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    * 16.12.2021; 2.08 P.M (Malaysia)


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    End of November. Or farewell letter.

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    Farewell, November! ~

    16 days ago, the last day of November, 30th November 2021, finally, the parcel of Squid Game 5 KM Virtual Run Kit delivered. I tried playing the Ddakji, but, couldn't flip it. I also played with the marbles. There was no Dalgona candy in the tin round container. Only a needle and a circle mould. I guess, I need to make the candy myself. There's also a medal included in the kit. It has a Front Man's mask. Seems heavy, like a metal. With Squid Game Run written on the ribbon part. Plus, there are a suit of green jacket and pants; and a white tshirt. I chose No. 067. Which is used by a model who act on Squid Game K-drama. I finished 5KM run on a treadmill. I used Zombies, Run! app and completed the 5KM mission. I ran for 44 minutes 59 seconds. 3380 steps. I don't remember how many calories were burnt.
    15 days ago was 1st December.
    Farewell, November!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • paper_cuts 8w

    Dear November

    How can I become a poet again?
    I write and I talk and I feel, at least I try to but then this thing that I recently discovered has a name creeps up on me and I just can't shake it off, imposter syndrome, is it though?
    People leave, and behind they leave wounds so deep. It's hard not having expectations and hopes, from people and dreams.
    I've always loved you, November, with your cold crisp breeze, nothing like the frost of December or the humidity of October, but you've changed, you're changing as well, and it feels like I'm the only one left behind while the world is going on just fine. And I've been stuck a long time now.
    I don't usually have nightmares but when I do there's always one thing common, I'm can't ever scream or even whisper for help, and there's so much panic, that no one hears me and I'm helpless. Stuck again.
    I don't know how to end this, winter being my constant of comfort and now it's kind of like a scattered mess. I'm not good at goodbyes, or even hellos.
    Let's just hope to meet again, when we're both happy.

  • megamarie 8w

    Goodbye November

    Dear November,

    This is the last time I'm writing to you this year. I have decided to end our relationship for now. I no longer want to play your mind games. No, don't look for me anymore. By the time you receive this, I'm already gone with the wind.

    I know you are not impulsive. But, you are too passionate for my taste. You are too calculative. For you life is a game of chess. You always have to think several steps ahead. I know it's just your nature. But, I'm getting tired.

    It's not all bad. You're attractive and seductive. I love making love with you and our emotional intimacy is sky-high. It puts me on edge every single time and I love it. On good days, I love your unparalleled empathy, depth and commitment to our relationship. However, on bad days your desire for control and physical closeness is overwhelming.

    I can no longer take it. So here we are at this point where leaving is my only option. I realized, freedom is more important than what we have.

    I still love you in my heart but this is definitely goodbye.


    P. S. I'll see you in a few days. I already packed your bags and gears. Just go skiing with the boys. Stop being sticky. I'm just at my mom's. Enjoy and I love you. Hahaha

  • feeltheword 8w

    Sweet November
    Songs of the sparrow wane in the wind

    Sun cooled by shadows
    Reflections turn grey

    I thought of you every day

    Cold November rain
    Your storm rages in my mind

    Look for me in the sweet blooms of spring
    When the songs of the sparrow come alive again


  • angels_halo_shines 8w


    November has come to an end, as we welcome December. A lot happens here in the month December. I turn another year older as each one passes. Christmas Day & Christmas Eve comes & goes.Last but not least quite possibly the most important days of all for many is New Years Eve. The celebration of the year, many parties. I will be thankful for a new year to begin. So, I welcome 2022 with open arm’s. And wish for the best. For everyone!!

  • sproutedseeds 8w


    Dear November,

    How should I perceive you??
    Just one and thirty days to welcome
    the New Year
    Or that you are leaving today
    and just one and thirty days for
    this year to end.

    Today on your farewell, I would
    appreciate your support to the nature
    in bringing or rather adding beauty
    and happiness.

    You will always be remembered
    for the crispy crimson leaves shed
    while the trees applauded in joy.

    I understand that December
    is waiting to take your place
    to illuminate with lights and
    practice of choirs to be sung
    on the joyous day of Christmas
    and I can't keep you holding
    for every month have their own
    style of bringing happiness.

    Will miss you!!!


  • yourarmy 8w

    Here comes an end to
    the never disappointing November.
    I loved watching beautiful yellow leaves
    And naked trees, holding a cup of coffee for warmth.

    Here comes an end to
    the eagerness for my birthday party.
    I miss those surprise celebrations, gifts, belated wishes
    And company of my loved ones who said sad goodbyes.

    Here comes an end to
    the long Wait for Christmas.
    My mind is getting ready to unwrap the
    new fun, new gifts, new beginnings and new resolutions.

    Let's bid a farewell
    To a beautiful month of joy
    Welcoming the month of celebrations
    Saying, goodbye November and Welcome December.


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    Farewell to November


  • montycristo 8w

    Remembering November before December

    To remember all the highs and lows of November feels like a chore.
    Having to dust off a braincell or two rewinding my mind back to the 5th of November and give you all a tour.
    I know what you are thinking tell me, tell me more.
    So to enlight and ignite your curiosity I'll begin. It all started on a cold early morning waking up to a scream from a dream. Oohhh, what a wonderful delight to be me sitting here in this blinding morning light shaking in fright.
    Holding my pillows nice and tight.
    My bottom lip quivering frozen in fear Staring in a mirror, time slips by unnoticed.
    Slow to rise and realize all the fallen November leaves being carried away in the December braising wind. Now seeing it all with my real eyes and realize the difference from the truth and real lies that it covers up at the end of November so December can begin.
    Fake smiles all around waiting for Santa to come to town. What has two thumbs under all the mistletoes waiting for some real fun? THIS GUY HERE!!!!

  • pallavi4 8w


    It is a great privilege for me today
    To pay homage to the great November
    For being steadfast, brightly colourful
    And cold in moderation it will be remembered

    With spring and summer out of the way
    Fall came next as always in the chain
    The trees lost their garish green robes
    Shades of orange in the forests reigned

    The season of harvest, fruit and gains
    November came with no additional baggage
    “Autumn teaches us how beautiful it is to let things go”
    Is a truthful and alluring adage

    Not hot like the October’s autumn
    Not freezing like the snow laden December
    Warm days and cold nights made it perfect
    And the most sought after seasonal member

    With the smell of spices and oaks in the air
    November lived beauteously aflame
    Tables were gaily dressed to give thanks
    Pumpkins were universally acclaimed

    Golden apples blossomed and bloomed
    Golden leaves covered the roads and lanes
    Golden magic filled the rosy cold draft
    Golden, the worldly pleasures became

    “I wish I too could be an autumn leaf
    Who looked at the sky and lived
    And when it was the time to leave
    Gracefully it would know life was a gift “

    Every year I await the advent of fall
    Before winter covers everything in snow
    November thank you for being a constant in my life
    You’ll be missed more than you’ll ever know


    30th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Jesup path, Acadia National Park, Main ne Fall 2013 by Nate Levesque on Flickr

    “Autumn teaches..... let go”, quote by unknown
    “I wish I ...... was a gift”, quote by Dodinsky

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  • bohemian_ballerina 8w

    How to say Goodbye

    Say bye, not goodbye.
    You want that fresh breeze of winter,
    But you also want the new year for a new hope.
    Blankets of wool can be stacked up
    While blankets of love makes you warm,
    So kiss those November nighties a farewell
    And bring about a new fervour of hope.
    No matter how comforting November may seem,
    Decembers are always a hope finder.
    With 30 good serene mornings,
    It is now time to bid goodbye,
    For yet another round of love and hope.


  • immortalities 8w


    I whisper farewell to November
    and the breath of autumn.
    I will keep the fallen leaves
    to remember you by until you
    come to see me again.

  • devikasethumadhavan 8w

    Farewell to November

    All I wanna say is a good bye
    Good bye to the most memorable days I had with you...
    I will meet you somewhere again
    Just like the winter chills
    You and me knows the secrets of love
    A love never found real
    Someday you will write about me
    The way you used to stroke your fingers on my body

  • zeba_gulsum 8w

    Never knew it would be this soon
    Hope each and every misery end soon
    As November gone too soon


  • writersbay 8w

    Write a poem about the end of November. Or maybe a farewell letter?

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    This November there seems
    to be nothing to say.

    – Anne Sexton

  • thorvi_mule 12w

    November is the transient beauty of nature, draped in the hues of white- shining amidst the twinkling lights of the sketchy stars, just in the achromatic lights! November is the stillness in the lively life. It's solely a meek passion to perceive! Moving towards its end left us with a journey full of memories and lesson to from- to start a new beginning!