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  • ivy___ 47w

    Does Van Gogh disease has a crush on me?

    So what we do with
    The memories
    Which are unable
    To make us feel something
    Those moody walls of
    Yellow and tainted grey colors
    We kept looking
    Impregnating it with
    Our forced-induced reasons?

    I used to think our brain
    Has some kind of duct
    Which bring in fresh air
    And spit it out
    The foul taste before
    We hanged on to say

    Something is not right,
    I'm missing out something,
    I'm losing it

    But this is not how it work
    And we kept looking at it
    Kept coming back
    To those stains
    Just to know
    If color has changed
    And if not
    Then we wait.

    Maybe this wait
    Make us move on too
    But we know
    Deep inside we know
    We have never forgotten to return
    To see those
    Moody walls
    Of yellow and tainted grey paint.

  • cutegirl02 50w

    If you are my moon
    I'm your star
    I promise to shine with you whole night
    If you are my pencil
    I'm your eraser
    I promise to erase all your sorrows and sadness
    If you are my life
    I'm your death
    Because without you my life is wet
    If you are my secret
    I'm your keeper
    I promise to keep our secrets with myself
    If you are my special
    I'm your forever
    I promise to do something extraordinary in your life✨

  • tariqu 53w

    “अगर उलझा था हमसे...तो तुम उसे सुलझा भी सकते थे,

    तुम्हारे हाथ में भी हमारे रिश्ते का एक सिरा था।”


  • ayush_kd 53w

    If not in this world, I hope I'm living my dream in another universe.
    Maybe we shared same tea when we met for the first time.
    Maybe we met again soon after and held hands instead of just chatting online.
    Maybe we met often and explored the campus together.
    Maybe we really went to Jama masjid together.
    Maybe beauty does not lie in the mind too, but heart.
    Maybe we never slept that night and went to park to sit under the night sky.
    Maybe we kissed that night.
    Maybe our stars were aligned there.
    Maybe we haven't stopped talking.
    Maybe the feelings were reciprocated.
    Maybe I wasn't called salt, but honey ._.
    Maybe we watched Masaan together.
    Maybe we listened to 'Sajni- strings' together.
    Maybe bhang hokkah holi wasn't the only holi spent together.
    Maybe I wrote more poems for you.
    Maybe you got me 'little hearts'.
    Maybe you sent more of your singing recordings.
    Maybe I could read more from you.
    Maybe I kept writing.

    Maybe we are together, in that parallel universe.

    #multiverse #paralleluniverse #mirakee

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    maybe in another universe we are together

  • 08shubhs 55w


    “बहुत हसीन रही थी नजदीकियाँ हमारी,

    यकीनन फासले तो जानलेवा होने ही थे।”

    Shubhra Samaddar

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  • kritikakiran 76w

    नज़र के सामने आए हर नज़ारे को,
    दिल के साथ-साथ फ्रेम में उतारते हैं;
    बीत चुके उन अस्थायी लम्हों को,
    कैमरे में कैद कर अमर बनाते हैं;
    तुम जो कल्पना करते हो,
    उसे हम तुम्हारे सामने लाते हैं;
    ना सिर्फ़ जग की खूबसूरती को,
    कमियों को भी दिखाते हैं ।

    हम कोई शोर नहीं करते,
    बस गौर करते हैं;
    उन हर चीजों पर,
    जिन्हें आप जान कर भी अनजान हैं।
    हम कोई चोर नहीं,
    बस फ़नकार हैं;
    साधारण, पर कलाकार हैं,
    हमारी तस्वीरें ही हमारी आवाज़ हैं ।

    हम सिर्फ लम्हों को कैद नहीं करते,
    सोच बदलते हैं ।
    हम सिर्फ नज़ारे नहीं दिखाते,
    नज़रिया बदलते हैं ।
    हम शब्दों में बखान नहीं करते,
    तस्वीरों से मोहते हैं ।
    हम पेशा नहीं करते,
    भुला दिए जाने वाले पलों से न्याय करते हैं ।

    हमारा कोई धर्म नहीं होता,
    ना ही कोई सरहद होती है;
    हमारा कोई देश नहीं होता,
    ना ही कोई बंदिश होती है।
    हम तो बेज़ुबानों को ज़ुबान देते हैं,
    हम फ़ोटोग्राफ़र हैं, तस्वीरों पर ही जान देते हैं ।


  • carons_hermes 77w


    No sooner than now time will change,
    For it may take a risk at some bigger range...
    Nobody knows what's up next,
    Just do believe you'll do the best...
    Some time situations around hints you again and again,
    Perhaps, ignoring it may stand against the gain...
    Try being near the nature,
    Always to be at a high level stature...
    More you try to climb up, more you'll be dragged down,
    This is what happens everytime in our town...
    But relax, its not of worth importance,
    If you conspicuously dream, its all a nuisance...
    Only dreaming will make you a dork,
    Since, success comes from hard work...
    From nowon, put yourself into a pledge,
    Come what may, you will travel uptill the edge...


    Reposting an older post. About 3 years back she used to be a high purpose, highly motivated and a hardworking kid... Time's harsh now anyways��
    #goal #motivation #oldpost

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  • hafeezhmha 81w

    I have seen the corpses
    with regrets and relics
    of last wishes, They smell
    like the fallen dry leaves in
    autumn ,Their epitaphs are
    testaments of dissatisfaction
    and self contempt, Their grave
    is a cradle for eternal sleep.
    Under the tree he perches while
    sipping his favorite rose tea
    while brooding over the reckless
    nights and gloomy days filled with
    dark thoughts and transient joy.

    A plethora of darkness
    befalls on people when
    death approaches them
    on their doors, they live
    their whole life in havoc
    and delusion, Ignoring
    the inevitable, and fasten
    all their hopes on the
    capricious and ruptured
    pennons of time

    Detachment and separation is
    what death teaches. The insentient
    are no longer bound to the mortal
    threads and are disconnected
    from every relationship. They lay
    there unchaperoned with nothing
    but dust and soil on their bodies,
    with no bonds to withhold
    and no place to return.


    (#oldpost : Written almost 126 days ago, just making it permanent because you guys wanted me to ^_^)
    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • innovative_writer 89w

    Magic Potion

    A concoction of mixed feelings struck
    Leaving me hanging
    in a sea of despair and joy.
    For long I oscillated
    In a state of emotional flux.
    In that commotion
    the overpowering, stinging melancholy
    left me unwilling to live.
    I would have drowned
    But for
    a mysterious, unfathomable ray of hope
    I resurfaced
    Or was it the healing touch of alchemy
    Infusing positive energy
    To rejuvenate me.
    I wonder.

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  • zahidsubhani 91w

    Ghareebi sar pe haavi hai jo denge bhi to kya denge

    Magar bachcha samajhta hai ke baba chaand laa denge


  • suprajaasubbu_94 95w

    #oldpost repeated written by saphire_diaries

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    Silence is an unanswered theory


  • fools_quill 95w

    Some say tension leads to hair fall.
    Some say hair fall leads to tension.
    In reality the tension about hair fall
    leads to hair fall. And genetics helps!

  • discoveringself 94w

    Limpid and clear,
    The colour that takes on the colours,
    Of varied hues;
    Reflecting all that is cast upon it;
    Yet retaining its colorless stance!

    Can a soul be so pure?


  • discoveringself 102w

    Ripples of Ebullience

    Those few words of appreciation rippled into a new found vigour and zest for life!


  • discoveringself 103w


    A tsunami of emotions took over,
    As the storms of the past brewed;
    Teary floods spread all around;
    As the famine of melancholy grew!

    Hope was on a mission,
    To salvage all it could,
    But woe obstructed the vision
    Creating more deadwood!

    Faith was then summoned,
    To ameliorate the rescue through;
    Courage too made an entry,
    To lend some ardour, forge sinew!

    Faith, hope and courage -
    They resurrected self-belief,
    The resilient sun shone again,
    Clearing the clouds of grief!

    Gratitude showered in abundance,
    Sprouting new shoots of love;
    Calm and peace proliferated,
    Bringing ebullience to the pallid earth!


  • __awkwardd__ 82w

    I hide my scars not because I'm afraid of people but
    I'm afraid of telling the reason behind it.
    I'm not scared to tell them how much i love someone
    But I'm scared to tell them that no love stays forever.