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    Where do we go wrong?
    When did forgiveness become a weakness?
    Are we all so less humane each day that
    we are no longer able to smile at hate
    and laugh at jealousy?
    Where did we go wrong if all of us aren't to be blamed.. together?

    We were mysteries to ourselves from the day we were born. We look into the eyes of our mothers in curiosity while they do so in wonder. A child learns through their mistakes. He grows up learning about humanity seeing the worlds faults and compassion through his mother's eyes.
    When it tears up, he would understand that wrong hath been done upon a kindred and kind.
    He would introspect each day to thus and thus far until he becomes a tool that fits perfectly into the world. Something which then tries to make changes to it's structure until a change has been made. How good the change has then depend upon how and when he was taught by his father, how to mould the strength in arms and the tenderness in his voice to being about changes to his world and in his people respectively.

    Each neuron in our brain that fire away electrical signals into its synapses and down unto our muscles and tendons ending up with a creature with magnificent will to create and perceive, beauty and emotions, is still the greatest mystery to us.
    What one such forms does with each other and unto each other still perplexes the greatest of our minds. Yet we choose to squabble and sunder by the feeblest notions of self, under the stars that we rotate with. Does there need to be a better look into the world than understanding the great metaphor of how we orbit around each other one way or another.

    This is how the world soon views us and what is sees is an amalgam of every little mystery we ever strived to understand and feel by ourselves. To unravel it in kindness and to hold onto each other when it gets tough.
    To forgive is a blessing, not because it helps us, but because it helps everyone we love too. For the world we now live in, was never built by one man or woman but by a shared responsibility to understand these empyreal mysteries



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