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    A number of comments .

    The Holy Spirit provides internal epiphanies

    when a soul prays .

    The deepest internal section of Christ Jesus ‘

    soul or spirit is the Father ( The Almighty ) .

    The prior ( Genesis ) and future version of Christ

    Jesus .

    The greater version of Christ Jesus Prior Genesis ,

    during Genesis , within the Old Testament ,

    within the New Testament and after the

    historical event of eternal judgment . ?

    The deepest and internal section of Christ Jesus ‘

    soul or spirit ;

    The deepest section has the knowledge

    of the rapture and the end of age

    ( the historical event of eternal judgment )

    judgment .

    The deepest inner working or mechanism within

    Christ Jesus ( The Son of God ) is The Father

    Almighty . ?

    An internal menorah . ?

    A never ending and internal candle that is

    always lit and can not ever ( never ) be

    extinguished .

    Not by his personal hand , power nor by any soul .

    The candle is a whole menorah and is within an

    internal compartment of the menorah .

    The Almighty Father .

    The Son of God appeared from a different

    dimension and then after the resurrection and

    eternal ascension ;

    HE continued into a different

    dimension because he previously arrived from a

    different dimension .

    ( Conversation with Pontius Pilate ) .

    A verbal portal or dimension is opened during

    the end of age judgment and the eternal

    ceremony ;

    a verbal or different dimension is opened and

    Christ Jesus ' historical return begins .

    Loved souls are presently living within the

    dimension of The Holy Spirit and are presently

    awaiting the end of age judgment / the eternal

    ceremony alongside The Son of God ' s return .

    God ‘ s personal blessing , talent and eternal gift

    is that he will always exist .

    He can not extinguish the candle because the

    candle reignites via the past .

    His previous version of himself is reborn ,

    rebirthed or refreshed unto or unto the present

    moment .

    Similar to the mythological , spiritual and angelic

    bird known as the phoenix ( Symbolism ) .

    The Holy Spirit was and is a dove or a phoenix . ?

    His internal ( Ruach ) candle eternally recreates

    himself via the past , present and future . ?

    A prayer is additional evidence toward the fact

    that The Almighty does exist . ?

    Theological / Spiritual / Anthropomorphic / Intellectual / Religious evidence . ?

    Short story .

    Person B : Does God truly exist ?

    Person A : Does prayer exist ?

    Person B : Yes .

    Person A : Then God does exist .

    Person A : The prayer and the behavior of

    praying is evidence of the fact that The

    Almighty does exist .

    Person A : You , we and many are meant to live

    forever and within the eternal kingdom of God .

    Person C : Please , let us continue staying close

    to The Holy Spirit and Christ Jesus ‘ eternal

    wings because he is the resurrected son of God

    of whom experienced the eternal ascension .

    Person B : Wow . The Almighty does exist and

    he just guided me within the present

    conversation .

    Person B : Please make sure the vegetables are

    enjoyable .

    Person C : The vegetables that were are about to

    consume are going to be very enjoyable .

    Person A : They are actually going to be very

    sweet and enjoyable because of the additional

    ingredients that were stirred into the meal .

    Person A , B and C continue their conversation

    and enjoying large portions boiled vegetables .

    Boiled vegetables with chia seeds , flax seeds ,

    organic powdered cinnamon and extra virgin

    olive oil . The chia seeds , flax seeds and extra

    virgin olive oil was added into the meal after the

    vegetables were properly boiled within a pot of

    water ( over the stove ) . The organic powdered

    cinnamon added into the pot of boiling

    vegetables prior to being boiled and after being

    boiled . The group used a bag of mixed

    vegetables from the grocery store .

    End Story .

  • james_taumas 109w


    Burger sits waiting
    Fries fume being inconvenienced
    Pizza seduces the senses
    Fat and sodium ally
    Reach out to sate
    Just one bite
    Deny the desire
    Body knows better
    Bowl of fruit patient
    Vegetable serenity
    Health prioritised.


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    Do you know??

    WHO says
    70% of the major deaths around the world are mainly due to 4 major reason:-
    •Cardiovascular diseases
    50% of these are due to poor nutrition
    70% of doctor's visits are due to poor nutrition or side effects of previous medication
    India has the largest number of diabetes patients in the world

  • fitcoach_harshu 115w


    Aapko ek healthy heart ke liye yeh sab karna chahiye. kya aap karte hai yeh sab ek baar khud se jarur puchna :-
    •Proper exercise
    •Avoid oily food
    •Avoid junk and processed food
    •Maintain your weight
    •Give your body proper nutrition
    •Eat less salt and sugar
    •Keep a check on your blood pressure
    •Maintain your blood cholesterol

    Wellness Coach Harshita Bansal
    Contact me :- 9414004602

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    What comes in nutrition?

    •Vitamins and Minerals
    •Digestive Health
    Such as fibre, Aloe and Water


  • fitcoach_harshu 116w

    Balanced Diet

    A balance diet contains the following:-
    30% Fats from Foods and Supplements
    30% Protien from Foods and Supplements
    40% Carbohydrates from Foods and Supplements


  • fitcoach_harshu 116w

    Food and nutrition

    Good afternoon friends
    Myself fitness coach Harshita Bansal
    Aaj me aapko batane wali hu ki khane me aur nutrition me kya antar hota hai
    Nutrition Ko hindi me poshan bhi Bolte hai
    Khana toh vah hota hai Jo ki humare pet Ko bharta hai aur hume mental satisfaction deta hai but usme voh saare nutrients nhi hote jo humari body Ko chahiye hote hai
    Janki nutrition humare pet Ko bhi bharta hai hume mental satisfaction bhi deta hai aur nutrition me saare nutrients bhi maujud hote hai jo ki humare body Ko chahiye hote hai .
    Toh friends yeh tha difference between food and nutrition
    Toh aise hi aapko batati rahungi about Health toh agar aapko yeh post pasand ayi ho toh ek like kar Dena please and follow bhi kar dena.

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    Herbalife Wellness Coach

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  • angelindhivya 165w

    Honesty is not only for relationships!!
    Being honest means also being honest to
    Your own body !
    Your body is not a dustbin
    To dump whatever you see !


  • ahwan02as 175w


    Changes are usually
    often hard to accept
    but are really
    mandatory to be done


  • fitwithpro 179w

    Dont be driven by your cravings, eat food for body’s need and not for greed


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    Monday fun dayyy run dayyy! Let it beeee. You’ll tackle that bear tomorrow! It’s in the books!?Love, laugh, live, be active, kind, thankful, master your passion, create your magic, capture the moment, be kind to yourself, and honor your unique beautyyy inside and out!??? #selfcare #health #nutrition #workout #feelthebeat #moveyourbody

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    1/14/19 Monday Run Day

    Monday fun dayyy run dayyy!
    Let it beeee.
    You’ll tackle that bear tomorrow!
    It’s in the books!?
    Love, laugh, live, be active, kind, thankful, master your passion, create your magic, capture the moment, be kind to yourself, and honor your unique beautyyy inside and out!???


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    An arrow misses its target
    Or it hits with precision
    Propelled by the bow
    Guided by vision
    Strenght and adrenalin
    Unite and tip the scale
    In favor of the hunter
    His tribes survival not a fail

    Glory in the prepared feast
    Community dances is greatful
    The hunter smiling
    He laid it to rest

    Celebrated his being
    on this Magnificent day
    Sadness overcomes him
    When the crowd moves away

    For he now sees the catch
    The nutrition it supplied
    Another individuals fate
    In the foodchain called life


  • writeoflife 220w

    》 If someone is attempting to be better & dominate at their sport....》 then do not consume any 'foul substances' ever .《 Alcoholic beverages (when of proper age) can be enjoyable (deoending on your health level 》 please, consult your DR first)... if or whenever you do consume, please consume safely & responsibly... do not drink to excess (vomiting, stumbling & blacking out or loss of bladder control) & 》always have a designated driver or a safe location... Drinking under the age is highly dangerous & I personally do not drink, because grapes & tea have the nearly similar antioxidants as wine. 》 Dark chocolate is a good pick me up, Especially when feeling blue 《. 》 in response to marijuana... smoking is always dangerous, but CBD pills are better & if even required... edibles are better than smoke inhalation, but even then... consume responsibly & always have your Professional Medical card with you... 》Tobacco Is Whack... Every Single Time.... Second hand smoke kills all involved... even animals... it can even have a lingering effect 'not good for sports, nutrition & family'.《
    Always Stay hydrated with Good Fuels & remember to stay clean... not obsessively clean, but clean nonetheless (up to you to decide, we are all stinky... just less stinky... from time to time.... still stinky though... a good stinky). #faith #creativity #sober #growth #heart #health #nutrition #exercise #lifestyle #kindness #love #moderation #restrain #science #research #prayer #Christjesus #opinion for readers & self #intellect #happiness 》》 please, take with a grain of salt & correct me too ...》 I will release more writings eventually... May need to digest this for awhile.... Christ be with us... #stress #overall #health & #progressive #life... #honor #Lord ... always be prepared to deny self in order to honor God, but still live a enjoyable life... make yourself available to help others, & even do it (just because you're nice... up to you to mention it 'belief/anything involved' or not)... 》 Always Walk With Christ... Be Kind & considerate, but also know when to stand up strong & utilize your voice... Always avoid physical confrontation..
    Never know what will happen. Pain = bad.

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    Bored of Wheat
    Try Barley
    The Hero of Weight Loss

    Get rid of bloating and heaviness,
    give strength to your immune system with this wonder cereal(flour/water/soup)


  • drschrodinger 250w

    International literacy Day

    Irony is Mid Day Meal scheme
    Is a part of National Literacy Mission in my country.

    Ambition is how to make the fingers count,
    When I am already counting time to the Mid Day everyday.

    Many of you desperately wait for Sundays to get a off day from school

    While I dread Sundays for that might just mean no meal.

    Whosoever wins in this constant struggle between hunger for knowledge and hunger for food,

    As long as this struggle exists, I also wait for mid day miracle everyday for that means Santa is bringing food for me.

    An excerpt from Kwashiorkor diary


  • shreetanzsingh 257w

    Diet Fast

    Try Smart Fasting like
    No Sugar Wednesdays
    No Rice Thursdays
    No Junk Tuesdays