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  • charlieka 1w


    on the tip of my brain
    he stood there quietly in all my dreams
    in my bedtime haunts
    Midnight train derails and
    The nightmare I can't wait to tear out of my book
    He's gone

  • lollipop71 1w

    Tears Fall Like Rain

    The tears fall from her face, like
    Droplets of rain falling from the sky.
    Her life is a nightmare, it holds
    Disappointment and unfulfilled
    Promises, no relief in sight.
    No friends, no family, no one to turn to.
    It's lonely in her world, and it hurts deep
    Within her soul.
    Every part of her body feels it everyday.
    Lonely and lost.

  • madinah_writes 2w

    Life's broken affair.
    Pailed up in our heads, unaware.
    Framing mind in dreams that tear.

    Distruction to the heart that leads us nowhere.
    Taking form of love and friendship we ware.
    Tearing off our skin in despair.
    Yet, we are unaware.

  • redheadgoddess 4w

    The Nightmare

    We have all become the nightmare
    We suffer
    We make others suffer
    The simulation is relentless
    Thoughts and prayers
    Merely contribute
    To the hellish landscape
    We all had a hand in creating
    ...and the game never ceases.


  • charlieka 4w

    Night Scare

    I feel like something is wrong the window is glowing neon green and purple I thought I heard a clown I think something bad is going to happen the dreams are way too vivid there was a man with broken limbs I heard from him I saw his pain he was falling to pieces in front of my eyes
    I feel like something has gone wrong tell me these nightmares are brought on by eating too late I hate being scared in the dark I turned on my Christmas tree and now I'm settling in
    looks like another night of no sleep writing poetry til dawn

  • deadlittlesongbird 5w


    A dark silhouette
    In the corner of my eye
    Faces contorted.

    He is a spirit
    Composed of darkness and dreams,
    Of pain and of loss.

    Voices in the dark
    Whispering and pulsating
    About past nightmares.

    His presence is warm,
    Familiar and comforting,
    Filling me with grief.

    The color of tar,
    As black as night with no moon.
    Spilled liquid ink.

    Day break approaches.
    Fear of being left alone
    Ravages my heart.


  • eku_writes 5w

    What if the little princess in you can't love him back?

    You were in search of the prince charming, 
    Like in the fairy tales to pull you out of miseries.
    Perfection! is what you were looking for…..
    How did you land up here?

    Pain: lately, you have been quite acquainted with it.
    Dying a thousand times and burying the unspoken truths,
    Flashing at the cruel shrug and hundreds of fleeting moments at the schoolyard,
    Where your pals termed you as the FAT COW with that guilt-free smirk,
    Or, when your bros swindle your innocence by squeezing your ass in a private room,
    And the accusation in the eyes of your kin when you told them what happened.
    And the churned despairs of all the incubus men you seem to let into your body, mind, heart, and soul,
    You Learned you didn’t have anything that could mold a beast into a prince. 

    You seem to realize that amidst all the fairytales you wrapped yourself like a blanket around, it’s the cold that you sought, it’s the fear that you craved.
    And, who’s to blame here?
    The gulf between you and your pals brought comfort to be a skeptic of fairy tales.
    But, little did you realize that the stories of fairy tales were buried deep beneath you like poison.
    As the little princess in you awaited the arrival of your Prince Charming to save you from the unfairness of everything.

    And then right there, when you thought it’s for the best to disappear,
    You met him, you knew deep in your heart that he is heavenly to be true,
    And when his touch squish the entrails in you, you let your guard down,
    Cos’ you fancied for his strength to lift you.

    Dwelling in the Lala land of syncing your reality with the little princess’s fantasies of the perfect love story, you feel the warmth, you feel the love that you have been bounty hunting in the wrong place.
    But it is the cold that you seek
    To turn it into warmth
    To melt the iceberg
    To fill the void
    That makes you feel empty
    To find peace within.
    To ultimately realize that the Prince charming and incubus are the same men...
    And that you don’t get a happy ending unless you love both of them. 

    Didn’t the little girl in you desire to be loved?

    Didn’t she wish to be crowned by him?

    Didn’t she seek this?

    Didn’t she ask for it?!

    Didn't she ask for it?

    Then say that you can live with it, say that you love him,
    As Biases will just drown you in the same world of miseries that you outgrew,
    Say Thank you.
    But... What if the little princess in you can’t love him back?

  • hk55555 7w


    What I if am dying slowly and everybody know about it despite me
    What if my dreams slowly eat me from inside and I don't know about it
    The dreams which I loved even more than my life is only the cause of all my misery 
    What if my every step toward my dreams is an illusion 
    What if my brain is playing games with me and only giving false hope to me
    Every ring on my phone & every knock on my door gave me the false hope that it will help me to reach my destination
    What if the word of the people is true that all of my dreams are mere misconception
    What if those words settled down in my mind and I died before my death time
    I cry out and scream to stop as my ears are now bleeding due to their harsh words
    But they turned deaf toward me & continually blabbing the same things
    I stopped and take a deep breath and pretend to be dead 
    But even this did not stop them they even tried to kill the death again and again
    After thinking I turned myself away from all living creatures
    I understand that I don't owe any explanation to anyone
    It gave me some relief now but the nightmare never left me all alone
    Those words are so harsh even now they tried to create a huddle before me
    But now I understand that the dead person did not feel any pain and slowly accomplishing my dream
    What I if am dying slowly and everybody know about it despite me

  • sheikhiram 7w

    I donno it make any sence Or not but i just wanna write something�� in these sleepless nights
    #own non_sense_words

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    Uski batain

    Phir likne ke koshish ke, tujse bichdne k baad
    Muskil sai joddiye kuch alfaaz, tujhe sonchne ke baad
    Phir adhuri chood dee menai ne kahani
    Teri kuch batain yaad karne ke baad

  • yamirajam 9w

    The Burning skull calling me

    Burning Skull calling me

    A story consist of nightmares and fantasy but I feel it's too realistic
    I know it common between us to see nightmares, we all experience something that frighten deep
    But ...
    Have you ever saw same nightmares repetitively 1 day, 1 week, 15days, 1 month or I say 1 year or more?
    Yup now it turn shocking
    So this story is about a nightmare that hit me more than one year and I never understand why that dream only come all that damn nights?
    Why it's not changing with days?
    Why it's not changing and
    remain same for one year?

    In short I start this story with 15 nights experience with same nightmares "The burning Skull calling me"
    I leave the real world at night
    Turning myself unconscious travelling in dreams of nightmares , reaching a deserted road alone where mist, smoke and darkness follow, I see no one around
    And complete silence but
    feel safe because no one here to harm .
    Then a sudden sensation of heat that burning my outer skin , i encounter lake of fire in front of me and a house lacking it's front frame open , no windows no doors just
    Only one chair in room in which unholy burning Skull is sitting.
    Watching me back with hollow eyes , I fear he like to see my action all times
    But we are in distances of the lake of fire and a magical barricade in dreams
    13th nights I crossed that same road, he always sit in same chair watching each my action again and again with attention ,

    Last Second night was bit little different , now I have two killers in road with one knife and one gun in hands of other
    The victim target was choose by my unconscious mind that's "ME" I have to die,a game of death , they were coming near and I'm still I can't move one bit, holding my hands tight they grab me
    And knife cutting ,piercing a hole in centre of my body .
    I see the burning Skull is sitting quiet .
    entertained by my moribund,
    Enjoying my cuts and bleeding I awoke up in real world with a deep breathe "I'm alive, not death" Yet one night left to face something more Cruel ,
    Last night came , this time
    I sleep with a determination
    I will change the end, fight back is the only option left
    So I fight hard to kill all bad .
    Again I'm standing in the same road, front of me lake of fire and burning house but
    Chair is empty.
    I come near to barricade to find burning skull
    I hear a whisper from back that " You are free now" I move back to see who was that, the skull just vanish in smoke of immense, I can't find killers who want to kill me last time.

    I left alone in my nightmare
    , questioning myself
    That burning skull was my enemy or my fairy god demon
    His last words "I'm free now"
    What was that about ?

    "He watched me till my fear of death eating my soul and making me worry why I'm afraid of the dark end, and the day I content courage to face all bad he just disappear like never existed"


  • kp_singh 9w

    Once upon a time you were like a dream to me.
    Because the person behind your mask I couldn't see.
    And now when I know how much fake is your love and care.
    You ain't a dream, you're a nightmare. -Kps©2021

    #dream #nightmare #lovepoetry #lovequotes #kpspoetry #kpsquotes

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    Once upon a time you were like a dream to me.
    Because the person behind your mask I couldn't see.
    And now when I know how much fake is your love and care.
    You ain't a dream, you're a nightmare.

  • priya_345 10w

    _ कियोकि मेने _

    मुझसे मेरी खुशी की कोई वजह मत पूछो।

    कियोकि मेने।

    "खुद को" / "खुद में

    खुश रहने की हजार वजह देदी है।

  • wifey_suicide 11w

    Happy early Halloween everyone
    #halloween #horror #spooky #scary #nightmare #writing

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    Haunting Nightmare

    This nightmare is haunting
    Each person is chasing me around
    Myers and Jason
    Super frightening
    Jump scares got me screaming
    Trapped in a room with a time limit
    Dodging knifes and chainsaws
    This isn't my blood
    Where did my ring finger go

    Help me, I can't wake up
    Even if you shake me
    I think I just herd Freddy
    Please awake me
    Even if I hide they can hear me breathing
    What happened to just dreaming

    A doll just tried to hex me
    I don't want to kill anybody
    Who's this tiny man on a tricycle
    How is this all possible

  • bad_habit 12w

    Cause darling I am a nightmare
    dressed like a daydream...

  • night_mist_ 12w

    Selfish love

    Who loved you so much, did many favors, supported you in every problem, took enmity with you, when you can forget him, then it is not difficult for you to forget his memory.

  • the_blossom 14w


    Aura in the room was
    filled with darkness
    And my mind was
    Full of cowardice
    There was none than
    My voice
    Hastily, it was telling
    That I have no choice
    I don't have any courage
    To escape
    My cowardice engulfed me
    In the duskiness drape

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  • ib_kotun 14w


    I opened my eyes and found myself in a dark room. I looked around but couldn't see anything,
    “Hello!?” I said as I heard my voice echo into the distance. I heard a roar, no, more like a shriek, “Who's there?” I said, really afraid now.
    A little light shore at my eyes, “why did you reject me?”, I heard the light say.
    “Reject who?”, I heard more shrieking as the light went off.

    At this point, I would be pissing myself and it was then, I noticed that I was naked and to my surprise, not in a wheelchair but standing on my own two feet.
    The light shore again from behind me and I was at a stand still.
    It kept coming closer as a hissing sound came into view with the shriek “ Do you not want me?”, “Who are you?” I said as i turned and the light went off again, the fear was now visible in my voice.
    “Do you hate me?, I did after all come from you, I am your creation... MOTHER!” I heard as the light shined again but this time, it shined through the area of the shriek and I saw a great reptile staring me down, not more than 7inches from my face.
    I screamed in fright as I woke up my bed, my heart was racing and the bed was empty.

    “It was just a dream”.


  • ashish_says 17w

    It just takes a matter of time
    to transform dreams into nightmares.


  • priyadibu 17w

    Even your little memories become
    My endless nightmare of my life

  • roel_gonz 17w

    Behave my nightmare little monster
    She's coming under fire
    Blazing red attire
    With lustful