट तक नहीं छोड़ते हैं,
    लेकिन नारायण भाउराव ने,
    किसी कि ज़िन्दगी के ख़ातिर
    अपनी ज़िन्दगी का सीट छोड़ गये ।


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    Bhakti Agar Prahlaad Si Hogi
    Toh Narayan Dev Mileage

    Agar Ahankar Hirnayakashyap Sa Hoga
    Toh Narsimha (Narayan Dev) Bhi Dikhenge

    Vardaan Bhi Abhishaap Mein Badlenge
    Agar Aham Holika Mata Jaise Rahenge

  • love_your__life_18 60w



    Bhakti Agar Prahlaad Si Hogi
    Toh Narayan Dev Milenge

    Agar Ahankar Hirnayakashyap Sa Hoga
    Toh Narsimha (Narayan Dev) Bhi Dikhenge

    Vardaan Bhi Abhishaap Mein Badlenge
    Agar Aham Holika Mata Jaise Rahenge

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    Hari Hari is a cheerful name, that rolls off your tongue like butter escaping milk while churning.

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    आप सभी को श्रीकृष्ण जन्माष्टमी की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ।

    श्रीकृष्ण, जिनके अनेकों रूप हैं किंतु सार केवल एक ही है -प्रेम का प्रसार और धर्म-पालन।

    जय श्रीकृष्ण।

    #shrikrishna #krishna #shrikrishnajanmashtami #janamashtami #janmashtami #happybirthdaykrishna #giridhar #gopal #radhakrishna #rukmini #balram #yashodanandan #nandlal #manmohan #jagatguru #gita #sudama #gokul #gopi #dharma #premavatar #love #kanhaiya #kanha #govinda #harekrishna #murare #narayan #shrinarayan #srikrishna

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    उन गोपिन के जो मनमोहन,
    गोकुल के वो नाग-नथैया,
    वे ही जिनके सखा सुदामा,
    वे ही जो रुक्मिण के सैंया,
    राधा के जो राधानागर,
    और दाऊ के छोटे भैया,
    नंद बाबा के नंद-गोपाला,
    और मैया के कृष्ण कन्हैया,
    इस जग के जो जगत गुरु,
    और भव-सागर के नाव-खिवैया,
    हाथ थाम कर पार करावें,
    इस जीवन की भूल-भुलैया।

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    #mahalakshmi #narayan #mylordvishnu #ram #govind #shri #hari #shrihari #little #shyaam #venkatesha #moon #dance #descend #toy #play #cradle #flute #earth #hymn #vaishnav #serve #seeking #refuge #devotion

    Hari thinks moon is a toy. ��
    My poem specially the first two paragraphs are inspired by ShriPeriyalwar Thirumoli. ����❤

    Here's the part of Thirumoli by ShriVishnuchittar Periyalwar, even if you don't see my poem atleast read this. ������
    Tamil with translation...

    54. than mugaththuch sutti * thUngkath thUngkath thavaznthupOy *
    pon mukak kiNkiNi Arppap * puzuthi aLaikinRAn **
    en makan gOvinthan * kUththinai iLamAmathI *
    nin mukam kaNNuLavAkil * nI ingkE nOkkip pO

    O, Tender Moon! If you have eyes on your face, come and see my child Govinda’s pranks as he crawls, kicking up dust. His forehead pendant sways, his golden anklet jingles.

    55.en siRuk kuttan * enakkOr innamuthu empirAn *
    than siRuk kaikaLAl * kAttik kAtti azaikkinRAn **
    anjchana vaNNanOdu * AdalAda uRuthiyEl *
    manjchil maRaiyAthE * mAmathI makiznthOdi vA

    O, Great moon! My dark hued little child, my sweet ambrosia, my master calls and beckons to you with his wee hands. If you wish to play with him, do not hide behind the clouds. Come running here happily.

    56. suRRum oLivattam * sUznthu sOthi paranthengkum *
    enththanai seyyinum * en makan mukam nErovvAy **
    viththakan vEngkadavANan * unnai viLikkinRa *
    kaiththalam nOvAmE * ambulI kadithOdi vA

    O, Bright Moon with rounds of halo spreading light everywhere! With all that, you are no match for my son’s face. The wonder Lord, resident of Venkatam, calls, Come running quickly, lest you cause pain to his hand.

    57. sakkarak kaiyan * thandangkaNNAl malara viziththu *
    okkalai mElirunthu * unnaiyE suttik kAttum kAN **
    thakkathaRithiyEl * chanthirA salam seyyAthE *
    makkal peRAtha * maladanallaiyEl vA kaNdAy

    O, Full Moon! The discus-wielding Lord with his large eyes opened wide, seated on my waist, points at you alone. Know what is proper, and do not deceive him. If you are not a child-less sterile, take note and come.

    58. azakiya vAyil * amuthavURal theLivuRA *
    mazalai muRRAtha * iLanjsollAl unnaik kUvukinRAn**
    kuzakan sirItharan * kUvak kUva nI pOthiyEl *
    puzaiyilavAkAthE * nin sevi pukar mAmathI

    O, Big bright Moon! The adorable Sridhara with spittle dripping from his beautiful mouth, blabbers indistinctly, coos and calls to you. If you go on ignoring his calls, would it not mean that your ears are without a bore?

    59. thaNdodu sakkaram * sArngkam Enthum thadakkaiyan *
    kaN thuyil koLLak karuthik * kottAvi koLkinRAn **
    uNda mulaippAlaRA kaNdAy * uRangkAvidil *
    viN thanil manniya * mAmathI virainthOdi vA

    O, Big Moon set in the wide sky! The Lord with mighty arms that hold the mace, discus and bow yawns as he goes to sleep. If he does not sleep, the breast-milk he drank will not be digested, see! So come quickly! Make haste and come.

    60. pAlakanenRu * paribavam seyyEl * paNdorunAL
    Alinilai vaLarntha * siRuk kanavan ivan **
    mElezap pAynthu * pidiththuk koLLum vekuLumEl *
    mAlai mathiyAthE * mAmathI makiznthOdi vA

    O, Big Moon! Do not think he is a mere child. Then in the past, he swallowed the Universe and slept on a fig leaf, know it. If he gets angry he can easily leap up and catch you. So cast aside your self-esteem and come on your own accord.

    61. siRiyanenRu enniLanjsingkaththai * ikazEl kaNdAy *
    siRumaiyin vArththaiyai * mAvaliyidaich senRu kEL **
    siRumaip pizai koLLil * nIyum un thEvaikkuriyai kEN *
    niRaimathI nedumAl * virainthu unnaik kUvukinRAn

    O, Full Moon! Do not trifle with my lion-cub for his small size. Go and learn from Mahabali what smallness can do. If you too show regret for trifling him, you too can secure his grace. The Lord of the Universe calls, make haste.

    62. thAziyil veNNey * thadangkai Ara vizungkiyz *
    pEzai vayiRRempirAn kaNdAy * unnaik kUvukinRAn **
    Azikondu unnai eRiyum * aiyuRavillai kAN *
    vAza uRuthiyEl * mAmathI makiznthOdi vA

    O, Big Moon! Look my master who lowered his long arms into the pot and filled his bulging belly with butter calls you. He will spin his discus on you, there is no doubt. If you wish to live, come running willingly.

    63. maiththandangkaNNi * yasOthai than makanukku * ivai
    oththana solli * uraiththa mARRam * oLi puththUr
    viththakan vittuchiththan * viriththa thamizivai *
    eththanaiyum solla vallavarkku * idarillaiyE

    This decad of sweet Tamil songs by Vishnuchitta, resident of bright Puduvai, recalls the words of bright collyrium-eyed Yasoda, spoken on her son’s behalf. Those how can recite it in any manner will have no despair.

    SOURCE: http://periazhvarthirumozhifirst1000.blogspot.com/p/than-mugaththu.html?m=1

    Now my poem��:

    Little Shyaam
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Little Venkatesha rests in a cradle
    Oh Moon it's time for you to hide
    See the little one, the sweet child
    Oh Moon, he has come to shatter your pride
    Don't you see, he calls you a toy
    You must descend to Earth today
    So, that my Hari, could easily play
    With you, as your fortune stars say
    The boy with lips as red as a lotus
    Look how he walks, on the Royal floor
    With rubies studded in his jewels quite more
    Than tints in a multi hued vibgyor
    The one who resides in all alike
    Is dancing in the courtyard as Nand's son
    While the orange Sky peeps from the pane
    To watch the play of Sweet Kannan
    He shall come to me, my heart says
    With a flute in his endearing hand
    Which held the Earth previously and,
    Bless the Vaishnavs each instant,
    He shall come as a child, to steal my heart,
    Oh who's more cute than him
    Who can destroy everything by a mere whim
    I shall sing for him a hymn!
    While he shall sit sweetly listening
    And embrace me with his charm
    I shall feel blissful and warm
    To serve my little Shyaam!

    ✿�������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: Pinterest
    ���� ������ ��������������: Yashoda Mayya calling Moon to come play with Krishna, From Periyalwar Thirumoli

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    Little Shyaam

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    मेरा एहसास हो तुम।

    © tumpremho

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    तुम्‍हारा होना ही था मुज़में मुज़से कुछ ज्‍यादा।

    © tumpremho

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    दुर्धर्ष जिसके वार पर हुआ कार्तवीर्य विभक्त था,
    महादेव शिष्य व वंश भृगु वह मातृ-पितृ का भक्त था,
    नर रूप नारायण का ब्राह्मण वेश, क्षत्रिय उग्रता,
    पितु महाऋषि जमदाग्नि थे और मात् जिनकी रेणुका,
    कंधे पे धनुष विजय था शिव का परशु दूजे हाथ था,
    वह राम परशुराम के ही नाम से विख्यात था,
    हुआ कामधेनु कामना से ग्रस्त राजा क्रूर था,
    और लोभ, मोह व शक्ति मद में चूर वह भरपूर था,
    जब कामधेनु ले गया वह बल से अत्याचार से,
    तो सहस्रबाहु विजित किया भार्गव ने नर-संहार से,
    अपने पिता का लेने को प्रतिशोध राजकुमारों ने,
    जमदाग्नि का सर काटकर किया शब्द उन हत्यारों ने,
    "है आँख बदले आँख के और तात बदले तात के,"
    जामदग्न्य कैसे शांत रहें उपरांत इस आघात के,
    "माँ वक्ष को तू पीटकर रोई है जितनी बार भी,
    माँ क्षत्रियों का नाश कर दूंगा मैं उतनी बार ही,"
    इक्कीस बार हुआ ये नर-संहार इस भू लोक में,
    भय-युक्त थे भगवान से भी जीव इस भू लोक में,
    तब दान करके त्याग दी पृथ्वी श्री परशुराम ने,
    है क्रोध कितना घोर घातक सिद्ध किया भगवान ने।

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    Only for my friends :
    #Tarun ,#Narayan ,#Neeraj ,#Neelesh

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    True friends stand by your side and don't ever leave you, They will fill your life with love & make sure you're never left blue.
    Friends mold your life and make it so much better than it already is,
    They flood your days with laughter, fun and never ending happiness.
    With love in your life you may or may not have friendship, But with friends by your side, you have both love and friendship!
    Thank you for being my friend.

    ~Vishal Yadav

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    #mind #mahalakshmi #narayan #shrihari #form #meritorious
    #ram #govind #hari #ceesreposts

    Oh Mind
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh Mind, contemplate on the form of ShriHari
    The auspicious form which bestows unlimited merits
    Oh Mind, contemplate on that form
    This form has given the coveted positions to the great sages
    This form is the delight for the hearts of the devotees
    Why you don't contemplate on that??
    Oh Mind, find your refuge in those feet
    Oh Mind, don't forget this ever
    This will make you cross the ocean of this world
    Oh Mind, contemplate on this excellent form
    Contemplate on the form of ShriHari!
    Jai Jai ShriHari! Jai Jai ShriHari! Jai Jai ShriHari!

    ShrimadBhagavadGeeta says mind is the best friend of the wise and the worst enemy of unwise! Without contemplation on ShriHari's lotus feet all meditation is futile, or results in no merits. So, for liberation let's start contemplating on the form of ShriHari! Jai Jai ShriHari! ������

    @drinderjeet @shraddha_suryanarayana @vandi123 @biswajitdev

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    Oh Mind

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    #shrihari #narayan #mahalakshmi #shrimannarayana #shri_hari_narayana #ram #govind #hari #jayati #victory

    जयति श्रीहरि
    - भव्या गोगिया

    जयति श्री निखिल जग वंदन
    जयति परम पुरुष मधू-मर्दन

    जयति भव बंधन विमोचन
    जयति जलज रवि चंद्र लोचन
    जयति सर्व चराचर शरणा
    जयति अद्भुत श्री वंदित चरणा
    जयति श्री निखिल जग वंदन
    जयति परम पुरुष मधू-मर्दन

    जयति वैजंती पुष्प धारी
    जयति सर्व दुष्ट खल हारी
    जयति श्रीमननारायण स्वामी
    जयति श्रीहरि तव कोटि नमामि
    जयति श्री निखिल जग वंदन
    जयति परम पुरुष मधू-मर्दन

    Victory to the one worshipped by the entire world!
    Victory to the supreme man, who killed Madhu demon!

    Victory to the one who destroys the ties of World!
    Victory to the one who has lotus eyes like Sun and Moon!
    Victory to the one who is the shelter for all beings(sentient and insentient)!
    Victory to the one whose feet are worshipped by the wonderful Shri(Ma Lakshmi)!
    Victory to the one worshipped by the entire world!
    Victory to the supreme man, who killed Madhu demon!

    Victory to the one who wears Vaijanti flowers!
    Victory to the one who ends all evil enemies!
    Victory to the Lord ShrimanNarayana!
    Victory and a thousand obeisances to you Oh ShriHari!
    Victory to the one worshipped by the entire world!
    Victory to the supreme man, who killed Madhu demon!

    A hymn by me! ��Jai ShriHari!

    @drinderjeet @chhori @joyalpatel

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    जयति श्रीहरि

    - श्रीहरि नंदिनी

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    #varaha #bhumi #shrihari #mahalakshmi #narayan #mylordvishnu #ram #govind #hari #shrimannarayana #shri_hari_narayana #ceesreposts

    Let's play dear Varaha!
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Let's play my dear Varaha
    Let's play hide and seek!
    Let's play my dear Bhumidhar
    Let me hide, you seek!
    My dear Hari you always hide
    And leave me to search for you!
    But today let me hide
    And let you search for me!
    Oh Govind! Oh Bhupati
    Oh one with a large tusk!
    Oh one who plays with my heart
    Oh lifter of the Earth!
    Let me ride your back today
    Oh my sweetest Father
    Let there be no more distance
    Between you me here after!
    Oh one with lotus hands
    Which hold Kaumadki mace!
    Come now let's play today
    Oh worthy of all praise!
    Oh Shyamvarnam, Oh Govinda
    Oh Lover of Vasundhara
    Please come and accept me now
    Oh my dearest Varaha!

    ShriVaraha is one of the incarnations of ShriVishnu. He took the form of a boar to rescue Bhumi Devi (Goddess of Earth, none other than ShriLakshmi) who had been taken down in the ocean because of an evil demon Hiranyaksh, Lord ShriVarah later killed that demon!
    In this poem, I wish to play hide and seek with him! ShriHari is not visible to these eyes and hence it seems he is always hiding from me, so when he will play hide and seek with me, I will hide and he will have to seek me!������❤

    Shyamvarnam- one of black complexion
    Vasundhara-Earth (Bhumi Devi)
    Bhupati-Lord of Bhumi Devi
    Bhumidhar-one who held Bhumi Devi
    Kaumadki-Name of Lord ShriVishnu's mace
    Govind-A name of ShriVishnu

    @drinderjeet @aarsha_ns @odysseus @drrahulsharma
    Pic credit: To the rightful owner
    In the pic: ShriVaraha with ShriBhumi Devi ��

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    Let's play dear Varaha!

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    #shrihari #mahalakshmi #narayan #ram #govind #hari #shrimannarayana #shri_hari_narayana #beauty #shripati

    The Beauty of ShriPati
    By Bhavya Gogia

    His face of rain cloud hue
    Looks sky like blue
    It feels as if melted
    Moonlight has manifested
    And left it's glow on him
    It came shining like ambrosia
    And shimmered on his body
    Adding a sparkle to the hue
    Of his rain-cloud blue!
    His eyes are sun and moon
    Themselves, actually more in glow!
    And lips like bimba fruits whose nectar
    Is drank by the sweet Lakshmi
    He is our all shining Lord
    Having arms till knees, Ajanubhuj thus called
    Obeisances to my outstanding father
    Obeisances to ShriShriPati!

    Jaya ShriVishnuLakshmi!

    ShriPati- The husband/Lord of Shri(Lakshmi) (ShriVishnu)

    @drinderjeet @shraddha_suryanarayana @deepak_pt @odysseus @fairytales_

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    The Beauty of ShriPati

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    #mylordvishnu #shrihari #mahalakshmi #narayan #ram #govind #hari #shrimannarayan #shri_hari_narayana

    By Bhavya Gogia

    I will wear the jewel of Vishnu's name,
    I shall henceforth live by his grace
    My mind will eternally sing his glories
    I will contemplate on his eternal stories!
    I shall serve his lotus-feet!
    I shall not at all grieve!
    I shall fill my heart with joy!
    With Madhav alone, shall I enjoy!
    I shall henceforth bring myself peace!
    My self shall reside in the self of his!
    I shall henceforth play with that Hari!
    I shall then never ever worry!
    Madhav and Madhav alone shall be there!
    No sign of another shall be here!
    I shall henceforth dance on the tunes of Govinda!
    Praising him, shall I surpass Mrigtrishna!!!

    Govinda! Govinda! Jai Jai ShriMadhusoodan Govinda!!!!!

    @aarsha_ns @shriradhey_apt @shraddha_suryanarayana @drrahulsharma @drinderjeet

    Surrender to the Lord results in eternal bliss, my soul is searching for the same! This is the biggest dream of my life!

    ShriHari Nandini means the daughter of ShriHari (Shri and Hari) This is my new user name��Jai Jai ShriHari! ❤����

    Pic credit- To the original owner

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    By ShriHari Nandini

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    #lakshmi #narayan #ram #govind #hari #ShriHari #Shridevi #MahaLakshmi #beauty #love #mother #devi #goddess #HariPriya #Queen #Bliss #jewels #Vishnu #mylordvishnu #Namami #ceesreposts

    Parmaananda-The eternal Ananda(Bliss) Name of Lord Shri Vishnu.

    On beauty of My Goddess!
    By Bhavya Gogia

    My obeisances again and again,
    To the heart-throb of Parmaananda,
    One who is the Queen of the World!
    To the personification of Aananda!
    Her feet have graciously touched
    The thousand-petals' lotus
    The feet which are worshipped well
    By all the wise sages
    The glow of her toenails,
    Has defeated pretty moonlight
    The anklets placed effortlessly,
    On her feet are Sun-like bright!
    Shimmering glow from the grace,
    Of her merciful glances,
    Provides all wealth to
    The innumerable universes!
    Draped in deep-pink glowing Sari,
    With laces of golden threads;
    Opulence emanating from each atom,
    Of her numerous precious jewels!
    The tokens of love of Vishnu,
    Those rings are priceless!
    Placed on her lotus hands,
    The bestowers of all wealth!
    Her long arms aligned with,
    The length of her beautiful hair,
    Are a source of unending joy,
    For Narayan her eternal pair!
    The locks, dense and black
    Like streams of dark collyrium
    Occasionally are traveling down,
    To her eyes and bosom
    Her nose chain makes her look,
    As if a To-be-bride!
    On the left-side of her face,
    Pearls adding to its pride!
    Her wide eyes are as deep,
    As an ocean's aurora view!
    The kohl is elegantly swayed,
    Like strings of drops of dew!
    She resides in the chest,
    Near to the heart of God!
    Making him ShriNiketan,
    Opulences' very abode!

    @drindeejeet @writersnetwork @thoughtfull_writer @indigosparkle @sathi_chatterjee

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    By Bhavya Gogia

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    #vaikunth #vihaari #ShriHari #Shri #Vishnu #mylordvishnu #lakshmi #narayan #Madhav #ShriPati #taal #devdevi #Shri_Hari_Narayan #shrimannarayana #ram #govind #hari #krishn #leela #sarv #jag #mohak #prem #atulit #anupam #aanand #bliss #hks

    Vaikunth Vihaari- Those who sport in Vaikunth
    Rati- Wife of Kamdev(God of Love)

    @drinderjeet @shraddha_suryanarayana @thoughtfull_writer @shriradhey_apt @ekta__

    वैकुंठ विहारी
    -भव्या गोगिया

    नित्य नवीन लोक में नित्य,
    हरि लीला श्री संग करें
    जहाँ विराजे दोनों प्रेमी,
    प्रेम का अनुपम रंग भरें!
    ताल किनारे हरि हैं बैठें
    श्री पर एकटक दृष्टि धरें
    कमला कमल सी फिर खिलकर,
    सौ रतियों को पराजित करें!
    प्रेम-वश नैन जो पंकज,
    पुनः माधव पर आ रहें
    वो माधव सर्वजगमोहक,
    देख उन्हें शरमा रहें!
    देव-देवी की लीला अनुपम,
    देख भक्त हर्षा रहें
    सुख से भरे सकल धाम
    परम आनंद पा रहे!

    Image credit-To the rightful owner

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    वैकुंठ विहारी

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    By him going I mean my mind is not thinking about him. He doesn't leave although. �� Jai ShriHari! ❤������


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    My Letter to God

    Hello sweet Father! How are you? Since you left me(I know you didn't) my mind is not finding its peace. Seriously, are you my sanity? If no, then why do I become really mad when you are not in my thoughts? I know that you have decided that you won't come in this birth of mine, but can't you even stay in my thoughts for every single second? Is that so difficult for you? I have heard that your grace extends to even the lowest of jeevas, then... Why not me? I am eagerly waiting, either reply or just stay in my mind forever, after all that's not too much for you, the Lord of the whole cosmos?

    Your Little girl

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    #ceesreposts #self #atma #gyaan #Geeta #Lord #ShriHari #MyLordVishnu #Lakshmi #Vishnu #Narayan #Ram #Krishn #Hari #Bliss #undecaying #perfect #satisfied #temple #God #world #utopian #allpervasive #pure #heart #infinite #reliase #preach #old #wise #parmatma #supersoul #Geeta #GeetaJayanti #OmNamoNarayanaye

    By Bhavya Gogia
    Happiness reigns near and far
    Till the eye could see
    No one is known to beseech
    Anything to Thee
    Everyone's prosperous
    Everyone has earned joy
    Everyone is a holy Spirit
    Whether a girl or a boy
    No gender matters
    Nor does a colour
    No size matters
    No one's another
    Everyone's a piece of art
    With satisfaction in their hearts
    Hearts as temples of God
    And mind as pure as soul
    Bodies glowing with perfection
    Of their self, so pure
    The environment is so clean
    With nothing known impure
    Utopian is such a vision
    In the minds of some
    But I have known a real world
    Which is known to be such
    Yes, that world resides in us
    Our self to be precise
    Not the bodies which are but dust
    Of varied colours and size
    That self is the purest of all
    The part of the Almighty Lord
    That which shines when nothing does
    And one which doesn't forlorn
    Smaller than a Particle
    Larger than universe in size
    All-Pervading like the sky
    Also, it's confined
    In the heart it does reside,
    The resident of Infinite
    Realise it, tells the Geeta,
    Preached by old and wise

    "God resides is us as our self" He is us, more than we ourselves are!
    Self- The core of Hinduism, the one which is the ultimate, preached by ShrimadBhagavad Geeta, one which is realised by the wise, the all-Pervading, everything and nothing, and the one which is our Atma, a part of Parmatma. I have tried to provide a glimpse of that perfection through this poem.
    Our world or the environment in which we live is a mere reflection of our inner world that is how our nature is. For example if we ourselves our selfish and jealous then our environment too would be impure. My idea is that if everyone realises their self(atma) which is the purest of all and blemishless, then this world can become a better place to live in, though realisation of the Self is even difficult for the wise, what to say of us.

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