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  • vbear9396 12w


    Once, when I was young,
    I planned to...
    wake up every day with optimism,
    laugh as loud as I can.
    sang a song, that implies happy thoughts.
    dance in a exuberant tone.
    cried because of blissful stage.

    And I did!

    But, one day, all of these fades away in a blink of a sorrowful eyes, full of melancholy.


  • ernestdelapena 12w

    Once, when I was young

    Once when I was young I remember the kindness of light. The recollection of soft, lucid dreams, there purity of rain and the innocence of my friends. I remember night and day as one, not seperate entities. I remember the oceans. The ebb and tides held symphonies to those who would listen. I watched this with azure blue eyes and radiant skin. I remember listening to echoes bounce off cavern walls and throwing my own voice with comical hilarity in awe. Once, when I was young I watched a field. I watched the color of soil turn into speckles of green in the early morning. I saw the blooms of acorns grow into massive giants. I remember when the first dragons soared across manless skies. I can even remember the language they spoke though it's been twenty millennium or more. I remember the first fire and how much it angered me. I remember the inferno I unleashed when man first arrived from a unknown star. I remember calling back once great lands and hiding them under water to keep them safe. Once when I was young I remember how titans would talk to the stars. I remember a young man named perseus and his cloud born steed. I dream of them sometimes. I remember a grand tower reachingbfurther than the skies stretched. Where we they going? I still wonder that. I remember music. The first bards of romeo. The thunderous symphonies of orchestra and it's brother named "heavy metal". I wonder what's so heavy about it? Then I remember my skin being soaked with blood at the battle of gettysburg and the ruthless blades of Persian attitude. I remember living the dream. I remember spinning with my lunar companions around our father, the fire dressed star that kept us warm. Once when I was young I remember always wanting the dance. As it is now...I wish the dance would end....