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  • _mathematics 22w

    Champagne spread over the rug hiding the bloodstains in its hue with an odour that spill all truths of segregation one by one as they are parts of the maze, with a visible reach of invisible scars.

    As long as I could learn the fault rather I fell for more deceits that put me behind bars of the walls, I called the room.

    The Dreamer, believing fantasies I have withstood.
    The Dreamer, do I even look like one?
    The Dreamer, half-dead during midnight.
    ~ the caption I mixed up with the sketchy fantasies.

    The fan on the ceiling alarms every day as the bed shifted to its neighbour, the surfaces are far away as much as she. I attempt to reach there but the invisible hopes deteriorate the destiny collecting numerous wishes.

    I sometimes make situations appear confusing to hide what I wanted to confess.
    Does this make me mentally unstable? Maybe little scared to say what I learnt in the recent past times when patterns over curtains in the drawing-room were satisfying as art and now a threaded view of parts nowhere linked to each other.

    This my madness in books or thirst in cry yearning bright stars at night of the full moon with you by my side even it's six feet apart or more than that still you by my side.

    An artist in love or sailor in the mid of dead life, throbbing within its corpse parted in varied speeches some reported to her way and some indirectly plunged to the clogged blood dripping into the pipe connected to the hand, tried to escape the ink of words with hefty unconditional rules of pain teasing love.

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    TO-LET you know
    the title is NO-MORE

    diversions oddly
    getting soaked under the shed
    built with ironies
    defining ruined letters
    floating inside the ocean

    with the unknown gulf
    held by the anxiety
    separated from
    the self-love jailed within folds
    masked ink longing from past

  • miss_silentlyweird 22w

    And if I'm vulnerable dandelion seed
    that easily scattered,
    likewise lost in fields until night
    covered with fog of fright,
    will I ever float without weights in heart?

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    #letitgoc #wod
    @miraquill @writersbay

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    They said.“Hold on really tight"
    Cause everything will be alright,
    But what if I'm dandelion?
    With one single blow I let it go—
    All of my seeds of hope.


  • rekhuu 22w

    If letting go was an art,
    we could be the greatest of artists
    and when hope blooms all that we let go
    would soon find its way back to us

    #letitgoc #nightc

    #gogyohka #wod

    EC ��

    Thank you for the like WN ��

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    Letting go. .

    Let it go - the
    darkest of hours
    giving you myriad
    sleepless nights

    Let him go - the
    heartless lover
    leaving you after
    promising a forever

    Let it go - the
    hardwork which
    still fails to deliver
    its desired results

    Let them go - the
    people who left your side
    because of minor

    Let it go - the
    past memories
    that still succeed in
    breaking your heart


  • lettersinink 22w

    Her hair was as dark as the night,
    jasmines adorned it like stars.
    She was night personified -
    silent, mystic and dangerous.

  • bellemoon99 22w

    Tell me, night

    All the undone tasks come to haunt me as the sun dies.
    I have should done this, I should have done that.
    The feeling of worthlessness threatens to overflow and drown me.
    Will you save me, dear night? Will your darkness cover me up like a starry blanket?
    Or will your chilling winds leave me frozen so the sun can laugh at me once more?

  • bclark2681 22w

    The Nights

    Night is spent asleep
    Running rampant through
    Endless mind inquiries
    Unwilling to conclude

  • aryaa_anand 22w

    every night of a knight

    adorned with its jewels
    the bright silver ball embellishing its forehead
    the glittery five cornered beauties gracing its body
    the victory of the knight in the battle field immortalizes its precious soul
    and the glorious night gleams with glee.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 22w

    Surrounded by hazy fog of confusion,
    I would rather be the light in your darkness
    like the stars in the night.
    ~your light.


  • pratibhajadhav 22w

    Darkness hides all the things,
    good or bad in the Womb of night...

  • peperwhites 22w


    Keep looking at me and let me fix you
    in the way darkness fixes into the night


  • nandini_5 22w

    Beauty of Night

    When the blue sky become black
    And the red becomes white
    Those blinky Stars in the sky
    Remind me of peoples I love .

    When the night falls
    All my sorrow drawn away .
    When I hear the sounds of cricket
    It's makes me comfortable .
    All the Stars form something beautiful
    Which can't be written in words .

    This black sky with a white moon
    Who knows how much love it own .
    Thousand and million peoples are
    Admiring the beauty of night

  • magical_poems 22w

    ιт ωαѕ α ¢σσℓ ηιgнт ωнєη тнσѕє ωανєѕ ℓι¢кιηg тнє ѕнσяєѕ нαя∂ ωєяє нєαя∂ σя тнαт ѕαℓту zєρнуя ѕℓαρριηg α¢яσѕѕ уσυя ƒα¢є ωєяє ƒєℓт. вυт ѕσмєтнιηg нαρρєηє∂ тнαт ηιgнт........

    And quite suddenly the lamps went out
    For then a sound was heard
    Neither cold nor warm
    As though it's a passenger, here, falsely lured

    It said something about full moon
    On the last of monsoon
    And my feeling of foreboding couldn't be better
    For the stated date was tomorrow, so soon

    As my intensity of fear deepened
    The voice became distant, blurred
    And whether I waited 5,10 or 20
    That voice again I never heard

    Before my mind was any clearer
    Light regained on my street
    And soon when I reacted to this phenomenon
    Somewhere a clock chimed "treat"

    But my rest night passed mum
    Only my hiccups occasionally breaking it
    And my eyes gazing continuously high
    To that crescent moon in the star strewn sky

    Next day that event came back
    Where it popped occasionally on my head
    For today was that stated day
    And even my feeling of foreboding was fed

    That morning came, hushed by noon later
    And then the twilight showed up
    But not a sign of any misgivings
    And my dread went below the cup

    Then the dusk fell swallowed by midnight
    And the first signs of life were noticed
    In that sleeping, snoring mass
    It rather stood a way unique

    But everything blacked out now
    And even though I remembered till here
    The memory afterwards went missing
    And I knew nothing of the after fear.......

    P. S. Here below the cup means lessened.
    It may have been long for I wrote on till I felt it better to close ^_^
    And moreover to be true I felt it #lame.
    And also any mistakes do tell. @ak_anjali_daydreamzz Anjali di, I want you to read this and guide me if I am anywhere wrong or if the whole business is just a pile of rubbish. `_`��
    And also in the intro I tried to use a different font and in case you don't understand the correct wordings are in on the image.
    @writersnetwork @miraquill @writersbay
    #nightc #wod #pod #latenightposts

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    It was a cool night when those waves licking the shores hard were heard or that salty Zephyr slapping across your face were felt. But something happened that night.......

  • snehalv 22w

    Tranquil night lights up the spirit of demons & destructs beauty of solitude.


  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 22w

    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    Bedecked, was I
    By Luna's finest hues
    In a shroud of sparkling starlight
    Enrobed by lustrous blues

    The gladiolus greet me
    Throughout the gardens in the park
    After dozing through the day
    They're always wide awake at dark

    Surrounded by the sweet sounds
    Of nature's serenade
    I can hear the crickets chirping
    O'er yonder, in the glade

    The hooting of the night owl
    Assures me all is well
    Surveyor of the forest
    He's our trusty sentinel

    At last, the Earth falls silent
    And I embrace the quietude
    It's here, within these moments
    That the daytime is reviewed

    The darkness is a tonic
    That often leads us to be healed
    For the obscurity it offers
    Means that our truths can be revealed

    Oh nighttime, dearest nighttime
    I'm desirous of your bliss
    Wrap me in your dark embrace
    And grace me with your loveliness

    Alas, the dawn draws nearer
    Come be the company I keep
    Pray thee regale me with your splendor
    And when the sun's up, I shall sleep.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 8/24/2021

    #nightc #writersnetwork #miraquill #challenge #dailychallenge #writingchallenge #wordprompt #conceptprompt #writersbay

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  • pallavi4 22w


    Tip toe she does in the darkness
    Wearing a shimmering silver halo ,
    Gently she treads yet awakens
    The world with the light of her silvery glow.
    Fighting the twilight she appears
    Like an angel in the pitch black night ,
    Her silver beams light up the world
    The moon bathes in her silver light .
    Silver the lake, silver the trees
    Silver everything she touches —
    She steals the banal sadness of the night
    Rescues the world from the sun’s clutches.
    As the moon shines on the desert
    Hear the silver camels’ tinkling silver bells,
    The stars shine for her from dusk to dawn
    The night fills up with sweet jasmine smells .
    The taste of sweet nectarines she brings
    All basking in her silvery glow ,
    The taste of solitude she fulfills —
    One of longing and loneliness and woe .
    Silent and illuminated from within
    She travels forever looking for her beau ,
    Quietly she lights up and reigns over the night
    The dawn silently but surely in tow


    24th of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Picture credited to its rightful owner- Pinterest - esty, moonlight night blue sky shinning stars photography

    Repost from 15th February, 2020

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    Tip toe she does in the darkness
    Wearing a shimmering silver halo ,
    Gently she treads yet awakens
    The world with the light of her silvery glow.
    Fighting the twilight she appears
    Like an angel in the pitch black night ,
    Her silver beams light up the world
    The moon bathes in her silver light .


  • thoughtsprocess 22w

    The night wrapped
    sorrows, disappointments
    and frustrations
    in its carpet of darkness

    The night hides scars of hearts,
    wounds of souls and eyes
    filled with tears and pain

    The night gives blessings of the sleep
    Though temporarily but it takes away
    all the worries and disturbing thoughts
    for some time

    The moon soothes the wounded souls
    Twinkling stars give hope
    to the broken hearts
    who are lost in the darkness of dejection

    The night gives time for introspection
    The night teaches us to find the beauty
    in the gloomy darkness


  • kanungoswati 22w

    Sarah Williams

    “I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”

    The hot summer night calms down
    with cool southern breeze,
    In it wafts the intoxicating fragrance
    of jasmine, igniting the heart of lovers.
    The dark night sky
    scintillating with stars,
    known-unknown to man,
    Shimmers and glimmers in the distance horizon, casting iridescence glances.
    The moon in full bloom
    plays hide and seek with the
    unsteady clouds, prancing like the kids
    in a playground.
    The dancing trees sways
    with euphoria,
    and the lovers whisper
    sweet nothings lost in the Night drama.

  • themoonandthesun 22w

    I have no idea what this is. I was stressed so I penned something. And it came out weird.

    @writersnetwork @miraquill @writersbay

    #journal #nightc

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    A Starless Night Yearns for Van Gogh's Starry Night!

    Holding the Sunflower in a Wheatfield with Crows
    I bask in the glory of a Starry Night
    A canvas awaiting on the brook
    Singing along with a brush in hand
    Coral crystals and water to paint

    //The "pause" is not missing.
    I'm just being lazy
    Daydreaming at dusk
    On a rainy day.

    ~Nope! It's a B u s s t o p~

    Cross legged
    Buried in his hoodie.
    Emerged from a halo of smoke
    Rings and heavy chains
    A cigar between the dry lips
    Torn yet stylish black jeans
    Drenched in water from head to toe
    A purple shirt and black skirt
    Dang! What a combo
    Black glasses covered her nervous eyes.
    Shaking frame seeking shade
    Red saree, with grey hair and saggy arms
    Jingling the fat with a shake of her hand
    Showering us all over again, with her
    Newspaper like umbrella.
    Miss! Look what you did! Bathed me. Again!

    Taking notes or moulding silly rhymes.
    Oh! These never rhymes
    I try to pass time.
    Lame or not, it is perfectly mine.
    Hanging around in my journal
    A not so prose poem
    With a bit of modernism
    And a dash of myself
    A perfectly imperfect self
    (What a regular cliche) //

    Tonight is a lazy night
    Rainy and starless night
    Urging me to dream on
    About Van Gogh and
    His Starry Night!


  • fizahfiz_ 22w


    Night is purer than day,
    it's better for thinking, for loving and dreaming,
    At night everything is more intense, more true,
    The echo of words that have been spoken during the day takes on a new and deeper meaning. -E.W

  • snehalv 22w

    Night embarks us on a exciting journey to our dreamland.