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  • hamallaxmi 9w

    Are fueling
    The fire
    In me.
    I have
    No self
    Over myself.
    Other day
    I have hit the
    Gate so hard
    That neighbours
    Came running
    To see the poor me.
    Where do I
    Pour the poison
    Inside me?
    Or should I quaff?


  • faithwisdom 17w

    I Vow

    I will make a vow
    To love my neighbor daily
    And my enemy


  • bi_nspired 22w


    Thank you. I appreciate the reposts. ��

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    My next door neighbor has fallen in love

    Dear Neighbor,
    I congratulate you
    For finding someone
    So close to your heart

    I have few words to share today
    As you begin
    This beautiful relationship
    Never build your confidence
    On breaking the person in your life

    Never loose your light
    While lighting this person
    At the same time
    There's always a place of sacrifice

    In this beautiful relationship
    Don't allow sense of entitlement
    To take hold on you both
    It only weakens the bond

    Dear Neighbor
    Words like thank you
    I'm sorry and please
    Are binders for this kind
    Of relationship
    As each one is 'becoming'
    One way or the other

    Love should never be missing
    Commitment to each other
    Also create an ambience of trust
    But you see fairness and empathy
    Are like street lights

    When they are on
    They showcase the beauty
    Of an environ

    As long as you respect each other
    Each will thrive in their own space
    Never compare each other
    But complement each other

    Create an opportunity
    To be helped
    Never allow both vulnerability
    To be hidden from each other
    Each be ready to be strong
    For each other

    Communicate 'with'
    Rather than 'at'
    Everyone becomes defensive
    If it rubs on their self esteem

    Create an allowance
    For little disagreement
    On issues as you grow
    Never focus on personality
    During any disagreement
    It create defensive responses
    Which doesn't solve the issues
    Rather focus on the subject

    Dear Neighbor
    If it doesn't not hurt
    Take eyes and mouth
    Off certain flaws
    After all
    None is perfectly perfect

    Be kind enough to be a team
    Be open enough to allow challenge
    Be steadfast enough to wage war
    On your knees

    I'll continue to check on you
    Your next door neighbor

    Ire oo


  • lollipop71 38w

    What Is Love?

    Love is something to be taken and given..
    Love is when you want to fill someone's wishes.
    Love is lending a hand when you can, whether
    It be a neighbor or a friend.
    Love is holding your newborn seeing those
    Innocent little eyes.
    Love is, Mommy's good morning kisses..
    Love is seeing the grandchildren, and the excited
    Looks in their innocent little eyes.
    Love is what creates the bond between mother
    And son.
    Love is a powerful word!

    Love can make you or break you.

  • avatarable 74w


    Life is too short to miss when the pretty neighbour passes.


  • drewgekyume 85w

    Thy Neighbor

    Loving thy neighbor seems to have vanished from our society.
    As we enter dark times one can only wonder what kind of world has become of our existence.
    We wage war with the misunderstood, pain the already weak, and kill our fellow humans for our own satisfaction.

    Modern society has made us forget the one true fact that binds us all and that is; we are all human. Under the color of our skin, the badge on our shirts, the hardship on our faces we are all internally the same. Yet we struggle every waking moment to look at each other equally so.

    We've created our own destruction, our own enemies, our own mistrust in the world because of greed, power, and control. We must unite instead of hate, love instead of hurt, and support instead of take.

    Our mark to society lives and dies with our actions on this beloved planet. Will it be the kind to progress? To change? Or will it be the kind to destroy and blame?

    Each of us has infinite capabilities to create a mini world within our own that has the potential to save, change or progress our life's and life after. Imagine the combined capabilities of those talents as one..

    We must learn before we can teach, follow before we lead, and think before we act. The future of our society rest with each of you. When the end of days has come earth will take back life to repair and prosper, so make sure you live your life in such a way to fertilize the future instead of ending it.

  • nehahemaraj 93w

    Cynthia, my good old neighbour!

    At 7:00, in the morning,
    New promises aborning,
    Cynthia, with honey freckles,
    Meticulously trims the nettles,
    Pitches beautiful caramel smiles,
    While tidying the hazel aisles,
    Carolling with crimson cheer,
    Frolicking in her clinquant sphere,
    She recognises me on the porch,
    Waves her hand heartily smeared with smirch!


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  • sometimestheworstme312 132w

    RANT* Heterosexual

    Its a sin to be anything else.
    Its also a sin to judge.
    Do you not remember what the churches have taught us?
    Love one another, not tear them down and reject them.
    Even if they are your worst enemy,
    You kill them with kindness.
    Have you forgotten that they too are our brothers and sisters and everything in between and outside of that?
    It shouldnt matter who you love, as long as you love them. This is what was taught to me.
    This is all that i know.
    Love thy neighbor as though you are loving yourself. Why cant anyone see this?
    I may just be some christian ranting a supportive message to all, but im also leaving you with this,

    "Its not your job to judge others, for you have not been judged yourselves."

    I love you all.
    And with that, have a very good day.


  • _srm969 174w

    A nun was secretly in love with a man from her neighborhood. One day he came to meet her when she was alone at home. Seeing no one except her at home, he began to kiss her slowly and caressed her, took off his pants and her clothes. But the nun said, "Stop, stop, we can't do this." The man asked, "Why? " The nun replied, " God is looking out on all the inhabitants of the earth. I dont want him to see me fucking you. He is omnipresent. He'll sent me to hell." The man said to the nun, "If God does not want us to have sex, he would not have said, 'Be fruitful and multiply'."

  • redfoxakame 179w


    I tried writing everything that I should include in my prayers. I remembered that I used to have nothing to pray for. I only thanked God for the blessings and bid Him good night. And now that everything has been changing for me, I realized that I have a LOT of things to tell God. If I would just list every detail of my prayers, I think a whole notebook wouldn't be enough.

    There are so many things to thank God for, and so many people to pray for. The world is huge. I cannot possibly pray for each and every people in the world (even if I want to) but I will try. Now I'm starting to truly understand what God means when He said to love your neighbor. Cause I am only starting to care for others (for real) when I never cared about the world before.


  • agropoet 217w

    We cannot save the world but we can save the ones we can right?

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    Yeah, I know the world is suffering. People get into deep shits daily and need help and timely intervention.
    Yeah, I understand how hard it is for one to save the entire populace.
    But hey, no one is asking you to save the whole world.
    All we're saying is be of help to your immediate NEIGHBORS who need some assistance.
    I know we cannot save everybody, but at least we can save the ones we can right?