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  • mysticstargazer 1w

    When you rebel against education, it was the men in Pink
    With maiden and priest helping you dream
    It would always motor-your-head, to ecstacy
    By not letting FEAR, punk your sleep
    Rock & Roll!!!!! Is the Tool for every need!!

  • himayan_writes 4w

    Pretty Princess

    Beautiful princess, in an enchanting Emerald dress,
    Walks about in my dreams.
    The most heart warming smile she wears
    On her tempting pink lips!

    Blessed by Luna, she glows like the moon.
    But unlike the moon she never fades away!
    Just one look at her made me swoon!
    I saw a Beautiful Princess today!


  • riyaranjan 5w

    The very first chapter of our life is now officially closed.

    Now our personal talks will change into professional one,
    Now all the gossips will turn into old stories,
    Now there will be no more school holidays,
    Now there will be no lunck break our lunch box will going to hold all the lunch time memories,
    Most important our game period will going to be most memorable thing from running, playing hide and seek, chua chui, kona koni( epic),pito to just sit idly in grass,
    Now there will be no need of out pass to go out.

    #Beautiful memories
    Class 4th and 5th ki holi..
    Class 5th m ek out pass ko ek sath 8 logo
    ke liye use krna..
    Class 7th m puri friends ke sath MP trip..
    for a moment I can forget my name but these 3
    memories will going to be stick in my mind

    # School is always incomplete without our
    For me School is always equals to friends.
    you guys made this journey more special ,
    interesting, enjoyable,unforgettable,

    #Giving a big hug Saying goodbye
    Giving a big smile Saying goodbye
    Holding some tears Saying goodbye
    And it ends with a full stop.


  • a_messy_perfection_ 20w

    My love is unapologetically cliche
    It's not what's trending
    It's old school
    One that believes not in easy break up but mending
    My love it's dependent on the time it took to fall
    It's the moment my heart took a leap of faith when it saw his eyes strolling in the sea of camera roll
    My love doesn't find anything wrong in a second meet kiss
    But it still prefers a walk and talks about what makes him happy, what for him is a bliss
    My love is slow like wine, it takes time to smoothen
    It's the one where we sleep cozy in cuddles of warmth and woolen
    There are laughters and tears
    There's a tonn load of comfort but also a tinge of mascara smeared
    There are twinkling magical words betwixt us
    And there's also a string of spells which feels more voluminous than 'I Love you dear'
    My love doesn't need a title to define how it feels
    It's boundless a bond that's just there regardless
    It's something that can fit in the sigh of relief when he comes home
    And also something unable to bind even in a thousand universes' worth
    My love isn't just expressions in knowing each other
    It's also the comfort in silence that stays when we know it all
    My love is a painting with tinge of every hue
    A cliche everyone secretly once wished for...


  • sabhya_shehari 22w

    The Town

    When I first came to city,
    Tried to put all that I could in my kity.

    I still commemorate memories of that far town,
    From where I hailed hands down.

    Yes that's the same place,
    Where I was happy even without a clown.

    I do feel exhausted sometimes,
    From the weight of the crown.
    For which I walked away from that town.

    Yet crushed those inner sounds,
    Which you quoted was nothing but just a hound .

    Been a while since the barter,
    Nothing but chaos is the real matter.

    I do remember that sun, that river and the mighty, Mountains which should still be very brown.

    Wished had one more day in that town,
    Before it was just the time for me to drown.

    Even you once frowned on me,
    Just because I used to prefer my town ?

    Still I do expect you to meet, Whenever you are around.

    That old rusty grave is the place where I can still be found.
    Yes the same one which once used to surround my town.


  • suluwrites 23w


    इश्क़ है अगर,
    तो मुझे सोशल मीडिया पर टैग करके जग ज़ाहिर करना ज़रूरी नहीं,
    बस एक दिन अचानक से, अपने हाथों से लिखा एक ख़त
    दे देना,
    इज़हार -ए- इश्क़ हो जाएगा।


  • doctor_who_writes 38w

    Old school

    If you're an
    old school person ..
    You're on the
    verge of extinction ..
    Your survival is
    challenging here ..

  • thequillpoet 41w

    Simply , ILY

    She blames me , I accept it

    She scolds me , I take it

    She embarrasses me , I smile

    She gets mad , I stay silent

    She boasts herself , I listen in awe

    She slaps me , I take the pain

    She accuses me , I am guilty

    She insults me , I digest it


    Shes better than me in everything ,

    but little did she know that

    *she's my everything*


  • thequillpoet 47w

    The Maidens Melancholy

    Had i wished for a birds chirp ,
    Pegasus would ride me without a whip;

    basking around valhalla to rest ,
    over and over , i found my zest;

    Glorious sun shy'ed to dusk ,
    among the twilight , a greedy musk ;

    floated thee , shall be infinite tulips ,
    ethereal braided maidens kulining lips;

    O' divine scandinavia , this maidens duty is beauty ,
    O' serene dweller , thy bless her , amidst our liberty.


  • thequillpoet 48w

    The Throbbing Queen

    Cunning blood is it my fault ,
    nowhere to hide imploding like bolt;

    Eccentric feelings dancing like worms, is it my fault you made me warm ;

    Gorgeous scenery created on to my vision ,
    neither eyes can see it without your permission ;

    Is it my fault that I have boiling blood awe inspiring , my eyes cry flood ;

    Not solitude neither sorrow
    I'd be the king if I've tomorrow ;

    Same as the river I flow serene
    forever for my eternal throbbing queen.


  • lost_horcrux 48w

    once upon a time, love was different.

    Yes I am an old school guy in this modern world who believe back in the days, when flirting or sex wasn’t a score that validated your “cool quotient”, and if you validate me on this basis then I am not at cool. For me is love which would skipped heartbeats and sent shivers down the spine.

    love was quaint and had oily, sticky plaits. love wore a frock with polka dots.

    love called you after their parents fell asleep, and whispered sweet nothings in a voice that made the planets align. love sometimes sang your favourite song to help you sleep, but forgot the lyrics midway only to make up for it with the sound of their wheezing breath and stealthy murmur.

    love watched you fall asleep, and ruffled your hair, with their warm skin pressed against yours.

    love texted you from their mother’s phone and ensured you don’t skip breakfast.

    love stole sweaty kisses in the corridor and sometimes brushed against your cuffs when no one was looking.

    love waited for you in dark alleys with your heart in your mouth.

    love made you want to walk on the snow and stare right into the sun.

    love didn’t walk out. love walked in and cooed, “i’m home. here, i brought you your favourite food.

    they tell me, love is sick and dying. they’ve replaced it with a new world order and modern rules of engagement. they call it dating. if you’re in a hurry, you can also go online and find them on apps, swiping right on the emptiness within.

    it’s amusing, really.

    sex and flirting is easy, waiting is desperate, trying is chasing, caring is archaic, sweet is cheesy, chivalry is dead.

    meanwhile love is sitting in a wheelchair, listening to “i do it for you”, by bryan adams and smiling at the two kids secretly holding hands under the jungle gym.

    when love takes its last breath, i hope the kids still aren’t willing to let go.

    #love #oldschool #mirakee

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    Old school love

    Yes I am old school guy in this modern world. But to be honest old school love taught us the real meaning of love.
    Sex and flirting is easy, waiting is desperate, trying is chasing, caring is archaic, sweet is cheesy, chivalry is dead.

  • vikkoo 49w

    Sensitive people will never explain to you the times they were sensitive to you. Before even you realised you needed it. And that's why they suffer in this world of social media posts advertising acts and words that aren't actually sensitive but simple decency.


  • blossomwrites 53w

    ~In this era of text messages be her special handwritten letter~

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    Image credit ©sarcasticbong
    #minimalistbong #oldschool

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    The fire you awake
    Within the words you play with
    Has taken my breath away.


  • full_auto 63w


    Doctor I have something I need to get off my chest.... you see, you say your interests are for my best... but so far you've only given me pills to take, you seem like you listen but are you even awake... your
    1.  BOOM LIKE BOMBS DO and I'm feeling stuck in this room I hate your perfume and can you turn off this tune this has been on repeat since I got here at noon. And the doctor has this to say ,"Beau, I'm sorry no we are out of time
    2. Let's just make sure to take your medications combined 
    3. swallow these you'll feel much better and give it some time
    4. I know it's only nine different kinds this time but just
    5. mix them together because each one is designed
    6.  to kill the thoughts in your mind
    7. so you forget you even wanted to become better
    8.  and if this doesnt make you die or kill another
    9. come back and I'll let you pay me to sit and act like you matter
    10. but I honestly I could care less, you see, I'm just like an actor
    11.   the truth is , I'm not your mother im just a doctor."

  • aadityasharma 66w


    The thing is, there is no harm in expecting love in your life or being hopeless romantic.

    May be this generation doesn't believe in the idea of romance, but I believe in the same.

    I hope you find someone who looks into your eyes
    and plays with your hair.

    Someone, who makes you feel happy when you are sad.
    Someone who makes you laugh until your stomach hurts.

    I wish

    In a fancy world when people look for expensive gifts,

    You find somebody who brings toothpaste for you, when you run out for the same.


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    Broken people always keep running away from love.. they're afraid to fall again, they're afraid to lose and of pain..but the fact is wound of love can be cured by love only..

    They always care about others pain because they themselves have gone through those phases.. They are always there for you with all their pieces to give you some moments of peace..

    They try to act rude so nobody expects anything from them but they silently cares for you, if you are that person then you are amazing and don't be afraid to fall in love again because you deserves soo much of love❤️

    And some people don't even accept that they are broken soo be kind to everyone..

    #brokenpeople #brokenbutbeautiful
    #love #memories #feelings
    #care #relationship #pain
    #lifequotes #heart #mind #forever
    #truelove #crush #oldschool #beautiful
    #shine #hope #youmatter


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    Broken people

    Broken people can be most beautiful and dangerous both at the same time..


  • fari_tales 76w

    Old school love

    In a world full of fading love, a heart was still beating like the good ol' days.
    A heart, frozen in time...
    When hearts were in control of their brains...
    When their brains didn’t deceive them like today...
    When love was magical...
    When love was a mystery...
    It was hoping..
    Hoping to find something..
    Something like it's old school self..