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  • xting_tha_shrink 9h


    Like a masterpiece at every exhibition;
    Shaked up Everytime, I am opportuned to gaze;
    Your words overwhelms me to death's cove;

    But what is this force that drives me?
    Why would an object of attraction emits so much danger?
    a tender danger - a sweet taboo?

    Incessant yearn for your touch and warm embrace flood my head;
    The more i resist, the more i hear as it cries for liberation from within;
    Till i lose all sense of prudence and conduct;

    Oh! QUEEN ASTRID I have fallen under your spell, I know not what i do until its done;
    I am plunged in confusion, so i cry just because laughter is not enough;
    I know not where to go from this oasis of peril...


  • divyat_kaavish 13h


    नानी से अपने रिश्ते को बयां कर पाना मेरे लिए जितना कठिन है उतना सरल भी। सरल इसीलिए क्योंकि मुझे शारिरिक रूप से पाँच वर्ष उनके साथ व्यतीत करने का अवसर मिला... और कठिन इसीलिए क्योंकि उनके होने से ही मेरा होना मुकम्मल हुआ। तमाम आदतों के अलावा यह कलम भी मुझे उन्हीं से विरासत में मिली। शारिरिक रूप से ना होने के बावजूद अगर किसी ने जीवन के हर मोड़ पर यथार्थ रूप से मेरा साथ दिया है तो वह निःसंदेह ही नानी हैं। उनकी कविताओं, गद्य एवं लेखन से समयानुसार मैंने ताउम्र हिम्मत उधार ली है। कभी उनका भरोसा तो कभी उनकी ज़िद ने मुझे आगे बढ़ते रहने के लिए प्रेरित किया है। बताते चलूँ कि औरतों पर उन्हें एक अलग किस्म का भरोसा था। "नारीवाद" शब्द भले ही उनके लेखन में ना मिले पर "नारीवाद के समस्त सिद्धांतों" का वर्णन अवश्य ही हर लेख में मिल जायेगा अर्थात मेरे जीवन की पहली नारीवादी हैं नानी। उनकी डायरियाँ (जो उन्होंने माँ को सौंपी और माँ ने मुझे) जीवन और मरण से परे मेरा एक अद्वितीय रिश्ता उनसे बनाए रखती है। उनके जीवंत लेखन के हर शब्द अक्सर ही मुझसे सरगोशी करतें हैं। खैर, हमारे रिश्ते का वर्णन अगर एक वाक्य में करनें का प्रयास करूं तो वो शायद कुछ इस प्रकार होगा -
    मेरी हर उड़ान की आसमान हैं नानी, मेरे अस्तित्व की ज़मीन हैं, मेरे यथार्थ का पूर्ण सच हैं और मेरी कलम की बदस्तूर इंकलाब हैं, नानी।

  • debangana_gogoi 4w

    For a friend who went through a breakup recently. This one's an ode to his high School love ��

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    20 Months

    And it felt like forever with you.

    Sorrow was the ending.
    But you were my moon
    Cause you made me moony
    Opening all my doors to you
    Intricate and vulnerable.

    Sorrow was the ending
    For you left me in
    Love and Scars
    For you made me feel life
    And left me in Void.

    Sorrow was the ending
    For we shared silences
    And Tears
    And a souvenir of
    20 Months.


  • pallavi4 6w


    In the midst of thick green jungles
    In a city surrounded by waterfalls
    Where the fresh mountain air is dominant
    Not galvanised skyscrapers and buildings tall

    Where lush greens wave in the fields
    And the summer rains cool the earth
    Where the rainfall lasts several months
    And nightingales are not in dearth

    Infested by local terrorists is this paradise
    Who take advantage of the dense wilderness
    And create a nuisance for the general public
    Jolting all out of a slumberous tenderness

    Depicted as a country stricken by poverty
    One of snake charmers and rogue cattle
    I hail from a land rich in tradition and heritage
    That leave outsiders completely baffled

    A nation that boasts of diverse cultures
    Coexisting, living and thriving as one
    Where the language changes every few kilometres
    Modernity breathes life into the humdrum

    Known for its incredible architecture
    And hardworking, brilliant minds
    Spice and tea gardens that flourish
    Where one is welcomed with a warm namaste and a smile

    Delectable food and colourful festivals
    That celebrate life and spirituality everyday
    I hail from a place where generations live
    Together as a unit that does not fray

    Plagued by pollution caused by a massive populace
    Who make it difficult for the infrastructure to keep pace
    India is my where my beautiful home is
    In the whole world- my favourite place


    9th of December, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Follow Me” series by Murad Osmann

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  • pallavi4 7w


    It is a great privilege for me today
    To pay homage to the great November
    For being steadfast, brightly colourful
    And cold in moderation it will be remembered

    With spring and summer out of the way
    Fall came next as always in the chain
    The trees lost their garish green robes
    Shades of orange in the forests reigned

    The season of harvest, fruit and gains
    November came with no additional baggage
    “Autumn teaches us how beautiful it is to let things go”
    Is a truthful and alluring adage

    Not hot like the October’s autumn
    Not freezing like the snow laden December
    Warm days and cold nights made it perfect
    And the most sought after seasonal member

    With the smell of spices and oaks in the air
    November lived beauteously aflame
    Tables were gaily dressed to give thanks
    Pumpkins were universally acclaimed

    Golden apples blossomed and bloomed
    Golden leaves covered the roads and lanes
    Golden magic filled the rosy cold draft
    Golden, the worldly pleasures became

    “I wish I too could be an autumn leaf
    Who looked at the sky and lived
    And when it was the time to leave
    Gracefully it would know life was a gift “

    Every year I await the advent of fall
    Before winter covers everything in snow
    November thank you for being a constant in my life
    You’ll be missed more than you’ll ever know


    30th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Jesup path, Acadia National Park, Main ne Fall 2013 by Nate Levesque on Flickr

    “Autumn teaches..... let go”, quote by unknown
    “I wish I ...... was a gift”, quote by Dodinsky

    #novendc #november #fall #goodbye #ode #eulogy #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • prishan 8w

    An ode to the pain that helped me survive.

    #pain #dard #ode #life #writings #writingheals

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    Over the years, I've met a lot of people
    Some stayed longer than they had to
    Some left abruptly even without a goodbye
    When I look around now, I have none but you.
    I didn't like you initially
    You were one of those unwelcomed guests
    You stole my smile and cheer
    Even tricked me into having a beer.
    You turned me cold and miserable
    And made my life crumble.
    But as they say everything changes with time
    Our relationship changed over the time.
    All these years, you are the only thing that I held on to.
    Only thing that made me feel more alive.
    And you have become my oldest and the most reliable friend.
    When everyone else disappeared, you never ceased to exist.
    In a world full of sugar coated lies, you always showed me how bitter the truth tastes
    You were always there with me, PAIN!
    And I'm greatful for that:)

  • pallavi4 13w


    Dear Sky,

    Most people are spell bound
    By your vivid blues fair
    They gawk at your vastness
    Marvel at you with stares .
    Your grandiose, your enormity,
    Changes expressions seamlessly
    They peer at your varying moods,
    Chameleon like colour swapping ability .
    Obsessed with your lusciousness at dusk
    Mesmerised by your ever shifting temperament
    Grateful for a lifetime of sunrises and sunsets
    I exist under your expansive firmament



    22nd of October, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Bats at Dusk”

    Thank you so much for the repost guys 😘
    @writersnetwork !

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  • pallavi4 13w


    I was a flitty flighty feather
    Flying away in the wind
    No dust nor storm was strong enough
    To make my wild ways bend

    It was a luxurious life
    One with nothing to contend
    A freedom feigned- I lived a lie
    It was easier to pretend

    Than to admit a lonely life I was living
    With no special occasions to apprehend
    The ability to stay the course
    Gradually I had transcend

    And became a beauteous blunder
    Too afraid to my ways amend
    Then one day while I was floating
    You came along like a gust of wind

    You were unwilling to let me flit
    Or play along and pretend
    Caught up in your whirlwind I forgot
    My incessant ability to self defend

    You wrapped me up in a blanket
    Of loving warmth that gradually distend
    To provide me with the gust I needed
    Under my wings to help me ascend

    Slowly as I began to trust you
    You became so much more than a friend
    And the flitty flighty feather became
    Tame and content in the end


    21st of October, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - Wendy Manzo

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  • veronica_06 16w

    An ode to locks

    She's curly curly and whirly,
    Tangled and twirly,
    Dark and bunchy,
    Shedding and frizzy,
    Irking but crunchy,
    Withering but inchy,
    Greyscale but pinchy,
    Friendly with fringy,
    Her style is swirling easy,
    Rapport with clutchy,
    Lovely and bouncy,
    Savvy and malleable
    Ravishing beyond slangy
    Loads of love my Dutchy!

  • divyat_kaavish 20w

    अमृता प्रीतम

    आज साहिबा का जन्मदिन है... ज़ाहिर है कविताओं की दुनिया में और इश्क़ की सेज पर यह दिन किसी त्योहार से कम नहीं... "जहाँ भी आज़ाद रूह की झलक पड़े
    समझना वह मेरा घर है।"
    उनकी कविताओं में इश्क़ की देहलीज़ है, क्राँति का कमरा है, एक स्त्री के वर्चस्व की छत है और आज़ादी का आसमान है जिसकी बदास्तूर ज़मीन उन्हीं की कलम है।

    साहिबा से मैंने समयानुसार तमाम हौसले उधार लिये। उन से ही मैंने यह भी समझा कि किसी भी इंकलाब का रास्ता हमेशा ही मोहब्बत से निकलता है। उनकी रचनाओं में मुझे हमारे समाज में एक स्वछंद स्त्री होने के कर्ज़ों का हिसाब मिला, मोहब्बत की टूटी दीवार मिली, उम्र की दुपहरिया में मिले हमसफ़र का ठहराव मिला, आसमान सी ज़मीन मिली, ज़मीन सा आसमान मिला... साहिबा की रचनाओं में मैं "मैं" से रुबरू कुछ इस तरह हुई कि मैंने स्वयं में ही अपने घर की नींव रख ली।

  • prose_nexus 21w

    'In a blaze of true actions, faces are unrecognised but spirits are sought out for to find what they perceive as right and that is a touch from a lover above all else. The feeling that envelopes remorse and grants satisfaction to the loudest of senses, the feeling I once cherished.

    Forsake this fulsome praise I once bestowed on your mighty endowment, you have rather stepped out of its permanence and gowned yourself in ridicule.

    I longed for the property of openness which in no ordinary case would overtake my senses and seize them, again and again.

    Must I roam the streets of lechers and associate with their characters before I am found desirable once more? Has my cost of excitement expired in transaction, or inflated in value?

    Jezebel. Tell me of those stories we will never forget, but look back on with an ecstatic submission.

    I am only present with a figure of doubt as to the purposes of this your submission to a thickness and girth.
    What power does my physicality hold to you that keeps you aloof but steadfast to my position? Do you require a firm grip to pin you over a counter?

    A thought, to a visage, to a slip-in, to a thrust, to a leakage. What are garments to drenched souls and malaise to a lustful one?'

    Also, I'm now @a_word4u on Instagram (Do follow for more insightful perspectives from other writers). Tag @a_word4u on your various 'did you know that' posts to reach out. I want to hear from the best of people.


    Let's pass a 100 followers this August.
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    Have it your way?


  • prose_nexus 21w

    This is an ode to veterans and soldiers(KIA) around the world. I do not care the race, the sentiment falls to the loss of human life and the objectivity of war.

    Also, I'm now @a_word4u on Instagram (Do follow for more insightful perspectives from other writers). Tag @a_word4u on your various 'did you know that' posts to reach out. I want to hear from the best of people.

    Let's pass a 100 followers this August.
    #pod #didyouknowthat... #fact #postoftheday #inspirationalquotes #love #mirakee #writersntework #poetryforthesoul #creativewriting #veteran #soldier #effort #love #quoteoftheday #ode

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    Red Timeime

    A note I once wrote in crimson ink,
    dedicated to a man of war and passion, a man whose pain was livid but not unsightly.
    He expressed himself only with limp fingers that jittered unconventional symbols and letters.

    He was different from the common man.
    He was blind but could taste sweet words within his mind's eye, could control a tower of greatness underneath his speech, and bury a mansion of wealth in objectivity.

    My thoughts of him cannot even be fully expressed by myself nor comprehended by any. For this, I have faltered. I regret one thing and a thing alone; that I have squelched a flame without knowing its abject purpose.

    Deep within the gates of sentiment, I hold dearly this figure as I have learnt never to be put down without enforcing my resilience and I have learnt to strike a balance between right and wrong. I am tender for this, so I write.

    Oh Empyrean nation! return back to me this washed soul so that I too may be cleansed by his purity of heart and tightness of tongue. I speak in solemn tone, grant me this dire request and take me next in his stead.


  • pallavi4 23w


    You remind me of a restful summer's eve
    After a hot and humid summer day
    Of a cool breeze that blows carefree
    With it taking all of life's troubles away

    You remind of the ocean vast
    Near a sandy, pebbled beach
    A colourful kite traversing the skies
    Within yet out of reach

    You remind me of a white lily
    And all it's beauty and poise
    Like the sweet jasmine fills a home
    Without any fuss or noise

    You remind me of the moonlit sky
    Silent , serene yet ablaze
    With rays of white lights
    Leaving me forever amazed

    You remind me of the solid ground
    With the strength of the great earth
    Your memory is redolent of us together
    And it's weight in gold is worth


    13th of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Repost from 1st July, 2020

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  • pallavi4 23w


    The twilight brings to my insipid existence
    Your fragrance - of roses and lavender
    Akin to the whiffs from freshly brewed coffee
    To your will my poems and I willingly surrender
    Drenched in the showers of our love
    Suffused with golden streaks is the pink sky
    I hold on to you like waves hug the shore
    Till I see a similar desire in your eyes
    Entangled lies my heart till I am with you
    Filled with apprehension and anxiety
    You are the light in my gloomy life
    The shinning star that forever guides me


    Words used:
    Twilight, rose, coffee, poem, fragrance, eyes, pink, lavender, waves, shore

    12th of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 23w

    Letter to poet

    Dear Mr.Edgar Allen Poe,

    Entwined your words remain to me
    Like a creeper is to a tree
    They lie encrusted in my mind
    Like pearls are in the sea
    The beauty of your thoughts live on
    In your admirable poems and stories
    They egg me on to push myself harder
    To be the most independent thinker I can be
    The way you changed the world forever
    With your flights of fantasy
    Will never stop being inspirational
    To an aspiring poet like me
    Unafraid of others opinions you wrote
    Like an eagle that had been set free
    Untamed were your emotions
    Like a violent storm in a quay
    You inspire me to be more creative
    And become a poet on a writing spree
    For I love your work with a love
    That is more than love to me



    8th of August, 2021

    The last line is inspired by words from the poem “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allen Poe - “we loved with a love that was more than love”

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 24w

    The beach

    The delighted foamy waves came and hit
    The indifferent and sturdy rocks once more
    They were ecstatic, joyful and celebrated
    By diving again and again towards the shore

    Their warmth in the gayly bright sun warmed
    The shoals of jiggling coloured fish
    While the plumed corals came alive
    The nearby palm trees swayed and swished

    The clammy drenched sand stood guard
    As the whimsical waves reclaimed their home
    Children built resilient sand castles by the shoreline
    Claiming the almost empty beach as their own

    Industrious little red crabs waddled their way
    Towards the water and were swallowed by the tide
    Vapid seashells and conchs reappeared
    Vulnerable but refusing to any longer hide

    The guileless waves continued their undulation
    Climbing higher and higher every time
    Till eve came and gladly went it’s way
    And the crescent moon came along with night

    The chattering sea subsided considerably
    Calm and quiet it all became docked with the stars
    The placid water was done playing for the day
    And sat nonchalantly till sunrise, counting the hours


    4th of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Picture clicked by me- Koh Phi Phi Don,Thailand 2017

    #wod #patheticfallacy #pathetic_fallacy #personification #beach #waves #water #sea #shore #ode @writersnetwork #writerstolli #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • pallavi4 24w

    Best Friend

    We met and hated each other
    Instantly some nineteen years ago ,
    Today we are inseparable
    Best friends who once upon a time were foes.
    Her silences are a perfect foil
    For my moody, volatile ways ,
    I bounce back instantly from fights
    Where as she can sulk for days.
    She has to literally drag me
    To take me anywhere outside,
    My inability to let go and control issues
    Bewilder her sometimes .
    Her inarticulate ability to read people
    Her resourcefulness in helping me save a dime ,
    Her truthfulness sometimes stings
    But proves to be good advice over time.
    Unified in our protectiveness of each other
    We bond over our mutual love for tea,
    Always a unit and strong together
    We bond over shopping sprees.
    Inspite of how different and
    Complete opposites we may be ,
    Our grounded upbringing binds us together
    And like a sister she is to me .
    Time always seems to fly incredibly fast
    No matter how much time we spend together ,
    No matter where in the world we reside
    To each other we are forever tethered.


    The only friend who really matters is the one who stays with you when everyone has left your side. This is a small ode to my best friend Neha and our amazing bond .


    1st of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Repost from 30th of July, 2020

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  • lonesome_artist 24w

    I Still Love You

    Accept this kindly love of mine
    My only feelings are for you
    I hope my heart will grant it
    That to you darling is pleading.
    I want to go back to the past
    The former happy and faithful lover,
    The former with a smile has no qualms
    And even the former will kiss you.
    You left me and hurt me so much
    I wonder why he insists
    It is my heart that you will be touched
    Even though I know that your world is heaven.

    #ode #poetry #writersnetwork #miraquill @Miraquill @writersnetwork

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    I know wrong and I love you
    But, I just want you to know darling
    That even we have nothing and nothing
    I will admit I still love you


  • starkanonymous 25w

    An Ode...

    Oh! For this, right here

    is my ode to speak of freedom

    But loneliness, I fear

    holds the keys to my own kingdom

    For all that I hold dear

    I don't know what made me eat them

    When bad times were near

    That's exactly how I beat them

    I'm free to shed no tears

    For all my inner demons.

    And all too unprepared

    To rise on up to meet them

    Not that I'd have dared

    Cause my freedom keeps me free from

    Every passing year

    That's not fair, revered and fearsome

    (All Rights Reserved)

  • pallavi4 25w


    Every time you caught me when I fell
    Every moment you stood firmly by my side
    Every second you put things together
    Every instance you made right
    Every dream that you nurtured
    Every fault you casually brushed aside
    Every occasion you saved me from disaster
    Every bad situation you again made bright
    Every setting you carefully predicted
    Every crunch set right when my hands were tied
    Every shred of strength you provided
    Every twinkle in my eye
    Every hour you spent worrying about me
    Every thoroughly examined but forgotten lie
    Every naughty and silly behaviour forgiven
    Every achievement spoken of with pride
    Every rough surface that you smoothened
    Every secret I was able to in you confide
    Every breath that is a blessing from you
    Every tear you helped dry
    Mamma..... I am, because you are .


    29th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you for selecting my post for EC @miraquill !

    Repost from 27th of October, 2020

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