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  • poetrani 40w

    King of my notebook

    "Here take my hands and I'll crown you the king of my notebook. No no no no no, don't underestimate this offer for when I say 'notebook' it's not lesser than the bridge to my heart. You can go on and be the devil wreaking havoc on the world but here in my poems you'll remain the Angel who graced a peasant girl like me with a divine smile. Your soul could go ahead and melt into evil but here in my proses you'll stay the noble knight until the end of time. It'll be roses laid down at your feet when you've only slayed the kind in you, it'll be hymns for your pleasure when you no longer abide in what is true.
    So, what do you say? Want me to crown you?"

  • white_paper_ch_ 48w

    Entangled :

    Life ticks me off without a warrant,
    Time rushes out in a sec of current.
    Season changes in a blink of time,
    Weather shuffles like a flip of a dime.

    Debating to the cons of greetings ahead,
    While I carefully try to tangle each thread in my head.
    Continuing my quest towards the silver linning ,
    As I hold my grip while I shakily cling on.

    Hoping for a splendid journey throughout these miles ,
    As I pray to meet my ends with colourful smiles.


  • sheikh_huzaifa 51w

    Likh sakhay jo na hum kalam say
    Wo likh diya humnai aapnai dil say
    Likhtay jo thay kitaabu k panay mai
    Likhtay thay, Mitta tay thay
    Koyi dekh na lay daar tha
    Ab aaisay likhtay hai ki
    Humai khud na pata hota hum kya likhtay
    Dil say niklay huway alfaaz
    Aur haatu ki taaiz raftaar
    Kaam aaisay aati hai ki
    Hum haathu say nahi dil say likh padtay hai
    Na janay kahan say aatay hai
    Dil mai aaisay alfaaz
    Kuch ka toh matlab b humai maloom na hota
    Humaray haath likh rahay hotay hai
    Par aaisa lagta hai ki khud hi likha ja raha hai
    Bina sonchay samjay likh padtay hai kuch b
    Phir ghoor say paad k khamiyu ko theek kartay hai
    Aur ho jata hai kaam
    Likh sakhay jo na hum kalam say
    Wo likh diya humnai aapnai dil say
    Likhtay jo thay kitaabu k panay mai
    Likhtay thay, Mitta tay thay.....
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  • heyoka_warrior 57w

    I just grab a pen and paper or a notebook
    If I wish to write poems, quotes or lyrics
    Or I use my phone's notes and social media
    If I wanted it virtual and modern;
    Then I feel the rush of thoughts
    Going with the flow of emotions,
    Listening to my intuition—Spirit voice,
    And following the rules of the club;
    Reminiscing my experiences,
    Putting creative art in writing—
    Direct, simple yet deep enough
    To capture the heart of the soul
    That is doomed by the shadows of sin,
    Or awaken the dormant thinker
    That is veiled by the hypnotizing covers
    Of this world's scheme of things;
    Besides, little things matter
    Like the present moment's wonders—
    Appreciating and delighting in the senses
    And the outside world from where borne
    My internal motivation to write;
    These are just the tools that I use
    For my soul's relief, learning, and poetry.


  • yasasvee_varsha 57w

    Writing tools

    Stylographs create,"my form of magic"
    They read minds, have that power,
    To convert simple thoughts in to strong words
    The words which set,
    A magical story,even the air pervades...!!


  • dil_ne_kuch_to_kha 60w

    जगह-जगह दीवाली है, वे वक्त की ये दीवाली है
    एक शोर है अजीब सा,
    चीखों से सजता हर दिन और ये रात उजयारी है।


  • shivangij 65w

    Life like notebook

    Where you note your journey till now,
    Of ups and downs faced

    Of the rollercoaster of memories till now:
    Wherein you tear of worst memories faced

    But the pieces of side page left now
    Lay down the early worst memories faced;

    I learnt to accept things faced now,
    And move on with this story further till death

    This notebook will end like the end of life but now
    Let us experience the essence of life and keep noted,

    Like life journey for now
    Cause life is like notebook as I swayed;

    In life and saw, mind notes life and keep updated
    So, is notebook where we keep notes to keep remembered,

    With things which we tend to forget now
    By educating ourselves or career we noted;

    All these things in notebook and so now
    We use one, finish and throw with another ,

    To keep a note of everything we learnt till now
    But that always change and so the notebook one another:

    And so is life with its phases now
    As we move from one to another,

    We people tend to carry a bookmark of memories now
    Keeping the same in another notebook of other phase rather;

    Instead of leaving the bookmark now
    If memories are worse faced rather:

    Just keep your life good and positive now
    As new notebook keeping tidy than dirty rather.

  • scribbler_424 65w


    Its all part of the same notebook.
    All you can do and will do is turn the pages.

    The wind shall blow, ramble it up, make you look at the ones you want to tear up.

    In times like these, hold on to your bookmarks.


  • suryaansh 67w


    Four lines on last page of notebook are equally meaningful as the any published author bestselling book.

  • detour 69w

    My notebook

    In my notebook old
    In between some fold
    A long forgotten name
    I did find
    Tried I to erase it
    And tore it
    And then scratched it
    When it failed still
    Down to ashes
    I did burn it
    But the name
    Had refused to leave
    Indelible it did seem
    From the torn and burnt pages
    On its own
    The traces did redeem
    The name
    Reminded which my notebook
    Forever it shall stay
    Forget I might again
    In my voids
    Still it will find its way

  • ssaumya 74w

    Always cherish small moments,
    Because the feeling they gave are unreal.
    And those big moments don't give..
    you that crazy happiness as you keep
    on just craving for more.

  • sanju13 78w


    January 1 is coming
    Grab a book and pen start writing all your feelings out.
    Start journaling your memories, emotions, success, failures, goals and everything.
    Start writing an open letter to your loved ones and yourself.
    Start writing all your feeling out you will start exploring yourself more.
    Start writing start loving yourself a little more every day.


  • lunarwolf 81w

    Book of Secrets

    His ink bleed upon my pages
    as his emotions guide it in fluid motions
    while darkness is pushed back by candlelight
    I'm forsaken til his urges come to find me
    while he begins to use my lines as guidance for his rhymes

    My pages are turned by his love touched hands
    as his words become written in my sands
    no ocean will erase what his heart has etched
    for like a butterfly they grace my flowers
    I begin to love his attention
    but like a butterfly it's a short lived attraction

    I hate to share but he isn't just mine
    for he's shared between poetry and I
    she's a muse in the likes of which I never seen
    but I'm used as the physical embodiment of his being
    so as we sit in the light of memories
    he continues his session of using me

    © lovesmessenger
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    Book of Secrets

    My pages are blessed with his ink

  • 0804aqueela 90w

    She was thrown away by one and picked up by another.
    The NOTEBOOK agonized the schoolboy but slept peacefully in the arms of a ragpicker.

  • myspilledink 91w

    They asked me "what special qualities he has?"
    I said "Nothing."
    They were shocked, "how can you choose him because he doesn't have any specific qualities that attract you!"
    I said them, "He is an ordinary guy. He doesn't need to be any specialist because he knows how to take care of his family. He knows how to be gentle to a women. He knows abusing a girl in anger never is a masculine quality. He is simple, a non attractive to crowd but he has the charm only ordinary person like me would understand. I never dreamt of Moon, I always was attracted to the stars in the sky, and looking at him, I can bet he is the brightest of all. He does his chores neatly, he never helds anybody else responsible for his acts.

    Being broken himself he has uplifted, consoled so many souls and yeah he is silent and gentle but he is very malleable. You don't need to explain to him, he understands, observes and gives it to you all.

    Most importantly the respect I see for myself in his eyes, he makes me feel different, makes me feel alive, he just doesn't follow the herd and yeah, I am not attracted to any specific of his qualities, infact I am in love with whole of him. And yes, he definitely stands out from the crowd. I bet, you too would fall for him, if you see him through my eyes."
    - Soni

    Pic credit: Pinterest
    #wavesofwait #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerstolli #loce #he #him #love #simplejoys #notebook

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    "Most importantly the respect I see for myself in his eyes, he makes me feel different, makes me feel alive, he just doesn't follow the herd and yeah, I am not attracted to any specific of his qualities, infact I am in love with whole of him. And yes, he definitely stands out from the crowd. I bet, you too would fall for him, if you see him through my eyes."


  • myspilledink 93w

    I know you are surrounded by the people who adores you, respects you and moreover matches your intensity, unlike me who just expresses via words. You know my life was a too much happening one when you were around and now it's just some routine that I am bound to follow.

    You said me there will be days when I will find a better closure and then it won't be about you anymore, I will realise this when you go away from me, but see this distance is bringing me more closer to you. It just isn't enough, I keep on penning about you.

    I miss the fights, the talks those little jokes and harder laughs. And since it's only me here now and no sign of you anywhere, I wonder how it would have been if you were there.

    May be this distance is to realize how important you are in my life, or may be it is meant for me to move on but how to do that when every single thing reminds me of you..? You said it would be easy with time and see when you are far away and I left here wondering it's getting more difficult to decide with passing time, to wait or to bid you a goodbye.

    Pic credits: Pinterest

    #wavesofwait #mirakee #notebook #distance #love #writersnetwork #writersvilla #writerstolli

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    The distance, it makes it more difficult to decide, whether to wait, or move on.


  • rawlollipop_360 95w

    I love this movie ❤
    #love #quotes #notebook

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    "If you're a bird,
    I'm a bird."
    ^ The Notebook

  • raa_hi_ 108w

    Notebook (Ch 2)

    Just when Kritika entered the coffee shop, she saw Suraj was standing next to her, with a notebook in his hand. She ran towards him and hugged him tightly for a minute. Everyone at the coffee shop was staring at them. She looked at him for a minute, then at Priya who was smiling looking at them. Then a slap! Kritika slapped Suraj hard, she was crying. Still everyone was looking at them, but this time with shock.
    "What?" Suraj was shocked too.
    "Why were you ignoring me?"
    Her nose turned red and she made an angry face, which was making her look cuter than before.
    "I did not. I was busy with job applications and all. And I couldn't tell you."
    "Promise me you won't ignore me again," she said. Her nose was still red.
    "I promise. But I love it when you're angry and you look cuter."
    "I hate you," she said.
    "I love you too."
    When they sat there, Priya asked Suraj about that notebook in his hand. He moved to Kritika, "This notebook is about you. About us. I've written everything about us and how I felt for you from the day I met you."
    "Really?" her smile widened.
    Priya ordered coffee for all three of them.
    After coffee, Priya went home. Suraj walked with Kritika, holding hands and staring at each other.
    "I missed this," Suraj said.
    "I missed you."
    They went to her place, standing at the main gate of the building, still holding hands.
    "Kritika!" someone shouted, loud and rude enough to scare her.
    She looked at the third floor, his dad was there in the balcony looking at her.
    "Oh shit!" she said and went running inside the building. I looked at her father. He was looking at me, and he looked mad. His face was telling me to come up to him or wait for him to come down so he could kill him. Suraj didn't wait. He couldn't run either. He just walked away from there, slowly.
    The next day, Kritika called him.
    "I want to meet you. It's urgent."
    "What happened sweetheart?"
    "I can't tell you here. Meet me today at 6 in that park." she hung up. It was the park where they used to meet most of the time.
    He reached 5 minutes earlier, waiting for her to come. And she did.
    "My father saw us together, and I told him everything about us. He wants me to marry someone else. We can't meet anymore."


  • raa_hi_ 108w


    Suraj was sitting on a train. He was leaving Kolkata forever. He was excited but guilty. It was raining outside, and a few raindrops were sliding down the window. But a few raindrops were sliding down through his eyes too. Suraj had left the love of his life behind, and he was thinking about her in the journey.
    The story began 3 years ago. When he met a girl, Kritika. She joined the same tuition class for the third year. She knew no one there. Suraj's friends were also absent. Kritika entered the class late, the classroom was full, except one seat next to Suraj. Maybe destiny wanted them to meet. She looked at him for a couple of seconds, then walked and sat there. Suraj hesitated for a moment, her blue eyes and curly brown hairs were attracting him, he couldn't look directly at her face.
    After the class was over when Suraj was leaving, Kritika called him.
    “Hi, can you give me today's notes?” she asked, “I think I've missed some of the beginning.”
    “Sure.” He said and took out his notebook.
    “Thank you.” she smiled, and then clicked pictures of the two pages from that notebook.
    “By the way, I'm Kritika.”
    After looking at it for a few seconds, she asked, “Is everything in this notebook? From the first day of the class?” She had joined the tuition 2 months late.
    “Not everything," he said, “I'll bring that notebook tomorrow.”
    “Or send it today if possible? I'm in the tuition group, sir added me yesterday.”
    “Okay I'll remember.”
    In the next class, Suraj introduced her to his friends, Umang, Priya, and Ritika.
    Almost a month later, Suraj told his friends he has a crush on Kritika. They started dating and everything was going fine. The more he got to know her, the more he falls for her. And he had a feeling that she also feels something for him. There was a spark between them, that was about to be turned into fire.
    One day, Suraj told Priya, who was his best friend, “I'm going to propose to her.”
    “Great! And how will you do it?”
    “It's a surprise.”
    “It must be a good one. Or else I'll kill you. Understand?”
    “Of course it'll be good. And I need your help.”
    Two days later, Priya convinced Kritika to come to her guest house with Umang and Ritika for a party. When Kritika asked about Suraj, she said Suraj won't come because he is sick. Priya and Kritika went there.
    “Umang and Ritika will be late.” Priya said.”
    They stepped inside. Priya left telling her to wait, “Just stay here for a minute. I'll ask them where they are.”
    Just when she left and Kritika was looking at the room, there was a little red and blue lighting. Suddenly, a sweet romantic song began in low voice, her favorite one. Then Suraj entered, with her favorite lily flowers in one hand.
    Suraj came back to reality when the train stopped at a platform. Suraj realized the next station is Gujarat. He took out his luggage and moved near the gate. He looked at his phone, he still had five minutes to reach. The train stopped in Gujarat. Suraj stayed at his cousin's for a few days, then rented a room for his own. He always wanted to work in Gujarat, and now he had a job there.
    Two months passed away, not a single day he had not think about her. Suraj realized he was not as happy living away from her, as much he was excited at first. The fire inside him started to burn him to the core. He couldn't wait. He wanted to come back to Kolkata. The first thing he did was started applying for the same job in Kolkata.
    Kritika called him, but most of the time he couldn't accept. He was almost always busy with job applications. For two months, they fought most times. Kritika was mad at him for ignoring her. Suraj didn't tell her that he is trying to come close to her. Then one day, when he was working on his computer, an email was sent to him, he was appointed to a job in Kolkata after the online interview, with better pay and benefits and job security. He once went to Kolkata for an interview but didn't meet Kritika as he wanted to surprise her after the job confirmation. He couldn't sleep that night. It was Friday, the company told him to join by Monday. He brought a flight ticket to Kolkata for Saturday.
    The next day, Suraj was sitting at the airport. His flight was about to come in an hour, but he couldn't wait. He brought a blank notebook and started writing something for her during his journey. Starting from the first page, he wrote everything from the day he met her and everything he felt for her.
    When he reached Kolkata, it was the night time. The next day, he called Priya in the morning, “Hi. I need your help.”
    Priya and Kritika were good friends now. She took Kritika to a coffee shop.
    When they entered there, Suraj was standing in front of her, with a notebook in his hand.


  • ipsa_coolone 112w

    The Scribbler's Notebook