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  • epiphaney 214w

    My Strongest

    Tonight I'm weak
    With no where to sleep
    Mom so messed up in the head
    Even though she has extra beds
    She's not on meds
    So she's unstable
    To show motherly love
    But I can't complain
    Want start that again
    I'm too blessed
    This is my test
    Having faith
    Allowing my Angels to help guide my way
    Being strong
    It want be long
    I'm almost there and I feel it
    I truly believe it
    The strength to carry on
    The strength to write this poem
    To help direct my thoughts
    Figuring I must not get caught
    Get caught doubting
    But I can't help to doubt
    I know I look like I'm pouting
    And then
    Then it happens
    I breathe
    I start to breathe
    Taking in all my surroundings
    Yes this is a test
    Laying all fears to rest
    Ready to get on with it and face what's next
    This I must overcome
    My time has come
    I am one
    I am an infinite being
    Hello, my name is Epiphaney
    And that is my strength.

  • epiphaney 214w

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    Today I made progress
    Laying all fears to rest
    Speaking my truth
    Saying it with my chest
    Feeling refreshed
    Feeling as if I'm at my best
    Having all reason to have faith
    Grateful for my Angels today
    Assisting me
    With bringing harmony
    Speaking through sychronicities
    Reminding me
    Of this beautiful essence I posses
    Allowing others to benefit from my gifts
    Finding ways to release stress
    What's next?
    World Peace
    I pray for all humanity
    To be surrounded with love and peace

  • epiphaney 214w


    Here I am
    This beautiful infinite being
    Soul singing sweetly
    While trying to be a beacon of light
    Understanding the balance of wrong and right
    So many obstacles in my sight
    But I push through
    Remaining true
    Always seeing 222
    The signs and sychronicities
    Reminding me that I am Epiphaney
    Strong and powerful
    Wise and patient
    Knowing I will make it
    Spreading world peace
    Helping all nations to see
    Forver and ever

  • epiphaney 215w

    One day
    I just know that someday
    It will all go away
    Hurt and pain
    It want be the same
    Everyone will come together and say
    Peace and love
    While shouting praise
    Singing songs of freedom
    We will experience Eden
    Here on earth
    Everyone will know they worth
    You can tell how they walk
    How they talk
    Even what they eat or drink
    Just sit and think
    What it really means
    To be truly free
    Where would we be
    Could we truly see
    The essence of the Divine
    Realizing that all we have is time
    In control of our own minds
    Gaining more knowledge
    Understanding all options
    Having a choice
    Using your voice
    No more hiding
    No more violence
    The time is here
    The awaken ones cheer
    The time has come
    To help raise the vibration
    To help save nations
    & I'm grateful for this blessing

  • epiphaney 216w

    ... my heart

    I speak from my heart
    I give from my heart
    I listen with my heart
    I love from my heart
    I create magic
    I create miracles
    I remain grateful
    I am a blessing
    I help bless
    I help heal
    My heart is open
    & I receive love and peace

  • epiphaney 216w


    Today I strive to change someone's life
    Today I ask to be forgiven
    Today I ask to forgive
    Today I help heal
    I help bring peace
    I bring the love out
    The love that's in me
    Today I love

  • epiphaney 217w

    #mindfullness #awareness #love #peace #breathe #heal #harmony #oness #wednesday #thoughts
    Infinite Awareness 444 - Paramahansa Yogananda says : "I am a spark from the Infinite. I am not flesh and bones. I am light. In helping others to succeed I shall find my own prosperity. In the welfare of others I shall find my own well-being. I am infinite. I am spaceless, I am tireless; I am beyond body thought, and utterance; beyond all matter and mind. I am endless bliss."

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    It's me again
    Let me in
    Remove all walls
    Your heart calls
    Breathe and feel
    This love is real
    Beat one
    Beat two
    You feel it too
    Through & through
    Be still
    Very still
    Go ahead and heal
    Beat three
    Beat four
    You have some more
    Feel me
    Feel you
    Heal this and this too
    Love and peace
    In complete harmony