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  • archanadhivar 42w

    Sorry for my harsh words... ❤️��
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    Dear me,
    I know its tough times going on.
    Nobody can feel you like you feel to yourself.
    It's been a week without you, you couldn't even think about it how fuck all things are going in my fucking mind.
    I'm sorry for my lovely words.
    Ughh.. I'm not an writer i couldn't write as good as you but can't help nobody is there to listen me,
    So I'm back to you mirakee.
    Overthinking really sucks.
    This is not a poem nor an write up but a broken heart voice.
    No more love is real in this world.
    Love hurts you, teach you, pain you.
    Fucked up with love.
    Made mistake.
    Fucked up with friendship
    Made mistake.