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  • a_gentilischi 65w

    Just a short piece
    @writersbay thank you for the prompt. It's always great to learn something new!

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

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  • wilmaneels1 65w

    Do you long for days long gone
    Where those you love were running along
    Where you could laugh and play
    Knowing if you need them, they aren't far away

    Time has flip the switch on us
    Death became an every day mix
    Now nostalgia became our biggest ally
    In a world where death try to play the leading role

  • absynth 65w


    A nightmare and a dream salaciously copulate
    On the feather bed of my sub conscious salad,
    They are conjoined twins that never seperate
    And locked at their hips like two tantric lovers.

    The karezza of their mismatched breaths
    Titillates the peeling skin of darkness
    Rubbing off the virgin membrane between life and death
    And replacing it with a fresh nostalgia of awareness.

    The manic mandala inside my cranium
    Is painted in white and grey matter
    And echoes with the chants of cardiac rhythms
    Inside which emotional prayer wheels are constantly turned.

    This existential monastery is a scary monument
    Where the serene Buddha's smile
    Can be swapped over any moment
    By Mara's delusional sigil.

    The nightmare is a voluptuously sinister consort
    And the dream is a deity of the higher world,
    When they achieve bliss together with eyes half closed,
    The persevering seeds of satori are sown in the silent womb.


  • thoughtsprocess 65w

    A photo album
    of memories
    A frozen river
    of time
    Canning moments
    in the jar of heart
    Caged clouds of tears
    And brooks of laughter
    Dried roses and
    some old yellow pages
    of the diary

  • sproutedseeds 65w


    Moments become memories.
    Some bring nightmares.
    Some are nostalgic.

    Certain trials were tough
    to handle without the
    knowledge of
    the why and why not,
    they were handled with fear,
    sometimes with false pride,
    passing through some difficult
    path were dreadful.
    A nightmare of the consequences is
    seen while doubting about the moment.

    Some memories are full of joy
    which cannot be brought back
    are nostalgic, yearning to be
    back in those moments but
    are like water which once gone
    cannot come back.


  • miss_silentlyweird 65w

    Déjà vu (“already seen”) is the experience of already experiencing something. Jamais vu (“never seen”) is the experience of being unfamiliar with a person or situation that is actually very familiar.

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    Perhaps I'm living in déjà vu where I'm in loops of never ending nightmare with jamais vu of emotion wishing for nostalgia of dreams.


  • pallavi4 65w


    The rainy summer afternoons
    And petrichor drenched sweet grass
    The smell of hard bound old novels
    Merlot poured in a wine glass
    The squeaky colourful swing set
    And the rusty slides in the park
    The weed filled gardens that once were
    Painfully frightful in the dark
    The lanes where we would ride our bikes
    Under gulmohars with large orange flowers
    Children leisurely playing hopscotch
    Surrounded by scores of golden showers
    Feeling scared of ghosts on the roof
    Never ever following what was told
    That time where life was carefree
    When friendships mattered more than gold
    Those picnic spots around the fields
    Filled with daisies, jasmines and pear trees
    Chasing colourful butterflies all over
    Running after bugs and bees
    The stories of great wonder that contained
    Magical pixies, fairies and elves
    There is nothing more intoxicating than the
    Things that remind one of their youthful selves


    21st of May, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you so much for the repost @writersbay !

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  • loves_passion 65w

    Before meeting you, my life was
    After meeting you, my life is

  • jayanthdeshmukh 65w


    When she asked me what I missed the most
    I froze in my steps
    My memory took me back to those days
    When I lay on her lap being caressed
    Before she walked away to her home
    Turning back only once
    To see if I followed her
    The memory may be a lie
    But the nostalgia isn’t

  • pathways_of_words 65w


    What I've Seen 

    Somewhere between nostalgia and deja vu.
    I'm homesick for places that I just don't remember.
    Of selfish interest looming, or an altruistic journey with some of you? 
    A mystery to solve of these sparks of internal embers.

    What I've seen is wedged between a dream and an illusion.
    Not sure of what to take as substantially real.
    An investigation begins to break through the fogs of confusion.
    No copycat ideas of others faith do I steal.

    What I've seen was made for these eyes, this soul.
    Searching to divide the facts from emotions. 
    It will be revealed when I fully know.
    No fantasies to create, no hocus pocus potions.

    What I've seen is in the swirling winds of the past, present, and future. 
    Is this wisdom, or am I lost? 
    In this life where life should be nurtured.
    Doing nothing until contemplation has counted the cost.

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    What I've Seen


  • zeba_gulsum 65w

    Words leading to an explosion of a beautiful nostalgia is ecstatic.

  • yamini_sinha 65w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #wod #nightmare #nostalgiac #writersbay

    Humans nearing extinction or humanity fading away ? I fear both

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    A nightmare

    Humans, reduced to skeletons ,
    Panoplying the act of antipathy for each other,
    Life lurking behind the curtains
    And malevolence digging the hearts empty
    Though nightmares I have experienced ,many
    But this one from last December,
    with the rancor of rejection
    Wherein each sapien metamorphoses into a phantom of repentance
    Weighty regrets grow on their shoulders.
    They look at each other in vain,
    no remedy to the oppressive pain,
    As each one , deprived of human strength.
    Sunken eyes and protruding head
    All mourning the shriveled solidarity, half dead
    I too stand with them, gripped with nostalgia
    On the crossroads of life and death.
    Come, save me, pull me out of this phobia
    My descry no being can hear
    And the Caterwauling souls burst into cacophonous yowl, my nerves oscillating in fear
    The macrocosm melting into a deep crater
    Skeletons, skeletons everywhere
    Scaffolding of mankind is a hushed graveyard
    Where silhouettes of past amble in agony
    I wake up in between the fumes of hope, breathing nostalgia ,
    My heart racing, and veins uttering prayers ,
    O lord, Save humanity, save humanity.


  • shru_pens 65w

    Penning down emotions is quite difficult. But I tried.. see if y'all could relate it.

    Today I am really very happy. Guess why?.

    When I was in class 7 and 8, (in 2016, 2017) I had a most favourite teacher.. that's my english teacher. He was very cool, in teaching and behaviour both. When I first saw him, I thought he looks like badshah (the rapper). He had spikes, was quite healthy like him. Then I thought like, looks mein kya rakha hai, padhate kaisa hai wo matter krta hai.
    And then, the first day itself, he became my fav english teacher. And now even after 5 years I consider him as the best English teacher. We had many sweet memories attached with the English class. Yeah, but when he was angry, the scene cannot be described in words. The whole class was pin drop silence. He can't tolerate indiscipline, that's the thing which no teacher can ever tolerate. Specially when any student interrupted unnecessary in his class. If he got angry, he pushed desks and benches, slapped that particular student (boys) and used to tell him to get out of the class.

    A small moment...
    One day, our English t3 results were to be out. Sir entered. He was really in very off mood, coz our section had a very low result. Very few students could score well or passed. Not a single student scored 40/40. Next what happened. Roll no. 1 got very heavy scolding, 2,3, 4 it went on. Hardly 2 to 3 students were there, to whom sir told, good, but you have to really prepare more. Suddenly when roll no.33 was called out, I was shocked. I was roll no.34. what would happen?. Paper was o.k. according to me. But still, have I even passed?. I was really scared. Till now, my english score was good. In 40, I used to score 30+ each time. Sir was also quite happy and satisfied with my performance and motivated me to keep up the spirit. Roll no. 34 was announced. I was standing facing the teachers table but sir was searching me near the green board. Sir was moving, I was moving. Whole class was laughing. I was really feeling awkward. Finally, sir found me and praised me as I was the only one I guess who scored 36/40. And I was in shock ��. He is the best teacher. I had talks with my all previous teachers in whatsapp except him. I talked with him in whatsapp, but since last few years, his no. Was used by his colleague due to some reason. And finally today, sir is using his phone. I am really happy. After 4 years, I am really happy to stay connected with my fav english teacher.
    I wonder, it really feels nice to be emotionally attached with teachers. This was just a part of my emotions. Actually we had uncountable sweet memories.

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    .the best teachers teach from heart, not from book.
    (See caption...)

  • antarraal 65w

    So you thought
    nightmares occur when you are lost
    in the realm of sleep?
    Are you kidding me.

    Nightmare is when you crawl
    through a day, without smiling,
    eating but not relishing,
    working like a machine,
    walking as if in a trance.

    Nightmare is when you see
    people falling around you dead
    and you look on, helpless and pathetic,
    tears dry up, pain cease to affect,
    it seems Thanos has actually snapped his fingers.

    Stuck in the cobweb of frustrations,
    puppets in the hands of expectations,
    time flies without freeing you from suffocation,
    gasping for breath, eyes begging for comfort,
    searching for a way out.

    Suddenly a familiar fragrance flows in,
    you get swept off by nostalgia
    of sunny golden days, lively breeze,
    teasing chuckles, cuddling moments,
    with a thud you come back to reality.

    Nightmare goes on, a creepy smile
    on its dried, bitten lips, eyes cold and cruel,
    and the face of a Saint, calm and poetic,
    it shrugs and moves away, you try to follow
    but with glued, scratchy throat, even water fails to quench the thirst.
    Then like enlightenment it all comes,
    its a maze with no way out,
    its a nightmare that we live today. every day.

    #nightmare #pod #nostalgiac @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay @writersnetwark

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    You don't have to sleep
    to get a nightmare.
    We are living it.


  • divyamukharjee 65w

    ɴᴏsᴛᴀʟɢɪᴄ ɴɪɢʜᴛᴍᴀʀᴇ..!

    Dark forest of midnight crawls
    Walking through the bridge all in dark
    Seeing to the monster plants going low and high
    I'm scared to walk in as a prisoner
    My heart soars, my eyes bleed
    Voice is choking with short breaths
    Eyes flickering from here to there
    Looking way to gear up out

    Walking down the tall bushes
    The slithery branches pull me of
    I can see them turning to creepy
    Wanting to eat me a whole
    suddenly it's raining heavily with all roads chugged
    I'm steadily moving into this huge water jug
    Packed cold with my hands and feets freezed
    Still I'm walking into this bridge

    Saudade sounds I can hear
    Bringing bleeds to my ears
    My heart feels one thousand years old
    With nostalgiac emptiness around
    Nostalgia hits like a ton of bricks
    Creating hole in my chest as the size of fist.

    My epiderma full of sweat droplets
    Drooping from head to toe
    Imagining faces I never known
    Slightly komorebi striking my face
    The bridge is ending with beats in my heart
    Seeing a black shadow shredding apart

    Somewhere between sleep and awake
    It's a powerful twinge in my soul
    Having silences full of screams
    Some unsaid tears on eyelids
    That doesn't make me sleep
    I am trying hard to escape
    But I'm stuck in this, nostalgic nightmare..!


  • monsteralive 65w

    My mind believes you will never return my heart is still in nostalgia.

  • writersbay 65w

    Word of the day: Nostalgia

    Tag and share with #nostalgiac

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  • shubharadc 213w


    "Hey! Shubhara , will you be single throughout your life?" Asked my bestie.
    I smiled and gazed around without paying heed to anwser the question.
    My bestie is a talkative boy and happily engazed with his crush.
    He shouted "why don't you fall in love? ".
    ....perhaps he hasbeen asking this questiom for past two years since we met eachother .
    But i haven't answered it single time .
    I smiled with no words again .He hold my hands and asked me "Is there anyone whom u secretly love ?".
    Hesitately , I answered "NO".
    He was not satisfied with my answer so being unsatisfied he kept silence .
    In the midst of silence , subliminally I began to tell him a story ,
    "A boy named Allen, in his 11 th standard , after half yearly examinatiom ,during scrolling facebook news feed got at a tagged photo of a girl.She was just phenomenal and was dressed to kill. Taken away by her beauty , he kept a dekko on that picture for few minutes.And then investigated her profile.Later on  he concluded that the phenomenal girl belongs to his own school and the irony is she also studies in class XI  but in another section.He decided to text her right then , so he texted "Hey ! Do u support Sradhanand house in school football competition ?". Within a few seconds  she replied "no! I support  birjanand house". He text backs "sradhanand house will win tomorrow". She replies "no birjanand".
    Ofcourse he lost the next days match , but he have won his match in messenger. They started chatting .
    However , he used to wait for her reply daily because she sometimes overlooks my text and replies it back after a week too but whenever she replies him , he replies in that midst of seconds. But within a month we started chatting daily and came in the first relationship of friendship.
    Five months went away at the fastest speed and they were still friends.
    Class XII arrived , pressure of boards and entrance came over the shoulders of him.He finally  decided to say about his feelings before her and if he gets any positivity then he will go forward else concentrate on 12 th studies .
    In the course of 5 months ,he has got his phone number but didn't call once .Bt it was that day on 8 th April , when he rang up her and asked if they can meet in the school ground during the recess . However before that day many times in class XI , he have asked the same question bt everytime she answered a negative .But luckily on 8th April she said "oh ! Sure".
    Recess bell rang .He had already rehearsed himself for the past  week to stand  before her and to say about my feelings . When he went to that specified ground spot just near to the cycle stand , he saw her standing. He became nervous but he didnot want to waste this golden oppurtunity so he walked to her.
    Within a few seconds , myself being not a speaker became a listener to her class details and jokes which he intentionally laughed at. But as he had only 30 minutes  to complete my objective , he gained a confidence and he said "I like u more than what friendhsip meant." She became quiet and seems like she didn't expect that from me .She replied "what ?". "I like u" he repeated. Silence was all through that time .she didn't answer anything. The recess bell rang again and we had to return to the class.Her answer may not be 'NO' but she seemed to have no interest but she then hold my hand and said "can't we keep our relationship as friends now and let not make the feeling as love ". I replied "i like u but i don't love u  ....if i love u then i will be doing a misdeed to my future lover for whom i will beloved."
     After then he deactivated his Facebook account and made his mind concentrate on boards and entrances.But he didn't forget her , his feelings for her is still the same but he didnot want to have an ending to that story.Several months after that  he activated his facebook and the first picture that pops out is of her, beautiful and phenomenal .But he scrolled down."
    My bestie smiled and asked me "Mr. Allen Shubhara is this name suits you? ".I stood up and started walking towards our hostel campus with a fainting smile.

  • the_oceans_secrets 221w


    Acoustic memories,
    Playing over and over in my head,
    Echoing through the void of my mind,
    Making me wish, I were dead,
    This life, it is never kind,
    To the flesh and bone,
    Deteriorating our soul,
    Leaving us, all alone.