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  • bhavyatarun 17w


    Oh the winters, oh the snow
    Covering up all the meadows.
    Fresh air's coming through
    Temperature's rapidly falling
    Sweaters out and insects in
    And that's what I like in it

    Oh winters oh winters
    You come with hail and snow
    And sometimes you confuse me
    Is it fog or is it smoke

    And then when you go away
    Packing up all of the hails
    I come following you to the hills
    Wishing you'll visit again!

  • charliekaaa 20w

    warming up

    I'm warming up to you
    In a few years
    I might even love you
    I'm deliberate like that
    when I'm dialed in and locked down
    I'll be your cat
    Turn around three times
    Set in your lap
    Purr when you pet me
    And occasionally sharpen my claws on your back


  • hyssop 40w

    Dear heart,
    You're new
    A little above 4
    Papa says that's why I still smile
    Old hearts get sad
    I see their heads hung low
    Papa's too
    Don't breathe oxygen like they do,
    So, we won't get sad too.


  • porcupine 54w

    The Hospital

    He couldn't grip
    He always slipped
    And bit by bit
    He lost his wits

    Voices in his head
    While laying in bed
    Things were said
    That makes him red

    His family worried
    His mind was blurry
    Then they hurried
    And they scurried

    Called the hospital
    To stop his hell
    And make him well
    But they didn't tell

    So he went away
    Suddenly one day
    For a short stay
    To escape the fray

    He went for help
    Other had felt
    He wanted to melt
    Inside his shell

    They gave him pills
    A needle to chill
    They held him still
    He wasn't thrilled

    Soon he fell deep
    The meds did creep
    No need for sheep
    To fall asleep

    After many days
    No more in a haze
    Maybe a just a phase
    Of being in a daze

    Soon he was released
    Voices mostly ceased
    Voices no longer feast
    Now just has peace

    He learned to cope
    And still has hope
    It won't tie his rope
    But to just say nope

  • porcupine 55w


    Repeats upon repeats
    Keeps us glued to our seats
    At one time to entertain
    Now made to wash the brain
    Taking away from what we know
    Giving us a thousand shows
    To keep our heads from turning
    But it doesn't help our learning
    To keep us as their viewers
    They don't want any fewer
    The effects keep getting wilder
    We need something milder
    Channels increase constantly
    And remind us consistently
    Commercials air regularly
    Do we need that stuff? Hardly
    Could we do without a TV?
    Music or reading it could be
    To have many channels is pricey
    Along with other bills it get's dicey
    Talking in person with others maybe
    With that there's no cost or fee

  • porcupine 55w


    Listen to the wind
    Turn the page over
    What does it take to win?
    My favourite muppet is Grover

    I think I'll have the special
    Thanks for the matches
    This is sounding so dull
    My dogs name? It's Patches

    Don't sit on that chair
    Close that door tight
    Funny , I too have a pair
    Guess I'll go fly my kite

    Lucky to have you here
    Maybe I'll have a Coke
    I'm so glad you are near
    And that's a funny joke

  • porcupine 55w

    Listen to music

    Listen to music
    When you're down
    You could use it
    To stop your frown

    Listen to music
    When you're irate
    You can choose it
    Relax and deflate

    Listen to music
    When you're home
    You can groove it
    If you're all alone

    Listen to music
    When you're in the car
    Just don't booze it
    You won't get far

    Listen to music
    While in the park
    You may lose it
    It will cause a spark

    Listen to music
    On a stroll too
    You can use it
    Walking in your shoes

    Listen to music
    When the mood strikes
    No need to prove it
    It's what everyone likes

    Listen to music
    Twenty four seven
    You can't overdo it
    Music is like heaven

  • porcupine 56w

    The girl

    Thinking about the girl
    How is she doing?
    I would love to be in her world

    Thinking about her world
    What is she doing?
    I would love for her to be my girl

    Thinking and my brain twirls
    What does she like?
    I would like to give her a million pearls

    Thinking and my mind swirls
    What does she love?
    I would love to make her toes curl

    Thinking and I'm in a whirl
    What should I do?
    When I think of her my heart unfurls

  • porcupine 56w


    You were wearing glasses one day
    Immediately caught my attention
    Like the bold cover of a magazine
    It only complimented the occasion

    It was only a quick glance for me
    But it has been stuck in my head
    Like a photograph kept for years
    I will remember it until I'm dead

  • porcupine 57w


    He is a pessimistic
    Introvert as he
    Doubts everything
    In silence

    He thinks nothing
    Will work as he hopes
    That is his name

    He screams inside
    When he is hurt
    Quietly taking
    All he is given

    No attention please
    He will refrain
    From responding
    To keep the peace

    No drama here
    He will avoid
    It's not for him

    Do not feel sorry
    No sympathy
    He won't answer
    Just let him be

    All he does is
    Make things worse
    When he speaks
    Words get twisted

    He'll remain mute
    To all that's said
    Try and block what's
    Put in his head

    He won't repeat
    The insults , he thinks
    Nobody deserves
    To feel that small

    But he will laugh
    To amuse you
    But on the inside
    The pain grows

    He will not argue
    He chooses not to
    He will stay calm
    And hope that it ends

  • porcupine 57w

    A dream

    There's something odd
    Blowing in the air
    I know it's close , but
    Coming from where?

    I feel a presence here
    I feel someone's soul
    It overwhelms me
    I feel my stomach roll

    Fear is in the wind
    Stronger it grows
    Where must I be?
    The road doesn't show

    It's damp and cold
    And no light shines
    I'm going to pass out
    This must be a sign

    The silence is loud
    Nobody is around
    Can't seem to breathe
    I can't hear a sound

    My eyes are tired
    Can't keep them open
    For a second they close
    I felt so strange , then

    Before I know it
    It gets very bright
    It was just a bad dream
    That I had overnight

  • porcupine 57w


    Many nights I've found
    As I lay in my bed
    I'll write down
    What's in my head

    Memories of the past
    Or things still to come
    Thoughts arrive fast
    So then I record some

    I've done this for years
    Few people were aware
    My mind it always clears
    And I don't have to stare

    It has become a release
    From the daily events
    I never wish to cease
    With it I can always vent

  • porcupine 57w


    The thoughts are so

    So much
    The confusion is so

    I wish
    To erase all the

    And forget
    All that I can

    Then vanish
    To start fresh , anew

    Begin again
    Find a home that
    Is everlasting

    To belong
    Where I'm at least

    I dream of it
    Even though it's just
    A fantasy

  • porcupine 57w


    This is what she said
    I think this is what she said

    Listen to me , baby
    Treat me right
    Treat me good
    Don't raise your voice
    And don't be rude

    This is what I said
    I believe this is what I said

    Pay attention , darling
    I'll treat you right
    I'll treat you good
    I won't raise my voice
    And I wont be rude

    And then I said

    Listen to me , honey
    I love you , honest
    My heart I send
    No need to worry
    It's until the end

  • porcupine 57w


    Push it away
    Just don't need
    To feel that way

    Kick it down
    There's no room
    Make it drown

    Erase it , gone
    Why would I?
    It's just wrong

    Root of fear
    Blow to bits
    What a thought
    Make it quit

    What a place
    If it were true
    And all were kind
    To me and you

  • porcupine 57w


    We came together
    Like a hurricane
    The forces were very strong

    But we parted
    Like an earthquake
    My world crumbled , I didn't belong

  • porcupine 57w


    Power is sin
    Born to give in
    Will we ever win?
    They take everything

    Waiting for the day
    When we can play
    Then we can say
    Hang on
    We're on our way

    The journey awaits
    Just don't be late
    It may be fate
    But boy
    It's worth the wait

    Old friends to greet
    New ones to meet
    Please have a seat
    The trip
    Will be a nice treat

  • porcupine 57w

    Going home

    A surefire
    Way to go
    It's been too much
    And I can't unload

    I'm going down
    A lonely road
    I've lost all hope
    And I'm going home

  • porcupine 57w

    Can not sleep

    Late at night
    Or early morning
    Whatever you call it
    It's not very alluring

    Nobody awake
    Quietly I sit
    Thoughts arrive
    I wish they would quit

    Racing around
    Like a rocket
    I'd like to stuff them
    All inside my pocket

    To just be calm
    And not overthink
    It's not very easy
    When you're at the brink

    I'd like to scream
    Yell out so loud
    Up towards the sky
    To stop it right now

    And make them go
    Far enough away
    And not to return
    Not even for a day

    I hope it's sooner
    And not too late
    It just might be
    My uncontrollable fate

  • agjproverbs 34w

    After seven years of celibacy... actually abstinence.

    Dear 23 year old with a girl soul,
    The urges do not go away. You are just as sex-craved as before, but the maturation bowed down the craze so that now lust comes in waves.

    At the commencement I joked about the changes of my physicality, doubting the stage would still be set for good sex. I pondered if i would forget how to please a man, but on the journey my focused shifted...my self esteem lifted and I was pleased myself.

    I stopped looking for GOD in the other and found Love within myself.