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  • engineerwrites 3w


    In the end soul leaves,
    Body decayed,
    No more goodbyes,
    No more lies,
    No more love,
    No more life,
    No more fakeness,
    All is dead in the real end of life!

  • sidh_ru 5w

    #love #numb #nomore #moveon

    Neither feelings nor strings just questions, only lifeless words.

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    Did it happen?

    Did my teeth look ugly to your eyes when I smile for you?

    //Can't see the gleam in my eyes or you don't?//

    Did my words block your ears like noise when I sing for you?

    //Can't feel the love laced in my voice or you don't?//

    Did my poetries seem to be scribblings when I jot for you?

    //Can't find the personifications of you in the verses or you don't?//

    Did my paintings make your eyes bitter when I drew our love?

    //Can't differentiate the bright hues of you from my darkness or you don't?//

    I am wondering, did it happen to you?
    Answer me before your exit...

  • acksmack 6w

    No More

    I resent the way
    You never repent
    Your smug disposition
    Our nation's

    I resent your actions
    Or lack thereof
    The superficial way
    You enjoy your day
    While others suffer
    The lack of love
    From even God above

    I resent your ignorance
    The obvious discontent
    Frivolous money spent
    Without care or guile
    Understanding all the while
    That it's been born
    Off the backs of the scorned
    And downtrodden
    Liberated on behalf of a dollar
    Or two
    Centuries of corruption askew

    I resent the hypocrisy
    That is so blatantly
    Flaunted with a smile
    Given in jest all the while
    Claimed by the rest
    As a necessary evil
    To justify your existence
    And abject political stench
    Seeking to poison
    What was once
    A beautiful idea
    By our Founding Fathers
    Who took great care
    To birth it into existence
    Liberty at all cost

    I resent what was really lost
    When we all gave in
    To our original sin
    United under one banner
    Claimed in such a manner
    As to ignore what we fought for
    During the Independence War
    Freedom for all
    To endure
    Life, liberty and the pursuit
    Of Happiness
    No more


  • sidh_ru 7w

    My heart and mind become withered,
    No words are there to be found,
    My heart is not blooming metaphors anymore,
    My mind is not constructing verses anymore;
    I'm out of ink,
    Out of this world.
    I feel like an emptied vase,
    Which used to hold colourful flowers.

  • acksmack 11w


    Try me
    I might understand
    Then again
    I might not
    I might spot
    Your tell
    In your 'Well...
    I'm sorry to say'
    It's not my way
    To build trust
    General disgust
    I have for you
    Buckets of it
    By your absence
    Apparent lack
    Of being here
    Present with me
    Of any kind of
    Positive discourse
    Just remorse
    For what's been going on
    For years now
    I guess I just don't care
    I've matured
    Evolved beyond
    This sad song
    And written a new day
    A future my way
    No more games
    To play


  • _shafiyasayeed 13w

    Missing Her (Zoe)

    I remember the day u came.. Hungry meowing
    tiny and thin...
    And you never left me alone anymore...
    Became my best buddy and routine like forever....
    Your love scars are still on my hands...
    Your soft cuddles and grunts...
    Still echos in my ear...
    How your precious eyes watched me doing stuff...
    My morning misses your wake up noise..
    My arms for your existence around...☹️
    Jumping around my net and trying to open chain...
    Your small paws still scratches my hair and head...
    Peeping from behind for attacking my plate..
    Your favorite place were my lap...and sleeping whole day...
    Your excitement for scratching cushions.. And hanging on curtains...
    Playing with ball and peas from different ways....
    Your jealousy behavior for Picachu.. Still make me laugh and your innocence face...
    That 4 months with you was more than 40years of happiness..
    You don't know how much special you were for me...
    I miss you every second now.. and know you never will come back to me...
    I hope you watching me from heaven with beautiful eyes... Eating your favorite food,sleeping on cozy bed with closed eyes...❣️
    _Shafiya Sayeed

  • alexjr 27w

    No More

    I'm tired of staying quiet.
    I'm tired of holding my tounge.
    Yet I give it all to God.
    Many people think that is odd.
    It's ok to be tired.
    Tired of the sin, it leads to no win.
    Tired of life....feeling like the world we are living in right now is at war.
    Spiritual war at its finest.
    The devil has a lot of prizes.
    Yet God is here for you, me, and everyone and gives you the ultimate suprises.
    We all have to find Him.
    That is the only answer.
    This world is consumed by ideology.
    There is only one answer.
    You can find it in your nearest Holy Bible.

  • nilthecuteawara 30w

    Khubiyo pe To Teri jamana bhi fida Hoga
    MERI Jaan hum to Teri buraiyyo se bhi bepnaah mohbbat karte the!!!

  • racchi 32w

    Me: I 'm confused with my career
    People :Dude !! Just go with your passion and listen to your heart.
    Me : Bsdk.If i knew my passion
    Why would i be confused?


  • ss__solussoul 33w

    तेरा हाल

    मेरे अपने मुझसे पहले तेरा हाल पूछते है
    कैसा है वो मुझसे हर साल पूछते है

    हैरानी होती है इस बात की मुझे
    की मुझसे ज़्यादा वो सब तुझे याद करते है
    पर न जाने क्यों

    खुरेद खुरेद के मेरे जख्मो को तेरा ख्याल पूछते है
    जनाब मेरे अपने ही मुझसे मुश्किल सवाल पूछते है

  • ss__solussoul 34w

    मुश्किलों में तुम्हारा हाथ पकड़ चलते गए
    तुम्हारे साथ के लिए अपनो से भी लड़ते गए
    बड़ी आसानी से तुमने कहे दिया
    "अब भरोसा नही है तुम पर"
    फिर भी आदतों से लड़कर
    तुम्हारे लिए दुआ करते गए


  • charveekoyada 39w


    Its just nothing but when our net is finished the most important thing we need is hotspot...
    Just want to say that the
    person is just nothing but when
    we need them they are no more with us.
    And that's the most unhappy thing
    in our life it's so sad that we can't
    even cry and also can't hold it

  • petrichor_chords 40w

    वो जुल्फ़े कभी दिल थाम लेती थी
    आज नसीब भी नहीं होती
    शम सा आज का माहौल
    आगे बढ़ने ही नहीं देती

    रुक गया वो समय भी
    और सूरज भी अब छुप रहा
    वो डोरी कब टूटी
    ना इधर का ना उधर का रहा।

    Kabhi kisi dost ko likh ke di the, ladki pat jaye par aaj khud hi par mahsoos ho rhi h


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    वो जुल्फ़े


  • teekty 44w

    Robbed by a grave

    Brain functioning in dismay -
    Thoughts wander about here and there
    With glances in between
    And bleak traces within.

    Like a swam, we gather around
    Trying to recollect and comprehend
    There are moments of laughter
    But there’s enormous torment, anguish and pain

    A gem is no more
    Why, we ask? Why was she stolen from us?
    She lay there alone
    In those final hours
    Probably torn,
    Yet with so much to spawn
    Leaving us to mourn

    Who do we charge with this crime?
    Such a beautiful life lost in its prime!
    Within a short space of time!

    A portrait of beauty in and out, she was
    Each echoes these truths
    In celebrating a life that was
    And a feeling of emptiness remains
    With all that she gave.

    We can only look up to the Creator
    For consolation, in spite of our trepidation
    In (an) attempt to accept mercifully
    In faith that her soul will rest peacefully

  • snehajacob 47w

    Favorite Song

    The rose petals in my journal
    have dried into
    shades of brown
    and your photographs
    in my drawers haven't tasted
    air for years now.

    It's really funny
    how time flies away
    you're left with pain
    tried to numb
    but it's like a movie
    it shows, all my memories
    where my wobbly legs can't get up.

    I resemble the rose
    Every way
    and you're photograph
    is in the back of my mind
    replaying like my favourite song.


  • snigdhac92 53w

    If and when you reach the other side of this storm, never forget that this was the time when each breathe was a torturous saga , when the pile of bodies didn't receive a farewell, when in midst of misery people tried to hold on to the thinnest hay of hope.

    #loss #pandemic #grief #nomore #misery

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    A phone call is enough to change the course of life. Its rings resonates the thumping beacon of misery.
    A voice on other end spilling sadness, grieving of loss of the closest one; Breathe spiked and the one lost was devoid of having a peaceful last breathe.

    The person you video called a week back, a living breathing being with hopes, dreams and laughter has been erased forever into oblivion

    A sub microscopic entity with spike proteins have teared apart the fabric of hope.

  • queeniedoll1924 54w

    Let Go

    Once you let go for good, they feel it.
    They feel the truth of the lies they fed you, they feel the pain of the false love they played you, they feel the ache of the times they made you believe that greed was really love but it wasn't enough to keep you. It meant you were just this disposable thing but you wised up, you gathered your stuff once things got too rough.
    Once you let go for good, they feel it
    You might leave scarred and bleeding but you'll heal up and they'll need you more and you'll see it. Once you're quiet they'll tell lies as it's their nature, once you're quiet you'll have peace and they can't take it, so like snakes they hiss and spit poison to those who'll listen.
    Once you let go for good they feel it... they way you shine and glisten

  • my_secret_life 54w

    #Iwriteaboutthis souls #perception, #canifit #inthesheos of #thepast #nomore, as #thefuture is #mysteppingstones to #noshoes, for I will be flying with my family, the angels of God.

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    I write about this souls perception, can I fit in the sheos of the past no more, as the future is my stepping stones to no shoes, for I will be flying with my family, the angels of God.

  • marysew 55w

    “Walk Away”
    I bumped into my past today,
    It coaxed me to stop a minute,
    To come and play,
    Call me weak,
    But I savored its sway.
    It sure was sweet to remember why,
    Such a past I let slip by,
    No tears this time, just a sigh.
    I did kiss its lips goodbye,
    But I turned back to take a peak,
    For a glimmer of hope I did seek,
    It faded, so once again, call me weak.
    ©Mary Spotted Eagle Woman Roberts

  • shreyakheal 57w

    I prefer
    Over love

    I hate nothing
    But love nothing
    And it's hurt the most.
    When I said
    I love you
    I wish you'd
    Believe me.

    So I can't keep my silence
    As it entered my body
    The best of me
    Is known by
    By the one
    Who I could never claim.

    I lost
    This innocence
    Felt bad
    As I know it.

    I hate nothing
    But I love nothing
    It's hard
    So I keep running.
    I am so tired
    Of this escape.

    So I can't keep my silence
    As it entered my body
    The best of me
    Is known by
    By the one
    Who I could never claim.

    Is it me
    Or it's you

    Does it hurt
    All the time
    Or it's just me
    Who is feeling this kind.

    More or less
    You can call me weak
    I wore this mask of

    But now I can't keep my silence
    As it entered my body
    The best of me
    Is known by
    By the one
    Who I could never claim.


    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Not anymore

    No matter what