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  • aradunni 13w

    'Get me lit, baby'.
    Lit me, higher than the craving hormones.
    Let the bed creaks get louder with every stroke of your little devil (shall I call it MASTER)
    Let the chills that run through our veins be a witness to our little secret
    Hush me
    Take me
    I will gag and gulp on every word and beast that comes out of you
    Say no more
    The night is ours to relish
    We repent in the morning
    Our voice ringing out in echoes as we bow heads and sing, 'ABBA father'
    For this night, I shall be the EVE eating the real apple.

  • _jiya_ 135w

    The night waits for
    Her to step out.
    Unfolding the layers of 'a happy face' from the day to the 'real face' in it's engaging presence.
    Grasping each and every second to make a single minute of 11:11...