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  • lunalight 6w


    Unknown Person understand You
    Your beloved people neglect you

  • ylviia 15w

    Painful memories and feelings
    Resurrecting to the surface to the real world
    I feel my eyes glancing back and forth
    Holding onto that glimpse of hope that
    Maybe just this time, they would be here
    Maybe just this time, they are supporting me
    But as I scan through the sea of unfamiliar faces
    The last bit of fire in me was extinguished
    I felt disappointed, angry and sad
    Was it me who wasn't worthy of their attention?
    Was it me, the black sheep in the family
    That was never apart of it to begin with
    After I see every child running towards their parents
    Running towards the comfort of their arms
    I felt oddly empty
    I could only stare with admiration and longing
    Wishing for the hundred of time that it was me
    And after I got left behind with noone that stayed with me
    My eyes darted to the ground and I swallowed the hard pill of reality
    That I will never be worthy of their time
    That this, being like other kids, will never be something I can experience
    I hated them for neglecting me
    I hated them for making me feel devasted and close to tears
    But I wanted to be brave, brave for the teacher who was looking at me with intense worry
    Brave for my parents when they came to pick me up two hours later after everyone has left
    Brave for my mother who would always beat me for crying
    And now, thanks to them
    I can't feel a goddamn thing
    The emptiness in my chest clinging to me like a child holding onto their mother
    Maybe that's a good thing,
    Maybe it's better to grow up with no hope
    Because in the end the disappointed results of what's gonna happen will no longer shock me to my core
    Getting used to pain but still experiencing this Burning heavy sensation is oddly satisfying yet destructive
    And now I don't need them anymore
    I don't need their approval or love
    Nor do I crave their attention and their presence
    Because in the end I'm unable to feel it and believe it anyways

  • lalitha_l2 24w

    It's some what the #jest,when you said, you and me are the only one but whereabouts #left as I #fullish ly became you and you #selfish ly #neglect ed me.
    #epigram #wod @miraquill

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    It's some what the jest,when you said, you and me are the only one but whereabouts left as I fullishly became you and you selfishly neglected me.

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 37w


    Achingly bitter are my dreams,
    The ones I have in place of every memory.

    Repression and forgetfulness,
    My sweet gentleness.

    I wish I knew,
    All the things I wished to forget.

    I screamed and cried for years,
    So afraid the child I was,
    Trembling with bloody back.

    You needed help.
    You needed kindness.

    They gave you fear.

    You pushed it all away,
    But now I am left here,
    Crying to heal,
    Left with the mistakes of years of neglect.

    I dream in the shades of trees,
    The things that lurk.

    I refuse the shaking,
    The heat,
    The tears and the bile.

    Let me dream of the things we fought to forget,
    Let us heal,
    Let us mourn.

    Our heart is heavy.
    Cold and afraid.

    I will continue,
    So the abuse will never persevere.

  • search_sree 45w

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    Past doesn't reflect future if you ignore it...but present will definitely does,be efficient and careful... don't let this present turn again into a dark past

  • 7th_manu 51w


    When you hate, just
    neglect, not contemplate.


  • doctorpoet 51w

    Where are you

    When I am waiting for you .....

    Where are you ??

    When I am crying for you ......

    Where are you ??

    When I am missing you .......

    Where are you ??

    My heart is full of immense pain without you .....

    Leaving some one is so "" easyyyyyy " .......

    But Gaining some one's " Trust " and " Love " Tooks some years ........


  • shamli_mali 58w

    Always look at the positives
    But make sure you don't neglect the negatives


  • mighty_are_the_fallen 59w

    Not Me

    Your a lier
    Your scum
    You called us lovers
    Perfect fits
    All you did was hurt me

    I begged to help you
    You left me on read
    I begged to save you

    You ran into the woods
    You cut me
    You beat me
    You raped me
    You forced me to do so much
    Put me through so much

    I loved you with every part of my heart
    Wanted to keep you safe
    You broke my heart

    Now you're accusing me
    I want you to die
    I want you to suffer
    Put you through all the shit
    Everything you did to me
    The broken noses
    The cutting
    The burns
    The collar
    The whipping
    The slapping
    The lying
    The cheating
    The abuse
    The neglect
    And the broken heart

  • maskman124 59w


    In a burden of responsibilities,
    We are forced to hide our abilities.

    Family works by society's words,
    We starve by completing their works.

    We love our dreams,
    But walk on Creator's dream.

    We love our creators,
    But feel shy to show our tenderness.

    We love her truely,
    She cheats us perfectly.

    We get pain,
    But forced to hide it in cavern.

    We feel to express,
    But noone to attend.

    Yes! We exist and we are boys,
    We are not born to get cheated if trusted anyone.
    When grownup we can't show love towards parents as we also feel shy.
    We are boys we are not robots,
    We dont like to be tied but we get tied for this society....


  • mighty_are_the_fallen 65w

    Poetic Anger

    I thought I'd be over this,
    Been through this,
    I've discovered more to this.

    The ache in my teeth,
    Rot through generations.
    Ending in me,
    In decay.

    The spite I feel,
    The whip of generations.
    Their fear,
    Wanting to prevent me.

    Words that used to flow,
    Feel stiff and cold.

    The matter inside my skulls,
    Slowly asphyxiating itself,
    Becoming so dry.

    I feel the pulse behind my eyes,
    A dull reminder.

    Violence just under the surface,
    Coiled and ready,
    Begging for release.

    I've been angery for too long,
    It's no longer poetic.

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 65w


    Forgetting the things you said,
    Behind closed doors,
    The image of disguise.

    Forgetting the rot,
    All you created,
    Hiding in bags.

    Waiting for the day,
    When everything spills.

    Your God can see,
    The lies
    The sin
    The beatings
    The waste
    The hatred

    She might not hear it,
    But we can feel it.

    You are not hidden behind doors,
    Behind your confessions,
    Behind all your prayers.

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 65w

    Behind Doors

    Behind closed doors,
    Things are always said,
    Things that ache,
    Fester into the wood.

    Creaky floorboards,
    Moaning out from all the things,
    All they've heard.

    Leaky roofs weep,
    Crying from your words,
    Decaying this old home.

    We always say the cruellest of things,
    Things that fester,
    Things that ache.

    Until it's our homes,
    We'll never wake,
    We'll never hear the weeping,
    The crying.

    Open your windows and let heal,
    All the things you ever heard.

  • in_fragments 67w

    Another poem, inspired by the song Home by Neutral Milk Hotel. Basically the entirety of the album Ferris Wheel on Fire has been affecting my writing lately lol.
    "They beat against the tender sightings of your soul
    With all those pretty little hammers of control
    And if they’ve ever paid a price well I don’t know
    But I swear that they will pay one, now."
    #pod #poem #home #family #life #love #abuse #neglect #trauma #ptsd @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Home- Another Scar

    Home- another word left to decay,
    another place I'll never stay.
    I don't know what home is,
    or if I ever even had one.

    More than just the fighting,
    the screaming, the crying and ignoring,
    the breaking of glass tables
    with my father's bare fists,
    the holes in my walls covered up behind mirrors,
    the threats and cold shoulders,
    the corruption of personal space
    being weaponized as a bartering tool.
    Home is inconsistent
    and completely conditional.
    Home is not feeling you belong there,
    not knowing whether to run away
    or play along, to love or fear your keepers,
    where they treat you like more of a burden
    than a person.
    Home is used as leverage over your head-
    it is an impermanent space,
    a childlike fantasy that doesn't exist.
    My true home is the chaos
    inside my own mind,
    and my mind is still the safest
    of all the dangerous places.

    Home- just another word
    you'll never believe in,
    another shattered symbol
    on your conscience,
    an empty thing, devoid of safety
    or meaning.
    I walk through my childhood home
    feeling old memories writhing
    between the walls,
    too intangible to touch,
    too far away to reach.
    Was this ever truly home?
    How could it be, after everything
    that happened, after everything
    they were supposed to save me from?
    The people outside can never see,
    the wounds that never manifest physically-
    the abuse that's hidden away
    in bone marrow,
    the neglect that courses through
    the bloodstream,
    leaving deeper gashes in my psyche
    than the ones that will always mend
    on my wrists.

    Home- a concept to relearn, now merely another scar to heal.

  • jenaroaragon 69w


    For millennia and more we slept
    Huddled together
    Knowing the danger outside of our shelter.
    Now we've developed some new ideas,
    Thinking, in our ignorance, we've tamed
    The world to our ideals.
    And so we give the children rooms of their own,
    And shame their need,
    For light,
    Or sound.
    In light of evolution.


  • ankita_66 72w

    A story of neglect

    Red, pink , yellow and green.
    Sunshine ,open air and wind.
    Positioned plants around our windowsill.
    As a goodwill, as a charm, as a token of love blooming to its form.
    We watered our garden, hoping to see some flowers bloom.
    Pink hues and purple ones.
    Violets and maybe daisies in our next run.
    One day we forgot to water.
    One day there was no sun.
    The next day thunderstorms greeted us.
    And the next day, we didn't care.
    The red ones faded. And the yellow ones died.
    Before i knew what was happening, our flowerbed withered and cried.
    Neglect and no nourishment. Sunshine alone doesnt suffice.
    Now i cry, watering and watering to make them come to life.

  • penletting 82w

    I stand, waiting.

    - on neglect of the self and the care for self!

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    #neglect #neglectofself #waiting #selfcare #life #musings

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    I stand, waiting.

    the stillness of a rusty roadside metal cart is all too consuming. it is not due to the cart's weight, nor it is due to any aesthetic setup. It is a stillness, born out of neglect.
    a stillness, that eats, rapidly, the wheels of the cart and layers sheets of rust. a stillness that jams the screws and joints, inhibiting motion. a stillness that is slowly propagated, by the motion of the world around, and the forces that consort.

    many a time, life comes to stand still, like this lone cart in a lively park. life used to make sense, like the cart used to be of utility. in a way, our limbs that moved far and wide, have now gone numb. our minds that moved even further are now in slumber. like the cart, we feel neglected.

    neglect grows from the loss of value of the self; nothing tangible, but substantial. neglect grows from indolence - blatant violence on the self. neglect grows from blind admiration, that overshadows the self. and neglect grows from affliction, that consumes the self.

    and we stand, waiting. for someone to come along. to move the cart, maybe change the wheel? to walk along with our numb feet and provide support when we sleep. to oil the joints and keep the cart moving - to open our cocooned minds to a wider world of chances.
    we bet on the chance, of someone passig by, someone to invalidate the self, something to keep us from hurting ourself, someone to dust the webs of neglect and apply salve for the affliction we inflicted. and we stand, waiting.

    - Lakshmi Kanthan Muralikrishnan

  • teepeewrites 83w


    My heart is weak

    Weak from loving you

    Weak from running after you

    Weak from believing things will work out

    Weak from hope

    My mind is stronger

    Made strong from the pain I felt

    Made strong from the hate I received

    Made strong from the neglect I received

    Made strong from watching you love another

  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 97w

    I am a delicate silk scarf
    Gossamer thin
    Wrapping myself around you

    Shielding your slender neck
    From the bitter, winter cold.

    You rush into your home
    Chased by the blizzard
    Put your hat on the hat stand,
    Your coat on the coat stand
    And toss me on the floor.

    Now I am soggy wet,
    Besmirched by your boots,
    Battered like a wounded soldier,
    Such an unwelcome sight!

    Now you pick me up
    To tear me apart
    But darling, you forget
    Though I am delicate
    I am silk.

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    I am Silk


  • deepflowsoul 99w

    Loss and Gain.

    I miss the days when you would sing winnie the pooh as I rested on your shoulder.
    That would happen every night, but then it only happened when I got into a good school.
    It didn't happen when I paraded around with an accident, there was just shame.
    It didn't happen when I needed help in math, you just threw the book across the room.
    It didn't happen when my world and hands fell apart, you just sat there.
    I needed you, I craved your care.
    I guess it's for the better because I've learned the valuable lesson of self love.
    But its wrong how I got here.
    Now you want me, you want me to be your anchor.
    I cannot obey I am not your happiness.
    If i can learn to love myself without you, then I believe you can too.