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    I don't think much about people.

    बड़ी सादगी भरा जीवन है मेरा
    मुझे घूमने का बहुत शौक है
    सबको लोगो को प्रेम देना
    नए लोगो से दोस्ती करना
    उनसे हँसी मजाक ओर
    नए जगह पर जाना इन सब चीज़ों का बहुत शौक मुझे
    प्रकृति से बहुत प्यार है और असल ज़िन्दगी यही है
    मैं दुसरो के बारे में ज्यादा नही सोचता हु

    my life is very simple i love to travel love everyone make friends with new people laugh at them I am very fond of all these things to go to a new place love nature very much and this is real life I don't think much about others


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    As she plugged in the earphones and inserted the ear buds into the ear canal, the melody started diffusing through the ears to all over her head.
    for a moment she felt relaxed but then again she started feeling depressed and kind of heaviness on her heart.
    She thought music would heal her as it was a best therapy for her since childhood, but this time music failed to rescue her from the darkness.
    The old 90's songs of mohammad rafi couldn't help her anymore, she got more despondent and blank.
    The sadness was at its peak, she wanted to cry but she couldn't.
    Sometimes crying helps you to outlet the pain, but some sadness won't produce tears and it's worse than crying.

    In the midst of her thoughts, her eyes caught the lower wooden drawer in her room, she opened it promptly and took out the diary as if the white clean pages were ready to get witness a new story on them.
    She grasped a courage and pen down her first thoughts on the paper in bold letters

    That day a new writer was born and through her vision and words she started healing people.
    That day she threw the earphones and took a pen instead.
    Neither in music nor in some great t.v series, she found her peace in her personal diary where billion of words were buried inside it.
    But nobody would ever know because it's personal. .

    Karan Singh
    Instagram : @karannnn4

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    "She was Depressed"
    (Read the caption)

    ©Karan (karannnn4)

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    Sometimes you’ll lead

    , sometimes you’ll follow. Expect you’ll grumble about the following part for a while yet

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    My thousand world. (Books)

    In this thousand world, time no longer exists
    In this thousand world, the Earth no longer rotates on it's axis
    In this thousand world, I no longer pay rents and taxes
    In this thousand world, I don't even remember my exes
    In this thousand world, my sanity scrambles like the taxies
    In this thousand world, there's no bumpy rides in back sits
    In this thousand world, I don't have to worry about knowing the basics
    In this thousand world, no one fools me with their antics
    In this thousand world, I've already been to the antarctic
    In this thousand world, my life is fucking fantastic
    In this thousand world, all my competition are plastics
    For in this thousand world, my problems vanish without any tactics
    For truly in this thousand world. In my thousand world, I find peace


  • shanthi_yella 28w

    Vathi met Vaathi

     I recalled that precious moment when Shenoy sang for me at Candolim beach, when we all went for a picnic.

     Shenoy's Song-

    I know, who you are?
    I know! I know!

    Com'n Aha... aaaaaaa...

    People say, you are beautiful.
    I say you are adorable.
    I say! I say!

    I know who you are?
    I know! I know!

    With a Cresent-Moon Canthi,
    You are my Vathi.

    With an ornamental Acanthi,
    You are my Lecythi.
    You are my Vathi!

    You pose like a Primrose,
    In a Polyanthi.
    You are my Vathi.

    I know who you are?
    I know! I know!
    People say, you are beautiful.
    I say, you are adorable.
    I say! I say!

    You run on the beaches with bare feet,
    Sand says a flower is on the beat.

    You try catching the waves,
    Wave says, an utterly- butterfly moves.

    You move around on the Sea-shore,
    Air says, her hair is fragrant lavender.

    You giggle and do a happy dance,
    Sea says, a happy- peacock's rain dance.

    I know who you are?
    I know! I know!
    People say you are beautiful.
    I say you are adorable.
    I say! I say!

    You are my inside-out beautiful wife.
    You are my love!
    You are my wifey for life!
    You are my love.

    I know who you are?
    I know! I know!

    People say you are beautiful.
    I say you are adorable.
    I say! I say!


    You are adorable…..


    For any meaning please comment

    A poetic dialogue aka song from my novel vathi met Vaathi @webnovel..

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    Can any suggest me a good novel to read??


  • _janedoe_ 30w

    .....n atlast the truth lies buried like a sentence deep within a book waiting to be read.

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    The House of Books

    The night had came
    The moon was shining overhead
    I have always loved the dark nights
    And not the sun, so fiery red.
    Everyone will see me
    In the light of the sun.
    Will see what I really am
    And will laugh and make fun.
    But the silent nights,
    Won't shine like day,
    They won't betray
    And i can easily hide away.
    I'll crawl so noiselessly
    That no one would know
    Once i have reached my temple,
    With respect, i will kneel and bow.
    The aroma of the room
    Is like the closet of broom
    The books covered with dust
    And the doors with rust.
    But the nature of the library
    Is like no other
    It is like the same feeling
    When i am with my mother.
    I wandered around
    Walking down the house of books
    Feeling the pleasantness
    And exploring all the nooks.
    Just then, my eyes fell on it
    The book with the scars
    But its black and shiny cover
    Made them look like stars.
    I grabbed it
    And ran back to my bed.
    The blanked wrapped around me
    The whole night i read.
    I couldn't resist
    Myself from reading the words
    They jumped around me
    And flew like birds
    But i grasped them
    Held them tight in my palm
    They reduced my anxiety
    They made me feel so calm
    I am the witch
    Books are my magical wand
    They are my best friend
    We have a special bond!!

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    Causerie February Edition has arrived. (Eight Languages)
    (Download version will be uploaded later)

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  • causerieofficial 48w

    Causerie February Edition has arrived. (Eight Languages)
    (Download version will be uploaded later)

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    Well I think it also applies to movies. With my experience with movies and novels��.
    #stories #novels #character

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    Endless (from a bookworm)

    There are infinite number of those hardcover, jacket and paperback books, but there is one which you cant keep down .your eyes rapidly move, making you anxious each and every time u read the next line, turning pages your fingers slip because you are sweating. Slowly you imagine yourself in the book, pressing your plam on your cheeks as it turns red. All the drama whether the tough fight or the sweet lovemaking or the haunting you are there everywhere. Your mind indulges itself in it when you realize that reaching the last page didn't get you the satisfaction but what's gets you is making this book your real life story.

  • willemvanherk 55w

    Colourland Series 3 Chapter 16 Part 1

    Chapter 16
    Showdown with Dictator, Part Two

    " Well now it is down to only two " said Colour Dictator. " You two are stronger but you won't stop me "
    " It's not over " said Colourea.
    " Colour King is going to keep this country very Colourlandish " said Colour Dictator.
    " That is the way that Colourland must be, Challenger never did that for Colourland "
    " The people are more Colourlandish now, the lack of protests is what we have needed "
    " Lack of protests ? " asked Crayon.
    " Yes, when people protest it tends to not be in favour of Colourland " said Colour Dictator. " They are criticizing Colourland, how can anyone support something like that "
    " Their rights are not good for Colourland, Colourlandish people do not want them to have rights "
    " Why would they want that ? " asked Colourea.
    " It is not Colourlandish " said Colour Dictator.
    " Colourlandish people know where they are from, they hate these protests "
    " When you protest against Colour King, you are not being as Colourlandish as you could be "
    " I want Colourland as Colourlandish as possible, you must understand "
    " By not allowing people their rights ? " asked Crayon.
    " Their rights are not what Colour King wants, he believes that they are not good for this country " said Colour Dictator. " Colour King wants people defending him and to agree with his opinion "
    " He does not want people having rights to protest against him, like I have said it is not good for Colourland "
    " You two are a Colourlandish couple "
    " Yes, we are " said Colourea. " I just don't think that banning all the protests and making people lose their rights is Colourlandish "
    " That will just anger them more and they will feel not welcome "
    " Maybe that is a good thing " said Colour Dictator. " Colourlandish people believe that protesting against Colour King is not Colourlandish, they know how Colourlandish they are "
    " Let's continue fighting "

    Colour Dictator then started charging up for the Ultimate Colourland Bomb while Crayon used the Ultimate Sky Blast and Colourea used the Ultimate Sun Bomb. The attacks collided with each other, everyone took damage.

    Colour Dictator then kicked Colourea when he got up and knocked her to the ground, Crayon then punched Colour Dictator.

    Colour Dictator then used the Super Colourlandish Barrage while Crayon used the Tenfold Sun Strike and they both knocked each other back. Colourea then started charging for the Sun Implosion while Crayon used the Ultimate Sun Bomb. The attacks combined into this giant bright bomb, Colour Dictator countered with the Ultimate Colourland Bomb. The bombs hit each other and there was a giant explosion of darkness and light which everyone was damaged by.

    Colourea was slightly struggling, she then got up and started charging up the Sun Implosion while Crayon used the Ultimate Sky Blast, the attacks directly hit Colour Dictator down to the ground but he got up and he kicked Crayon.

    " Hahaha " said Colour Dictator. " Colourland is going to stay the way that Colour King wants it "
    " You haven't won yet " said Crayon.
    " You two aren't going to be able to keep this up " said Colour Dictator. " Colourea isn't in the best condition and Crayon you aren't looking much better to be honest "
    " Let's continue the fight " said Crayon.

    Crayon then started to use the Sky Implosion, Colourea used the Ultimate Sun Blast while Colour Dictator then used the Colourland Implosion. All of them took damage and fell to the ground.

    Colour Dictator and Colourea got up and they grabbed each other. Crayon then aimed to punch Colour Dictator but he shoved Colourea into his fist.

    " Colourea " yelled Crayon.
    " Crayon, this is what I was talking about " said Colour Dictator. " Colourea could have not been this hurt, if you had all supported Colour King "
    " You chose to support a man who isn't as Colourlandish as all three of us, so this is on you "
    " You attacked us and challenged us " said Crayon.
    " Yes, because you failed to not support Challenger " said Colour Dictator. " It is not too late, you can save the two of you and stop supporting him "
    " Supporting him has angered Colour King "
    " Colour King is a man who cannot handle a different opinion, he can be as angry as he wants " said Crayon.
    " Well since you are going to be that way, I'll keep hurting Colourea " said Colour Dictator. " Crayon, this is not a good decision for you or Colourland "
    " Now prepare yourselves for the end "

    Colour Dictator then charged up the Colourland Implosion while Crayon used the Sky Implosion, the attacks collided with each other and they both took damage.

    Colourea then rushed for Colour Dictator and kicked him, Crayon then used the Tenfold Sun Strike and hit him down.

    Colour Dictator got up and he started to charge for the Colourland Implosion while Colourea used the Sun Implosion and the attacks hit their targets.

  • willemvanherk 57w

    Colourland Series 2 Chapter 15 Part 1

    Chapter 15
    The Decision With Warbler

    Crayon and his friends were in the room at the hotel and were wondering what they were going to do after they heard the news.

    " This is fucked " said Colourea.
    " We should contact Warbler before then " said Colouruke.
    " They are going to check his email account ? " asked Crayon.
    " This is insane but this is the law they have made " said Challenger. " We must figure something out "
    " This is terrible " said Dove.
    " Well it's time to contact him before it is too late " said Artby.

    They contacted Warbler by email. The email got to Warbler and he read it.

    Warbler wrote this back:

    I miss all of you, but the king wants war very desperately. My brother is a lot happier now, he feels that by doing this it will allow him to fight in the war with me. I have been training hard, my wind attacks are getting stronger. Maybe I will be able to use sky energy for my attacks soon, it would be great. I am not sure what makes sense right now since that the king will start checking my emails. It really is tough, I hope that we will meet again someday.

    All the best,

    They read the email that was sent from Warbler.

    " Well, I'm glad that we heard from him before it is too late " said Grackle.
    " Same here " said Crayon.

    Time passed. King Bobby and the advisors ate supper and after that they were talking.

    " This is great " said Blackburnian. " The king has saved Warbler "
    " He sure has " said Queen Starling. " Warbler does not need friends like that "
    " He doesn't, Crayon must understand where he was wrong " said Lord Grackle.
    " It will take time " said Diana. " But not contacting Warbler will make them think about what they did " said Diana.
    " I hope that they do " said King Bobby.
    " Warbler cannot have people like this emailing him " said Blackburnian. " As his brother, I must take a stand against this "
    " I want Warbler to fight and will do whatever it takes for him to fight "
    " This is a war that he must fight in "
    " We need him, Bird's Isle needs him " said Queen Starling.
    " Bird's Isle loves Warbler and Bird's Isle wants him in the war " said King Bobby.
    " Bird's Isle needs the Numerian resources to make Bird's Isle a better place, Warbler makes that easier " said Lord Grackle. " Crayon was not able to understand the resources and how they would help Bird's Isle "
    " Challenger has failed Crayon " said King Bobby. " But as long as they leave Warbler alone forever then it matters not "
    " Blackburnian has done way too much as a brother for Warbler " said Queen Starling. " If his dream of them fighting together cannot happen, it will be dreadful "

    Crayon kissed Colourea, Crayon and his friends went to bed after that.

    Morning came and they all got up. Crayon and his friends went to the bakery.

  • willemvanherk 59w

    Colourland Series 2 Chapter 8 Part 2

    " Bread has made me sexier than I was before " said Artby. " Crayon, have you noticed this sexiness "
    " I think it's not entirely due to bread but okay " said Crayon.
    " Bakers want me to be sexy, they are great people " said Artby. " Bakeries keep us sexier "
    " Bakeries ? " asked Dove.
    " Bakeries have made us sexier people, Dove " said Artby. " If it wasn't for them I would not be as sexy "
    " Artby " said Colouruke.
    " Yes Colouruke " said Artby.
    " What the fuck " said Colouruke.
    " Artby believes that he is sexier now due to bread " said Grackle.
    " Well it isn't harming anyone so I will say that " said Colourea.
    " Bakeries make us sexy, bread makes us sexier, flour makes us sexy " said Artby.
    " Flour ? " asked Challenger.
    " The flour has a quality that makes us so sexy " said Artby. " I am glad to be sexy now, we're sexy now "
    " Uh thanks " everyone else said.

    Time passed and then they went to bed, before that Crayon enjoyed sex with Colourea. Artby was very proud of bakers.

    Draco and Rourke were approaching very close. They got up and made themselves their breakfast which they enjoyed eating.

    After that, they left but then they noticed Draco and Rourke.

    Meanwhile, King Bobby was talking with the advisors.

    " I cannot wait for justice " said King Bobby.
    " Draco and Rourke will bring it " said Blackburnian. " My brother Warbler will see it for himself "
    " It will be amazing " said Diana. " They must pay for what has happened "
    " The warriors of Bird's Isle have wanted war, Challenger fucked up as a leader " said Queen Starling.
    " The warriors will remember, Draco and Rourke know it " said Curtis.
    " Challenger has fucked up " they all said together.

    Draco and Rourke began to talk to Crayon and his friends.

    " Well, now this is interesting " said Draco.
    " I suggest you come with us " said Rourke. " Nobody gets hurt that way and then you will face the punishment that King Bobby has decided "
    " What does he want to punish you with, you will find out " said Rourke. " We do not need to fight, we just need the king to punish you for what you have done "
    " The choice is yours, come with us and face the punishment or you can fight " said Draco. " May I remind you that we are both stronger than Paula who was stronger than Salvador "
    " I am aware " said Crayon.
    " Warbler, your future will be decided " said Rourke.
    " His future ? " asked Colouruke.
    " King Bobby is upset with the decision that he believes that is forced on him " said Draco.
    " Why does the king believe that ? " asked Artby.
    " He strongly believes that because his brother Blackburnian wants them to fight together in the war " said Rourke.
    " The king wants them to fight as brothers together " said Draco. " He is not happy with the decision that Challenger has made "
    " But we don't want to fight " said Colourea.
    " You will spend time in jail most likely, but the king may have a different punishment in mind " said Rourke.
    " The decision that Challenger made ? " asked Dove. " We refused to fight "
    " Challenger is the leader so he is responsible, leaders must take responsibility " said Draco. " He will be blamed more because of that "
    " But this war is against Numeria, Numerians have not posed enough of a threat " said Challenger. " Plus couldn't Colourlandish people refuse to fight "
    " King Bobby has ordered it to happen, why is he is given a bigger say than Challenger " said Crayon.
    " Well he ordered the war and that you were invited by him " said Rourke. " If you were not invited by him then you would be allowed to not fight "
    " He knew of the skills that were shown, so he noticed that " said Draco.
    " Challenger would not fight in the war since he is the leader of Colourland, he would stay with the king, queen and Lord Grackle " said Rourke.
    " Why Lord Grackle ? " asked Grackle.
    " An advisor must always stay back, Blackburnian refused to not fight " said Draco. " The other advisors as well wanted to fight but Lord Grackle made the decision "
    " Now it is time for you to make the decision " said Rourke. " To fight or to safely make it back for punishment from the king "
    " Which is it ? said Draco.
    " We will fight " said Crayon. " I'm not going to jail for not going to war "
    " Same here " said Artby. " If I go to jail, I won't be able to go to bakeries and eat tasty bread "
    " You fools " said Rourke. " We will crush you, like we said we are both stronger than Paula "
    " Now six of you will fight " said Draco. " You have two minutes to decide "

    They had a discussion and Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Warbler, Artby and Dove decided to fight while Challenger and Grackle were not fighting.

    " So Challenger will not fight " said Rourke stunned.
    " The rest of you are not strong enough " said Draco.
    " We will just see about that " said Crayon.
    " King Bobby would have preferred that you stay alive for justice, but we have no choice now " said Rourke.
    " Let's fight " said Crayon.

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    #books #reading #novels #serials #ghosts #ghoststory #hauntings #murder #mystery #thriller #suspense

    If you haven't discovered your latest novel to binge read, then check out these ghostly thrillers on Mirakee. 3 complete novels. 3 ghost stories. All for free

    Check out these hashtags to begin a novel.....


    There is also a work in progress under #ghostboyblues

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    Ghost Novels on Mirakee

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    Leaves of life

    Do read .....a book with various charms and love

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    Everything beautiful sprouts from freedom


  • vsb_heartsays 69w


    Disconnect with the world
    And be with yourself , embrace the beauty of nature....
    And then
    And then
    ..you'll feel better..!!

  • vsb_heartsays 69w


    It's like digging your own grave and hurting yourself...!!