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  • nocturnal_enigma 21w

    * 29.8.2021; 5.56 A.M (Malaysia)

    * NOT about me!


    #Object #Challenge by @Miraquill (2 weeks ago)

    * Get away = Escape

    * Last line of 3rd stanza refer to the victim's inner voice. She tried to scream to make the pervert perpetrator stop the abuse. It also refers to what she want to say to those who like to victim-blaming. Blaming the victims means they have the same mindset as the rapists. Plus, worsen the trauma!


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    A rape victim's old bed ~

    (A rape victim's old bed...)
    was red.
    Blood stain of period remind her...
    when it bled, after being raped.
    She hoped that, she passed away.

    (A rape victim's old bed...)
    was being fed...
    with the rapist's lust...
    plus the victim's struggle to get away
    from the beast's thrust.

    (A rape victim's old bed...)
    was not for a newly wed.
    Lost her virginity, to a pedophile and she...
    lost her sanity. Report can't be file to police.
    No one to trust. "Stop it, please! Go away!"

    (A rape victim's old bed...)
    was a very bad bed.
    Old bed & mattress has been thrown away.
    She uses new ones instead. She still have...
    same old nightmares. Wish, she was killed.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • just_another_voice 22w

    A pen's journey..

    I was in a box,
    in a dark and stifling one,
    with my brothers,
    surrounded by fresh ink smell(I was allergic to that)
    able to hear so many voices,
    day and night,
    waiting to fulfill my duty,
    waiting to see the light,

    And then he bought me,
    and as he took me away,
    I looked behind, at my brothers,
    once again enclosed in darkness,
    waiting to be freed,
    I was sad for them, but
    I was happy too( )

    My new friend took me to his school,
    to his home, to the library... everywhere,
    I got to give my life blood for fascinating
    formulae, boring essays, cheesy poems,
    and at last something special, a love letter,
    it was sweet and adorable,
    and I giggled through the whole thing
    I hope someone would write a letter for me too,

    He gave her that letter next day,
    she smiled after reading,
    and kissed him,
    omg, I blushed( what? It's possible)
    and there,
    he dropped me on that dry pavement,
    he didn't hear my screams,
    just walked away holding her hands,
    It was horrible, sun was so hot and blinding,
    but moon was beautiful and calm,

    After two more nights, a gruff looking man,
    with broad shoulders took me,
    he used me to write some slogans
    about poverty and oppression
    in his small notepad,
    and I realised that people are struggling to live,
    so I felt better ( misery loves company and all that )
    once again I toured the city,
    with a group of activists,
    hell-bent on establishing equality
    among the rich and poor,
    my life became meaningful,
    I felt like I was also raising my voice against injustice,
    It was a good feeling, and I cherished it,

    Then suddenly, one day, I was falling down
    from my new friend's bag into the road,
    a minute later, I saw him landing near me
    amidst the dust I could see the big ugly
    wound on his forehead,
    he was unmoving and that scared me,
    at that moment, someone crushed me with their boots, I lost consciousness,
    now I am here, among these foul-smelling waste, in this dumpster,
    waiting to be fetched by somebody,
    since my blood is next to nothing,
    It's a futile hope,(but even a pen can dream)

    But what I learned from my tiny life
    is that you can't always expect to be in a pleasant atmosphere,
    life will throw you into unexpected situations,
    some people will use you,
    and most of them will leave you behind,
    but you shouldn't let that pain stop you
    from embracing the new moments gifted to you,
    life is about accepting the past, enjoying the present, and preparing for the future,
    so that, even if you end up in a dumpster,(like me),
    you will have good memories to keep your hope alive.


  • rachelatherton 22w

    #autobiography #object #wod
    Thank you Miraquill for the EC!! ��

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    I am childhood memories
    Floating by in a daze
    I am dandelions and
    Sweet and innocent dreams
    I am a lullaby
    Drifting away into sleep
    Rays of sun
    And dipping toes into the water
    I'm friends from long ago
    A first kiss
    And a first love
    The turning of a book page
    And the closing of a golden door
    I am youthful.

  • sapna2019 22w

    I love to protect you from sun and rain
    I was kept in the shop,
    than brought home by my owner.

    Am just used during rains and then hanged
    somewhere in the corner of the house.

    My routine starts as the rain falls
    I accompany my owner to the office
    sometimes to the market sometimes to visit the relatives.

    As the rainy season ends my owner dries me up, folds me and puts me in the cover and keeps on the shelf.

    I am sometimes used if the summer is very hot.

    I wait for one more year to come and be used again to protect my owner from wind and rain.


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  • syedat 22w

    The object she desired✏️

    it was a fine autumn day..
    Teenage was on her way..
    Playing with her hunch.
    Paving her ways towards fun...

    There was a sudden visit..
    Of someone she never percieved...
    He tried winning her heart...
    By following copious paths....

    She was decieved at first...
    Gave him her tender heart...
    He took it happily atfirst..
    But shattered it on the second sight...

    Distressed so bad she was besides..
    Searched for peace in distinct device...
    She found peace in her canvas...
    Where she spitted her inner warth...

    The canvas became her dual self..
    That spoke her inner rage...
    it became the vocals for her so far....
    The object that she only desired....


  • keyru_b 22w

    The shady nights with clouds on heights
    Only these cigarettes knew what feelings I hide
    The smoke upbrings the spark in me
    The heat it shares is warm indeed
    I take it in though harmful to thee

    #wod #object #mirakee #ceesreposts @miraquill @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    I take it in though harmful to thee

  • the_ramble_queen 22w

    A day late to the party I know��
    But I knew I had to write this one.
    Many of the objects in my life are very precious to me.
    Not because of their value in terms of money but because of the value they hold for me.
    I am very selective with what I choose and become extremely attached.
    I believe we leave behind our emotions in them when we use them!
    Let it be a book, a lipstick, a chair, even a shelf.
    In my case, it's my favorite swing on my balcony.


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    My swing

    Is comforting
    I lay reading books in its embrace
    As I sip on my chai
    Watch sunrise & sunset

    Is childlike
    When joined by the wind
    Exuberant both of them
    They play with my dress
    Whip back & forth my hair,
    Watch me tangle
    And make a fool out of myself!

    Is a good friend
    It listens to me
    Talk, mock, mimic
    It soaks my tears
    I lay my head on it

    Is playful
    It pushes me higher
    It spins me round
    Uncontrollable laughter
    Follow it's every turn

    Is peaceful
    I smother myself
    In its cushiony embrace
    So soft, so cosy
    It's always welcoming!

    Is a companion
    My lonliness is quashed
    When I lay in its arms
    Staring at endless night
    Till I fall asleep!

  • juniflrz 22w


    Hard plastic case
    With an intensive light
    A super magnifying lense
    With accommodating digital features
    To procure a master finished revealing
    Picture for others to admire your finest
    Capturing moments.


  • ericajean 22w

    The color of my
    Wireless mouse
    Dubbed, " ergonomic"
    Because it licks the
    Sweat from my fingers during
    Screen surfing

    Gliding diagonal
    On an afrocentric
    Pad, traveling
    Pixelated stones
    On my screen

    In rythmn
    As I lay down lyrics, law
    And poetry
    Remaining unsullied
    Keeping true
    To form

    The rubber tip
    Wander deeper to benevolent
    Sites or crass gossip
    Vomited from the
    Bowels of fake news

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    Wandering Mouse(a techno poem)

  • therapisttales 22w


    You are an object to some
    Subject to others
    Sum of many experiences
    Minus future endeavors
    Holding, leaving, loving and cursing
    Once a temporary living thing,
    Once an extraordinary stillness.


  • sweedle 23w

    My buddy made a tiny journal for me from scratch, of course he was bored but never expected him to do write all silly poems for me. Made me smile wide today. Perfect theme for today's prompt ��

    #sweedledsouza #pod #wod #object #journal #gift #writings #writersnetwork #love #poem #poetry #poets #writersofmiraquill #miraquill #lovepoetry
    #lovepoem @writersnetwork @miraquill #repost

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    Your journal

    is pocket sized,
    filled with words emerging from
    the slivers of your heartbreaks,
    comforting me beyond measure.

    is messy,
    with scribbles of a lost child,
    but thoughts of a grown man,
    both indulging in a war of
    who survives the last stroke.

    is adorable,
    didn't expect you to craft poetry
    with every colour of the rainbow,
    every curve of the smile in your eyes.

    is mine to keep,
    to cherish with affection.
    I will hold onto your words on days,
    your absence threatens to choke me.

    © Sweedle

  • prose_nexus 23w

    It feels good to be aware of a person's positives. Don't get me wrong, if anyone does bad, they should be remarked, but it's also important to show even a hint of gratitude for the person's growth.

    Feel free to like, comment, repost, follow, and be satisfied.
    The magic happens here always.
    #object #pod #wod #time #watch #poetry #mirakee #deepthoughts #wordsofwisdom

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    It's nice to be appreciated.
    It shows I have increased in value.
    Probably by 80%

  • ni_pelz 23w


    Is a state of rest
    A state where pains vanish
    Be it physical or psycological
    A temporary escape from the consciousness of life

    Is a portal
    That leads you to worlds unwandered
    A temporary escape into a reality formed by the fragments of words from your mind

    Is a medicine
    Likened as a liquor that intoxicates
    Only enjoyed by those who have it
    And bought by those who lack it
    A temporary escape into nothingness

    Is death
    A journey to eternity
    A permanent escape from the consciousness of life.

  • saheyiduad 23w

    Quill- eternal love of the lonely poet

    is first love of the poet
    that knows every secret
    that his heart weeps
    without tears.

    is the boon chaperone,
    accompany the foolish rhymester
    through the dark lines
    of forbidden pages.

    is enchanter fulfilling
    the unfulfilled desire
    and ammple the voids
    of his voices.

    is eternal love
    that gently kisses the fingers
    as promise to be with him

    #object #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

    We all can relate to(❁´◡`❁)

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  • cardelljhardy 23w


    Encourager to many of man
    Traveler of the seven seas to talk about You.
    Missionary work with brother Paul
    Who was saved even when he was Saul.
    Defended Gentiles from the Judiazers
    And was a great Christian brother.

  • nemesis_here 23w

    〰️〰️My Birthday Gift〰️〰️

    is a box full of memories
    of my time together
    with my love
    nostalgic vibes, under this Aether.

    is ice blue and black
    with a red ribbon around
    few photos and five letters in it
    having our love abound.

    is precious
    made all from scratch
    with those lovely hands,
    wrapped in purple patch.

    is a foghorn
    calling out to me again
    whispers of love
    around me like ball and chain.

    is that voice
    echoing inside my head
    saying everything
    that was left unsaid.

    is a sedative
    it simmers me down
    when we're worlds apart and
    whenever I return to that ghost town.

    is my Ariadne's thread
    it will lead me there through an alcove
    and I'll follow from shadows
    silently in love.

    is my madness
    it's my obsession
    my life's little tale
    my story of adhesion.

    ~ Anushka Verma


    #object #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork #birthday #gift #love #precious #nostalgic #memories #poetry @miraquill @writersnetwork


    ➡️Aether - personification of sky.
    ➡️purple patch - a run of success or good luck.
    ➡️Ariadne's thread - (Greek mythology) it's a string that helps guide someone through "the Labyrinth".

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    My Birthday Gift

    is a box full of memories
    of my time together
    with my love
    nostalgic vibes, under this Aether.

    ~ Anushka Verma

  • cruisey 23w


    Warning: *Hearty welcome to corrections and criticism*

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    is a punch bag
    of boxers born from faults
    everything kept in vaults
    and let free.

    is a magazine
    of memories decade old
    fighting for a millisecond hold
    and eyes beheld.

    is a stack
    of sticky notes to rote
    ignoring the continuous dote
    and eyes loathe.

    is a canvas
    for artists to draw
    what society claims a flaw
    and people follow.


  • inchaos_n_insolitude 23w

    My first book

    is canary,
    like the bird, like
    the ripened rice fields
    glazing golden under the sun.

    is noble,
    like the lady who spilled
    inks and sharpened quills;
    in an era of Regency.

    is love,
    but blind. The pride
    swayed the heart; and prejudice eclipsed
    the mind till both cast aside.

    is loyal,
    two decades rolled on and yet,
    like the stars, the moon, the galaxy;
    forever constant of my universe.


    #wod #object #writersnetwork


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    My first book


  • re_ms36 23w

    Actually wrote this poem inspired by the charm of a real Star, i see every night in the sky. (No other metaphoric meaning)

    #object #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    / The Only Star that Visits Me Every Night /

    is luminuous. It shines upon me
    when most active is my mode of dark.
    I never hope for it to come.
    But when after a nightmare,
    I wake up, the only presence i feel,
    the only hopeful sight my eyes receive;
    is of that bright star, shining more bright,
    Perhaps, just for me!

    is forlorn. It wanders in the sky of
    clouds; to discover the company of same
    stars.Once it reaches the roof of my house,
    I just stare in awe. Its stiff position leaves
    me thinking, what it might be waiting for?!
    I stay silent while sharing my poetries
    silently with it and it seems to be
    understanding it all. In turn, i hear
    the beautiful music coming from it.

    is enigmatic. It is silent yet it speaks
    of beauty and mystery. Its twinkles
    collaborates with the blinking of my
    eyes. Its presence, though being afar,
    soothes my eyes. It sings me to sleep
    with the lullabies of its poetries,
    which seems, had been waiting
    for decades to give solace to
    some restless hearts like of mine.

  • antarraal 23w

    My mother's box of spices

    is colourful,
    like rainbows, like
    the varied swatches of thoughts
    that runs through my pen on paper.

    is round, with seven compartments
    for spices, set as circle, adding real flavours to
    food, and taking us on a sensory trip
    to many destinations of gastronomic delight.

    is boring but efficient.
    Like a colleague with whom no esoteric conversation is possible but finishes work like a champion, like the values of life.

    is full always,
    like her heart with love for us, shining like a beacon of hope, and cool breeze of memories on a boiling night of painful struggle.

    #object #pod #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersnetwark

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    My mother's box of spices