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  • himaang 9w


    इत्मीनान से संजोए रखे हो.. जो ये पल अपने..

    क्या जानते नहीं.. टूट जाते हैं अक्सर ऐसे सपने..

    मेरी मानो.. और खर्च करो इन्हें दिल खोलकर..

    कल ये न हो कि लगो अपनी बदकिस्मती को जपने..

    मैं नहीं कहता.. कर दो न्योछावर हर चीज़ पर अपनी भावनाओं को..

    बस खर्चो वहीं जहां उनकी वाकई ज़रूरत हो..

    जज़्बातों के मोहताज़ लोगों की कमी कभी न थी..

    ध्यान रहे उस भीड़ के आखरी में तुम्हारा नाम भी ना हो..


  • khammy_the_phoenix 10w

    Observations in silence provides clarity
    Answers you'd never be granted had you asked
    They say a person often tell on themselves
    Something one never truly believes until it's experienced

  • himaang 18w


    कि समझ उतनी ही थी मेरी और मैं ज़िंदगी उतनी ही जीता था..
    होंगे मायने नए दौर के तो हो सही..मेरा कल तो बस उस दायरे में बीता था..

    कॉफ़ी की चुस्कियों के बीच पीढ़ियों के अंतर को नापने वाले..
    कोई समझाए उन्हें..मौलिक़ ज़रूरतों को पूरा करते मेरा हर पल बीता था..

    मेरे बच्चे मुझसे खींज़ जाते हैं आज़..मेरे रूढ़िवादी विचारों को सुनकर..
    हाँ वही..जिनके परवरिश के स्वार्थ में हर अपमान को मैं बेझिझक़ पीता था..

    शायद उम्र बढ़ती जाती है..और समन्वय बैठ नहीं पाता है..
    याद यह नहीं आता..अपने ज़माने में इन जज़्बातों को मैं कैसे सीता था..

    ख़ैर मैं विकास के ख़िलाफ़ नहीं हूँ और नयी सुबह का स्वागत भी करता हूँ..
    बस भूला न जाए..इस दौर के बीज़ को हमने अपने कल में सींचा था..

    पर समझ यह नहीं आता..कि यह सब मैं आज़ क्यूँ लिख़ रहा हूँ..
    क्या पता कल अपने बुजुर्गों को भी मैंने..इसी ऊहा पोह में कभी घसीटा था..


  • angels_halo_shines 18w

    In the quotations above they were taken from Yellow by Coldplay

    Photo credit myself ironically across from Jurado Lane (spelling matter be off.)

    #writersnetwork #yellow #empath #empathmimd #shine #hereinspirit #ceesreposts #song #coldplay #observations
    #sobernow #soberlife #spirit #spirtiual

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    Observing Your Observations

    “Look at the stars
    Look how they shine for you
    And all the things that you do”

    I know you see me now
    You see us now
    Up there with Mom laughing, it’s ok

    Observing your observations
    It never took you long either
    I guess now you see all you need now

    I told you I soak so much in
    You already knew that though
    You waited for me to figure it out

    The truth is, I never did on my own
    Only through LillyFlower I learned
    Thank God for her.

    “Look how they shine for you
    Look how they shine for you
    Look how they shine”

  • shreyalaskar 24w

    Take me

    Hold my hand tight and take me to the mountain side,
    to see the serenity and to have a binge ride.
    Hold my hand tight and take me to the sky high,
    to see the bird's freedom and to make me fly.
    Hold my hand tight and take me to underwater right,
    to see the world of fishes and hydrophytes.
    Hold my hand tight and take me to the world of smiles,
    to see how people live away from tension miles.
    Hold my hand tight and take me to the home of mine,
    to let my mind see this is where I shine.
    - Shreya Laskar

  • shreyalaskar 24w


    Never confine your mind, let your imaginations go beyond your expectations..
    - Shreya Laskar

  • brokenbutinlove 62w

    Hiding all our confusions behind an all good Mask
    We go on and on
    Our conscious sometimes dares us to stop
    Dares us to think
    But we fear to pause
    Despite facing the reality we run
    We fear that we will be left behind in this fast moving world
    We fear to see the clear picture
    We know we may loose someone
    We might have to start all over again
    We might have to hustle more
    We fear that we may fail
    We compromise behind that Mask
    We smile , repeat the same things
    Stop and Think !!


  • mohammad_mohsin 65w


    I act blind while having eye sight
    I act dumb while having tongue to speak
    I act deaf while having ears to hear
    I act lame while having legs to walk
    I act ungrateful while having multiple blessings


  • itsgammynotgrammy 65w

    There's a sun behind my home
    He sets everyday,
    At the same place,
    Behind the sea of buildings.

    He is setting right now too.
    Hiding, a quarter at a time,
    Behind the numerous sintex domes.
    The plastic water tanks.

    He always cries though,
    He cries the sky red and leaves
    Then it's just dark
    Like a heart clouded with sorrow.

    She is always there facing him,
    Watching him leave.
    I think they fight everyday
    She cries dark, the moon

    I hope they make up today too,
    Like every other day,
    'cause I see him rise the next day
    From where she stood yesterday.

    #wod #observation #sun #moon #sky #dailylife #observations #fight #cry #red #dark #writersnetwork #mirakee #writersbay @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay
    @writersnetwork I just posted and went to set up dinner and I come back to your repost! I LOVE YOU! MARRY ME?

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  • mariateresa 80w

    Thoughts and feelings bubbling up to the surface as I witness my country turned upside-down because of the unresolved election. Thoughtfulness is sorely lacking as too many lash out and start attacking each other.. In the end, will it ever truly matter? I'm still going to show up in this world as a kind and loving person ❤ Choose your words wisely my dears.

    #words #respond #react #reactiveness #politics #onenation #onenationundergod #unitedstates #america #ourworld #upfordebate #erasethehate #choosewisely #observations #thoughts #feelings #emotionalmusings

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    A world of words

    Shouting, begging and pleading to be heard
    So many words used callously has become absurd
    Mindless chatter destroying one's worth
    All symbolic meaning lost in translation and interpretation
    Lashing out and competing for attention creates distraction
    True meaning is all but swallowed into darkening abyss
    One's own intentions are cast away and dismissed
    Turning our whole world upside-down
    Compassion and empathy is what needs to be passed around
    Turning the tides and righting the seas
    Of all the illusion of "you" vs "me"
    A time for healing and a return to decency
    We've become so imbalanced, normalized complicancy
    Love's the one word that has been forgotten
    An untapped superpower to disspell whatever's turned rotten
    Thoughtfulness and mindfulness restored upon the nations
    Upholding God's plans for all of creation
    Love each other as the one beating heart we are
    Words can get in the way of this and keep us apart, gone too far
    Careful responsiveness can do the trick
    Remembering a world before consumption of politics

  • abhayrao 82w

    Bigger Concerns

    A strangers smile that changed your day
    A familiar touch that made you stay
    A baby's laughter turning noise to hope
    Something synchronous on a slippery slope
    Radio songs that knew what you need
    Unnoticed cuts till you see the bleed
    Neurons in our brain as many as the stars
    Galaxies within, this mind of ours
    Complex thoughts and simple feelings
    As arbit, as broken glass ceilings
    Swayed by momentum, rooted so few
    Altered perceptions of all we knew
    Find joy in the smaller things, leave the rest be
    Bigger concerns are not for you and me
    Blinkered, boxed, bullied beaten bloody
    Blows to the spirit, there are no scars to see
    Yester's martyrs are examples of today
    Statistics aren't sexy, I think I still stay
    Enjoy the moments, relish small freedoms
    Ignore the injustice , embrace the shallow
    Dragging back society into the hallow

    Dress a bit modest, not responsible for my act
    Rapists don't rape, they simply react
    Phobic souls you have options too
    Staying silent was once a virtue
    Trying to imagine a politician spreading love
    Breaking down barriers embedded so deep
    Religions spreading humanity on earth not above
    Moral compass measured, a quotient we need
    Transparency a norm, not something so rare
    So low are expectations, so little do we care
    Wifi and cheap data, bigotry blindness begins
    Stifled by stagnation, we gave them the wins
    Entertainment news, was a segment not description
    Tough questions posed, were to help this nation
    Enjoy the small, but do have bigger concerns
    So consumed in distractions, while it all slowly burns
    Human rights have disavowed us, our cattle is worth more
    Progress all but vanished, nothing real to show
    Lockdown blues and sanity, small joys will help get through
    But this place and it's future, are bigger concerns of yours too...

  • mmbftd 83w


    What makes a nest?
    Is it fear?
    The need for comfort?
    A warm blanket
    Connected to thin cold skin
    In the night?
    Twigs and sticks
    Constructed by miraculous
    Birds as the frenzy to complete the task overtakes them?
    Ignoring dangers
    Hunger pangs
    One singular mission
    To complete on time
    Before the sacred eggs
    Join this world.
    Nests are needed now and then
    A step into a life often dangerous and overwhelming.
    What makes a nest?
    The care given in it's planning?
    In it's very architecture?
    The Jumping Spider creates
    In perfect timing
    Her nursery nest
    With a secondary smaller version not far from the first, a small step away from home for her brood of teeny babies.
    Her construction may look haphazard to those who've never had time to watch the process from beginning to end. But it never ends for the mother spider, she is in constant movement, modifying and improving her nest. It is pliable but steely strong. She moves her abdomen back and forth, back and forth, a dance of the universe. A movement she has known since she was born. Her white reflective lines of web deposited with the comfort of repeated motions; like the brick layer on the street, one brick on mortar and again, and so it goes.
    Her web catches and refracts the light. It makes beautiful rainbows at just the right angles. And yet this nest has no angles. No hard corners, no theory of buildings here. And yet this is a caring nest. After a few days she feels it will protect her and her future, so she lays her eggs and they are in a ball like structure of golden yellow hung just right at the top of the nest, the most North it can be.
    She will tend to hundreds of tiny spidelettes. She will care about them, guard them with her life and nurture them with foods she has spent weeks collecting and depositing around the inside and outside of the nest. Her brood will not starve. They will feel safe and know no fear for these first weeks of their lives. And mother's careful eyes will be on them at all times. As she restructures this nest to accommodate their growth. Pushing her body up and down to widen the structure for the growing brood so they have room to move around inside.
    I watch in awe, tiny black shadows inside the nest, undulating like waves of life as she sits guarding, a larger black shadow beneath them, also inside.
    She keeps the 3 doors of her nursery nest sealed up, and exits only to feed and collect food for them. She is a lovely and caring creature.
    And what makes a nest?
    Four walls and a crib?
    Two arms and full breasts?
    A womb pulsing with two heartbeats. Hot blood whooshing as a lullaby?
    Twigs and sticks, buildings and bricks, webs and slits. Feathers and fluff to cushion the bed.
    A nest is needed. It is required. For us to all become.
    And we yearn for such safety still, even as time makes us big.
    I want to build a nest. For myself but also for you. I will use my love for it's base and my careful eye for it's walls. I will use my compassion for it's size, it must be big enough to comfort everyone.
    And though I've never been a mother, I will use the templates set out by nature. Whether nurture or that. It's all around us. This primal information passed down in instinct. I hope we don't forget how to build nests for each other.
    What makes a nest?
    Let me start with that alone.

  • robin_tripathi 84w

    This World Is Not A Good Place

    This world is not a good place,
    It is not a good place at all.
    Here live people,
    People who are seldom satisfied,
    Rarely at peace.
    They like crushing a
    Little lady bird perching
    Patiently on grass,
    They rejoice seeing it suffer,
    Like they do,
    They seek joy in each others sorrow,
    And hence none be happy
    And even if viable,
    they wont let it happen

    This world is not a good place,
    It is not a good place at all,
    Here you will find people,
    Who prefer people
    Over mirrors,
    Extrospection over Introspection,
    And blemishes over talents.
    They would give you heart
    Only if you add one more to
    Their inventory,
    They love it, or should I say
    Associating their bliss with it,
    And so is their bliss,
    Existing, but unreal.

    This world is not a good place,
    It is not a good place at all,
    Yes,here people have relations,
    But more like an
    Atomic boom,
    and heated,
    But after all this thrill,
    All is left is the ashes,
    That reeks of self doubt and pity.

    I would prefer to live alone,
    To use your emotions like money,
    Spent on less and less,
    Save them for you.
    Appreciate the dead things around,
    Find happiness
    In the pink of sky,
    In the blue of night,
    In the yellow of noon,
    And the red of sun,
    They won't speak,
    But definately won't hurt.

    Go Travel,
    Read poetry,
    embrace your surroundings,
    Love solitude,
    And die in it.


  • faerie_fox_poetry 87w

    Shaken, Not Stirred

    It seems to me
    We've entered a world
    Where everyone is shaken
    Yet not one of us stirred


  • mahtobpensdown 93w


    Listen to what the wind says,
    it's a harbinger of messages
    you were waiting to hear !
    The ruffles of leaves on the ground
    is an indication of the secrets
    it has conveyed
    Pick up one and read what's in there
    You will be amazed at
    the omnipresence; right and fair
    It touches you deep inside;
    else you are just left gasping
    Some things are meant to be felt,
    even if it's an invisible thing

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mikeanthony @black_pearl_ @poetryly @rhymers_poetry

    Pic credits - Pinterest

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    Listen to what the
    wind says,
    it's a harbinger
    of messages
    you were
    waiting to hear !

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  • himaang 94w

    The homecoming...

    I know you'll not be mine.. At least not..well within time..
    But do I feel bad about it?!
    Do I feel sad about it?!

    Well yes I ought to feel so.. for I know what I'm losing...
    I ought to feel the blow.. for I know what instead..I am choosing..

    But.. be there you will.. up to my last breath.. with me..
    And smile upon destiny we'd.. albeit with a glee..

    A defeat of its power.. to separate our souls..
    A conspiracy so unkind.. to mar our goals..

    For our love is surreal.. that transcends destiny's purview..
    And I give it not the power to play with it and screw..

    I know for a fact.. in spite of adversities.. that you'd always be mine..
    Your homecoming to me.. my love.. would always be the sign..!!


  • mariateresa 94w

    Humanity's misstep is trying to take back our will which has been bestowed upon us freely yet God wants us to choose always.....choosing Him ��

    Preserving my energy, less tiresome and a lot less painful. Being gentle today��

    #divineguidance #divinelove #divineprotection #peace #choices #abundancemindset #godiseverywhere #godslove #godstime #godstimenotmine #timingiseverything #allowing #embracing #observations #observing #allowing #prayers #praying

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    Ticking along searching for meaning
    Asserting such will can cause disruption of feeling
    Allowing, embracing and becoming whole
    Colors my world and speaks to my soul
    Pain of being human remains a constant
    Determined to succeed I turn away from distraction
    Control is an illusion causing many to falter
    Divine timing is clear, becoming my altar
    Releasing the outcome by surrendering to what is
    Creates a peace undeniable without suffering
    Understanding it's not my will but His

  • mariateresa 95w

    Observing the beauty all around me today. From the smallest flower to the way the sun shines across the lake. It's there every morning and every night, without question. We are consistently supported. God's love is everywhere, inside of me and inside of you. Every living thing. Take notice and be at peace my dear ones ��

    #nature #beautyinlife #beautyinnature #spirituality #flowstate #abundancemindset #loveiseverywhere #godiseverywhere #spiritualawakening #observations #truebeauty

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    A tiny flower among the field of grass
    Clarity arrives illuminating beauty clear as glass
    A tiny shell at the bottom of the ocean
    Standing for the distinct feelings of energy in motion
    Witnessing a tiny child laughing with the wonder of the wind
    Acknowledging the resonance within my own soul begins
    Harmonious tones layered experience among these tiny fragments of life
    I'm but a tiny dancer moving with grace, yet inside a fierce warrior
    Flow expanding from tiny to vastly superior
    We are but a tiny drop of water within life's grand affair
    Step lightly my friends and please take care
    Yet not with your heart, nothing is tiny about love
    Give of it freely putting nothing else above

  • mariateresa 95w

    When I start to feel like this, I know I need some self compassion and to retire from heaping too much pressure upon myself. I am my own worst enemy yet my bestest friend at the same time. It's a sea we all swim in, self doubt vs self love.....I know I need to be graceful and kind to myself today. Take it easy all around which is something I have to mindfully grant myself permission to do. Years of practice tell me how to best proceed. Stand up against the battering ram of a voice inside that can get too loud on days like this.

    #selfcare #selflove #selfcompassion #selfdoubt #facemyfear #falseevidenceappearingreal #mindfulness #observations #thoughtsonthoughts #inmyhead #followingmyheart

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    Scattered pieces

    Tiny fragments swirling all about
    Enough to make me shutter with doubt
    Can I really do it all?
    Keep the balance of this before I fall
    Something is telling me to slow down
    High tide rolling in, feeling like I may drown
    Pressure mounting from all sides now
    Musn't break this precious vow
    The promise that I keep to myself
    Reality wouldn't have me thinking this of anyone else
    Why do I do this now, at this stage
    Hasn't experience taught me to disengage?
    Will as strong as a Teflon shield
    Trips me up when I need to yield
    Allow the pieces to find their match
    Relinquish control and remain detached
    For this too shall pass, moments like this are temporary
    No need to act out these thoughts are too contrary
    Let the dust settle where it may
    Not going to let this spoil the day

  • ms_shayara 97w

    I observe every detailings ⠀
    and take it to my heart.⠀
    Because that’s the thing⠀
    which I have no control over..⠀
    whenever it comes to ⠀
    actions and words
    of my loved ones.⠀
    ⠀ ~ Nancy Uppal⠀


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