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  • fz_fika 25w


    Sitting by the window,
    Taking in the beauty of the Night Airglow,
    I looked at the sky's pumpkin,
    Her glamorous aura breathtaking,
    As she is surrounded by little lights,
    And they twinkle with might,
    I smiled back at the sky's might,
    As she took me on a walk,
    A walk down the memory lane,
    Where you and I laughed like we were insane,
    The moon and the stars beaming with us,
    As you give me a buss without a fuss,
    As we jump, run and roll round the Meadow,
    Putting aside the fears, insecurities and egos,
    The lane we tried our best to be the happiest,
    The juncture were holding on was the easiest,
    Alas! this happy moments were only for a while,
    But at least the smile then was a genuine smile.
    Soon, our fears, insecurities and Ego,
    Slowly but surely consumed us.
    Holding on became the hardest,
    letting go became the easiest.
    All we are now is nothing but a painful-sweet memory,
    As the "memories bring back memories"