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  • _desaiagraja 11w

    The happiness couldn't be weaved into words
    And I'll still try.

    I m sure
    I would have been more than happy
    When I held my brother,
    For the very first time.
    But then,
    My little hippocampus,
    Was just 3.
    And I guess it was too young,
    To remember that feelings
    So don't be offended dear little brother ��

    I've seen newborns before her,
    And I love them all.
    But for the first time in life i felt it surreal.
    I was of the age that I could understand
    And feel and put it into words.
    How it is like.
    To hold a tiny human being.

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    Baby girl: HARA

    With her mother I also waited
    For months to see her,
    Hold her in hands.
    For the first time,
    I experienced how it's like
    To hold a baby so small.

    Baby so fragile,
    Her dad was so happy holding her.
    And her mom asking,
    If anyone got gulab jamun,
    For her little baby girl.
    The way everyone looked at her,
    As if she was a miracle,
    And she indeed was.

    She was incredible
    While I hold her,
    This small little girl,
    Would see me through
    Those little bright and shinning eyes,
    As if she Blinks them in slow-motion.

    Her body smaller then my hands,
    And her head even smaller,
    Smaller then my palm.
    And I couldn't wait to hear,
    "masi" from her Little mouth.

    I would hold her,
    With at most care,
    One hand holding the head,
    Another one
    Cradling her body.

    The little fingers,
    All five of them would curl,
    Round my gaint thumb.
    That little smirk,
    While she is still asleep,
    Would let me skip a heartbeat.

    A tiny human,
    Can make the whole world,
    Twirl on the toes,
    Now I do believe.

    I would patiently wait,
    To hear her
    Uttering masi and my name.
    The joy that came around,
    The hours weren't enough,
    To play with her.

    Just for few minutes,
    I lived in a cotton candy state.
    Holding that girl.
    And she is 6 now,
    And I still can't forget,
    How magical it felt.

    She has now grown into a
    Smart, kind, intelligent
    And beautiful being.
    She has got the grace.
    And a bundle of talents.
    Offcourse credits to her
    best mom and dad.
    And I'm her masi,
    Being proud of her,
    For every little achivements.

    Every new born I see,
    I believe in magic.
    Miracle exist though.
    Just a little soul,
    And They teach us so much.
    Mesmerizing it is to see,
    How magnificently they grow.

  • m_machahari 13w

    Life as a Newborn

    " It's really riotous how we get driven by our ego, and get controlled by the boundaries of moral, as we grow up...

    We used to live the days, when there was nothing enticing us, more than our parents hug...

    Where there was only a bit of thirst for my mother's love, and the whole world in my parent's arms...

    When there was no dismay of failure, and no pride of achievements, and neither had any fear of being incompetent...

    There was no hatred, and no seeds of greed...
    I miss those days, when I was just a newborn and I used to possess a heart pure as fire, which was burden free...

  • vinlight_writer 15w

    My Dear!

    I miss you being
    Warm and cozy
    I miss your sweet
    Tingles and twitches
    I miss our closeness
    As one not two….

    Now we may
    Not be one


    We are connected
    I may not always
    Be beside you
    But, my dear
    I feel you
    I hear you
    I love you

    That’s how it is
    We are bonded
    By this beautiful
    As your mother
    My dear Son…

    Ps-Love my son

  • devbhandari 18w

    तू कभी

    तू,कभी सर्द रातों की कॉफी सा,
    गहरी नींद उड़ा ले जाता है
    फिर सुबह की धूप के टुकड़े सा,
    उजाला भर ले आता है
    तू कभी ट्रैफिक में फंसी गाड़ी सा,
    जी भर के शोर मचाता है
    फिर अपने मखमली हाथों से,
    दिल को सुकून दे जाता है
    तू,कभी सर्द रातों की कॉफी सा,
    गहरी नींद उड़ा ले जाता है

  • absynth 19w

    calendar baby

    Got a new calendar today
    But haven't hung it yet on the wall
    For the last couple of years have taken the desire away
    To see vast numbers in terms of death tolls.

    The greek alphabet is back in vogue now
    And the trending one is omicron
    The list gets longer as do the terrors it bestows
    Of another imminent lockdown.

    And speaking of New Year resolutions,
    Mine is just to be now and here
    Devoid of any illness or incarceration
    While breathing in the pristine air of nature.

    But life goes on as it always does
    There are goals, missions, milestones, targets and what not to be met
    A double vaccination may not be protective enough
    And perhaps the need of the moment
    Is a booster shot of patience that hope injects.

    The calendar lies in a corner all curled up
    And I have no wish at all to crucify it against the wall
    For it's a wee baby just born out of time's womb
    Still innocent to the past of a bleeding world.


  • theundivulged 20w


    The love beyond measure.
    Which was only for us,
    Now we'll share, to the little gift
    Given by god, exactly how we asked in prayers.

    Those long sleepless nights,
    Being hungry all day,
    Vomiting every minute
    But now, it all seems moments of joy.

    When I saw you first,
    Every pain got vanished.
    Only happiness was there,
    More than I ever imagined..

    Your little little fingers,
    Soft soft toes,
    Grey eyes with a flat nose.
    Boy you complete me, making me whole.

    Being awake all night,
    Changing your diapers.
    All my tiredness goes away,
    When I see your innocent smile.

    Words are not enough to describe our relationship,
    I wish time to stop, so that,
    We could stay together forever like this.

  • alltimefamished 30w

    The youngest member

    It was a 10 hour labour journey..i pushed and pushed and pushed. I stuck my chin to my neck. I wasn't allowed to scream. I wasn't allowed to talk.

    There was no one around me to comfort. Tears slipped from the corner, promising myself to be with the newborn all my life.

    She finally came out. She was beautiful. Pink cheeks and black jet hair. I held her when was out of my vagina finally. My girl. It was the happiest moment I remember in recent times.

    There was a smile on my face. A motherly smile.

    In another two minutes, her crying stopped. I was curious. It was too sudden. The nurse informed me how I lost my child.

    I started to laugh, wondered if 2 am was the right time to joke. She walked away and bought my child to me.

    So Beautiful I whispered. But why is she not crying anymore? The nurse replied. The baby is dead.

    Stunned, shocked and confused. A minute before she was wailing and now she is sleeping peacefully opposite to my bed.

    My sore breast secreted milk for her but I had no one to nurse.
    My body was weak but I was still willing to carry her.
    My eyes were teary, but I could see her lying on the table. Still.

    Why did you take her away when she belonged to me. I questioned the Lord but no answers came from the other side.

    I don't wish to let her go. But they take her away from me. I forgot my labour pain. But the pain of losing her was unmatched.

    No one allowed me to touch her. She was mine I screamed. Blood oozed out of my vagina, but I didn't care much.

    Still standing where I was, struggling to stand straight. I was losing myself the way I lost her. Tears flowed easily even without my knowledge.

    She was an angel and angels from the above came to pick their youngest member.

  • in_fragments 42w

    All children want to be better than their parents. Most of them were just never taught how to be anything different.
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    The Natalist

    Mother in waiting on the balcony,
    rose hip tea sipping with a
    baby Rose inside, tumbling, kicking
    excitedly, ready
    to burst at the very crux of summertime.

    Mother celebrates her final few months
    of leisure and free rein with
    a fiery jaunt and a vivacious spirit,
    afraid but exuberant-
    marked parties with friends,
    self-indulgent suppers with family;
    she spends this particular
    smog swirled summer evening
    eating fresh fruits in her favorite chair-
    cherries, strawberries, apricots;
    a bowl of opulence,
    luxuriated in the immersion
    of watching the roses grow-
    imbibing life, but ignoring the darkness
    that shrouds the truth beneath it all.
    The guilt drips down her chin
    with blackberry juice,
    the toxic cycles secretly but certainly
    restarting with each cherry she plucks.
    She pictures how it will always be
    for her precious, brilliant baby girl:
    Safe. Unaffected. A beautiful bubble.

    As she watches the sun set
    behind air pollution, a slight haze
    from the forest fires too far away
    to care, eats her berries too many children
    will never get to taste, the evil that lurks
    behind every corner, disregarded-
    she's distracted,
    and she believes the world
    is reaching peak perfection.

    The natalist; hopelessly happy,
    self serving and narcissistic,
    oblivious to the reality
    she is forcing life into;
    completely dazzled into inaction by
    the dreams of adventures she never
    got to take, the ideas and plans she has
    for her "mini-me", before she has even
    entered the world; her personality
    and her roles strangely predetermined,
    allowing nothing to be uncertain-
    She will learn to love the flowers
    and the fashion, and the books,
    but what of her beliefs
    beyond that?

    We can only hope that the mini-me
    transcends and surpasses the mother;
    more in-tune with herself and the world,
    smarter and more willing to fight
    for those causes her mother was not,
    to break the patterns her mother
    repressed and let pass on, to reject
    all preconceived ideas and break
    the conditionings she will eventually
    grow to develop;
    and maybe the fruits and flowers
    her mother once enjoyed
    will still be there to share in the future-
    eaten with less guilt,
    more solemnity and understanding;
    it's a cold, random, fractious existence
    little Rose is arriving into-
    that cruel and urgent,
    turbulent existence being
    the core of what makes growth so sweet,
    that constant adversary that gives us
    something to fight for thrice over;
    for body, mind and soul.

    Where will Rose and all her flowers be
    by 2043?

    Mother doesn't think
    as she sips her rose hip tea, draped
    in gorgeous orange light
    and ignorant bliss-
    but even as the sunset burns
    and contagions hang all around, the air
    full of omens the woman doesn't notice,
    still the blooming Rose inside
    pushes with great potential, kicks
    with such heavy purpose...

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 51w


    She silently screamed initially to hide her mumble roars within,
    Lied down in a excruciatingly comfortable position, with teary smiles at every slight spin,
    With abruptly gradual movements of the fetus she neared the moment of painful joy,
    Contracted and expanded her uterus, making the way for her unborn toy,
    Biting her lips and scratching her face, bearing unendurable cramps,
    Her eyes bled dried tears, pushing at every pull, she made several attempts,
    Her heart beats ran stoppingly when her nerves twitched and pinched,
    Experiencing the deadly birthing procedure, she gradually inched,
    Reached the doors of death to bring the new life on the Earth,
    Finally embracing her crying bliss with trembling hands, she went through the dark to enlighten his hearth.


    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.*
    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.*
    #baby #hospital #pregnancy
    #writerscommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #star #mother #labor #pain #delivery #newborn

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  • appyjain 54w

    Feelings of Becoming Parents

    Waiting for the cutest smile
    It Strikes Different, it's beautiful....

    When this Tiny hands grab your finger
    It Strikes Different...

    When you wait for whole day to meet
    It Strikes Different...

    Watching the new movements eagerly
    It Strikes Different....

    The feeling of Becoming Parents
    It Strikes Different, it's beautiful

  • ekaantvoice 55w


    साथ हर मुसीबत में निभाऊंगा

    तुम चलना साथ मेरे

    मैं हर रास्तों को अपना बनाऊँगा

    और जब लगे की रूठ रहें है अपने तुमसे

    तब पास मेरे आ जाना

    मैं तुमको ख़ुशी महसूस कराऊंगा

  • ekaantvoice 56w

    क्या लिखू सच्चाई इंसानों की
    ख़ुद बे जुबाँ सा हूँ
    नहीं समझते लोग मेरी Fellings को
    मैं ख़ुद परेशां सा हूँ

  • ekaantvoice 59w

    साला जिंदगी में बस कमीं एक रहीं
    कभीं मीठा बन नहीं पाए
    और लोगों को लगा कि ये दिल लगाने के लायक नहीं है
    अक्सर सोचा लोगों को क्या पसंद है
    तब पता चला कि कोई पैसों का भूखा है तो कोई ज़िस्म का और सबसे ज़्यादा मिले मतलबी लोग जिनके लिए मेंने बहुत कुछ बलिदान किया पर सालों ने अक़्सर दिल तोड़ा
    रहीं बात विश्वास की तो मेरा 99.5 % रहता था पर उनका 100% झूठा था
    इसलिए जिंदगी में पैसे और दिखावा कभी मत आने देना दोस्तों वर्ना तुम अपने में ही खों कर रह जाओगे

  • lvpoet64 68w

    Pink Room

    Green walls over grey carpets
    It won't do for my baby girl
    Hours spent picking out paint
    The right shade of pink
    Not to pink
    Just pink enough
    The room is all taped off
    Damm I forgot to remove the electrical socket covers.
    Hours spent in prep
    Well worth the time
    My baby is gonna love this pink
    Can't wait for you to see
    Your little girlie room
    Now that the painting is done
    And I only got one spot on the grey carpet. Whew
    Ripping tape off to see my mistakes
    Think I will be all right.
    Now it's all over but for the waiting
    For my baby to come.
    It's all done
    The Pink room

  • pacifierpunch 77w

    Newborn: From the heart of mother!

    As if all the love has nested in my lap,
    as if all the warmth has flooded my gaps,
    as if the emotions are only running high
    and there is not an iota of my existence that runs dry,
    somewhere, it feels like I have found a connection
    beyond all that disdainful mess and painful disconnection,
    somewhere it feels there is an unparalleled fragrance,
    as if something seraphic has branched off my essence
    and there is an aroma of my naked and uncooked love
    diffusing around playfully fondling with my reticent world,
    and as I extend my hesistant arms to embrace this aurora,
    my eyes are drenched with its soulful chimera,
    as if all that unfolded was a sparkling fling
    and there I was on my knees, all there to romance such a beautiful beginning....


  • thy_brd 78w


    Everything's a blurr
    but I could feel her breath brushing in my hair; I could hear her heart pounding with joy;
    everything feels so warmth, in my first.


  • yashvibansal 78w

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    Thank you for reposting!��
    Oh my God, I can't believe it. 3 PODs today and mine is the first one?! This is the first time I have got so many likes and the first time for a POD as well, and I am ELATED. I literally jumped for joy when I saw this. Thank you so, so much! Y'all made my day!❤❤❤

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    The feelings of a newborn baby

    It was so comfortable in my dark little home ...what is this blinding light? Who does this quaint little room with white beds belong to? And why is everyone crying and laughing at the same time? Why is everyone looking at me with an emotion I can't place? Whatever it is, it makes me feel all warm inside...I don't understand anyone but somehow they feel familiar...and I feel the same emotion inside me which I see in their eyes...but I really don't know the word for it ... I see a beautiful lady looking over at me. She looks tired, but happy. I suddenly feel an overwhelming rush of emotion for her, and I feel as if she would always be the most special person in the world to me...I feel connected. A tingling feeling is all over me. I cry, both out of bewilderment and excitement.

  • pnair87 78w

    Finally !!!
    I’m here your nine months of wait...
    let me thank you papa & mama
    For letting me born
    For I could see light out of the dark womb
    For I could see life in a form
    For I could see this beautiful world


  • h_yuki 78w

    Bright light.
    And a surgical knife.
    I cry.
    Where am I?

    Sister gone.
    I left her alone.
    Mom wants to see me.
    But the doctors are still in surgery.

    Sister comes out with the same cry.
    And brought next to me in the surgical light.
    We feel soothed by a familiar touch.
    But soon we moved away as such

    One arm for me and one arm for you.
    We were together and we liked the view.
    But then they took us to the plastic cages.
    With oxygen and warmth to keep us alive in the next pages.

    #mirakee #newborn #pod #beginnings

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    Kindly read caption.

  • keithallencovell 85w


    Dragon's light
    Crystal walls
    Shining through
    Egg in warmth

    Holding zone
    Carry life
    Newborn build
    Inside, home