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  • vinivic 1w

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

    The Wonderful wizard of Oz!™

    The students started squeaking excitedly hushed whispets. Most of them knew the story well, but several of them looked confused.

    The headmaster motioned to Professor Plotfur, who taught drama. He stepped forward. "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is the story of a girl named Dorothy and her fascinating trip to a magic world," he began, waving his paws as he talked. "One day, a ternade sweeps into her small town and whisks her away to a strange land. A good witch tells her that a WONDERFUL WIZARD can help her find her way home."

  • tsm_3000 2w

    Always be there for you
    From your first breath
    Till your last breath
    May be not as a human being
    But a living soul in your memories.

  • _astitva_ 3w

    Will wait till last breath inking imperfections ��

    #wod #enso #nostalgic (maybe?) @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork for your kind repost (20) ❤️

    I adore you ❤️

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    Enlivening Ensō

    From cherishing marker smudges on petite palms
    to weaving whimsical woolen with wrinkled arms
    From savoring some slightly scorched piece of toast
    to a floor draped with dozens of dresses as if frost
    From appealing aroma of brew and bracing books
    to shivering streaks of imaginative gobbledygooks
    From untangling urbane urchin's entwined elflocks
    To snuggling silver strands captivating creator's clock
    From waning moon, condensing clouds, strolling seasons
    to waiting for forever fate inhabits in imperfections


  • unspokenpen1927 3w

    I paint the sky with the
    Romantic nights,
    Stars are smiling behind the
    Thundering nights.
    I am just an imperfect insomniac
    But,when i see myself
    Sleeping on the bed of
    His eyes, lenses are my colourful
    Blanket, and i groom my self
    Into being perfect.

    I paint my nights with the
    Poets pain,i will steal some
    Silver colour from the moon
    To write my poetries on
    His imperfect brown skin
    with my white quill,
    When he is just
    Twirling his tongue
    Over his lips,i can taste
    The flavour of his lips
    On mine.

    The neighbour sleeping next to me,
    Wakes me up, ohh! I just forgot
    That i am the shining Star of the
    Constellation,ohh yes i am in the graveyard
    It was the nostalgia of his memories
    That have made home inside me
    I just utter my pain in the form
    Of poetry,i am the imperfect poet
    With the perpetual pain but my poetries
    Are just perfect.

    //on the frame of life i see that we are not smiling together,u loved my flaws and i loved your imperfection//

    @writersnetwork @miraquill #wod #pod #enso #nostalgic
    Happy reading ❤
    Thanks for the ❤
    Thanks for the ❤(54) @writersnetwork

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    Perpetual pain-enso

    //Graveyard is the perfect home for the imperfect souls,where i see the birds that dont sing anymore,i see the flowers blossoming without scent,i see my self decaying but with the enlightenment,love and prayers//

  • likwidsay10 3w


    I heard a song on the radio.
    I was somewhere lost
    In the marketplace
    Shopping for a new personality.
    When it hit me
    The music brought me back
    To a time that I spent with you.
    I remember us.
    An' became nostalgic.
    Wishing you were here with me.
    Suddenly, I feel lonely,
    An' now I'm missing you.
    Every word of the song
    Seemed like it was about you

    I felt nostaligic
    At the end of the day.
    The warm weather
    Wrapped around my skin.
    I thought of Chicago,
    The windy city.
    Those warm nights
    Are nostalgic
    Of how I used to stay out late
    Unaware of the crime around
    I was innocent,
    Young and foolish
    As long the arcade was open
    Me and my brother stayed there
    Playing games


  • poetryly 3w

    #nostalgic #wod @miraquill

    Nostalgic Musing I’m consuming can sometimes be quite confusing…depending on the mood I’m in.

    This write was inspired recounting some true feelings after reading “Nostalgic Notions” skillfully rhythmically written by @lovenotes_from_carolyn for this challenge. This is my spur of the moment write which I seem to do a lot when striving to break from Writer’s Block….*long story short which is actually usually brief….go figure lol.

    *If you wonder what I mean by that….scroll to my previous post and take a leisurely yet seemly haphazardly read but ONLY IF you have the patience…the fortitude to take on this writers’ sorta dare. If not, NP😉

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    Nostalgic Musing

    Nostalgic thoughts tracing the lines of times in my frequently overactive mind.

    Tears brimming,
    some former memories still crisscross
    my heart leaving fresh marks.

    Should I give them permission to overflow
    or will they decide to broke forth
    to ease any intense sorrow?

    These nostalgic feelings are
    causing my emotions to sway
    in such a bittersweet yearning way.

    I’m caught in backtracking the tightest hugs missed my Grandmother giving.

    Previous conversions of
    beloved friends in slow mode reliving.

    Oh, if it wasn’t for my nostalgics weaving,
    I would continually stay struck
    in the beginning stages of grieving.

  • megamarie 3w

    How nostalgic.
    I thought as our favorite song came on the radio.
    It was a freaking love song, talking about love and believing in forever.
    I guess that's not enough to stay together.

    How nostalgic.
    I thought as I drive past by our favorite breakfast joint.
    It was a cozy place in bright red color on the outskirts of town.
    I guess it's color faded the same way as the love you own.

    How nostalgic
    I thought as I was trying to pull my car to a stop in front of our small town's only church.
    It still looked as vintage as it looked before when you said you'll marry your most beloved person here while staring at the altar.
    I guess you kept that one and I think this time your love will not falter.

    Because if it would, I will drag your ass across the gravel,
    For hurting a hair of my sister.

    Well, the past is past.
    Although, some memories may last,
    It doesn't mean that the future will be outclassed.

    Congratulations newlyweds .
    I wish you all the best.


  • joan53 3w

    I remember days gone past
    When I was young and strong
    The days destined to not last
    I sang, I danced, I worked hard
    Days i played with my lovely babies
    Days we went on long long walks
    Days we watched cartoons together
    Days we played and read books
    Days, so busy, so wild and crazy
    Days we laid around and been lazy
    Days of work, schedules, and tasks
    All but memories fading fast
    Nostalgic days of my glory days
    Struming on my feelings like a violin


  • amodee 3w

    Feeling nostalgic
    I recount the euphoria
    That time we hit Pretoria
    Fun times under that Jacaranda
    Only if I knew you had your own agenda

    Today I'm reminiscing
    Thinking of all I'm missing
    Maybe not so much
    Eminent among them is your touch

    I did not see it creeping in
    Should have noticed it begin
    Nostalgia making me wish
    I had amnesia


  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 3w

    Nostalgic Notions
    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    Nostalgia got me going
    On a voyage through my mind
    Now I'm fondly reminiscing
    While my past is on rewind

    I'm ridin' waves of whimsy
    On the sea of memories
    As the visions I hold dear
    Start blowin' past me like a breeze

    All the people that I love
    All the moments, good or bad
    Treasured times with both my parents
    Hey, I love you mom and dad!

    Things I thought had been forgotten
    Are safe and sound, inside my head
    Like the first time that I saw you
    And everything we did and said

    It's a never-ending ocean
    It's a timeless reverie
    It's the fabric of our lives
    The sweetest serendipity

    Yeah, nostalgia got me going
    On a voyage through my mind
    Gonna savor every memory
    While my past is on rewind.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 9/26/2021

    #nostalgic #voyagec #miraquill #writersnetwork #writersbay #wod

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  • artemiswrites 3w

    I had made a home for myself in
    and now it has gone like the sun does,
    every night
    I throw Nostalgic glances
    back at this home,
    which has since faded
    that had a blue sky for a roof,
    grass laden earth for a floor,
    flowers and branches for windowsills and
    happiness for a fireplace.

  • sarnaz7 3w

    Days bygone

    The time melted like a candle, memories linger
    Flashes of past sprinkle nostalgia in the air
    Of a hued childhood when fun was surreal
    No role of this device, rule of its dopamine, but joy real
    When bonds seldom were confined to a mere screen
    The thread that tied them- intact and serene
    The heart was a child, mind, a pool of innocence
    Tears were shed, smiles shared, with little pretence.

    Eyes gaze back to an era of sweet eventides
    When slow and simple were life's tides
    Futile ramble then was sweeter than a sweet slumber
    Now how you desire to sleep, to forget and to remember!
    What wisdom of maturity can teach one?
    This art to forgo the nostalgic swift run
    Of a myriad of thoughts- bear bare purpose
    To make the mind again, the soothing locus.

  • steffy2110 3w

    Our Song

    The record player stuck on the chords of our song.
    On cue, my mind has stalled on that afternoon
    'Cause if you don't leave this town,
    We might never make it out'
    Was the melody by 'The Lumineers' last night a sign?
    wish you could've wrote me a note or your address
    Was that a promise or a farewell song
    Guess I will never know now

    Alone on the stairs, plugged on an MP3 sat the new lad from next door
    You lent me an ear plug when you saw me
    The Comfort in the silence, felt like our normal
    By the stairs we jammed till dusk
    Time never flew by this pace
    Met every afternoon that summer break by the same stairway,
    tuning away from the world to our little happy place
    I remember you once hiding your tears when you spoke of your home
    Of how unfair was it seeing being the prize at the end of battle for custody
    We spoke little, but songs always queued up our playlist
    We named it 'Our Song'
    Made me happy when you said,
    I am your song pal and when we slow danced to our favorites, I felt a chime!
    Did I ever tell you were my first dance
    Guess you will never know now
    You made me laugh with your clumsy steps
    You were the highlight of my day
    Wish I could say them then
    Guess you will never know now
    Do you think of me when you hear our song as much as I do?
    Sometimes feels like a dream I woke up from and you never were here
    If it were all a dream,
    I wish I could say all I didn't
    if ever comes a day,
    I want to add one last song in our playlist.



  • john_a 3w


    The white flower of love has been turned in to dark.
    theirs white petal has drinked the fals color of Materialism,
    All Whitish are Vanished,
    Only nostalgic words are there ...
    A well planed murder... and the murderess....

  • qaisir 3w

    Then those nostalgic
    thoughts circumscribed
    my mind,raged me and
    poured me with the acrimony.
    Though I tried not to retaliate
    but I got spontaneously driven
    to the opposite facet.That
    time I realised the effect of
    the activity that hitted
    the event so harsh

  • i_adam 3w

    We are from the same Father...so... Appreciate me


  • thoughtsprocess 3w

    Pearls of poetries are
    actually the frozen
    nostalgic moments
    in a poet's heart,
    melting on the paper


  • wizard 3w

    First love

    The heart skipping beats,
    Eyes wanting to have peek,
    Body flying in ecstasy,
    Just the name would suffice,
    To generate chemistry in the body,
    Nostalgic were those days,
    A cherished memory from the past.


  • beleza_ 12w

    You think it's over &
    yet in an ordinary midnight
    Sometimes what you are not
    you see in your sleep
    It's like a nostalgic revelation
    that never really happens
    An anemoia with Luciform
    Drowning in the lake of caligo
    Listening an alluring melodious eutony
    Aeolian affettuoso with holy caelum
    That's presenting the soulful henotic
    Don't think it's sweven of a night
    Or Maybe it is full of ferly or fantasy
    Write a eglaf orenda with atrament
    Within the depths of your yugen
    Like some events of destiny
    are imaginary yet confusing
    & sometimes it makes you think.

  • lovethatneverfades 46w

    Here I land up again
    With comphrended hope of crystal orbs
    to listen to your voice once again
    Here I am back again

    Like two childhood souls
    Of daisies in windows sill
    Making Promises of forever time
    Never realised,
    Fate tucked them away in a minutes time

    Standing on this empty street
    Memory of us lingers within the vacant walls of mine
    Wistful memories
    Stares back at me
    Now I remember them with a rueful smile
    Your probing eyes haunting me
    Your voice resonates in my ears
    I know I failed you
    For a while
    But now in search of my lost solitude
    I am back standing here

    Here I am back again
    Will I get to hear you once again?

    #writersbay #picturec #writersnetwork #pod @writersbay #nostalgic #wod

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    Here I am back again
    Will I get to hear you once again?