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  • susann 4w

    Day 115


    Today I lived without my anxiety
    Today I lived without my fear
    Today I lived
    Today I was alive

  • tshegofatsopelotona 5w

    your warmth
    is making me weary of you
    am always waiting for it to become


  • vidya_iyer 6w

    #newbeginnings #elated

    Happy Tamil New Year / Happy Vishu / Bohag Bihu / Happy Baisakhi ������

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    There is never an end to chase dreams and it is always a perfect day to renew rusted dreams amid life's chaos and shape them with finesse to relive them in reality.

  • mariateresa 7w

    April is burning with creativity as I embrace new beginnings and change. Trusting the unknown used to create anxiety and fear. Now I dance on the edge, opening heart wider each time. Learning lessons of patience in divine time.

    #newbeginnings #change #life #transformation #metamorphosis #spiritualawakening #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Dawn of new beginnings

    Dawn of existence
    Bestowed by God's treasured magnificence
    Carved out of stone and sand
    Gently placed in the palm of His hand
    Confidence growing
    By what life is continuously showing
    As blessings rain down in divine form
    Walking beside angels and faires
    Weathering each storm
    Curiosity draws me into the unknown
    Trusting my soul as the compass towards my dreams
    New adventures await, surprising extremes
    Wrapped in the arms of love
    Joy resurrected from the ashes of the past
    Like a fine wine, gratitude fills my heart no longer made of glass

  • soulsahil01 8w

    Drizzle to the xerotes
    Elixir to the avid,
    I the fostered parasite
    You the ever-giving host.


  • edwrites 11w

    Let's meet somewhere, where there's always a new beginning,
    Where everything is beautiful at any point of time,
    Where happiness is everything we have,
    Where even the end is the beginning of a new journey.

  • life_delights 13w


    Change is forever happening, around or within
    Sometimes on a razor blade, made so thin
    For events that fold, surprising or not
    As there are things that can be controlled and some which cannot

    For In these moments we have to decide
    Which way to take it, to shrink or grow
    As the way things unfold could lead to an inner glow

  • sheispoetic_21st 14w

    i should take
    a stroll to
    the gallery of my thoughts
    and remove the painting that
    speak no more


  • amyers 18w

    You again.

    Oh look.
    It's you again.
    On my mind again.
    I always hoped, I always begged
    For a man like you.
    Since I was a child,
    I've been searching tirelessly for you.
    Where have you been all my life?
    Only to find we were at a state fair at the same time as children.
    We're our paths meant to cross?
    This must've been written as destiny
    Because how does a person like you
    So chaotic, and quiet.
    Strong and gentle.
    The perfect storm to watch at night.

  • _disha_jn_ 20w

    With every new beginning, comes a new chance to reconstruct our broken pieces, re-edit failed plans, revitalize our determination and restart the journey.

  • mariateresa 23w

    Believe in yourself and all the magic that you hold inside ✨ Release your power within and share it with the world!
    In light and in shadow, always with love ❤ Namaste ��

    My name is Maria Teresa Pratico-Swanson. I'm a woman walking this journey of life in truth. I am a certified master shaman, specializing in healing trauma. Practicing the art of shamanism has transformed my life, liberated my authentic spirit, awakened and freed my soul. I use my sensibilities as superpowers and the power of love is what fuels my magic as a shamanic healer. My creativity is my soul's expression, purpose and passion which I express through my healing services, writing poetry, hosting a blog, dancing, painting and practicing yoga. My motto is "Triumphing over Trauma". In 2011, after a lifetime of trauma I became aware that I needed to reconnect with my soul. Healing integrates all aspects of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. Unraveling conditioning and programming continues to take introspection, patience and grace. I'm committed to my practice of healing from the human experience as an awakened soul. I believe I am here to help heal humanity one heart at a time.  I offer shamanic healing sessions and have written 5 books of poetry available on Amazon. "Emotional Musings" "My Soul's Language" "My Heart's Song"  "My Soul's Light" and "My Soul’s Journey:Lessons learned through love"
    For more detailed information follow this link
    In light and in shadow, always with love. Namaste.

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    Awakened soul

    Trusting in all I feel
    Standing firmly in the power that reveals
    Only truth encompasses all that I see
    Rubbing my eyes, brings it all into focus
    Lies fall away, highest vibration holds only love
    Glorious Sun shines as wings of strength unfurl prepared to ascend to new heights
    Soaring above the past, forgiving all that was, sights set upon the brightest future
    Flying with the Light
    My heart beats love with the understanding that I have arrived
    To the place where magic emanates from my being
    All I touch, where I choose to walk and all that I am
    Is pure love
    Ah, awaken now dear soul
    Time to be all you are
    All you have always been
    And so it shall always be

  • mariateresa 23w

    Glory be to the journey of healing. Shine love within all that lies inside of you. Awaken all your senses, feeling is healing. Strengthening the soul's spirit which continues to compell me to uncover more truth about myself, releasing the attachments and expectations of others and forgivingthe past. I rise in the Light. And so it is.

    #mantra #affirmation #believeinmagic #source #magic #innerchild #forgiveness #newbeginnings #spiritualawakening #spiritualjourney #spiritualenlightenment #healingjourney #writerslife #writingcommunity #writersnetwork

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    I am the Sun

    Rays of Light burning fires bright
    Glowing with magic's intensity and powerful sight
    Some shield their eyes to temper its Light
    An open heart, mind and spirit allows the love within to reverberate such faith and trust
    Stand in its grace, breathing in, feet planted now adjust
    Believing in all you intuitively feel
    Receive the Light, embracing the flowing love with zeal
    Surrender to the Light all worries and fears
    Rising in purpose and awakening to truth, wipe away tears
    Arms raised to the sky, taking in Master Source's strength
    Lies fade to dust
    Sun's energy heals, shining anew upon what was once rust
    And so it is

  • mariateresa 24w

    Taking inspiration from the intention setting rituals I practice, guided by Spirit. This one is a new affirmation and mantra I have on my heart to share. Believe in the possibilities before us. Major shifts are creating new beginnings for all of us.

    #newbeginnings #newmoon #mooncycles #intentions #affirmations #mantra #believe #divinelove #divineguidance #allowing #opening #soulhealing #shamanichealing #spiritualjourney #spiritualawakening #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    I allow

    Quieting my mind, I allow
    Opening to unknown possibilities
    I choose to dance with intuition
    Pool of thoughts create the barrier for fears Illusions to win
    Melting the ice around my heart
    Looking honestly into uncharted territory within
    Following the path that leads me to a seed of new beginnings
    Over and over I choose to reinvent myself
    Patiently stoking the fires that temper creativity's desires
    Round and round I go, choosing wisely, I go slow
    Intentional steps forwards leave behind footprints of past regrets
    Forgiving all that was, always knowing there's plenty of space still to grow
    Allowing my song to be heard, believing in divine timing
    All worries are silenced
    Conditions are clear for fear to disappear
    Heart centered, I allow

  • mariateresa 28w

    Moving through cycles of grief as I continue to heal. Three life changing events are swirling around my heart. By recognizing each of them, I breathe aliveness and celebrate my own survival. By the end of this month, my Dad will have been gone from this physical plane for one year. Ending an eight year relationship with a man who was my best friend hurts like hell yet is the best thing I could've done for myself. Ten years ago, 11/12/11, I attempted suicide. The Divine number of that date is 9, symbolizing endings and conclusions. This year I said good bye to two men I loved dearly in different ways. These past ten years have taught me so many hard earned and learned lessons of faith, trust the power of belief and the meaning of unconditional love. I am my own best friend hero.

    #grief #endings #newbeginnings #cycles #relationships #healing #selfawareness #healing #healingjourney #empowerment #higherconciousness #movingon #iwillalwaysloveyou #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee #miraquill

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    Life in Pieces, Part 2

    Seeing clear into deep scars of pain
    Carrying a torch of Light, shines upon each one by name
    No longer do I swallow the poison of their lies
    Pain and suffering seen from inside
    Mindfully choosing to release the energetic charge
    By loving myself and witnessing my shadows
    Holding these pieces together by love's tender and eternal flame
    Time releases the tension of blame
    No longer must I feel ashamed for what I wasn't ready to see
    Traveling through life's experiences with truth as my guide
    Love for myself comes with forgiveness on my side
    For only I can heal these wounds
    Gracefully accepting the lessons, dancing between periods of stillness, pausing with patience
    Walking forwards is the only direction

  • lifeuncertainty 29w

    Ray of Hope

    For some it's all darkness around
    For some there is a ray of hope
    For some everything is ending
    For some it's a new beginning
    Time flies.....
    It will all be over soon
    And comes back with new beginning and a new hope
    Till then we have to stay strong
    And stay positive

  • rose_garden 32w

    The book of Love is not finished, you just have to start a new chapter.


  • isidoredelpierro 34w


    When we were little we were taught,
    to think before we spoke,
    and plan before we acted.

    We didn't learn till the day came.
    We were behind enemy lines,
    full of regrets.

    Oh! The monsters we'd woken.
    We couldn't put them back to sleep.
    Could we?

    Oh! The ginnie we'd let out.
    We couldn't put him back in the bottle.
    Could we?

    Oh! The crying baby reaching out for air.
    We couldn't turn her back into a foetus.
    Could we?

    Oh! The words we'd let slide off our flippant lips.
    We couldn't unsay them.
    Could we?

    Oh! The cum we'd jerked off.
    We couldn't put it back into the pipe.
    Could we?

    Oh! The souls we'd slandered with our evil tongue.
    We couldn't un-kill them.
    Could we?

    Plan, learn, let sleeping monsters lie, wish good, teach the children, be kind, think healthy, be truthful.

    You can sink in regret,
    Or just do the next right thing.
    But you won't, will you?

    Or you can try to run away from nemesis.
    Run like you've always done,
    like the little girl you are.

    On your mark! Ready! Go!
    Alright, champion.
    Let's see you run from your shadow.

  • isidoredelpierro 35w

    How did we get here?

    At dusk in dark abyss, two strangers meet.
    Out in the wild, by nature led.
    A simple hello, yonder story commence.
    Yet by same nature, drift apart they will.

    Aye, providence another encounter doth make.
    In a box, with wings chopped at the gate.
    To know another, in minutes just eight.
    A simple smile, a broken soul to mend.

    How did we get here?


  • mariateresa 36w

    These West coast vibes really suit me well. I love seeing the majestic mountains all the time reminding me of my own inner strength. The weather is gorgeous and sunny, severe clear skies. My heart is so happy and the peace I feel makes me immensely grateful for all of the wreckage these last 3 months. When the Universe takes everything away, it's for our highest good and healing. I've ended 5 very poignant and challenging relationships. One is with my only living parent, the other was my partner of 8 years. Life feels effortless and flowing full of abundance today. Waking up to a serenity I've never known in all of my 43 years.

    Grateful ❤
    Thank you all my fellow friends and writers on here that support and love me as I share pieces of my soul as poems on this journey called life.

    In light and in shadow, always with love ❤ Namaste ��

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    Standing still near sunflowers on a hill
    Sun moves slowly towards the horizon ending the day
    Sudden change once warm in my body, now grows chill

    This journey has taken many paths
    Newness is bubbling with wonder in the aftermath
    Waiting patiently, having the chance to reinvent myself
    I've pushed the reset button, rejuvenation turning full circle
    All the pieces of me coming together now in a hue of deep purple

    Each one the strongest and best version of soul
    Fullest expression, loud and colorful, I cast an intentional spell
    Ready to embark upon roads not yet traveled
    Mystery is my companion and faith is my guide

    Continuing to walk and dance to the beat of my own drum
    Never dull or boring, it's a full spectrum life I've begun
    Not for the faint of heart or ones who don't understand its intensity
    My heart is enormous as it shines light as a beacon of hope
    And awaits its wildest destiny


  • rohitmahariya0301 36w

    Sometimes All We Need Is A Fresh Start.