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  • dosbambi 6h

    For us Nigerians, repeating words is important and it helps emphasise our message and help the receiver of the message to let the message sink in.

    I feel, for many adult going into relationships (romantic and platonic), they go in, with their past relationship trauma, which influence how they see this new person.

    As much as our experiences are there to teach us and guise us through the future, it is very important we give people benefit of doubt, it's important we stop looking at the future our past.

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    ...cool down, cool down.
    ...calm down, calm down.
    Look at me very well.
    I'm not your ex!

  • dosbambi 11h

    Still on my quest to let in the world on the effect of rape on victims, especially girls...

    With so much having done concerning the right of the female gender, it's so unfortunate to know that, rape cases are still a thing around us, today.

    So, this is my contribution to the fight against rape. Writing in the third person to show the pain these victims have to suffer because one male human put his pleasure over the pain and person of another female human.

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    Tolani, the damsel every eye wanted to keep in sight,
    every hand longed to feel and hug tight,
    with the skin the sun never set eyes on,
    beauty with good brains, everyone
    followed her to have a pick on.
    Calm like the dove, humble like the lamp
    everyone's favourite, with smile that's heavenly.
    ...until she was robbed of her innocence,
    dragged out of her heaven into misery
    by a boy who refused to beckon on discipline
    to help him put his manhood under the hood,
    and teach him to put his ego in check.
    Her big NO was a slap on his handsome face,
    and all his empty head could come up with, to keep face
    was to force himself on her and put her in a phase.
    A phase that forced her into the family way,
    the way she diligently refused to tour.
    Each night, sadness beats her heart to tears,
    the stars cry every night seeing her this way,
    in the day, her broken spirit continues to grieve,
    misery has come to dine with her, promising not to leave...
    Oh! Sweet Tolani! I curse the day that boy crossed her path,
    boy who took away her colour, and left her on a colourless path.

  • dosbambi 1w

    You can't do what you don't know, so also, you can't see what you are not looking at... It is important we continue to learn, unlearn and relearn to position ourselves up right we can do things better and give us an advantage.

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #lifelessons #lifeissues #beinspired #inspiration #nigerianpoet #nigerianwriter

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    You can't do beyond
    What's stored up in your head.

    Neither can you see beyond
    what's within your sight.

  • dosbambi 2w

    Happy New Year folks...

    Thanks for all the love shown in 2021, we do better this year. Cheers to doing better this year.

    Thank you!

    You can follow me on IG @bambidanieloluwadare

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #nigerianpoet #nigerianwriter #africanpoet #africanwriter #happynewyear #appreciation

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    The new year has finally walked in,
    2022 has collected the baton from 2021,
    and now, we are up for another ride.
    We go harder, this new chapter,
    We do better, this new phase,
    Nothing but raising the bar
    on this new ride.

  • dosbambi 2w

    Have you ever found love at the most ridiculous time of your life? Time, you totally said no to love and then bam! There you are swept off your feet with love...

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #love #lovestory #nigerianwriter #nigerianpoet #africanpoet #unpredictable

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    Never saw it coming,
    my eyes were wide open,
    still, they missed the coming,
    everyone was informed, I'm no longer open,
    open to anything of such. Coming
    from me, it was a shock to them, but they are open
    and hoping things will change as we approach the coming
    new year. Everyone's eyes have been wide open
    checking to see any trace that suggest my coming
    home with the news that will grant them open
    heaven of good tidings, you know how coming
    home with good news can lighten us up and open
    our hearts to sweet melodies coming
    from where we can't go to. So, they are open.
    With a firm feet, I wasn't open, then your coming
    into my life, saw my heart get big and open
    to this beautiful thing called love coming
    from such a unique soul with an heart so good and open.

  • dosbambi 3w

    Women face all manner of daily, things that are very ridiculous. The world has successfully set all kinds of bars for the female gender, all is an attempt to keep women in the back seat.

    So, when rape happens to the female gender, it goes a lot more deeper than for the male gender.

    We really need to protect the female gender, and allow them enjoy the same opportunities males have.

    More than that, the issue of rape must by all means be tackled in all its forms and way. Sexual abuse must be stopped.

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #rape #rapevictim #femaleempowerment #protectthefemalegender #nigerianpoet #nigerianwriter

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    Already, the world was against her,
    she had to deal with plenty of don'ts,
    don't dream too high, you will be under a man,
    don't put on that kind of clothes, you will make a man fall,
    don't look too beautiful, only whores look too beautiful,
    don't have options, a girl is created to please her husband,
    don't be too strong, strength looks bad on you,
    don't be too bold, boldness isn't feminine,
    don't patronise your happiness, it will scare away men,
    don't don't don't, all kinds of rules she had to obey
    like a military personnel.
    Felt like her life was for others to live, while she spectate.
    So, when he pounced on her like she was his horse,
    took over her body like it belonged to him,
    dug her private parts vigorously like an animal,
    refused to pay attention to her crying pains,
    and chose his pleasure over her tears,
    all her pleadings fell on deaf ears.
    She lost it, and couldn't move past this one,
    this very one took what's left of her,
    and turned her into a puzzle she can't solve.
    ...now she's asking; "who am I, what am I, whose am I?"

  • fatimahyi 3w

    Losing herself
    Into a trance of hope
    Living among
    Petals of dreams and wishes

    Holding on
    To many what ifs and possibilities
    Dreaming to lie high among the stars

  • dosbambi 4w

    God of perfection, in His everything just makes sense and beautiful.

    The Father of my Lord Jesus Christ, knows what to do, and how to go about it, He's never late. His ways are the bast of ways.

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #faith #hope #jesuschrist #nigerianpoet #nigerianwriter #godtimeandgrace

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    He promised to make everything
    beautiful in His own time,
    So I took a chill pill,
    I pushed the pill down
    with a cup of warm water.
    By all means, I'm rejecting everything
    anxiety brings to the table.
    I cheerfully awaits His time
    cos, in His time, everything
    gets pretty beautiful.
    Only in His own time,
    does everything syncs and gels

  • dosbambi 10w

    Rape cases often leave victims in a state that is cumbersome to comprehend and explain.

    Most victims never really get over the event, especially those whose family and friends didn't help them heal, they grow up to become a shadow of who they should have been. They go around with all kinds of issue, plus they most time, find it extremely difficult to build a good loving relationship.

    By all means, plz say NO! to rape!!!

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #rape #rapevictim #rapestory #nigerianpoet #nigerianwriter #lifeissues #saynotorape #notorape #stoprape

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    Like a log of wood, she lay there on the floor,
    unable to fathom what just happened to her,
    she couldn't believe it happened to her,
    felt like a nightmare, she woke up from.
    She was there, in the company of silence
    gazing into everything, but nothing,
    totally lost in her thoughts...
    Too many questions flooding her head,
    begging for answers, answers she knew not where to find.
    ...his sense was right where it should be,
    yet, he took over her body for his rapture,
    like a white master abusing a black slave for pleasure,
    her pleas, her hot tears, all fell on deaf ears,
    he went on and on, until he was full and couldn't go on,
    it was the end of a rush of adrenaline for him.
    But the beginning of an inexplicable trauma to her!
    ...when she managed to sit, she laid her head on her knees
    and kept asking, "who am I, what am I...?".

  • dosbambi 14w

    Meeting someone special can be soothing to one's spirit and soul. It makes life a lot special and beautiful.

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #lovestory #lovepoem #lovepoetry #nigerianpoet #nigerianwriter #special_one

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    Choosing you is really easy,
    your touch in my life has made life easy,
    you came into my life, and laughter returned to me,
    peace also found her way back to me,
    from day one, you've gotten my attention
    like a soldier on the parade responding to attention!
    Not once, have you stop bursting my brain,
    I will be with you, come sun come rain
    cos it's you alone, my eyes see.
    Like the captain of the ship on sea,
    you are the captain of my heart,
    undoubtedly, you are the sweet melody of my heart.

  • dosbambi 15w

    Happy Independence Nigeria!

    I'm ever proud of being a Nigerian������

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #nigerianwriter #nigerianpoet #nigerian #nigerianindependence #nigeriansituation #nigerianyouths

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    Dear fellow Nigerians,
    might seem as tho this country is
    not worthy of any celebration,
    our problems are far too numerous
    for any celebration to make sense.
    True! It all look gloomy,
    no light seems to be on the horizon.
    Still, we must be our own light,
    and give everything needed to shine it.
    Everything is available for us to ignite our light,
    God has blessed us tremendously,
    all that remain is our fight, our fight for this light.

    Dear fellow Nigerian believers,
    might seem as tho
    God has decided to pay a deaf ear
    to all our day and night prayers
    but remember the effectual fervent prayers
    of the righteous availeth much,
    it is impossible for God to deny His people their requests
    So don't give up, strengthen every feeble legs.

    Dear Nigerians,
    Happy Independence
    ...notwithstanding, our future is bright!

  • dosbambi 19w

    The state of things in the most populous black nation in the world is alarming, the people charged with the duty to maintain and sustain the country have done nothing but worsen the country.

    They are a set of selfish, wicked and corrupt folks.
    And everyone just want to abandon the country for greener pastures.

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #nigerianpoet #nigerianwriter #nigeria #africa #nigerianpoet

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    What do you say to the one,
    people have totally given up on?
    How do you console her, whose life is been controlled
    by vicious, callous and selfish ones?
    What do you say to the woman pregnant
    with multitudes of potentials?
    But no one will give her a chance,
    her people don't even believe she has a chance.
    How do you console her whose life is ruined,
    before her eyes as she cries helplessly?
    She is Nigeria, stupendously blessed above and beneath,
    yet watches her children's suffering go unending.
    She cries for help, begs for deliverance from the monsters
    whose mission has been to milk her dry, and
    take all that belong to her, her glory, dignity and pride.
    In the hands of these monsters, she wails day and night,
    people say she can't be rescued,
    they say the poison has eaten too deep into her, to be saved,
    no matter what anyone brings to the table for her.
    Her children have given up on her,
    they don't want anything to do with her,
    to them, fighting for her
    is a lost cause, nothing good can ever come out of her,
    the only way to go, is to deny her.
    All alone with her oppressors, she wails day and night,
    wondering why her own people won't fight for her,
    with all of the treasures buried in her!

  • dosbambi 24w

    Tell me your experience if you have ever been heartbroken by a lady because of her age, status, pride and ego...

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #lovestory #lovestories #heartbreak #heartbreaks #nigerianpoet #nigerianwriter

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    How do I get you to take my word?
    I said your age isn't a factor to me,
    even your past, is so in the past to me,
    yes, your mistakes are plenty like the stars,
    they don't in anyway matter to me,
    why can't you just believe me?
    Your status and class, though high like a
    skyscraper do not intimidate me,
    they are not lions, they do not scare me!
    Why will you not take my word?
    Does it not count anymore,
    has it stopped being the cool breeze
    that calms you and brings you peace?
    How will I survive this pool of love, you made me
    fell into with you?
    Oh! My love, you shouldn't have let your ego and pride
    in on our beautiful love story!

  • dosbambi 27w

    How often do we take time to just look around and just thank God for life and how beautiful it can get...because life really can be good and beautiful.

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #nigerianwriter #nigerianpoet #life #lifequotes #lifelessons #lifeisbeautiful

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    Sometimes, life can be good,
    she does know how to decorate our faces with smiles.
    See how she causes our paths to cross with folks
    whose souls, laughter and even smiles
    warm our heart.
    Think of the beautiful times we enjoyed,
    times we laughed so much we couldn't stop,
    remember those days we wished they won't end,
    lovely moments we cherish.
    Every now and then, our mind look back
    and cause our heart to just leap for joy.

  • whoisdot 29w

    How far...

    How far bro,
    remember that time wey you dey always swear say I dey perfect
    abi you don forget say na you say wetin we get no fit fade
    I for no believe you

    How far my padi,
    that day wey you dey yarn me say you go always dey for me
    why ee con be say na only me dey follow myself yarn
    ee just be like say na lie you lie

    How far guy,
    shebi you talk say na me be
    number one
    you swear say na me dey important pass
    I no get worth again as I don turn nuisance

    How far sis,
    as cruise no dey again I don become burden
    gist don finish now and we no be friends again
    you don get levels pass me because I no fit pretend again

    How far nigga,
    that night wey you promise me say you go chase my ojuju
    wey you yarn say you wan understand everything
    be like say you dey form better friend because I no see you again

    How far Aunty,
    you don collect from me and you no fit give
    you be glutton and you no fit share
    you put me for street make car run me down
    I never die but na you kill me

    How far ore,
    you say you be my friend but you no send
    I don taya to dey find attention wey I no lost
    you go promise say you go change and you wan give me time
    no be today you dey talk like that

    How far alaye,
    Twale for you my gee as you don see me finish
    you don follow me reach where I go die
    you fit push me abi you go save me?

    D O T

  • magicalphony 35w


    Time is of the essence
    Time is so kind.

    It's power unfathomable;
    It's intimate affair with karma.
    The unraveler of secrets,
    The impartial, incorruptible judge of man.

    Patience a close friend,
    Persistence, the force
    Who are you to run?
    Who are you to fight it?
    Time and more time; the humbler of the high and mighty.
    The balance with which good and evil is measured.
    Grain by grain.
    Second by second.

    The question arises.
    On which side of the divide do you stand?

  • magicalphony 36w

    Phoenix Sojourn

    I have emerged from the ashes
    A new being with a new mind
    A thick skin
    A smile always

    I have risen to exhume love in my wake
    Confidence in my step

    I take up an aloof mind
    Your taunts nothing but light dust
    They hurt no more
    I cry no more

    I accept my uniqueness
    To be the blaring red
    In the sea of bland; joyless white
    To prance in a new esteem
    I seek no more your words of consent
    I seek no more to belong
    I revel in the goodness of freedom,
    Freedom from the template of you mind.

    I can't be you
    You will never be me
    I love the attention;
    Good or bad you're welcome.
    Make me an example,
    For when you seek to rise from the ashes.
    Free in character .
    Gentle in thought.
    A force indescribable.

  • magicalphony 36w


    I heave a sigh as I watch the sun set; there was a time where I spent every one gathered in a circle full of smiles, friendly banter, shared meals and big plans.

    It's the memory that makes it worthwhile; the memory fire branded, the faces I'll always see,
    The voices I'll always hear, every sunset as important.

  • magicalphony 37w


    Is it pride that is your fall?
    Is it fear that cripples you?
    Is it the many sins of your thoughts ?
    Is it uncertainty that you cower in your shell for?

    All that, you stuff into your mask of many expressions devoid of honesty;
    The beauty that covers the green venomous bitter soul that you are.
    I exist to snatch that mask from you,
    The truth for the world to see.
    To feel your fears, to heal.
    So you never forget the world cares not.

    That your wings may spring from your burden heavy shoulders; for you to soar above the clouds of truth.

  • magicalphony 37w

    Cold Dish

    My ragged clothes,
    The garment of your endless love.
    Made up beautifully with the hues of your fists;
    The voice of our union my silence.

    Your cup fills, drop by drop;
    Slowly but surely,
    Gay and light I serve you with justice;
    My justice.
    My revenge.
    My delight to see you writh and roll in your demon blood;
    To watch you with a smile till your eyes go white.
    My satisfaction.
    My choice
    My cold dish.