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  • miss_silentlyweird 24w

    Super duper late but still wanted to thank all my sort of friends especially here, thank you!❤️

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    (ʸᵒᵘ ʰᵉᵃʳᵈ ᵐʸ ʷʳⁱᵗᵗᵉⁿ ᵗʰᵒᵘᵍʰᵗˢ)

    or every bliss and mist, I am grateful to you for walking with me in the
    oad of my life journey.
    wanted you to know that having you around helps me escape
    very weight of problems even for a while.
    onetheless, that weren't sharing blood you're still one of my 
    earest family.
    ooner or later between my road that we walking— there's no assurance that we can stay together until dead end like a happy ending in a cliché story yet if that someday comes, remember that the memories of the
    ome you let me stay and the warm you give me will forever
    ngrave in my 
    olaroid heart.


  • blooming_fossil 24w


    A spring morn,
    mischievous sun faked tuscan tears,
    showering us with satiny beams.
    My grandfather chuckled at him
    as he would when I'd tried
    similar frolics to draw his attention.

    Still smiling at the fun of Sun,
    Grandpa deftly set my new pink kite adrift,
    And gripping the reel, I giggled
    when my kite fluttered into the amber ether.

    // Not even athletic limbs of the Gulmohar tree
    could get hold of my lithesome kite. //

    Soaring high, it took me to the places
    I'd listened about in grandma's stories.
    Grandpa smiled watching my excitement
    Like the beguiling sky would never deceive us.

    But soon the sky rumbled
    with hostility and winds roared belligerently
    Throwing grandpa's favorite scarf to the ground
    and shredding my kite to pieces.

    // I still sit under the Gulmohar tree with a reel and pink kite
    but no one runs my kite and Sun no more fakes his tears. //


  • ana_vah 25w

    A Tale of Two Cities

    The miles between us never separated us
    As did our expectations.
    I was looking for a happily ever after.
    You were looking for a right now.
    I sufficed then but not for long.
    The mails stopped, so did the phone calls.
    Video calls became BBM messages,
    That later turned to hours of waiting.
    The incomplete pictures you sent me
    Became a jigsaw puzzle I couldn't solve.
    I didn't have all the pieces to begin with.
    You had all the pieces of me,
    Salvaged from the junkyard where I kept them,
    Till you called me a piece of art,
    Praising my brown skin and black hair,
    That had always made me feel less,
    But not now, not with the glint in your eyes,
    Behind sunglasses I couldn't take off.
    I felt you in every peak and trough.
    When your voice called out to my core,
    Your voice was all I needed to soar.
    I knew you needed more but
    I was tied to a foreign shore,
    Waiting for your ship to land one day.
    That was before the pandemic kept us at bay.
    It was work, at least that's what you said.
    It was that and perhaps my constant nagging,
    Desiring to see you in the flesh.
    Months passed in silence till I gave up,
    Knees bent down before a God you never believed.
    Someone else took the place I imagined you in,
    Filled up a vacuum you left, but not completely.
    On empty nights I still ache to hear your voice,
    A siren call across oceans that still tempt me.
    In my secret dreams I still sail the high seas,
    Hoping to reconcile the two cities
    Which otherwise can never meet.


  • bonitasarahbabu 25w


    Alone and sad, that's her life's story,
    Nobody ever wanted to be her friend.
    Always alone with none to help her,
    She was always crying herself to sleep.
    Only God knew of her sadness,
    So, He sent her a beautiful puppy,
    Now she and her pup are overjoyed.

  • kanungoswati 25w

    Pride and Prejudice

    The pride in him
    had frozen his
    heart frigid when
    the April Zephyr
    stirred love potion
    into his cold soul
    molding into rainbow
    of Life.
    The prejudice in her,
    day by day was
    vanquished into
    Blossoming red roses
    in her path,
    a timeless tale of
    a love story synchronized.
    And the two symphonies
    became the lyrical song
    of Lifetime.

  • shruti_25904 25w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersnetwark @writersbay #ntitlec

    Queen of her heart

    She is the queen of her own heart,
    Doesn't mean she is selfish
    She adjusts herself in every situation
    Doesn't mean she is a product
    She weeps often
    Doesn't mean she is an emotional fool
    She is self dependent
    Doesn't mean she doesn't need anyone beside her
    She argues
    Doesn't mean she is stubborn
    She smiles
    Doesn't mean you would make her cry
    She is a homemaker
    Doesn't mean you would humiliate her
    She talks with a boy
    Doesn't mean she is characterless.
    .............. And the list is unending
    As our society never stops discriminating.

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    Five feet apart

    King of his heart

    He rules his heart
    Doesn't mean he is emotionless
    He weeps
    Doesn't mean he is being girlish
    He is a hardworker
    Doesn't mean he is weak at feelings
    He talks with a girl
    Doesn't mean he is distracted
    ............... And the list is unending
    As our society never stops discriminating.

  • deepajoshidhawan 25w

    "Nothing Lasts Forever"

    The full and final score
    Life shrewdly settles
    It is 'Not a penny more
    Not a penny less'

    Nothing Lasts Forever,
    One of my favorite novels
    By Sidney Sheldon

    Not a penny more not a penny less,
    Another favorite one
    By Jeffrey Archer

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    Nothing Lasts Forever

    The full and final score
    Life shrewdly settles
    It is 'Not a penny more
    Not a penny less'

  • periapt 25w

    #ntitlec #writersbay #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    The very being of you is akin to a pathos
    That defies the griefs of this world.
    If you had even a modicum of understanding, of faith
    In your niceness, your sacrifices
    You would have soared to heights unscaled.
    But you chose to be the man of compromise,
    The man who possessed dead dreams,
    The man who gave his all to his love,
    A love who took, knowing all too well
    That she was taking away a coveted vision,
    That she was causing a deep enervation.
    And you,
    You continued to give, to accolade
    To pedestalize,
    Those that cared not a jot for you.
    You, the Obscure, the frustratingly adorable one that endured a lifetime of
    You, the Obscure that died un-remembered, with un-sought dreams…
    That drifted like the downy tufts of yellow dandelions in an aquamarine tulip field.

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    Jude the Obscure.

    You, the Obscure that died un-remembered, with un-sought dreams…
    That drifted like the downy tufts of yellow dandelions in an aquamarine tulip field.

  • writersbay 25w

    Good afternoon, fellas! 🌼

    Today write something and title it with the name of your favorite novel.

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    Be creative!