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  • partlywater 22w

    Tea is cold and grass is green, like every morning. Most of the mornings are lost in deciphering the dreams of my nights. Still waiting for that device which could record my dreams while I sleep, so that I can think about them during my evenings, rather than wasting my mornings. I just remembered that today is my first day of college.

    Been thinking a lot about how different it would be from my school days. If movies are anything to go with, should be pretty fun. But movies just say the deepest desires of the writer. Sometimes it is good to be optimistic about the most random things in life. I choose the opposite for all the important things.

    It is almost raining, almost. I really don't want to see the sun after the moody grey sky. Let the breeze keep on blowing till the end of the day. Less saturation on my days make them a million times better. Talking about million times, I am wasting my time again, which I promised myself not to, a million times.

    A hot shower in this climate would make me fall asleep, yet I would like that over a cold one. I am observing the water droplets falling from my nose tip for no reason. I guess I am getting good at focusing. And all of a sudden, the dream of last night flashed in my head.

    That airport runway is in my dream for not the first time. I remember the infrastructure like I built it ten times in the same place, which warrants no cause or reason. The same old runway with busy jets and empty cockpits. No passengers, no staffs, no ground team, no pilots, in short, no human in sight. I am sitting at the end of the runway just a feet away from the take off point. Every take off leaves the scent of hot rubber from the jet's tyres. If I had to sneeze when the jet is about to take off, I hold it in. Because I would bang on the tyres if I sneeze, I just realised that its is not a safe place to sit in the first place. And then..... oh my god! I am late..

    Uff... made it to the bus stop twenty five seconds before the college bus showed up. As I climbed the steps, I was thinking if I rinsed my mouth after my breakfast? Oh no... did I flush the toilet after the poop? Well... I will get to know in the evening I guess.

    Anxiety takes away attention to detail. Like the people I walked past as I walked in the middle of the bus to one of the empty seats in the middle. I have no recollection of their faces or figure. And that is when I thought about, if I was wearing my shirt right or inside out. A small heart-attack later I was fine, listening to Mr.Ballen podcast on my earphones. Its strange that anxiety inducing material calms down my social anxiety.

    Well lord behold, the bus entered the campus. I am calm in getting down from the bus and never spoke with anyone. As I walked towards the main building with the name of the college, I was greeted by a girl standing there and telling everyone the direction to their departments.

    "Welcome to Truman University! I am Sonia, head of student welfare union. A commerce senior. What is your name and department?"

    Wow!!! a lot of words for a foot path interaction, I thought.

    "Where is English?" I asked and I know that I did it really awkwardly...

    "So human of few words huh? Anyway, you walk straight past the main corridor and take left. You fill find, Physics, Nuclear Physics and then English, that will be you."

    I just nodded and made a small smile. Then walked on my while regretting not thanking her. Also my I was wondering why she could not just tell walk straight until you see English department? People who speak a lot are weird and I feel like they just talk a lot for the sake of talking a lot.

    Here I am, my hopes of getting into the classroom before anyone else has definitely failed. Now I have to walk past at least fifteen people looking at me and I am obliged to smile and make eye contact with them all. Huh... that is Mouni! She was from high school. Good that I know someone here. What is the use though? She is such a bitch and I would have spoken a maximum of 44 words with her in our entire time in the same campus.

    As I sat there alone minding mw own job of not making my presence felt, the first teacher walked in. This was a basic bla bla session held during every opening day. But as I was looking at the teacher, I had a feeling that I have seen her somewhere, but could not point my finger and say from where. After 45 long minutes of nothing, the class came to an end and we were walking out. As I was close to exiting the classroom, she called me.

    "Excuse me dear!"
    "Yes, did you call me?"

    "Well of course! Would you mind staying for a couple of minutes? I need to ask something."

    Though her ask was of no interest of mine, I stayed just out of curiosity. We waited until the class was empty and she looked into my eyes and asked;

    "Where do I know you from?"
    "Same... I am thinking and not able to remember."

    "By any chance have you been to Willow international?"
    "What is Willow international?

    "The airport!"

    This is not possible, that is my dream! Am I still dreaming? Should I try to wake up? But I am going to keep talking. Because now I remember who she is.

    "Doli Pippin? The Mayor?"
    "Yes honey... Oh no! this is not good."

    Then she just looked into nowhere and stormed out of the class.

    "Mam.... Mam.... tell me what's wrong please...!

    And there goes she, along with my first day at college. All the best sleeping tonight, I told myself....


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    Grey Butterfly

    Revelation 1

  • j_a_esquivel 58w

    Texas heat pt1

    There are no heroes, just people more apt in moments of panic and despair.
    They'll always be more victims.
    Needs not settled, thirsts that are unquenchable.
    Some people are driven by necessity, 
    Others by thrill.
    As long as humans claw for resources, they'll be those who get scratched.
    Good people are everywhere, hopefully they'll still be good when you find them.
    With luck they won't be blinded by their own sweat.
    Nothing is more noble than toiling.
    Either my allergies are acting up or something is way off.
    It's a day of dry heat and the wind keeps reminding everybody.
    It feels like the city is on fire
    And somehow I woke up covered in gasoline.

  • mooney2201 61w

    ������ ���������� ���� ����������

    I'm a traveller fighting his own insides,
    Floating in the empty space that is not nothing,
    Brimming with blithe,
    Like a star with no light,
    Wore to a frazzle yet alive.

    So far away from home,
    Marching towards a selcouth land that has no name,
    In this sciamachy there is scintilla of eunoia,
    Where the blackbirds sing,
    And the clouds are pink,
    And lover's scent filled in my lungs,
    Guiding me,
    Though not all the way through.

    Gray cold bedsheets suffering through rising moon,
    Dementia blooms,
    Sense of reality swiftly falling into the schizophrenic oasis,
    Paranoïa is comfort,
    If only it were a nightmare,
    Personal Gehenna gyving me to the very core?
    Ah I wish
    It's the sweet excruciating memento of the departed hour.��


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    Let There Be Light

  • rose_quill 69w

    Writing Exercise #14

    I keep three Magnums in my desk. One's a gun, one's a bottle, and the other's a box of condoms. Sadly the first two see more use than the third. I'm Netty Hunt, and my job is to Snoop for money.
    It's a tough job but hey it's a tough world. And it's been my tough luck to deal with professional Toughs on a regular basis. But digging through dirty laundry brings in the money, and I've got a family to think of. And by family, I mean me and my bartender.
    So when Mr tall dark and handsome walked through my door with a case, I slipped a few magnums into my coat pocket and took the job.

  • rose_quill 69w

    Writing Exercise #13

    My client was giving me a bigger headache than I get from turning on the news. But if I could close her case, the money it would bring in could buy me something much stronger than an aspirin. And if I couldn't, my headaches would probably end courtesy of a bullet. My bartender makes a mean cocktail though. If I can get through this thing without getting shot, I'm getting me some quality shots.

  • rose_quill 69w

    Writing Exercise #12

    It was a hot and steamy afternoon. But hey it's the middle of summer in Florida what did you expect? If business was as high as the temperature I'd be on easy street. Instead I've got an office on sleazy street and a nasty relationship with the landlady.
    The name's Netty Hunt. I drink like a fish and am swimming in debt. I'll probably meet my end at the bottom of either the bottle or smoking barrel. I'm a private eye.
    Suddenly the door swung open and in walked a client; smelling of both trouble and expensive cologne. He was devilishly handsome and probably going to bring me hell. But virtue doesn't pay the rent and the devil ain't got nothing on my landlady.

  • xykon_noir 73w

    मैं तो साँस के तौर पर सुरों को भरता हूँ जिगर में !
    इस अंजुमन में बिन मौसीक़ी कोई बसर नहीं !


  • xykon_noir 74w

    आदत-ए-ग़म पाल ली है जो दिल ने!
    दिल जानता नहीं...
    कोई मानता नहीं...


  • xykon_noir 82w

    प्यार तो करते सभी,
    प्यार में कभी-कभी,
    बन जाते लोग कवि,
    और देखो मेरी छवि...

    बना मैं चरसी-शराबी-आवारा...
    भूल से भी कभी प्यार करूँगा न दोबारा!


  • xykon_noir 82w

    ज़माना ख़राब है

    देख कर मुझे दर्द में, तुम जो हंस पड़े हो xykon...
    "क्यों समझूं इंसान इसे, जब अपना नहीं तो है कौन?"
    यही सोचते हो अगर, तो सोच यह लाजवाब है...
    और तुम कहा करते हो, कि ज़माना ख़राब है!


    देख समृद्धि को जिसकी, हो तपन में गुम...
    हुए उसके संग बड़े हो खेल-पढ़ कर तुम...
    क्यों दुखी हो तुम, जो साथी क़ामयाब है!
    और तुम कहा करते हो, कि ज़माना ख़राब है!


    वो लड़की जिसके साथ, कल हो गई बदसलूकी,
    सब से कहा तुमने, "उसे न हिस थी आबरू की...
    बद्चलन है हर वो औरत, जो बेनक़ाब है!"
    और तुम कहा करते हो, कि ज़माना ख़राब है!


    कह "हरिजन" चल दिये थे, जिसकी तुम चौखट से,
    वो दिलाता मुक्ति सब को, काशी के पनघट पे...
    जाति, रंग, धर्मों का तुमने, अच्छा किया हिसाब है!
    और तुम कहा करते हो, कि ज़माना ख़राब है!


    घर जला कर आये हो, तुम जिस मुहाजिर का...
    रब तुम्हारा भी वही है, जो था काफ़िर का!
    माथे पर, न इक शिकन, न नयन में आब है!
    और तुम कहा करते हो, कि ज़माना ख़राब है!


    क्या कहोगे चित्रगुप्त से, न रहोगे जब?
    हैं फ़रिश्तों के ज़हन, करतब तुम्हारे सब...
    तुम को पर मालूम बेशक़, यह भी जवाब है!
    कह देना, "क्या करें, ज़माना ख़राब है!"


  • xykon_noir 83w

    मुनासिब यही है, कि मर जाऊँ मैं अभी...

    फ़ुरक़त-ए-ग़म में, जी पाते कहाँ सभी...

    मिट्टी से उठा कर ढांचा अपना, जियुंगा दो पल को!

    दो पल ही सही, क़ब्र पर मेरी, तुम आना कभी-कभी...


  • xykon_noir 83w

    दर-ए-दिल पर दस्तक, दे रहा ये कौन है!
    इश्क-ए-मजाज़ी में लिपटा, ये क्यों फ़िरौन है!
    क्या असर है, चाभियाँ ले, जो खड़े हैं हम!
    ये आ घुसा है, और न जाने, हम भी मौन हैं!

    बिन बुलाये ही सही, बस गया है अब जो ये!
    नुक्सान कर के जायेगा, जाने तलक जो ये!
    कर लें वसूल कुछ... बचेगा कुछ तो हाथ!
    किराये के तौर, क़ैद हो रोज़, इसकी झलक जो ये!


  • xykon_noir 83w

    सब पन्ने पे

    कलम हैं खाली स्याही से.
    बिछ गया सब पन्ने पे.
    फ़ुरक़त में हम इतना लिख बैठे!

    आब नहीं कोई आँखों में.
    रुल गया सब पन्ने पे.
    क़ुरबत यह कहाँ, वो मिल बैठे!

    रिक्त है अब दिल रख्त से.
    रिस गया सब पन्ने पे.
    फ़ुरसत थी किसे, कि मिट बैठे!

    वो कभी न आया मेज़ पे.
    रह गया सब पन्ने पे.
    किस्मत न कभी, मेरे हित बैठे!


  • xykon_noir 83w

    सावन बाहर, सावन अंदर... कुछ तड़प रहा है सीने में!

    टूटा, चकनाचूर हुआ दिल... तो क्या धड़क रहा है सीने में?


  • xykon_noir 83w

    बन जाती है झरीट, जब बदन पर उसके उँगली फेरता हूँ!
    दिल करता है ऐसे नसीब को नाखूनों से नोच डालूँ...

    हाँ... करती नहीं शिकायत वो, पी जाती है आँसू अपने!
    वजूद को अपने कर लूँ हवा, उसके आँसू पोंछ डालूँ...


  • xykon_noir 84w

    इन पलकों की गुलाबी छाँव में, मुसूकाते, यूँ ही पड़ा रहूँ...
    या चूम लूँ बढ़ कर तुझ को मैं, होंठों के सभी मकानों पर!

    तू कहे तो चल दूँ हाथ पकड़, मैं तुझ संग सात अजूबों तक...
    या खोल तू पर, ले चल मुझ को, अपने आसमानी ठिकानों पर!


  • xykon_noir 84w

    साँस थम गई, जब-जब तेरे चेहरे का दीदार किया...

    जब-जब साँस ली, तेरे चेहरे का दीदार करना चाहा...

    साँसों ने पूछा रुक कर, कि यह क्या है हम से बैर?

    मैंने कहा "तुम भाड़ में जाओ", बस दीदार करना चाहा!


  • xykon_noir 84w

    यह अंदाज़ तेरा शालीन...
    कितने मधुर तराने बोलता है!

    जिस दिन तू गुनगुना दिया,
    सारा कहकशाँ गूँज उठेगा!


  • xykon_noir 84w

    चले मीलों-मील ये पाँव, मंज़िल की तहक़ीक़ में,

    सफ़र कर लें आसां ज़रा... बहुत दूर जाना बाकी है!


  • xykon_noir 84w

    तुम मेरे होंठों की हँसी हो,
    एक बार गयी, लौट के फिर आयी नहीं...

    वस्ल की बात, खुशी की बात मेरी,
    यह तो मगर, तक़दीर में लिखवायी नहीं...