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  • mignight_speeches 3w

    New beginning

    The light of the Sun,
    And the lighted sky
    Invited a new day.
    With new opportunities
    And may be
    Persuading someone to start over
    To leave the life
    That is lacking behind
    And to enjoy every fruit
    That is riding on the path of victory.

    Sweta Swadhismita

  • 9mukti9 4w

    मुस्कुराहट हैँ अनमोल
    अब इसे खोने से मिलेगा क्या
    जो होना था वो हो चूका
    अब रोने से कुछ संभलेगा क्या
    सुधार के देख खुद को अब से
    क्या पता कल(आने वाला) बेहतर हो कल (बिता हुआ )से
    वही पुरानी बाते रख मन मे
    बीती बुरी यादें रख कर दिल मे,कुछ सुधरेगा क्या?
    मुस्कुराहट हैँ अनमोल
    अब इसे खोने से मिलेगा क्या?

  • jenafie1014_2018 6w

    But in the last minute...
    I decided not to dwell in the past...
    No matter how enticing it is to dance in the solace of your memories...
    I'm making myself ready and fearless for the new beginning that I wanna start...
    And now is the right time for me to put down and leave behind the baggage that I carried for so long...
    I'm setting myself free from the bondage of your memories...
    Because I'm bound to travel a new horizon...
    Begin a new life...
    And make new memories...
    Goodbye past...
    I'm not meant to stay...
    Finally I'm ready...
    And I'll start a new beginning...
    Without YOU...

  • munazza 7w

    My condolences to those who lost my trust out of their disrespect, immaturity and selfishness. Stay where you are at


  • aryan_writes 15w


    कुछ नहीं कहना है।
    एक आगाज़ करना है।
    अब नहीं रुकना है।
    बस आगे बढ़ना है।


  • caitscuriosities 16w

    February Again

    Seems this time has gone much too fast
    Gathering these last two years.
    The quandarys need to stay in the past.
    The time won't change.
    I cannot get it back.
    What is done is done.
    Forward now.
    Faith my dear
    It is February again.
    Sow the seeds.
    Pull the weeds.
    Fear not this is a new beginning.
    Even scraps have a place in compost.
    Which in turn provide the nutrients for the crops to grow.

  • loftydreams101 16w

    Tales Spun Before the Golden Hearth

    Yesterday’s labors
    Crumble into rivers of sand
    When I’ve had the first drag
    Of the cool morning’s breeze  
    The emptiness stretched before me
    Is filled where I roam
    On the back
    Of  our silent and  unbothered colossus
    In home’s golden embrace
    I drag the new day under
    Carving it to pieces
    To be rearranged in song
    To be shattered again
    By a lone crying wisp
    Beyond tomorrow’s grey veil 

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • vy_thoughts 19w

    रिश्तों की गली....by - V¥ "R∆M∆"

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    अभी तो बस दिल टूटा है
    दोस्ती टूटने में कसर बाकी है,

    साहब पर
    पैसों का अभी असर बाकी है,

    आपको लगता है मुझे कुछ नही पता

    तो माफ करना साहब

    मैंने भी रिश्तों की हर गली नापी है...!

    By - V¥ "R∆M∆"


  • vy_thoughts 19w

    मैं अपनी चढ़ाई करना चाहता हूं...। ,

    Vijay Yogi

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    ना किसी से लड़ाई
    ना किसी की बड़ाई करना चाहता हूं,

    शांत रहकर
    बस अपनी चढ़ाई करना चाहता हूं

    By - V¥ "R∆M∆"

  • shirsheebose 20w

    Dear 2022,
    Hey…… Welcome to my universe. My warmest regards to you. We are going to be the partners for the next 365 days. And each day gonna be tough and tedious but victorious. Because your mornings will be 'the brightest' and my work 'the steadiest'. Your nights gonna be soothing and my mind gonna be working.Meanwhile in this civil war, I know you will be my Spiderman, my Avenger, my Iron Man, my Captain America who will always protect me from ‘The Thanos’ with the spider webs, mind stones, shield, and armor.

    My Best Wishes to you,
    New Year 22.

    Yours loving friend


  • true_me_quotes 20w

    Blink of a Second

    We lose a lot in a Blink ,
    But we won't heal from it in a Blink.
    A blink is more than enough to make us fall in love ,
    But a blink won't be nearby enough to let us move on.
    A blink is more than enough to turn our world upside down ,
    But a blink ain't enough to Be Okay


  • hazel_nut_sucks 24w


    This candidate was so optimistic than other candidates even though he didn't know most of the answers he was ready to accept his shortcomings and casted a very strong impression on others. So I kept on poking him so that I could understand what is his real nature, but he never budged and his positiveness was so infectious that I was caught into savouring some. But as he was a little late it served as backlash so we decided not to proceed with him. But then after days I again saw December's profile for final background check, I was confused so I asked around they said he was considered under the strong reference of Hope

  • thatsadmistress 28w

    Get it off your chest, let it go. Move on. You're better than this.
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    Dear Past,

    I love you, I forgive you but I don't miss you.

  • alltimefamished 30w

    Surrogate mother

    The day when she was born. I remember how charming she looked. The closed eyes, white soft muslin cloth wrapped around her. A small cap like was over her head. She was a beautiful sight.

    I was head over heels for a baby girl entering my life. I knew it's going to be a new beginning. I was excited as much as everyone around. I even have thought of a name. We will name her Echo.

    The otherside of the bedroom was sleeping the mother who delivered the child. The surrogate mother. She was weeping sorrow but with a smile on her face, tears in her eyes and prayed secretly for her well being.


  • claralynne 35w

    "Dirty LeaveS"

    Dirty leaves
    I feel like I'm always down.
    I have found home on the ground.
    Eerie silent sound of death all around.
    Summer grieves...
    Silence broken by the breeze.
    It's moments like that where I can finally breathe.
    Feeling so heavy, I manage to look up.
    Parched, I wait for the rain to fill my cup.
    Dry dirt and dirty hands, I bury my sorrows.
    Longing for sunny tomorrows.
    But it will be cold soon.
    And the trees will soon dance nude.
    Something about that is beautiful to me.
    A comforting sight to see.
    Trees become light dancing in the night.
    On a dirt floor.
    That will soon be white.
    Oh, what a ravishing sight.
    Days to come filled with more grey..
    Ghostly, unremarkable.
    I can only hope the silver lining shines bright.
    I hope the cold days to come don't make me too numb.
    And that I continue to see the beauty of the mother that is Earth.
    And that my knees don't give out before spring's birth.
    I hope I hear the sweet of songs of new life .
    And that the chilling sound of death fades into the past.
    And that the dirty leaves leave...and are replaced with vibrant, green blades of grass.
    I'm down on my knees.
    I just don't know how much longer these knees can last.

  • oreo2706 36w

    খোলা প্রেম...

    বলছি শুনছো...আমি প্রেম পাঠিয়েছিলাম তোমায়, পেয়েছ?
    নাগো বাহ্যিক নয়, আন্তরিক প্রেম, খোলা প্রেম! তুমি বোধহয় পাওনি সেবার। অসুবিধে নেই, আবার পাঠাই আজ। খোলা প্রেম, শুধু তোমার জন্য।
    মনে আছে ওই হলদে ফুলের স্নিগ্ধ প্রেম? মনে পড়ে তোমার, ওই সারি সারি কাশ ফুলের প্রেমের ডাক? মনে পড়ে, নিশ্চই মনে পড়ে তোমারও! সুন্দর ভোর, হাওড়া স্টেশন, ব্যাস্ত জনমানব, কয়েকটা লাগেজ, কলকলে ঘাম, রবীন্দ্র সেতু, মাটির ভাঁড়ে চায়ের চুমুক আর গঙ্গার ঠান্ডা বাতাসে নিঃশব্দ প্রেম...মনে পড়ে নিশ্চই তোমার? আরও আছে, যেমন কফি হাউস, কিংবা গুরুদ্বরা, কিংবা শপিং মলের সিঁড়িতে...অথবা প্রথম দেখার হঠকারী প্রেম!
    আজ সেইসব আবার পাঠাচ্ছি, সঙ্গে থাকছে বৃষ্টিভেজা সন্ধ্যের কোমল শীতলতা আর মাটির সোঁদা গন্ধ মাখা আরও অনেকখানি নির্ভেজাল প্রেম, দূরত্বের বেড়াজালে প্রতিদিন আটকে থাকা অফুরন্ত অপূর্ণ প্রেম, খোলা আকাশের জ্যোৎস্না মাখা খোলা প্রেম।

    বলছি শুনছো...এবারে কিন্তু জানিও, আমার প্রেম পেলে কিনা! অপেক্ষায় থাকবো....
    দূরত্বে অপেক্ষাই যে সব থেকে বড় সম্বল!!

  • munazza 37w

    Second chance

    When life brings you to the same situation where you made wrong choice and then this time you chose a different option, that is when you have actually grown up and out grown all those spaces. The spaces where you were suffocated under the smoke of your wrong decisions. Second chance is a miracle in itself. If you get any, never dare to lose it without trying the side of the coin which you missed earlier.


  • jaded_angel_ 39w

    Transition To Transform>
    A Butterfly's Tale

    She searched her entire life for a love that would consume her, until she realized that she had that love already inside her. The caterpillar, as beautiful as she was, suddenly was no longer compatible for the world forming before her. So, she curled up in a ball out of fear and broke down into a million pieces because the world shattered her spirit and changed her. Then suddenly one day, she woke up and gathered all her strength. She took all the new materials that was presented to her and rebuilt herself again to adapt easier to her new surroundings.She had to fall apart and find herself again, in order to survive the new world around her.She gave up her former self to become her best version. She traded her imagination for wings. Now, she can fly to the same places that she once saw only in her dreams. Don't be afraid of transforming, be afraid of not transitioning.

  • extrawedinary 44w


    It is the absence that gives rise to a new beginning..
    Like an empty canvas or a blank paper, it brings hope to the artist, to re-dream, to re-live, to love and to be loved.
    When people see nothing they see a new beginning...

  • vy_thoughts 45w

    मुझे तोड़ा गया
    मैं टूटा तब नहीं,

    टूटा जब पता चला कोई मेरा अब नहीं,

    मेरे दिल में भी शामिल अब सब नहीं,

    मैं माफ करू सबको
    तो माफ कीजिए

    मैं इंसान हूं कोई रब नहीं...!
    By-VY "RaMa"