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  • jennau 24w

    Love like Styrofoam

    Sorrow glazed over her eyes
    While he dressed pretty little lies
    So nonchalant with her emotions
    Deep down trying to silence an explosions
    Each empty promise filling the clip
    Each smile following tightening the grip
    When she open her mouth he deflects
    Not caring how his disrespect affects
    Overwhelming heaviness in her heart
    Feeling hopeless and falling apart
    With a love like Styrofoam
    She no longer feels at home

  • a_writers_paradise 24w

    "Sadness is when losing this precious sister!" <3

    The Friendship we share is so rare to find,
    Basically it is one of a kind!
    We go through ups and downs,
    but still nothing shall tear us apart!!
    I know you as a sister, and I will always care,
    Love, respect, and trust are the things we share.
    Together we have laughed, so have we cried;
    We feel each other's pain if we are hurt inside.
    Texting her with a "Hi"
    Helps me get through any dreadful day!

    We will have to look back,
    On our crazy memories to make us glad!
    The miles between us can't keep us apart,
    Because we will always keep each other close at heart!!
    I wonder; How would've been without friends??
    There would be day and night,
    Shedding tears alone,
    All the happiness of triumph;
    Would be lost in minutes..
    There will be none to;
    Pull our legs nor to irritate us at times,
    Nor to listen to our secrets!

    Life without friends would be a life without memories!!
    The only relation based without any blood relations or mean intentions,
    We would come across a lot of people;
    In this journey of life yet;
    Might not be able to find the ones whom we could rely on!!
    I'm blessed enough to get someone,
    With whom I can share my thoughts with..

    A person who has taught me life lessons,
    Someone who inspired me to write poems..
    I did not know we would be the best friends,
    Ever since; She cried for me,
    Our friendship has grown so strong;
    One day I wish to replace her tears,
    with tears of JOY!!

    Without this beloved friend;
    Even a victory would seem like a loss,
    I hope she'll never forget me In the pursuit of her dreams!

    O' Beloved;
    No matter how successful you become,
    Never forget this soul who always got your back,
    While you dreamt of being a successful person!

    ~Sheza Umar

  • msushil 24w

    Sadness is the money
    Upon each withdrawal
    From my broken heart
    And wounded soul
    Gets doubled in my account.
    Helplessness sets up
    its kingdom
    To summon my goodness
    Which fails
    To prove my innocence.
    Upon allotted punishment,
    I delete
    The pin
    Of ATM
    For happiness.


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  • bliss__ 24w

    I think mental scars are the worst of all, because no one will ever see them and no one will ever understand the pain one is going through...
    Even though you share the pain with them, unless they've gone through a similar thing..
    They won't understand..
    No one will ever understand..

  • _geenha_ 24w

    In every puff of air
    The taste of sadness
    Dreams that didn’t live
    Love that always leaves
    People we never became
    Happiness never retained
    Living, now a cycle
    Of sadness
    Never leaving
    This oxygen
    We keep breathing

  • muskaanbhatt 24w

    A quote not a poem��

    What sadness is and what it feels like i can't say exactly as i barely go through it but i can say sadness is lethal for human body if taken granted��

    (Ephemeral here means short span)

    #pod #wod #ofsadness #happy
    Welcome back @miraquill @writersnetwork hope you both enjoyed your wedding days, hoping for your honeymoon plan soon����

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    "Ephemeral Sadness can temporarily shake a soul but when for a prolonged span it can burn a soul utterly to ashes"

  • childauthor_345 24w

    Not all times rains are symbolic #ofsadness ,
    Sometimes a new morning aches the heart of night .

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    Alike a crazy boy , my ink started running
    Over an unarranged wooden catalogue
    When the square of my district felt like a trivium ,
    And my pen wasn't less than a wooden log.

  • magical_poems 24w

    ~ Enshrouded Sorrow ~
    Dwelling in the darkness of sorrow
    As if there is no today or tomorrow
    Frozen time, weeping mind
    Lacking the ability for a quicker route to find

    ( i am an explorer drifting across space and time
    Away from the worldly woes and regime
    Where the mind is calm and the peace is fine)

    I cry over banisters and in the stair
    Trying finding loopholes in a lone fair
    As the strong, dreads the coming hour
    When the golden threads of peace are far

    ( i am an abundant tree in a far away land
    Where branches with bird's nests and leaves are my hand
    And the waves greeting me each day is grand)

    I am fed up with life where there are only down height
    Filled with woes after each night, with the end of every fight
    Here the peacful threads are rotten and black
    As the loving care one needs badly lacks

    (Lush green bushes, loving tree, a forest scenery
    Where the wildlife is free
    With the sole inhabitant is just me and me)

    Hours are eternal and so is my pain
    It is proved by time and again
    And when the eternity end
    Leave me here
    Punishing me for my fear.....

    #ofsadness #creesposts #sorrow #sadness #time #memories
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Enshrouded Sorrow......

  • aestethe_moonflower 24w

    The songbird sings

    She sings a lifeless song
    Stalking her cage
    Her wings crippled
    Her eyes long since stopped shining
    Her dreams are breaking
    Her world is shaking
    Her screams are unheard
    She gazes at the stars
    that peek through her cage's bars
    The moon looks guilty and turns its face away
    She watches the sky as other birds fly
    "Why me? Why can't i be free?"
    Her questions go unanswered
    Her feelings doesn't matter
    Her steps falter and her heart shatters
    She sheds her silent tears
    She is trapped behind her fears
    She longs for to be free
    She's struck in her forefeited destiny
    She struggles through lonely nights
    She is too tired to fight
    The caged bird sings a lifeless song
    Weaving her tale of broken dreams into symphonies
    A sonnet composed by secrets of a shattered heart
    The melody of pain and miseries and conflicting emotions
    She sings, the wind carries her song
    into the endless night
    For the one who listens,
    her song is not of a broken fairytale,
    just a beautiful call of a distant bird

    #ofsadness #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    The songbird sings

    Her song is laced with painful memories


  • inkandfable670 24w

    Breaking sound of anything from our life lures the witch of sadness:

    Whether it's a soften heart or a stronger bones, strings of trust or loving bonds, a gifted coffee mug or a tea cup out of six you bought, a nest of dreams and expectations or the house of reality,
    a toy of your childhood or a pen of teenage, a pinky finger or running heart beats of loved ones, whenever something breaks in our life, witch of sadness with her open arms always ready to engulf soul.

    By her spell she get you imprisoned in a darkened castle,where finding an exit door is harder but not an impossible task and when you finally get that door you could get in and out according to yourself.


  • aayush1999 24w

    The weight of the Tear soaked, Ink smudged sorrowful letters grew with time and hope...

    But could not surpass the weight of the shredded letters of arrogance...


  • pineapple_in_ocean 24w

    #ofsadness but first you must find foundation ��

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    If makeup was applied to sadness would it look like happiness?

  • truevibes 24w

    Sadness is a tale unsaid,
    Sadness is a tear unshed,
    Sadness is a lover so cold,
    Sadness is an opportunity unbeknownst.

  • monsoonpaul 24w

    #ofsadness #wod #miraquill #ceesreposts #writersnetwork

    (I know but I'm sorry if it's not up to the mark)

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    22nd Feb 22'

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    What is sadness?

    When you can feel the crimson liquid withering away from four chambers of your body & you can still work in your workplace with a paralyzed mind
    When your droplets of innocence falls down on the ground frequently like a tarnished leaf & there's nobody to catch or caress them
    When you start to weigh way lesser than what is being reflected on your weighing machine
    When your favourite cuisines no more entice you like your first love
    When you can still stand sober after bottles of temporary pleasure
    When you are no more affected by a crying baby...

    When you are sad, you are just a living corpse

    - Monsoon

  • milliondreamsarekeepingmeawake 24w

    Miles and miles of skin scratched, wounded but not a single drop of blood oozing out. Streams of silent tears , each drop holding zillions of emotions threatening to fall from eyes. weak eyelids of moxie fighting near the eyebags each night to fence those tears.

    Tons and tons of heartaches burried deep inside the graveyard of my forlorn heart. Putrid, adust corpse trying to come out from the tomb but which panacea will cure the rotten cells of glee?

    Billions and billions of stars scintillating on the lap of caliginous caelum still i am all alone on the earth, daggers of loneliness throbbing my heart again and again but not a single scream my lips can utter, not a single bolide can change my mauvais moira.

    One step and then other , only i can walk with the forlorn roads leading to nowhere or to the satan's hell of desperation, agony and afflictions.

    Hundreds and hundreds of songs filled with effulgent pearls of billions of words , nothing can ease my soul, nothing can sirenize my saudade for souris. No one can busticate the wall of my eldritch anxiety to let me taste the air of quietude and paix .

    Pairs and pairs of hands but not a single can hold mine , not a single can promise me forever, not a single can wipe my tears, no one can serve amity to my solivagant soul.

    Trillions and trillions of thoughts wrapped up around my veins and nerves like a saran wrap . How much i have to endure to compel death to somniate my heart.

    Pages and pages painted with my coccineous poetries, my naked thoughts, my demure emotions, my unrequited love , my wilted achroous appetence, nothing can create a reverse equipotential vibration to affrap my dispiteous depression.

    Not anymore, my words are falling apart, i am all alone in this battlefield.

  • jennau 24w

    #ofsadness #Abuse #SA #wod

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    My sadness started young

    Sadness is not an emotion unknown to me
    Almost as if programmed as factory
    It hit me at quite a young age
    With a mother full of unkempt rage
    resentful of the daughter she had made
    And how her life I invade
    With a father in and out of prison
    Like a puppet in his hands but no one would listen
    I wish I knew of seasonal depression
    Fixed with sunlight exercise and a session
    I envy those blessed with such
    Even just a week is that to much

  • kunjjiquotes 24w

    I took her every inch of sadness
    from the deepest part of her mind
    With my beautiful thought of words
    We melt together in wild thoughts
    And every pain blossom to flower.

  • preetkanwal 24w

    When sadness envelopes me
    vision becomes foggy with tears
    I start scribbling on the glass of mind
    with deep breaths memories unshared.
    Thoughts become an ink blue ocean
    words start sailing on waves uncared.
    Anchoring my mind on harbour of poetry
    I make paper boats of poems to cheer......


  • swordsnsane 24w

    Reality struck..

    That lone wolf..
    Part of all..
    But part of none..
    People went..
    As some did come..

    That lone wolf..
    Spurted from pup..
    Created by the 'none'..
    Part of all..
    But had no one..

    Through the woods..
    All by himself..
    Round about each tree..
    Ignored all thorns..
    Thinking it is homely..

    Broke the pure glass..
    The pricks into wound..
    And lone wolf more lonely..
    Each thorn, down pulled..
    Again part of all, yet only..

    And yet again found..
    A tree for itself..
    This time was different..
    Healed all, and cut the kelp..
    Hopes, went high torrent..

    That innocent lone wolf..
    Fell for that trap..
    Again and harder broke..
    But awakened that slap..
    Wore the alpha wolf's cloak..

    That lone wolf..
    Part of all..
    But part of none..
    Now knows the game of luck..
    As the reality hard struck..


  • lazybongness 24w

    What defines the colors of life?? Love, success, happiness, family, friends or self love. Or be it my bangles, bindis, a wardrobe full of beautiful dresses or old saris inherited from my mother.
    This made me wonder, what is the color of SADNESS? Black? Brown ? Monochrome?
    What if I associate the color of my sadness with Yellow? Or Baby Pink? Or Sapphire Blue?

    I have spent a lot of time being depressed. Grief is the hallmark. For some reason, sadness makes me who I am. For some it may be clinical depression, for some it may be my negative attitude, for some it may be pretense. But for me it is like a reflection of me. I have a fact that I cannot turn my back on my personality. But whatever it is, I am what I connect with the most. This is my comfort zone.

    // My sadness has many colors that bloom with each season and sing a soothing melody that reminds me of myself like a beautiful poem surrounded by clouds and stars under the sky //

    The colors of my sadness are bright.
    Black and not brown like most of us think.
    Yellow is my favorite color and it makes me strong, resilient, passionate and determined, no matter how sad I am.

    But here we are afraid to talk about sorrow, sufferings, longings etc. Why... for fear of being judged, criticized, abandoned and lonely.

    Let's stop glorifying toxic positivity.
    Let's start talking about the truth.
    Even though the society has not accepted and tolerated the truth.
    Even if the truth gives reason to criticize others.

    Let's look within ourselves and test our voices, connect with the feelings of others and understand how to accept suffering, learn to embrace happiness and success without showing off. Enough to put on the mask, it's time to be free.
    The time has came for us not to be subjective about color or to take sadness as captive or always mistaken.